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Nirmala's story

Chapter 1 – The first party

It was the beginning of spring. Nirmala watered the balcony…Read more.

Chapter 2 – Kindness

It was Saturday evening. Nirmala was cooking. Naveen was watching…Read more.


Molly's story

Chapter 1 – Breaking point

It was a warm Saturday evening. The church was filled…Read more.

Chapter 2 – A brother’s love

After leaving Alex, Molly moved to her family home. Their…Read more.


Poornima's story

Chapter 1 – Shocking truth

Poornima was happy to return home, one day early from…Read more.

Chapter 2 – Catch up

Poornima listened to one of her patients whose problem was…Read more.


Alfreda's story

Chapter 1 – Who’s that girl?

The party was in full swing. Music filled the room.…Read more.

Chapter 2 – Alfreda gets a job

The door bell rang. Andrea opened the door and said,…Read more.


Prema's story

Chapter 1 – Free accommodation

It was a beautiful sunny day. Prema walked slowly on…Read more.

Chapter 2 – Good Connection

Prema and Rajesh sat at a table in a terrace…Read more.


Neha's story

Chapter 1 – Wannabe mom

It was 7:30pm, Friday. Neha finished cooking and left the…Read more.


Sameera's story

Chapter 1 – A new beginning

Sameera took the TV remote and muted the sound. She…Read more.

Chapter 2 – One choice

Sameera woke up early. She felt good after having a…Read more.


Nisha's story

Chapter 1 – Keeping a promise

The traffic on the street was heavy. Vehicles stopped briefly…Read more.

Chapter 2 – Best friend’s advise

It was a sunny morning. Nisha stood under a tree…Read more.


Farida's story

Chapter 1 – Moving up the ladder

It was a regular day at the office. Farida was…Read more.

Chapter 2 – Reaching out to an old friend

  Farida stood before the mirror, adjusting her saree’s pleats.…Read more.


Alisha's story

Chapter 1 – The first interview

The voice of the News anchor echoed in the large…Read more.

Chapter 2 – Good stepmom

It was Saturday evening. Alisha opened the sliding balcony glass…Read more.


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