Chapter 5 – Breakup

It was a busy day. Prema was sitting at her desk and checking the staff logs when her mobile rang. She looked at the mobile screen. The screen had lit up and it was showing Rajesh’s picture. She pursed her lips with frustration and shook her head. She had ignored his calls and messages after she had spoken to his wife two weeks ago. She was angry with him for lying to her but she was worried that he may ask her to vacate or increase the rent if she continued to ignore him. She desperately needed a raise to get a new accommodation. She had been thinking about asking her boss for a raise for a week after he had visited the store. She regretted not asking him for a raise when she had got a chance to meet him personally.

Prema took her mobile and dialed her boss’ number.

Her boss answered her call. “Hello Prema! How are you?”

“I am fine sir. How are you?” Prema asked.

“I am fine Prema. Is there a problem?” Her boss said breathing heavily.

“No problem sir. Everything is fine. I just called to request a raise,” Prema said hoping she had not called him at the wrong time.

“Raise?” her boss said looking down at his wife’s fat ass. He pushed his dick inside her cunt. He thought about Prema’s ass and remembered fucking her. He liked fucking Prema more than fucking his fat wife. He pulled his dick outward and said, “Sure Prema. I’ll give you a 10% raise, Ok?”

Prema was very happy. She laughed. “Thank you so much sir!” she said.

“No problem Prema. I’ll come to store next week,” her boss said pushing his dick inside his wife’s pussy quickly, imagining he was fucking Prema.

“Wonderful sir. It will be a pleasure to meet you again,” Prema said remembering the pleasure he had given her during his previous visit.

“Bye,” her boss said pulling his dick back, in his wife’s cunt.

“Bye sir,” Prema said and hung up.

After hanging up Prema checked her messages on her phone. She had received five more messages from Rajesh. She decided to end it and called him.

He quickly answered the call. “Prema! Why are ignoring me!?” he yelled sounding frustrated and angry.

“I spoke to your wife. She told me she is pregnant,” Prema said calmly.

“What? Why did you talk her?” he yelled.

“She is my friend. I just wanted to talk to her,” Prema said.

“She is lying,” Rajesh said.

“I don’t know Rajesh. I don’t think she has any reason to lie,” Prema said.

“I don’t know why she is lying but she is lying. Believe me please,” Rajesh said.

“Sorry Rajesh. If you prove to me that she lying, I’ll believe you, ok?” Prema said hoping Latha had lied to her.

“Ok. I’ll prove to you,” Rajesh said.

“Ok. Bye,” Prema said.

“Wait! Wait! Prema!” Rajesh yelled.

“What Rajesh?” Prema asked.

“Can we meet tonight…please?” Rajesh asked.

“Hmm…sorry Rajesh. No meeting and no sex until you can prove to me ok?”

“Please Prema…please,” Rajesh pleaded.

“Sorry Rajesh,” Prema said and hung up.

Prema received more calls and messages from Rajesh. She messaged requesting him to stop calling and message her only when he had the proof.

The rest of the day went well. At the closing time, Prema saw the security guard closing the shutter in the CCTV monitor. She quickly ordered food online before leaving her office room. She joined one of the sales girls and walked with her, chatting. They exited from the back door.

Prema tucked the end of her saree’s pallu inside her skirt, below her navel. She sat down on her scooter started riding, feeling happy about the 10% raise. The traffic was moderate. The night sky was lit with stars and moon was bright. She rode her scooter thinking about Rajesh and her boss. She compared both their cocks and concluded they both were equally good. She wanted to have sex. She decided to have good time with her dildo at home.

After a 30 minute ride she reached the apartment. Prema opened the door and turned on the light. She looked at the wall clock in the living room. It was 10:30 pm. She closed the door. She removed her sandals and went into the living room. She kept her bag on the table and went to the bedroom. She turned on the bedroom lights and looked at her reflection in her mirror. Her saree was still perfectly draped. Her hair was still well groomed but her face looked a bit tired. She lifted her saree and stripped down her laced panty. Holding her saree up, she went the bathroom. She turned on the light. She sat down on the toilet seat and peed. As the warm piss flowed from her pee hole she enjoyed the relief. After she was done she washed and got up. She let her saree down and went to the wash basin. She washed her hands and face before leaving the bathroom.

Prema was drying her face with a towel when the door bell rang. She went to the door and opened it. It was the food delivery guy. She took the bags from him and went inside to get money. When she came back to give him the money, she saw Rajesh stepping inside the house.

“Rajesh!!” Prema was shocked. Her heart started to beat fast.

“Wow you are so beautiful!” Rajesh said checking her out.

“What are you doing here?” Prema asked feeling afraid.

Rajesh shrugged his shoulder.

Prema saw the delivery guy peeing inside the house and went to him. She gave him the money.

“Do you know him madam?” the delivery guy asked.

Prema nodded and closed the door. She turned around and she was quickly in Rajesh’s arms. His pecked a kiss on her lips. She pulled her head back and said, “Rajesh! no!”

“Please sweety!” Rajesh said and attempted to kiss her again.

“You are drunk!” Prema said moving her head to the side and trying to push him away.

“Come sweety…let’s do…it!” Rajesh said slurring.

Prema wriggled in his arms trying to free herself. His arms tightened around her. As he dragged her she screamed in shock, “No! Rajesh! No!” She wriggled in his arm and after short struggle she freed herself. She turned around to open the door but he quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her. His arms circled around her waist from behind her. She bent forward to free herself. He tightened his grip and pressed his crotch on her butt. As she struggled, he dragged her backward. “No! Rajesh! Don’t….please.” She pleaded.

“It’s okay we have had sex before, remember?” he said as he dragged her.

“No please…no…I don’t want to do it,” she pleaded.

He stopped behind the couch. “Bend forward!” he yelled.

“No! No!” Prema pleaded.

“Bend now!” he yelled holding her waist with one hand and pushing her shoulder from behind, attempting to make her bend. As Prema didn’t bend he grabbed her left hand and pulled it behind her, twisting it. She groaned with pain. He pushed her shoulder and twisted her hand. “You are hurting me,” Prema cried.

“Bend down if you don’t want to get hurt!” he yelled.

Prema bent forward groaning in pain.

“That’s better,” he said holding her left hand firmly behind her.

He unzipped his pant and pulled out his hard dick. He grabbed the shaft of dick and stroked it. He lifted her saree above her butt and said, “Beautiful!” He put his hand between her legs and grabbed the mound of her pussy. He gave it a good rub with his palm and felt her vaginal fluid on his palm. “You are wet! You want me, don’t you?,” he asked and laughed.

“No! please…don’t do it…” Prema pleaded unable to believe he could be so violent and sadistic.

“Yes you want me! I’ll show you how much you want me!” Rajesh yelled. He grabbed his dick and guided it to the slit of her pussy. He jerked his hips and slammed into her pussy.

Prema whimpered as his thick cock abruptly packed her pussy to the brim. He moved his hip back, pulling his cock outward, then he lurched forward cramming his dick back into her tight, wet pussy.

She grunted as his crotch rammed on her plumpy butt making them quake. The impact forced the air from her lungs in a startled “Hooufff!” It was hard and rough!

His cock jerked back quickly as her cunt instinctively gripped around his dick. His dick plunged into her again. The tight channel of her cunt stretched, accepting his dick, without resistance. The walls of her vagina closed around his swollen mass, squeezing tightly.

He pressed his crotch on her plumpy butt, pinning her to the backrest of the sofa and let go of her left hand.

Prema pulled her hand to the front with relief and closed her eyes.

He grabbed sides of her bare waist firmly and began to pump in and out, ramming his crotch on her massive ass brutally, every time he penetrated, almost in a punishing fashion.  Her bottom and breasts quaked as he rammed on her chubby ass, and his hairy ball sacks slapped on the curves of her ass cheeks.

Prema’s vagina had come to life as his cock pistoned inside her. She felt so good she moaned with pleasure.

“I told you, you want me!” he said and laughed.

Prema didn’t care about his mockery. She only wanted him fuck her and finish it, one last time. Her need for sexual satisfaction raising higher and higher. She was closer to the release, her body craved for.

As he pounded over and over into her, she grunted and whimpered as she soared closer and closer to climax. In and out, out and in, his dick pistoned harder and harder. His whole body was tense, as he held back semen in his balls. He fucked her. doing his best to slam his cock deep down her hole.

A series of quakes unleashed through Prema’s body. Tremors of desire and release, writhed through out her body. She cried out in whimpers of delight. She exploded with intense sexual joy. Every nerve in her body sizzled with heat. She came, rocking and quaking caused by the ultimate pleasures.

Simultaneously, his balls unleashed a fresh load of cum into her orgasming cunt. He stood still, pressing his crotch on her soft butt. His cock was buried deep inside her cunt, filling her until his cum oozed around his buried cock and seeped from her cunt.

After he unloaded every drop of his semen, he pulled out of her and said, “I told you, you want me.”

Prema stood straight and rushed to her bedroom. She closed the door yelled, “Go away Rajesh. I don’t want you!”

“Prema open the door!” Rajesh banged the door.

“Go away. I don’t want you. I don’t like liars and violent men!” she yelled.

“Prema please…you liked it!” Rajesh yelled.

“No I didn’t like it!” she yelled.

“Bitch!” he yelled in anger.

She heard his footsteps fade away and the door banged. She sat down on the bed and cried. A minute later she told herself she was strong and stopped crying. She opened the bedroom door and went out, hoping he wouldn’t be hiding and waiting for her come out. She checked every room before closing the main door.

She went back to her bedroom. She undressed and went the bathroom. She had a good shower remembering the wonderful orgasm and climax she had experienced.