Chapter 2 – A brother’s love

After leaving Alex, Molly moved to her family home. Their family home was an average size flat in a five-floor apartment building. It had a living room, two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and a toilet. Her brother Rahul, had settled in their family home, with his family, after her dad had passed away five years ago.

Molly, her mom and baby had to stay in her niece, Rita’s room. Rita had to move to her parents’ room. Rahul and his wife, Josie didn’t talk to Molly about the inconvenience she had caused, but Molly could sense their discomfort.

Three weeks had passed after Molly had left Alex. Alex had been calling her every day, apologizing and begging her to come back home. She had left Alex’s house at least five times in the past. Alex had convinced her every time to go back to him. This time she was sure, she didn’t want to go back to Alex. She wanted to get a job and move out of her family home. She didn’t want to depend on Alex or Rahul. Rahul loved her very much, but she didn’t want to be a burden on him and his family. So, she had told him she wanted to find a job as soon as possible and move out. Rahul had tried to convince her that she was not causing any problems, but Molly wasn’t convinced. Sensing Molly was not convinced, Rahul decided to make it clear to her. He got the perfect opportunity when Josie decided to visit her parents.

Josie told Molly, she and Rita were going to her parents’ house for a monthly visit. She had planned to go on Friday evening and return on Sunday evening. Josie had been cooking for everybody and doing most of the house hold work. Without Josie around for two days, Molly had to take care of cooking and house hold work. Josie had refused to let Molly help her, so Molly was happy to cook and take care of the family for at least two days.

Josie and Rita left on Friday evening. Molly cooked Rahul’s favourite dishes. Rahul came home at 7:00 pm. They had dinner at 8:00 pm. After dinner Molly finished washing the dishes. Just then, baby began to cry. Molly hurried to the bedroom. She picked up her baby from the cradle, sat down on the bed and started breast feeding.

Linda was lying on the bed next to her. Molly chatted with her about her future plan and the inconvenience she was causing for Rahul, Josie and Rita. Linda told her she didn’t have to worry about it because it was also her home.

Rahul heard their conversation and entered the bedroom. He looked at Molly and said, “Mom is right. You should stay with us as long as you want. This is your home.”

“Let’s see. I have to get a job first,” Molly said.

Rahul’s eyes drifted down to her left breast. Baby was sucking on it. He looked up at Molly. She was looking at him. She gave him an understanding smile.

“Don’t be in a hurry to look for a job and moving out. Take care of baby. That’s more important,” Rahul said.

“He is right. Take care of baby. You can think about getting a job after a few months,” her mom said.

Molly nodded and looked at Rahul. “Ok, I’ll think about it,” she said.

Rahul left the room. Molly and Linda talked for some more time before Linda and baby went to sleep. Molly kept baby in the cradle. She turned off the light, laid down next to Linda and went to sleep.

Next day, Molly woke up early. It was Saturday. She bathed and got dressed in clean clothes undergarments. She draped a cotton Saree and felt good. She went to the kitchen and cooked food for breakfast. She managed to finish cooking at the right time. She kept the dishes on the coffee table, in the living room.

Rahul walked in and said “Wow it smells so good.”

“I cooked your favourite food,” Molly said.

He sat down looking at the food. “Looks very good.” He looked at her face and slowly looked down at her breasts, belly and hip. He looked at her face again and said, “You have become more beautiful after giving birth.”

“Really?” Molly laughed.

“Yes, you have put on more weight but you look very beautiful,” he said looking into her eyes.

Molly smiled at him blushing. “Eat before the food gets cold,” she said and laughed.

Rahul put the TV on and started eating.

Molly went to the bedroom and checked her reflection in the mirror. She was glad her brother thought, she looked beautiful. ‘He is right,’ she told herself. Her breasts, hip and butt had become much bigger. Her belly had not fully become flat after delivery. She covered her belly with her saree, unaware that her slightly bulged belly gave her a good sex appeal.

Molly went to the Livingroom. Rahul had finished eating. She took the dishes and went to the kitchen. She washed the dishes and returned to the Livingroom. Rahul stood there, ready to go the office. He took his bag and went to the main door. Molly followed him.

Rahul turned and looked at her. “Josie will be back tomorrow. Be ready in the evening,” he said.

Molly lifted her eyebrow and smiled. He bent down and kissed her forehead. “I love you,” he said.

Molly felt a sudden rush of affection for her brother as she watched him walk away. Memories of the good times they used to have flooded her mind. They had been so close until he had married.

The rest of the day was uneventful. She ate breakfast with Linda, breast fed baby whenever he was hungry, cooked lunch and had an afternoon nap. But she had been thinking about Rahul. She liked him more than ever. He was a good husband and dad. He was tall and handsome like Alex, but he had a better personality. She felt excited, as she eagerly waited to see him again.

Molly and Linda had tea and snacks at 5:00, and talked about relatives. Alex called about 5:40pm and begged her to come back to him. She refused and hung up. She started cooking at 6:00. At 6:30 she took bath and started getting ready. She dried her hair and put on light make up. She chose a good Saree and draped it around her body. The Saree wrapped around her voluptuous body, beautifully highlighting the shape of her hips, plump buttocks, legs, waist and breast. Her navel was exposed from the side and could be partially seen through the saree.

Rahul came home at 7:00. He was happy to see Molly was ready. He washed and changed before going to the living room. He talked with Linda and Molly for some time. They had dinner at 8:00pm. After dinner, Linda went to the bedroom. Molly went to the kitchen and washed the dishes.

Molly was washing dishes when she was startled, feeling someone’s fingers on the sides of her bare waist. “Hey!” she said and looked over her left shoulder.

“You look very beautiful,” Rahul said, squeezing the soft flesh on the side of her waist and pressing his crotch on her plump buttocks.

“Rahul! What are you doing?!” she said, taken aback.

“Sorry, I couldn’t wait, my beautiful little sister,” Rahul said and kissed her right cheek.

“Mom may come in anytime!” Molly felt his hard penis on her bottom, through their clothes.

“She is sleeping,” he said and kissed the side of her neck.

“And baby?” Molly asked.

“Baby is also sleeping,” he said and kissed her ear.

Molly felt warm shivers spread out and wriggled her head, moaning. As she kept the last vessel on the rack, he grabbed both her breasts and gently squeezed them. Molly squirmed, trying to turn around. Rahul loosened his grip and let her turn around.

Molly looked at him and said, “I’ll check baby and come.”

Rahul released her from his arms and let her go.

Molly went to the bedroom. The light was turned off. She managed to see with the little moonlight, coming through the window. Linda was sleeping. She went to the cradle and looked. Baby was also sleeping. She left the room quietly, eager to get back to Rahul.

Rahul was in the living room. He smiled at her and moved closer to her. He took her in his arms. Her big breasts felt like cushions on his chest. He moved his hands down, behind her and grabbed both her butt-cheeks. He gently squeezed them. “I missed you, little sister,” he said.

Molly looked into his eyes. She smiled at him and said, “I missed you too, big brother.”

Rahul kissed Molly’s soft lips. He clasped his lips on her lower lips and sucked it, then he pecked a kiss on both her lips. His tongue parted her lips. Her lips opened and accepted his tongue inside her mouth. His tongue playfully dueled around her tongue, then pushed its way into her mouth. Their tongues twisted and turned inside her mouth, moaning and rekindling the passion they had been forced to subdue after he had got married.

Molly held on to Rahul, relishing the sensation of her breast flattening against his chest and her pubic mound pressed on his hard penis. Her vagina was wet and ready. He kissed her passionately, as his hands squeezed the rounded curves of her bottom. He squeezed her the plump flesh through the saree, skirt and panties. They clung to each other, their tongues darting and exploring the interiors of their mouths, with their bodies pressed together with a sexual passion.

Reluctantly, Rahul stopped kissing. “Let’s go to my bedroom,” he said.

They went to Rahul’s bedroom. Rahul closed the door and came closer to Molly, “Remove your blouse,” he said

Molly smiled and started to unhook her blouse. Rahul quickly removed his cloths, watching Molly lift her Saree, pull her panties down and remove it from her legs. He looked at breasts again and felt more aroused, wanting to suck her nipples and drink milk from her big, milk filled breasts. He moved closer to her and pecked a kiss on her lips. He grabbed her left breast and squeezed it gently. A drop of milk popped out of her nipple. “Yum!” he said.

Molly laughed, seeing his excitement. Rahul bent down and licked the drop of milk, tasting his little sister’s breast milk for the first time. He opened his mouth and clasped his mouth, around her nipple and areola. He sucked and milk filled his mouth. He swallowed, sucked more and drank his little sister’s sweet milk. Then he turned to her right breast. He kissed the nipple and sucked her nipple. He drank more of her milk, till he was satisfied. Then he stood straight and pecked a kiss on her lips.

Molly smiled and gazed into his eyes, with her eyes wide open. It was a look Molly used to give him when she wanted him. So, he said, “Get on top of the bed and lean forward.”

Molly lifted her saree and climbed on top of the bed. She knelt down. She pulled a pillow closer and leaned forward, supporting her upper body with her elbow. She lay her head on the pillow and made herself comfortable.

Rahul stood behind his little sister’s plump bottom and admired the beauty of her ass. He wished his wife was as beautiful as his Molly. He grabbed her ass cheeks and massaged the soft flesh.

Molly felt the hardness of his penis pushing against the round curves of her buttocks. She moaned as the glans of his penis throbbed against the lips of her vagina. Her vagina opened up as the swollen head of his cock slid into her vaginal slit. His hips snapped forward burying his cock fully inside her wet cunt, in one quick stroke.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned with satisfaction. ‘It is so big,’ she thought gladly welcoming her brother’s cock inside her wet pussy.

“Wow! It’s still tight!” Rahul said, massaging his sister’s bottom.

Molly liked the compliment. She smiled and snuggled her head on the pillow. She moaned again as the fatness of his cock eased back, slithering out the juice-filled channel of her vagina. Then, his hips jerked forward, sinking his cock deep inside the moist warmth of her pussy.

“mmmm…” she moaned, with satisfaction as the thick, long cock filled her once again.

Rahul’s thick cock eased out, then drove back into her pussy. His cock shafted in and out of her belly, searing through the humid channel of her pussy. Her pussy clamped down on his cock, clinging to the fullness of his swollen shaft. His hard shaft drove in and out again and again, like a piston, inside her cunt. She grunted under the heavy impact and whimpered as her pussy throbbed for more. His hands gripped tightly on her hips, his pelvis jerked back and forth in rapid series of powerful lunges as his cock dipped in and out of his sister’s vaginal channel.

“Oh Rahul…” she moaned.

Raul slammed into her, drilling deep, straining into the pink folds of her pulsing vagina, stretching her elastic like love hole. Her ass bucked back, slapping into his crotch. She shuddered with pleasure. She squeezed the channel of her pussy around his thick cock. She heard him grunt with pleasure and felt satisfaction wash through her body. He slid out, free from the clinging moistness of her pussy sheath, then thrust his cock back inside the hot pocket of her flesh. Their bodies thudded together, in harmony. They grunted and moaned as they worked together. In and out, she accepted his strong steady rhythm. Her body was alive with him. She felt a rush of mounting pleasure. Sensations throbbed through the open nerve endings of her body. Her whole body exploded, throwing her into the realms of ecstasy. Her legs and arms quaked, as she pushed back, welcoming her brother’s cock inside her vagina. Wave after wave of soul-shattering pleasure broke over her, washing wonderful sensations through her body. Her body tensed as the whirlwinds of pleasure lashed throughout her body as she climaxed.

Rahul slammed in and out of his little sister’s pussy. He felt his cum spout up from his balls and make its way through his cock. He groaned as a load of him semen gushed out of piss hole and into her pussy. He quaked as his muscles gave way to the wonderful pleasure of release. He emptied himself inside his little sister pussy, as she lay moaning with sheer joy and satisfaction.

He kissed the smooth skin of his sister’s shoulder gratefully as his cock slowly became limp and popped out her pussy.

She felt her legs crumble and her body slowly collapse as she lay down on the bed.

Rahul laid down next to her and said, “I loved it!”

“Me too.” Molly smiled at him.

“You should stay with us,” he said and put an arm on her waist.

“I’ll stay,” Molly said, still feeling overwhelmed by the wonderful pleasure he had given her.