Chapter 2 – One choice

Sameera woke up early. She felt good after having a wonderful time with her sons the previous evening. But she was still worried about Rafique’s attitude towards her. She was tired of his mental and physical abuse.

Sameera finished her morning routine and cooked breakfast. After she finished cooking, she woke up the boys. She told them to finish their morning routine and come to the dining room for breakfast.

Sameera kept food on the dining table and turned on the TV. She sat on one of the chairs and listened to the news. The boys came after five minutes. They kissed her and lovingly fondled her. Sameera told them they would have lot of time to make love after coming back, and strictly told them to have breakfast.

After having breakfast, Sameera packed lunch for the boys. The boys got ready in fifteen minutes. She gave them their lunch boxes and sent them away.

Sameera went to the sofa and sat down. She thought about the wonderful time she had had with her sons. She smiled thinking that she didn’t have to use carrots anymore. She leaned back and remembered her husband. She didn’t want to think about him. She got up from the sofa and went to her bedroom. She found her mobile and called her friend, Sabina.

Sabina answered the call, “Hey Sameera! How are you?”

“I am ok Sabina. How are you?” Sameera said in a tone that didn’t hide her real feelings.

“Sameera? Are you alright?” Sabina asked, worried about Sameera.

“Rafique…” Sameera said wondering where to start.

“Did he beat you again?” Sabina asked in an angry tone in her voice.

“No. He is accusing me of taking all his money. He said he doesn’t have money to buy a car for his new wife because I take all his money,” Sameera said.

“What? Is he mad?” Sabina asked.

“He said he doesn’t want to give me any money,” Sameera said.

“You are his wife. You gave birth to two of his sons. He cheated on you. Now he doesn’t want to provide for you and his children? It’s just ridiculous.” Sabina was furious.

“I know Sabina. I don’t know what to do. I can’t depend on him for money. I have to take care of myself and my children,” Sameera said in a shaky voice as tears filled her eyes.

“Hey Sameera, don’t cry. Everything will be alright,” Sabina consoled Sameera.

Sameera wiped the tears from her eyes and said, “Can you help me, Sabina? Can you get me some job…please?” Sameera pleaded.

Sabina thought about Sameera and said, “Sameera, I know about one job vacancy. It’s not an easy job but it is very rewarding. Can you meet me today for lunch?”

“Hmm…where do you want me to meet?” Sameera asked.

“Empire restaurant,” Sabina said.

“Hmm…the Halal restaurant near commercial street?” Sameera asked, wondering if it was the same restaurant, she had gone to with Rafique five years ago.

“Yes. That’s the one. Can you meet me there at 12?” Sabina asked.

“Hmm….ok,” Sameera said.

“Let’s both wear pink saree, ok?” Sabina asked excitedly.

“Ok,” Sameera said, not surprised by Sabina’s childish request. She smiled remembering Sabina had always been like that.

“Ok. See you at 12. Bye-bye,” Sabina said.

“Bye, bye,” Sameera said and hung up.

Sameera finished her everyday chores and went to the attached bathroom in her bedroom to have a shower.

After having a good shower, she dried her body and hair. She stepped out, into her bedroom and selected a pink saree, a matching blouse, panties and matching bra. She slipped into her panties and petticoat. Then, she slipped into a medium heel sandal. She wore her bra and blouse. Then she draped the beautiful pink saree around her lower body and put the Pallu over her left shoulder. She adjusted the saree’s pleats and Pallu until she was happy with her appearance in the mirror. The Saree had roses embroidered on it and she looked beautiful as if she was decorated with flowers. But she wasn’t bold enough to step out looking beautiful. She slipped into a front opening Abaya and buttoned it up. She put the Niqab over her head and finally put kajal for her eyebrows. She looked at her appearance in the mirror and adjust her Abaya till she was happy with the way she looked.

She went around the house and checked the doors, windows and lights before having one last look at herself in the mirror. The she took her handbag, locked the house and left home.

Sameera took an auto-rickshaw to the restaurant. Traffic was terrible as usual but it was not to0 hot despite being sunny. The rickshaw reached the restaurant after 30 minutes. She paid and got off the rickshaw. As she walked to the restaurant, she looked for Sabina. She couldn’t see her near the entrance of the restaurant. So, she went to the restaurant and waited near the entrance of the restaurant.

A few minutes later she saw Sabina getting down from a rickshaw. Sameera was shocked by the way Sabina had dressed. Sabina was wearing a pink semitransparent saree which revealed her navel through the saree and the side of her bare waist. She also had a Bindi on her forehead.

As Sabina came closer to the entrance, she seemed to be searching for Sameera. So, Sameera lifted the face cover of her Niqab and called her, “Hey Sabina!”

Sabina turned and looked at Sameera. She recognised Sameera and looked at her from top to bottom with a surprised expression on her face. She laughed and asked, “Sameera? Why are you wearing an Abaya and Niqab?”

Sameera shrugged. “Why do you have a Bindi on the forehead?”

“Just fashion. I like it. Why are you covered up like this?” Sabina asked.

“Rafique wants me to wear it. If he sees me without a Niqab, he will kill me,” Sameera said thinking about his terrible behavior.

Sabina shook her head, “Get over him and start taking care of yourself.”

“I want to get over him. That’s why I am here to talk to you about the job,” Sameera said.

“Ok. Let’s go and eat first. I am starving,” Sabina said.

Sabina asked for a corner table in the AC room. They were given the kind of table Sabina wanted. After the waiter gave them the menu, they quickly chose the food and placed the order.

Food was served after a few minutes and they began to eat. As they ate Sameera asked Sabina about the job. Sabina told her she will tell her after eating and changed the topic. After they finished eating, Sabina paid the bill and tipped the waiter while Sameera waited patiently.

Finally, Sabina looked at Sameera and said, “Ok Sameera, listen carefully. After my ex-husband gave me Talaq. He didn’t even give me one rupee. Look at me now. I get 5000 Rs for an hour.”

“What? 5000 Rs an hour. That’s all Rafique gives me every month,” Sameera said, shocked.

“Don’t understand?” Sabina asked.

Sameera shook her head wondering if her suspicion was right.

Sabina looked around and moved closer to Sameera and said in a hushed voice, “I sell myself to men who pay what I deserve!”

“Sabina!!” Sameera said, shocked.

“It’s your choice. I am just trying to help you,” Sabina said.

Sameera shook her head and looked down.

“Ok…I am not forcing you. You think about it. Rafique or your independence? You decide,” Sabina said.

“There must be some other way,” Sameera said.

“Ok. You find that some other way and call me, ok?” Sabina said looking intensely at Sameera.

Sameera was quiet.

“I am sorry Sameera,” Sabina said. “That’s the only way I can help you. It’s your choice.”

Sameera lifted her head, looked into Sabina and said, “You are beautiful. I am not beautiful like you.”

“What?” Sabina asked unable to believe Sameera had such low self-esteem. Then she said, “You have a pretty face. I remember you had a curvy body. I don’t know how you look now, after two years. You are hiding in the Abaya.”

Sameera looked up at Sabina, confused.

“Go to the bathroom, remove your Abaya and come back. I’ll tell you how much you can get paid for an hour,” Sabina said.

Sameera nodded and reluctantly got up. She went to the Ladies bathroom. She removed her Abaya and Niqab and folded the garments. She adjusted her Saree’s pleats and Pallu, and left the bathroom. As soon as she stepped into the restaurant area people turned to look at her. She was not used to that kind of attention because she always wore an Abaya and Niqab in public.

When Sameera came to the table, Sabina looked at Sameera and said, “Wow! You look very beautiful.”

Sameera sat down opposite Sabina and covered her bare waist with her saree’s Pallu.

“Wow Sameera, with a body like that you can get 10,000 per hour,” Sabina said.

Sameera looked at Sabina doubtfully.

“Don’t believe me?” Sabina asked. “My manager asked me if I know someone like you, just last week.”

“What do you mean by ‘someone like you’?” Sameera asked curiously.

“Someone with a pretty face and very curvy body,” Sabina explained.

“…” Sameera said, showing interest.

“Do you want me to talk my manager about you?” Sabina asked.

Sameera was quiet for a moment and said, “I don’t know Sabina. Can I think about it and call you?”

“Of course. I’ll tell you more about the job. It will help you decide. It is a casual job. The agency provides staff to the best hotels and resorts. Your portfolio will be shown to trusted guests in the hotels. If a guest chooses you, you have to go to that hotel and meet their guest for minimum one hour. If you are lucky your guest will also hire you to live with them during their stay.  The agency will take care of payments, so you don’t have to worry about that,” Sabina said and looked at Sameera’s worried face.

“Is it an escort agency?” Sameera asked in a hushed voice.

“It’s a Hospitality staff recruitment agency. You will be sent to hotels as a Guest Relations Assistant. But your role will be to have physical relationship with guests who select you,” Sabina said and asked “Any questions?”

Sameera shook her head.

“Good. If you choose to go ahead, I’ll talk to my manager. You can meet her to get your portfolio done. Ok?” Sabina asked.

“Ok,” Sameera nodded.

After lunch Sameera went to the bathroom and put on her Abaya and returned to the table. Sabina suggested that they should take one auto-rickshaw. Sameera agreed.

Sameera was dropped in front of her house at 3:15 pm. She told Sabina that she would call her later that day and said goodbye.

Sameera opened the door lock and entered the house. She removed her sandals and left it near the door. She turned on the fan, and removed her Abaya and Niqab. She went to the kitchen to drink water.

Just after she finished drinking water, the doorbell rang. She hurried to the door and opened it. “Rafique!” she said looking at her husband.

Rafique looked at her from top to bottom and said, “Wow!”

Sameera saw lust on his face and looked away. She turned around and went inside the house. Rafique followed her, checking out her large, wide, plump buttocks which was covered by the pink Saree. Her butt cheeks bounced and wobbled seductively giving him an erection.

“Are you getting ready to go out?” he asked.

Sameera turned around and said, “I came back just now after having lunch with Sabina.”

“Did you go out without wearing an Abaya and Niqab?” Rafique asked.

“Removed it just now,” Sameera said pointing at the Abaya she had kept on the sofa.

“Good,” Rafique said.

Sameera asked, “Do you want something to eat or drink?”

“Water,” Rafique said.

As Sameera walked to the kitchen, he admired her seductive bottom again.

When Sameera came back to the living room with a water jug and a glass, Rafique was sitting on the sofa and watching TV. Sameera kept the glass on the table and poured water into the glass from the jug.

As Sameera was bending down to fill the glass with water, Rafique checked out her large breasts. His penis had become hard as a rock. He took the glass of water and drank it. He kept the glass down and looked at Sameera’s breasts, navel and her wide hip. He stood up and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom. I don’t have time. I have to finish it quickly.”

Sameera gave him a blank stare and said, “No. Yesterday you called me a fat useless pig. Why do you want me now? You have Katrina.” Sameera said calmly.

“So what? I was angry. Now hurry up. I don’t have time,” Rafique said angered by her refusal.

“If you can’t take care of me and our children, don’t come here,” Sameera said keeping calm.

“I pay the rent for this house!” Rafique yelled.

“You didn’t pay the rent for two months. The owner has been pressuring me. On top of that you accused me of taking all your money,” Sameera raised her voice a little bit.

Rafique stepped forward and slapped her on the right cheek, yelling, “You bitch! If I had not married you, you would have been rotting in the slums.”

Tears filled Sameera’s eyes. Her cheek hurt. She kept her left palm on her cheek, defensively.

“Go to the bedroom now!” Rafique yelled.

“No,” Sameera said and took a step back fearing he might slap her again.

“Ok,” Rafique nodded. He turned around and went to her bedroom.

Sameera stood in the living room. She heard the sound of her wardrobe opening and closing. Then she saw him walk out of the room with money. “Rafique! That’s all I have!”

“It’s my money, remember? If you want it, do what I tell you,” Rafique said, and grinned, evilly.

“Please Rafique, why do you treat me like this?” Sameera sobbed.

“Because you are a parasite, that’s why I treat you like this!” Rafique yelled.

“You told me to be a housewife, Rafique! I would have got some job if you had not stopped me!” Sameera sobbed.

“Stop crying and hurry up if you want my money!” Rafique said tapping the bunch of notes on his palm.

Sameera stood there for a minute considering her options. She wanted the money to buy groceries, to pay bills and to pay fees for her sons. The option Sabina had given didn’t seem practical. Left with no choice, Sameera dried her tears and started walking to the bedroom.

“That’s better,” Rafique said and smiled sadistically.

As Sameera entered her bedroom, Rafique watched her large bottom and thought, ‘That ass was made for me!’

Rafique followed her into the bedroom. “Get on top of the bed and bend over like a bitch!” he said mocking her.

Sameera wanted to run away from the room but she told herself again and again, ‘I need the money…I need the money…I need the money…’ She went to the dressing table and took the rose oil bottle. She went to bed and kept it on the bedside table. She looked at Rafique. He gave her an evil grin.

Sameera looked away from him. She lifted her saree and petticoat. She pulled her panties and stripped it down from her legs. She held her Saree above her hip and got on top of the bed. She knelt down on the edge of the bed and leaned forward, supporting her upper body with her elbow.

Rafique watched Sameera’s ass with amazement. Seeing her big, beautiful ass after two months, reminded him that Sameera was much hotter than his second wife. He had chosen to live with Katrina because he was confident Sameera wouldn’t leave him. He didn’t have the same confidence with Katrina. He knew Katrina would leave him if he lived with Sameera. He liked having sex with Sameera more than having sex with Katrina, but he wanted both, as if they were his trophies. He knew he was taking advantage of both of them and thought he was a smart man who knew how to manage two wives.

Rafique didn’t have much time. He threw the money on the bed and said, “From today you’ll get money only if you agree to get fucked.”

Sameera closed her eyes feeling hurt. She felt like a prostitute. She thought, if she had to have sex with Rafique for little money, why she shouldn’t she have sex with other men for a lot of money.

Sameera felt Rafique’s fingers on her butt cheeks as he spread them apart. Then she felt liquid flow inside her anus. The smell of rose oil filled the room. She felt his fingers on her anus. Then, she felt his fingers slide inside her anus. Then, she felt his fingers pump in and out her anal-hole. As his fingers lunged faster and faster into her anal-hole, she controlled her urge to moan with pleasure. She felt her vagina becoming wet and thought about the wonderful experience she had with her sons. She felt the hard crown of his penis on her anus and alerted herself with anticipation. Then his hard cock abruptly impaled her ass in one long stroke, stretching and widening her tight asshole. She jerked forward in pain. His finger tightened the grip on her waist and pulled her back to his crotch. She whimpered and reflexively pushed trying to expel his cock from her asshole. She heard his moans of pleasure behind her and said, “Use more oil.” But he ignored her and let his cock rest inside the pushing and squeezing channel of her ass. He looked down at her wide, plump bottom and kneaded the soft ass cheeks, as his cock warmed up in the heat of her bowels. Then his hip moved back, pulling his cock outward. He pulled out until only half of his cock was inside her, and pushed back inside her rectum. Sameera moaned in pain. He liked her painful moans while he enjoyed the firm grip of her anal sheath around his dick.

“Rafique. Add more oil,” Sameera pleaded. But she felt his cock move outward and slam back inside her asshole, banging his crotch on her buttocks. “Ahhh..”She whimpered in pain.

She felt his fingers grab her waist and pull her ass to his crotch. Then his cock pulled outward, and drilled down into her semi-lubricated asshole. She moaned in pain as tears filled her eyes. He moved his cock out and in, fucking her asshole rapidly. Sameera clenched her fist, and tolerated the burning pain as he repeatedly drilled into her asshole. Fortunately for her, a few seconds later, drops of semen leaked out from his cock and made her asshole more slippery. His cock gilded smoothly inside her asshole reducing the pain. His crotch slapped loudly on her buttocks, causing her entire body to quake. She was just beginning to like it when she heard him groan, eager to ejaculate. His hips suddenly lurched forward, driving his shaft deep into her asshole. Then she felt wet warm fluid in her asshole, as he blasted thick cum into her bowels. She wanted more but all he could give her was a few more shots of his semen in her asshole. He emptied himself inside her and pulled out his cock.

After Rafique was done, he pulled up his pant and said, “If you behave arrogantly with me, you’ll get fucked in the ass. Keep that in mind.”

Sameera ignored him and got down from the bed. She went to the attached bathroom for a wash. She came out ten minutes later and looked at the bed. The money was gone. She looked for Rafique in the living room and the rest of the house. She realised he had taken the money and gone. She called his mobile. He didn’t answer.

Sameera was heartbroken. She realised that she couldn’t depend on Rafique anymore. She had just one choice. She called Sabina and told her she is interested in the new job. Sabina appreciated her decision and told her she won’t regret it. She told her she’ll talk with her manager and call her back.

Sabina called fifteen minutes later and said, “My manager wants to meet you next Tuesday at 10 pm for an interview?”

“Interview?” Sameera had not expected an interview. She had never gone to a job interview in her entire life.

Sabina sensed fear in Sameera’s voice and said, “Don’t worry. Just think of it as a meeting. Wear a good saree, look sexy and be bold. Don’t wear Abaya and Niqab. I’ll pick you up from home at 9:15.”

“Ok Sabina. Thanks,” Sameera said.

“See you, Tuesday. Byeeee….” Sabina said.

“Bye,” Sameera said and hung up.