Chapter 7 – Junior

Nima - Chapter 7

It was a quiet afternoon. Prema returned to the shop after having lunch in a restaurant. She went to her office and sat down on her chair. She checked the CCTV Video surveillance monitor that was mounted on the wall. Everything in the shop looked okay. There were only two customers and the staff seemed to be doing their job. She leaned back on the chair, closed her eyes feeling relieved to be back in the office after having a good lunch in a restaurant and strolling around the busy streets on a warm sunny day.

Prema heard the ringtone of her mobile. She opened her eyes and looked at the lit screen of her mobile which was on the desk. She saw a picture of Rajesh on the screen. She closed her eyes and tried to control the anger she felt for him. She realized she had done the right thing by not disclosing the location of her workplace to Rajesh.

Prema’s mobile stopped ringing. She began to relax. But a few seconds later, her mobile rang again. She opened her eyes thinking it might be Rajesh calling her again. Frustrated with Rajesh, she looked at her mobile. She saw the picture of her Boss on the screen. She quickly picked up her mobile, swiped the screen and said, “Hello Sir.”

“Hello Prema. I am coming at 3:30. Be ready,” her boss said.

“Okay Sir,” Prema said.

Her Boss hung up.

Prema checked the time on her mobile and kept it on the desk. She covered her face with her palms feeling little disappointed about her Boss’ timing. She had just one hour to make sure the shop was flawless. She was tired but suddenly memories of having sex with her boss flooded her mind. She smiled feeling excited. She removed her hands from her face. She took the intercom’s handset and dialed her senior staff, Priya’s number. When Priya answered the call, Prema said, “Boss is coming at 3:30. Please make sure everything is perfect.”

“Okay Ma’am,” Priya said.

Prema kept the intercom’s handset on its holder and stood up. She took her toiletry bag and went to the bathroom. She entered a cubicle and closed the door. She lifted her Saree and Petticoat. She pulled her panties down to her ankle and removed it from her feet. Holding her Saree and petticoat above her hips, she sat down on the toilet seat. As warm urine streamed out, she closed her eyes and relaxed.

After she was done, she stood up and flushed. Then, she opened her toiletry bag and took out a disposable needless syringe, and a bottle that had odourless coconut oil. She opened the bottle, inserted the syringe into the bottle and filled coconut oil into the barrel of the syringe. Then she lifted her Saree above her hips and kept the syringe between her butt cheeks. She placed the tip in the opening of her anus and pushed the oil coated syringe slowly inside her anal-hole. After the syringe was fully inside her anal-hole, she pressed the plunger, injecting the oil deep inside her. She pulled the syringe out and threw it in the bin. She took a cotton ball from her toiletry bag and pushed it inside her anal-hole to prevent oil from dripping out of her anus. She took her panties and put it in her toiletry bag. After she was done, she let her Saree drop down. She exited the toilet cubicle.

She went to the washbasin and looked at her face in the mirror. She looked little tired and the makeup had worn out. She removed the Bindhi from her forehead and stuck it on the mirror. Then, she washed her face and put on light makeup. She adjusted the pleats and Pallu of her Saree. Then, she looked at her reflection in the mirror and asked, “Ready?”

She nodded and said, “Ready,” answering her own question. Smiling, she left the bathroom and went to her office. She kept her toiletry bag in her hand bag and checked the time in the wall-clock. It was 3:05 pm. She realised she didn’t have much time and walked out of her office.

Prema walked around the shop, inspecting the shop and giving instructions to the staff. She was talking with Priya, when Priya looked towards the entrance of the shop and said, “He is here Ma’am.”

Prema turned around and looked at the entrance. She saw her Boss and his son. Prema walked quickly to them and said, “Good afternoon, Sir.” She quickly looked at his son and smiled.

“Good afternoon, Prema. How are you?” Kantilal greeted her politely.

“I am very good sir. How are you?” Prema asked.

“I am fine Prema,” Kantilal said checking out Prema.

Prema looked at his son and said, “Vimal has grown taller. He looks like a big man.”

Her boss nodded and said, “Yes, he also has big-man problems.”

Prema looked at her boss and lifted her eyebrows, wondering what he meant.

“We’ll talk about it in the office,” Kantilal said. He turned to Vimal and said, “You look around in the ground floor. I’ll call you later.”

Prema and Kantilal climbed up the stairs. They entered her office. Prema latched the door. She turned around to face Kantilal. “What would like me to do sir?” She asked.

Kantilal smiled. “You look more beautiful every time I meet you.”

“Thank you, sir.” Prema blushed.

Kantilal stepped forward, lifted his hands and grabbed her breasts through her Saree, blouse and bra. He squeezed them gently and said, “Bend on the desk. I’ll penetrate your anus.”

Prema laughed and said, “I thought you would want to have anal sex and already lubricated my anus with coconut oil.”

“Smart girl,” Kantilal said. He let go of Prema’s breasts and pecked a kiss on her lips.

“Thank you, sir,” Prema said and went to her desk. She lifted her Saree and petticoat above her hips and bent forward over the desk, exposing her bare bottom.

Kantilal’s saw Prema’s beautiful, well-shaped, big bottom and his heart began to race fast. He quickly unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants. He stood behind Prema and dropped his pant down. He pulled his underwear down to his knees. He touched Prema’s butt-cheeks and rubbed his hands on the smooth skin, and squeezed the soft flesh. He spread her butt-cheeks apart and looked inside of her anus. ‘Perfect,’ he thought. He kept his hands on both sides of her wide hips and held with a firm grip. He pressed the tip of his cock on her anus and pushed.

Prema’s body involuntarily jerked forward as her boss’ cockhead opened her anus and slipped inside her anal hole. She closed her eyes and clenched her fist knowing by experience that she would have to endure pain before expecting any pleasure.

Her boss looked down between Prema’s ass-cheeks. He liked the view of her elastic-like, brown, anal mouth, stretched around his thick cockhead. He wished his wife was as beautiful, hygienic and open minded like Prema to let him penetrate her anus. He ignored the thought and told himself that he was very lucky to have a beautiful employee who could satisfy his sexual desires. Feeling lucky, he pushed. His cockhead forced its way inside Prema’s rectum, stretching it mercilessly. The cockhead pushed the oil-soaked cotton ball deeper inside her rectum and oil oozed of the cotton lubricating her anal-hole.

Prema whimpered and struggled to tolerate the intense pain. She shut her eyes tightly and relaxed her anal muscles feeling his cock sliding all the way inside her rectum. Finally, she could feel the full length and width of his cock inside her stretched anal passage. Even though it hurt, she felt strangely satisfied with a pulsing cock stuffed deep inside her asshole. She knew she would love the relief she would feel when he pulled it out of her.

Her boss’ cock throbbed inside Prema’s asshole. He didn’t move for a few seconds loving the tight grip and warmth inside her rectum. He slowly pulled out and Prema loved the relief she had expected to feel, but she felt empty. The cockhead was still inside her asshole but she wanted the full cock deep inside her again. Her boss didn’t disappoint her. He thrust forward plunging his hard cock deep inside her rectum once again. Prema didn’t feel too much pain the second time as the penetration had been smooth because the oil had spread inside her anal-hole and on his cock.

Her boss began to fuck into her faster and deeper ramming his crotch on her plump ass, causing the soft flesh of her ass to quake.

Prema moaned feeling as if the smooth walls of her anal canal was getting a good oil massage. She loved it but she just needed a cock in her vagina to take her to the next level of sexual pleasure. She realized it was not going to happen at that moment as she felt more wetness in her rectum. Her boss had shot cum in her asshole.

Kantilal stopped fucking Prema and shot more semen inside Prema’s asshole. He let his cock rest inside her till he was satisfied and pulled it out.

Prema stood up straight. She took a few tissue papers and wiped the semen that had oozed out from her anus and spread between her ass cheeks. She let her Saree drop down, and adjusted the pleats and Pallu.

Kantilal quickly pulled up his trousers and underwear. He buttoned his pants and said, “Thanks Prema.”

“My pleasure sir,” Prema said.

“Okay. Now let’s talk about Vimal,” he said and looked into Prema’s eyes.

“Sure sir.” Prema said wondering what could be so serious about Vimal.

“His mother caught him watching porn thrice. And she caught him masturbating yesterday. She is very angry with him. She doesn’t want him to masturbate. She has been pestering me to do something to stop him from masturbating. That’s why I brought him here. He doesn’t have to masturbate when I have employees who can satisfy his sexual desires. Am I right Prema?” Kantilal asked.

Prema was a taken aback but she reluctantly said, “You are right sir.”

“Great! I’ll tell Vimal to meet you in the shop whenever he feels like masturbating. Are you okay with that?” Kantilal said impressed by Prema’s commitment to her job.

“Yes sir. I am okay with that.” Prema assured her boss even though she was completely taken aback by the casual way her boss had asked her to have sex with his teenage son. But she didn’t really mind. She liked Vimal. She thought Vimal was a handsome boy. Suddenly, she was excited to feel his young cock inside her.

Kantilal picked up the intercom’s handset from Prema’s desk and dialed an intercom number for the ground floor. He told the person who answered to tell Vimal to come to Prema’s office.

Vimal came to Prema’s office looking confused.

Kantilal gave him a stern look and said, “Have sex with Prema. Don’t tell Mom. It’s our little secret. Okay?”

“Okay Dad,” Vimal said wondering if he was dreaming. He was not only getting an opportunity to have sex with a woman for the first time but he was getting the opportunity to have sex with one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

Prema followed Kantilal as he walked towards the door and closed it after he exited. She came back and stood before the teen boy who was at least two inches taller than her. She smiled and asked, “So junior, how old are you?”

“Eighteen auntie,” Vimal said.

Prema laughed. She had not expected him to call her auntie because he was her boss’ son. She liked his sense of respect.

Vimal looked at Prema with admiration. He liked everything about her. He liked her voice, her smile, her laughter, her pretty face and her entire body. He wanted to grab her and kiss her, but he was not bold enough to make the first move.

Prema could sense his desperation and fear. She took a step closer to him and looked at his handsome face. “Kiss my lips,” she said.

Vimal slowly moved his head closer and their lips touched. He suddenly put his arms around Prema and began smooching her, excitedly. His hands were all over her body caressing and kneading the soft flesh of her bottom, breasts and her bare waist. His tongue filled her mouth and his mouth covered her mouth as if he wanted to devour her. Prema felt his intense sexual hunger. She knew he wanted to feel every inch of her body but at that moment she just wanted him to finish what his dad had started.

Prema pulled away and said, “Sorry Vimal. We can’t make your dad wait for a long time. Just penetrate my vagina this time. Next time, when you come alone, we can spend more time together, okay?”

“Okay auntie,” Vimal said, and his heart raced faster.

“Okay. Just remove your pants and come to my desk,” Prema said and went to her desk.

Prema lifted her Saree and Petticoat above her hips. She bent forward on her desk and asked, “Ready Vimal?”

“Yes auntie,” Vimal said.

Vimal stood behind Prema and looked at her bottom feeling awestruck by the amazing the beauty of her bottom. He wanted to kiss, lick, bite and dig his face between her ass-cheeks but first he wanted to urgently fuck her, not wanting the dream to end, if it was a dream.

Prema felt the tip of Vimal’s cock on her butt crack. He moved his hard cock between her butt crack hastily, trying to find her vagina. Prema put her hand between her thighs, grabbed his cock-shaft and guided the cockhead to her vagina. When she felt the tip of his cockhead in the slit of her vagina, she said, “Push Vimal.”

Vimal pushed impatiently, filling her vagina immediately with his thick, hard, long cock.

Prema shuddered by the sudden impalement of her pussy. His long, thick cock stretched her vaginal canal and hit her cervix. She realized his cock was bigger than his dad’s cock. She knew she had found something rare. She wanted to give him more instructions knowing that it was his first time but he quickly pulled his cock outward and pushed inside her vagina like a pro, remembering porn videos he had watched while masturbating.

“mmmm,” Prema moaned softly with pleasure.
Vimal pounded his cock in and out of Prema’s pussy. He fucked her like a sex-hungry teen. His hard, manly cock tingled, going deeper and deeper into Prema’s embracing cunt. He moved faster, more rhythmically. And just like his dad he rammed his crotch on her ass, causing her large ass-cheeks to quake. He loved it. He banged her ass and fucked her juicy, tight cunt.
Prema loved the powerful, rapid, successive, deep penetrations of his cock inside her vagina. Her vagina felt alive as his cock rapid rubbed on her tingling clit. She moaned with intense pleasure. She couldn’t believe an inexperienced, young boy could make pleasure soar so quickly throughout her body.
The tempo of his fucking speeded up and the sound of his crotch banging on her plump buttocks became louder. He rammed his cock into her cunt again and again, panting heavily and groaning.
“Oh….mmmmaaah….mmmmm,” she moaned with pleasure.
Her heart began beating faster, her breath became quicker and muscles in her vagina convulsed involuntarily. Lights flashed in her head. And suddenly, the sexual pleasure that had built up because of intense sexual arousal and stimulation was released, causing her body to convulse. And, as the sexual tension released, she laughed loving the soothing sexual pleasure.
Vimal continued to fuck her vagina until she began to feel an extra twitching in his shaft and knew that he would come soon.
Vimal’s body shook and he jerked forward, thrusting the full length of his cock inside Prema’s climaxing pussy. Spurt after spurt of thick cum shot out of his cock and filled her very wet pussy. As the last drops of cum oozed out of his cock, he said, “Thank you, auntie.”
Prema was happy with his good manners. She smiled and said, “You are welcome, junior.”
After fucking Prema, her boss and his son left the shop. Prema sat on her chair in her office and continued working, feeling sexually satisfied.