Sameera's stories

Chapter 1 – A new beginning

Sameera took the TV remote and muted the sound. She…Read more.

Chapter 2 – One choice

Sameera woke up early. She felt good after having a…Read more.

Chapter 3 – Audition

The peek hour traffic was terrible. The auto-rickshaw moved slowly.…Read more.

Chapter 4 – A guiding sister

It was Friday night. Sameera washed the vessels and reflected…Read more.

Chapter 5 – Pre-employment medical tests

The medical center was not busy. There were only three…Read more.

Chapter 6 – Saree salesman

It was 10 am. Sameera was sitting on the sofa…Read more.

Chapter 7 – Joyful anticipation

After her son’s left home, Sameera closed the front door…Read more.

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