Poornima's stories

Chapter 1 – Shocking truth

Poornima was happy to return home, one day early from…Read more.

Chapter 2 – Catch up

Poornima listened to one of her patients whose problem was…Read more.

Chapter 3 – First prenatal visit

Poornima woke up hearing the alarm. She pressed the snooze…Read more.

Chapter 4 – Aftershocks

Poornima felt fresh after having a long shower, but she…Read more.

Chapter 5 – Happy blackout

Poornima was stuck in the traffic. She turned on the…Read more.

Chapter 6 – Returning a favour

It was a Saturday. The weather was perfect and the…Read more.

Chapter 7 – More than wham bam

The party was in full gear. The music was loud.…Read more.

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