Chapter 3 – Audition

The peek hour traffic was terrible. The auto-rickshaw moved slowly. The sound of vehicle’s honking didn’t help Sameera.

“Are you alright?” Sabina asked admiring Sameera’s pretty face.

“Just little nervous,” Sameera said and smiled uncomfortably.

Sabina kept a hand on Sameera’s thigh and said, “Everything will be fine if you just do what she wants you to do. Ok?”

Sameera nodded. She smiled nervously and turned to look ahead, through the auto-rickshaw’s wind screen.”

Ten minutes later Sabina said, “Stop near Brigade towers, please.”

“Ok madam,” the driver said.

A minute later the rickshaw stopped. Sabina paid and the ladies got down.

Sameera and Sabina entered the commercial building, specifically built for corporate offices. As they walked inside the lobby, they caught the attention of men and women because of their beauty and the colorful sarees they were wearing.

Sabina was dressed in a yellow, transparent saree, that had little orange and red yellow dots embroidered on it. The saree revealed her belly, her blouse and cleavage. Her colors complimented her fair skin color. But even though Samira had medium brown skin colour, she stood out between the two of them. Her skin had a healthy glow. Her waist length, straight hair complimented her pretty oval shaped face. She was five inches taller than Sabina. Her breasts were visibly bigger than average women’s breasts, her waist was slender, her hips were wide, her buttocks were wider and plumper than Sabina’s buttocks, even though Sabina herself had a big, plump buttocks. The light blue saree Sameera had worn, had small Zari embroideries of light blue, shiny flowers and big round flower patterns of shiny silver and blue embroidered designs. The Pallu was also adorned with silver and blue Zari embroideries. The saree was semitransparent revealing her belly, navel, blouse and cleavage. She looked very sexy.

As the ladies waited for the lift, Sameera looked at some of the men around them and felt more uncomfortable. They were all the checking her out. She had not expected to get that much attention without the Abaya and Niqab.

The lift doors opened. Sameera and Sabina got into the lift and quickly reached the 7th floor. They stepped out of the lift and entered a modern office. Sameera was impressed by the interior decorations in the reception. A beautiful woman sat at the receptionist desk. Behind her, the company logo was prominent. It was a red and grey color logo on a white wall.  The text on the logo read, “Frontline Recruitment Group.” And the small text below said, “We provide the best staff for hospitality industry.”

“Good morning, Sabina,” the receptionist said.

“Good morning, Priya,” Sabina greeted her and said, “This is my friend Sameera.” Then she looked at Sameera and said, “Sameera this is Priya, my friend and the receptionist.”

“Hello Sameera!” Priya said cheerfully.

Sameera smiled and said “Hello Priya. Nice to meet you.”

“She has an interview with Daisy,” Sabina said.

“She’ll get the job. She is gorgeous,” Priya said an gave Sameera a naughty smile.

Sameera smiled at her uncomfortably, unsure of what the smile meant.

“I’ll inform Daisy,” Priya said and picked up the phone on her desk. “Ma’am, Sabina and Sameera are here to meet you.” She hung up and said, “She wants to meet you now.”

Sameera followed Sabina into the modern office. She couldn’t help notice most of the furniture was white, and bright colours were used to highlight some areas.

Sabina knocked at a door, “May we come in Daisy.”

“Come in, Sabina!” a feminine voice of a woman answered back.

As they entered the room, Sameera saw Daisy standing up behind her large office desk. She had a round face, big eyes, full lips and a nice smile. Sameera liked her. She quickly looked around the big office room. The walls and furniture were all in light colours. There were two sofas on the left and right side of the room and floor was carpeted. She liked the ambience in the room.

“Hello Daisy. This is Sameera,” Sabina said.

“Hello Sameera. Nice to meet you,” Daisy said stretching her hand.

“Hello Daisy. Nice to meet you too,” Sameera said shaking Daisy’s hand.

“Wow you look more beautiful than I expected,” Daisy said, taking a good look at Samira’s face. Then she looked at Sabina and asked, ” Doesn’t she look like Madhuri Dixit?”

“Yes, she does,” Sabina said and laughed.

“Please don’t joke Sabina,” Sameera said, feeling embarrassed.

“I am not joking. I told you few times. You must have forgotten,” Sabina said.

“Maybe,” Sameera said shrugging and remembering her friends telling her she looked like Madhuri Dixit. She had not taken them seriously.

“Sabina,” Daisy said. “I want to talk to Sameera alone. Please wait in the reception or go around shopping. We may need at least one hour,” Daisy said.

Sabina shrugged and said, “I’ll just go shopping.”

After Sabina left the room, Daisy looked at Sameera and said, “Please sit down, Sameera.”

Sameera sat down looking at the name plate on the desk that read, “Daisy Shah – General manager.”

Daisy looked at Sameera and said, “Sameera Nazim. Is it your husband’s last name?”

“No. It’s my father’s last name,” Sameera said.

“Didn’t want to change it or didn’t bother to change it?” Daisy smiled.

“Didn’t want to change it. I like my dad more than my husband,” Sameera said.

Both the women laughed.

“Ok.” Daisy said. “I believe Sabina told you about the job. But just to make sure you are clear about the job, I’ll tell you about the agency, how it works and your role. ok?”

“Ok,” Sameera nodded.

“We are the best hospitality staff recruiters in the country. We are partnered with 95% of the top hotels. We place candidates in our partner hotels in different positions, like managers, chefs, Guest Relations Staff etc. The permanent and part-time Guest Relations Associates are hired by the hotels. The casual Guest Relations Associates are hired by the agency. The casuals are basically escorts in disguise. The hotels show the portfolio of the escorts to their patron guests. Guests choose from our escorts. Hotel management contact our agency and inform us of their requirements. We send our escorts to the Hotel. The agency will take care of all your payments. We will deduct 10% management fee.” Daisy smiled, and asked, “Any questions?”

“When can I start?” Sameera asked.

Daisy laughed. “It’s good you are eager to join but you have to first meet job requirements. You have to audition. Then we’ll send you for a photo shoot to make a portfolio. Finally, you have to get medical check done. Medical checks have to be done before you meet a customer.”

“Audition?” Sameera asked confused.

“Yes. I know Sabina didn’t tell you about the audition. She didn’t want to discourage you. It is our company policy to check the performance of every candidate who is hired for the role. We have to make sure new candidates have the ability to satisfy our customers.” Daisy smiled and asked. “Does that make sense?”

Sameera nodded. “What do you want me to do?” Sameera asked, confused.

“What we want you to do may shock you. So, I request you to calmly understand the importance of the audition before you react, ok?” Daisy said.

Sameera nodded. “Ok.”

“Ok. We want you to have sex with us,” Daisy said looking intently at Sameera’s face.

Sameera smiled. The thought of having sex exited her. “Who is ‘us’?” She asked.

“Me and the boss,” Daisy said.

Sameera was surprised. “I thought you are the boss,” she said.

“I am the manager. The boss is watching us from his office,” Daisy said and looked up.

Sameera looked up at the same spot and saw a camera. She looked around and saw more cameras all around the room. Then, she looked back at Daisy, surprised.

“His name is Saeed Khan. He is the CEO of Frontline Recruitment Group,” Daisy said.

“I have only had sex with my husband,” Sameera lied.

“So can you have sex with someone else or not?” Daisy asked fearing Sameera may refuse to have sex.

Sameera nodded and said, “Yes, but I have never had sex with a woman.”

Daisy laughed. “Don’t worry. You will love it,” Daisy said and stood up. She walked around the table and stood behind Sameera’s chair.

Sameera was about to get up when Daisy kept her hands on her shoulder and stopped her. She bent down and kissed the side of Sameera’s right cheek. Sameera felt a electrifying sensation run through her body.

“You are so beautiful. I am going to love eating your pussy,” Daisy said and kissed the side of Sameera’s neck.

Sameera felt her legs tremble. She couldn’t believe a woman would want to do that to her.

“Sameera stand up please,” Daisy said.

Sameera stood up nervously and turned to face Daisy. Daisy smiled and moved closer. She took Sameera in her arms. Her breasts pressed against Sameera’s large, soft breasts. Her fingers eagerly crept to the jutting roundness of Sameera’s buttocks and squeezed into the fleshy cheeks of her ass through her saree, skirt and panty. Her head moved closer and their soft lips touched. She clasped her lips on Sameera’s lower lips and sucked it. Then, she put her tongue out and parted Sameera’s lips. Her tongue probed Sameera’s mouth. Sameera responded by licking Daisy’s tongue. Encouraged by Sameera’s response, Daisy kissed Sameera even more passionately. Their tongues tangled and darted around each other’s mouth. Daisy had brought out the lesbian tendencies Sameera had supressed for many years.

“Sorry for the interruption ladies,” a man’s voice said and Sameera pulled back, startled.

Daisy released Sameera from her arms and said, “Hi Saeed!”

“Hi Daisy,” Saeed said and looked at Sameera. “Wow! She looks like Madhuri Dixit.”

“Yes. But she is more voluptuous, right?” Daisy asked.

“Yes, very voluptuous,” Saeed said looking down at Sameera’s breasts and her wide hip. Then he said, “Please turn around Sameera. Show me your back.”

Sameera turned around blushing. She liked the compliment from Saeed. She liked him. He was tall and handsome. She liked his facial features, trimmed beard and naturally strong build.

“Wow! wow! wow! Beautiful figure. Slender waist and a perfectly shaped, large bottom! She is gorgeous,” Saeed said. He moved forward and stood behind Sameera. He grabbed her butt cheeks and squeezed them. “Wow, they are soft.”

Sameera smiled. She was glad Saeed liked her.

“Turn around,” Saeed said.

Sameera turned around and looked up into his eyes. His fingers grabbed her bare waist and squeezed the smooth, soft flesh. He bent down and kissed her lips. He sucked gently on her lower lip. Then his mouth covered her mouth and his tongue entered her mouth and darted inside her mouth. He loved her fresh breath and the mild feminine smells of shampoo and perfume emanating from her.

“Do you want Sameera to suck you Saeed?” Daisy asked reminding him that they had do it step by step to judge her ability to satisfy customers.

The reminder worked. Saeed stopped kissing and looked into Sameera eyes. “Do you want to suck me?” he asked.

Sameera smiled shyly and said, “It will be my pleasure sir.”

Saeed and Daisy laughed.

Saeed bent down and pecked a kiss on her lips and said. “Just call me Saeed,”

“Ok Saeed,” Sameera said and smiled shyly.

Saeed went to the sofa. He unbuttoned his pant and pulled it down with his underwear. He sat down exposing his rock hard cock.

Sameera looked at his cock and remembered her son’s cocks. It was long and thick. She wanted to take him inside her and feel him.

“Both of you, strip off your cloths and come suck me,” Saeed said.

Sameera removed her saree. She loosened the knot of her petticoats thread and let it drop down. She looked at Saeed. He looked awestruck. She smiled at him and pulled her panty down revealing her clean shaven pussy.

“Wow! Wow! beautiful!” Saeed said amazed by Sameera’s beautiful body.

Sameera unhooked her blouse. She locked her eyes with Saeed’s eyes and removed her blouse and bra.

“Wow! Beautiful!” Saeed said in disbelief as he looked at her beautiful, well shaped mammaries.

Sameera stood before him with only her bangles and medium healed sandals. As he checked her out she slowly turned around and showed him her back, teasing him.

“I have to fuck her now!” Saeed yelled.

Daisy laughed. “Saeed, please control yourself. We have check if Sameera is comfortable sucking first, ok?”

Saeed controlled himself and nodded. He had fucked all the hot women who had joined his company but he had never fucked a woman so pretty and well endowed.

Sameera looked at Daisy and admired her hour glass figure. She wondered if Saeed liked her or Daisy more.

Daisy looked at Sameera and said, “Ready?”

Sameera nodded.

The nude women took a few steps forward to the sofa. Daisy knelt down next Saeed’s left leg and Sameera knelt down next to his right leg. The women leaned on his legs for support. Sameera looked at the arrow-shaped crown of his cock. A big drop of crystal clear precum sat on the tiny hole of his cock. Sameera opened her mouth but Daisy went down first and took his cock in her mouth. At that moment Sameera hated Daisy. She watched the huge cock move in and out of Daisy’s mouth couple of times. Then, Daisy pulled it out and moved it to Sameera. “Sorry I couldn’t control myself,” she said.

Sameera gave her a half smile, quickly forgiving Daisy. She bent down and kissed the crown of his cock and looked up at Saeed. He was looked at her and nodded. Sameera opened her mouth and took his cock in her mouth. The taste of male scent hit her senses. She took his cock fully inside her mouth and sucked out his cock with her inner cheeks and tongue enveloped around it. Her fingers toyed with his balls as she passionately sucked him. She tasted fresh semen in her mouth and looked up at him. He looked like he was in a trance. She pulled his cock out of her mouth. She lifted her big breasts and grabbed his cock between her breasts. She moved her breasts up and down the thick shaft. Her milk sprayed all over his crotch.

“Oh Ammi!” Daisy said and leaned down. She licked the milk from Saeed’s crotch and moved up to Sameera’s breasts.

Sameera stopped gliding her breasts over Saeed’s cock and stayed still, with a firm grip of his cock between her soft breasts. Daisy opened her mouth and grabbed a mouthful of Sameera’s breast along with her nipple. She sucked and swallowed her milk like a hungry child. Realizing she was taking too much time, Daisy looked up at Saeed and said, “It’s so yummy!”

Saeed gave her a understanding nod and said, “Make her asshole wet. I want to feel her heat.”

“Sure boss,” Daisy said and moved behind Sameera.

Sameera locked eyes with Saeed’s eyes and pressed her breasts on Saeed’s cock. She slowly glided them up and down one more time before freeing it from her breasts. She bent down and took Saeed’s cock in her mouth again. She liked the taste of her sweet milk and semen. The delicious cocktail was arousing. She savoured it and swallowed it. Then, she felt Daisy’s fingers spread apart her butt cheeks. Her heart began beating faster. She felt Daisy’s face between her butt cheeks and inner thighs. Then she felt Daisy’s soft tongue open up her anus and slither inside.

As Sameera continued sucking Saeed’s cock, she lifted her hip and arched her waist allowing Daisy to get good access to her bottom. Daisy pulled her tongue out of Sameera’s anus and kissed the soft flesh of Sameera’s labia. Her mouth covered her wet pussy and sucked the aromatic juice.

Samira enjoyed the new sensations she was feeling as Daisy sucked on her pussy. She nibbled and teethed her way up and down the plump hardness of Saeed’s cock. She could hear him moaning. She felt Daisy’s fingers spread her butt cheeks. Then she felt liquid flow into her anal canal. Then Daisy’s fingers penetrated her asshole, pushing the fluids deep inside. Then her fingers moved in and out in a cock-fucking motion.

Sameera loved it. She could feel Saeed’s cock stiffen and pulsate in her mouth. She wanted to feel it inside her pussy. She gave its bulging head one last kiss and pulled away.

Daisy kissed Sameera’s anus one more time and said, “She is ready for anal now.”

Sameera stood up and straddled on Saeed’s crotch. She put her hands behind her butt and grabbed her butt cheeks. She spread them apart and lowered her hip. She felt the the bloated crown of his cock on her anus. She lowered just a little bit more and the thick head of his cock slid inside her asshole. She lowered down slowly, hoping Daisy had done a good joy with lubricating her anus. After his cock was half the way in, she knew she was well lubricated. She lowered her hip quickly taking in all of his cock and comfortably resting her large, soft butt on his crotch and thighs.

“Wow! That looks beautiful,” Daisy said looking at Saeed’s cock fully impaled inside Sameera’s beautiful ass hole.

Daisy watched Sameera’s plump ass move up, revealing Saeed’s cock. Then her ass moved down swallowing up Saeed’s cock again. It moved up again and moved down again. Again and again Sameera allowed his cock to penetrate her asshole. Daisy kissed Sameera’s butt cheek and stood up. She stood behind Sameera and watched her ride on Saeed’s cock, like a jockey would ride a horse. Her big butt jutted out and bounced rapidly, swallowing up his cock in her asshole again and again. Daisy had not expected a bottom heavy woman to do it with such agility. At that moment Daisy realized Sameera had the ability to satisfy any customer. She put her arms around Sameera and slowed her down. “Take him in your pussy now. I know you want to,” Daisy said and gave her a understanding smile.

Sameera looked down at Saeed as he sat on the sofa with his eyes closed. She lifted her hip and let his cock glide out of her asshole. Daisy slid her hand between Sameera’s thighs and grabbed Saeed’s cock and knelt down. Sameera moved forward giving more space for Daisy behind her. She lifted her right breast and pointed her nipple on Saeed’s mouth. He opened his eyes and looked at her. “Please drink. You need more energy,” Sameera said and gave him a naughty smile.

Saeed opened his mouth and sucked on Sameera’s nipple. Her sweet milk filled his mouth. As Daisy began to suck his cock he sucked Sameera’s nipple harder and chugged on her milk.

Daisy sucked Saeed’s cock, swallowing the organic fluids that coated over it. She cleaned it up and guided it to the entrance of Sameera’s vagina. Saeed felt the tip of his cock at the slit of Sameera’s pussy and jerked his hip upward, thrusting into Sameera’s wet pussy. She grunted and whimpered with the abrupt penetration. She looked down at him. He was no longer sucking her breast. He was wide eyed and looked fully energized. She figured her milk could have boosted his energy levels. She felt his cock glide outward, then he lurched upward, cramming his cock back into the tight pussy. She grunted again, as the heavy impact forced the air from her lungs “Hooufff!” He grabbed the soft flesh on the sides of her slender waist, pulled his cock out of her cunt and plunged inside her again. The tight channel of her cunt stretched back and the walls of her vagina closed around his swollen cock, squeezing tightly. He pumped in and out of her wet, pink cunt. Her body quaked as he repeatedly slammed his crotch on her bottom. Her breasts and butt juggled violently. As he increased the pace of his drilling, Sameera was about to loose her balance but Daisy’s arms encircled around her, just below her breasts. She kissed Sameera’s cheeks and said, “I don’t know what happened to him. He is not usually like this.”

Sameera felt comfortable in Daisy’s arm as Saeed fucked her like a wild man. His hips rose and fell. He banged his crotch into hers, his hairy ball sack slapped the bottom of her ass cheeks. He pounded her pussy and she loved it. Her vagina seared with heat caused by Saeed’s repeated, rapid penetration. His cock whipped in and out of her, harder and deeper, cramming into the burning socket of her body. He fucked and fucked till she felt like earthquakes had unleashed in her body. She cried out out with delight. Her body exploded with an overload of sexual pleasures. Tremors of ecstasy lashed through out her body setting her free. Every nerve in her body sizzled with heat. She came, rocking with the ultimate of pleasures.

Simultaneously, Saeed’s balls erupted and gushed out fresh load of cum into Sameera’s orgasmically contracting pussy. He fountained into her pussy, flooding her love tunnel with his semen. He filled her up until his cum oozed around his cock and dripped down from her cunt. He looked at Sameera’s beautiful face and kissed her lips. He pulled back and said, “Great performance. You are hired.”

“Thank you sir,” Sameera said.

“I told you to call me Saeed,” he said and smiled.

“Oops…Sorry Saeed.” Sameera laughed. She leaned forward and kissed his lips.