Chapter 4 – Rejuvenate

It was 8:15 pm. The resort was quiet. Alisha could only hear the sound of traffic at a distance from her office. She stood up and stepped away from her desk. She adjusted the pallu and pleats of her saree. She went to the side of the room that had the light switch on the wall and clicked the light switch off. Darkness filled the room. The only source of light was her computer monitor. She stood there and let her eyes adjust to the darkness. Then she went to the window and opened the window blinds. She looked out at the car park. There was not much movement in the car park. She took a deep breath, lifted her arms high and stretched. She put her hands down and clasped her hand in front of her. She thought about her situation and wondered how long she had to act like Reshma — a character she had made up to get a job in the resort.

She had only been working at the resort for two weeks, so she had not got enough opportunities to study everyone in the top management. But she had got a good idea about the General Manager — Sanjay, Leena — his secretary and the Marketing Manager — Rakesh. The other members in the top management had also shown interest in her but only Sanjay and Rakesh had quickly become intimate with her. The men had been having sex with her every day and even after two weeks they had not shown any signs of slowing down. Sanjay had called her to his office and had sex with her before lunch time. Rakesh had been busy, but he had called her and asked her to wait for him in office till 8:30 pm. So, Alisha waited patiently, looking at the car park. A few minutes later, she saw Rakesh’s car entering the car park. She was happy he had finally come and she began feeling excited. She closed the blinds. She turned the light switch on and waited for Rakesh.

A few minutes later, she heard knocks on the door and said, “Come in.”

The door opened and Rakesh entered the room. “Sorry, I made you wait,” he said.

Alisha shrugged and said, “It’s okay but please hurry up. I have a little baby waiting for me at home.”

“I am so sorry Reshma. I’ll be quick,” Rakesh said.

“Okay. What do you want me to do?” Alisha asked.

“I was hoping you would suck me little bit …but you are in a hurry, so…” Rakesh said and hesitated to continue.

“Little bit is okay,” Alisha said and burst out laughing.

She turned around and went to her chair. She sat down on the chair and looked at Rakesh who was looking at her. “Hurry up, Rakesh!” she said.

Rakesh quickly went closer to Alisha and stood before her. He unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pant. He pulled his pant and underwear down, revealing his genitals. Alisha was happy to see his penis and ball sack dangling before her. She lifted her right hand and wrapped her fingers around the semihard cock. She moved her head closer to his crotch, opened her mouth and let his penis enter her mouth. She closed her mouth around his cock and sucked. The smell and taste of semen and urine filled her mouth and nostrils, arousing her. She sucked passionately feeling his penis harden into a strong, hard cock in her mouth.

A few minutes later, she pulled his cock out of her mouth and looked at it. She looked up at him and asked, “Enough?”

“That was good. Thank you,” Rakesh said.

Alisha wanted to say, “my pleasure,” but she just asked, “Do you want me to do anything else?”

“Can you bend forward on the desk. I’ll be quick,” Rakesh said, stroking his cock.

Alisha smiled and got up from the chair. She went to side of the desk and moved the stationary from the desk, making place for her to bend forward. Then she lifted her Saree and petticoat. She pulled her pantie down and removed it from her legs. She kept her pantie on her desk, held her Saree and petticoat above her hips, bent forward on her desk and placed her elbows on the desk to support her upper body. She held her ass up, her back bowed and legs parted.

Rakesh had been seeing Alisha’s buttocks every day for two weeks and fucking her, but he still couldn’t stop admiring her beautiful, plump, pear-shaped bottom. His eyes ran up her long legs, well-shaped plump thighs and her clean shaved soft pussy lips between her parted soft inner thighs. He could see drops of pussy juice glistening in the slit of her vagina. He placed his hands on the smooth skin of her soft ass cheeks and spread them apart. He pressed his cock-head on her ass crack and rubbed on the crack of her ass and anus, his balls brushing on her juicy cunt. He moved his cock little down and the tip of his cock was between her pussy lips, poking into her wet cunt. He shoved the cock-head into her cunt, and she gasped with delight. Encouraged by her reaction, he thrust his cock into her cunt deeply. Then, he pulled his cock out until only his cock-head was inside her cunt, and he thrust it back inside her hot cunt. Alisha closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure as his cock moved in and out of her cunt, fucking her. He fucked her harder and deeper. Alisha moaned, “Ahhhh, yes…Oooooh.”

He fucked her faster and faster till orgasms exploded within her. Her cunt gushed thick cream and thick cream cum spewed from his cock flooding the soft inner-walls of her cunt. She rested her head on the desk till he emptied his balls and pulled his limp cock out of her cunt.

Weakly, she stood up and took her pantie from the desk.

Rakesh quickly pulled his pant and underwear up and said, “That was very good! Thank you.”

“You are welcome,” Alisha said and laughed.

Rakesh smiled, admiring Alisha as she slipped her legs into her panties.

Alisha quickly adjusted her Saree. She took her handbag and said, “Time to go home.”

Alisha and Rakesh left her office. They walked together till his office and he stopped. He looked at her and said, “Reshma, I have to send important emails. I’ll see you on Monday. Good night!” Rakesh said.

“Good night, Rakesh,” she said and walked away.

Alisha went to the car park and got into her car. She quickly started driving her car towards her home. Traffic was not too heavy. Alisha drove the car calmly thinking about her colleagues and her new job as a HR manager. She had got the job at the resort with a fake name and identity. She didn’t like working from Monday to Saturday but she knew she had to do it for some more time. She thought about Sanjay and Rakesh. She liked the way they had passionate sex with her. She wondered if they would feel the same way about her if she told them she was Alisha and not Reshma. She thought about other men in the resort who had been showing interest in her and wondered how good it would be to have sex with each one of them. The thought excited her and her body longed for more sexual pleasure, even though she had just had sex with Rakesh before a few minutes. She could still feel their stickly fluids in her vagina and the taste of his semen in her mouth. She had liked having sex with Rakesh as usual but she felt dirty with residue of his semen in her vagina and mouth. She wanted to have a shower as soon as possible but the traffic was not moving fast. So, she drove the car patiently remembering the wonderful sex she had been having with Sanjay and Rakesh in past couple of weeks.

After a 20-minute drive, Alisha reached home at 9:10 pm. She parked the car and got out. She rang the doorbell. Rupa opened the door and said, “Hi ma’am.”

“Hi Rupa. Is everything okay?” Alisha asked removing her sandals.

“Yes ma’am,” Rupa said, “Sonam has gone for a party. Latha is taking care of baby and Padhma went home after cooking food.”

“Good. How is Raj?” Alisha asked, entering her home.

Rupa closed the door and turned to look at Alisha. “Ma’am. He is okay. He is getting better, I think.”

“Getting better?” Alisha looked at Rupa curiously.

“Ma’am, I don’t know how to say,” Rupa said, hesitantly.

“Just tell me Rupa. There’s no need to hesitate with me,” Alisha said.

“Ma’am, I gave bath for sir in the morning and his thing… became hard. I was shocked!” Rupa said, hoping Alisha would not accuse her of touching Raj inappropriately.

“Really?! Has it happened before?” Alisha asked, surprised.

“It has never happened, Ma’am. This is the first time,” Rupa said.

“He could be recovering. I’ll have a chat with his doctor about it,” Alisha said and went to the stairs.

Alisha climbed the stairs and went to her bedroom. She opened the door and clicked the light switch on. She shut the door and went to the mirror. She removed her bangles, earrings and Mangalsutra. Then, she pulled the pallu down from her shoulder and removed her Saree. She removed her petticoat, panties, blouse and bra. She stood before the mirror, feeling relieved to be completely naked. She admired the reflection of her pretty face and her voluptuous body in the mirror. She cupped her big breasts in her hands and massaged them gently. Then she moved her hands down to her slender waist, her wide hips and behind on her plump, wide buttocks. She caressed her large, soft butt cheeks and spread them apart till her anus opened up. Then she let go of her ass cheeks, causing them to jiggle. She smiled, turned around and went to the attached bathroom to have bath.

Alisha had shower thinking about her husband. She had not thought about having sex with him after the accident because the doctor had told her he had paralysis and traumatic brain injuries. She wondered if he was really recovering or if his penis was only randomly reacting to a woman’s touch. She decided to find out and finished having a shower.

Alisha felt clean and fresh after having a shower. She slipped into a light blue, satin, mid-length, sleeveless maternity nightie without wearing bra and a pantie. She felt comfortable in the nightgown. She went to the guest bedroom and met Latha. She chatted for a short time with Latha about baby and carried her baby. She took baby to her bedroom and breastfed him.

After baby fell asleep, she kept him in the cradle. She went to the bar fridge. She took a wine bottle from the fridge and filled a wineglass with wine. She went to the sliding door and opened it. She stepped out onto the large balcony and closed the sliding door. She walked around the balcony, sipping wine and relaxing. After she finished one glass of wine, she went inside the bedroom and filled the glass with more wine. She walked around the room thinking about Raj. She wondered if he was suffering alone unable to express his desire to have sex. She felt sorry for her injured, old husband who had rescued her and her family from financial problems and given her a new life.

After finishing two glasses of wine, Alisha checked baby in the cradle. The baby was fast asleep, so she left her bedroom and went downstairs. She heard the ladies talking and found them in the dining room. Latha saw her first and stood up.

“Sit down, Latha,” Alisha said. Then, she looked at Rupa and asked, “Is Raj sleeping?”

“I don’t know, ma’am. I helped him lie down on the bed but he was awake when I left him in the room. Maybe he is sleeping now,” Rupa said.

“Okay. I am going to spend some time with him. I want to know if he is alright,” Alisha said.

“Okay, ma’am,” Rupa said.

As Alisha walked to Raj’s room, she realised she was feeling little tipsy but she was determined to spend some time with her husband.

Alisha pushed the door open and looked into the room. The room light was off and the bed lamp was on. Raj was lying on his back. She entered the room and closed the door. She went closer to the bed and saw his eyes were open. He looked at her and a slight expression of happiness showed on his face. Alisha smiled and sat down next to him, on the edge of the bed.

“Are you okay, Raj?” she asked.

Raj tried to smile.

“If you are okay, just blink once. If you are not okay, blink twice,” Alisha said.

Raj blinked once.

Alisha smiled and said, “That’s good.”

Raj admired his young wife’s beautiful face and wished he had been physically fit to make love to her.

“Is Rupa taking good care of you?” Alisha asked.

Raj blinked once.

“That’s good Raj. She told me, she was giving you bath and your penis became hard. Is it true?” Alisa asked.

Raj didn’t blink.

“Please answer Raj. I just want to know if you are recovering,” she asked.

Raj blinked once.

“That’s good Raj,” Alisha said. “After your accident, doctor told me you were paralysed and the traumatic brain injuries could cause erectile dysfunction. That’s why I thought we won’t be able to have sex. It looks like your penis is naturally rejuvenating. I want to make sure your sexual needs are fulfilled. Okay Raj?” Alisha asked.

Raj blinked once.

Alisha lifted Raj’s t-shirt up to his chest and caressed his hairy chest. Then, she moved her hand down and pulled his pyjama pant and underwear down till his knees. She looked at his flaccid penis and placed her right hand on his penis and his testicles. She cupped her hand and gently squeezed his cock and balls. She smiled at him affectionately and played with his genitals, stroking his cock and massaging his balls. He smiled at her with delight. Slowly, his penis began to harden. But she wanted to speed up the process, so she stopped playing with his genitals and stood up. She removed her nightie and got up on the bed. She knelt down on the bed, straddled his shoulders, and bent to his crotch. She held his semihard cock at the base with one hand and put her mouth down over the cock-head. She licked around the pink, swollen cock-head. She opened her mouth and took the cock-head inside her mouth. Gently, she started to suck the cock-head and gradually sucked harder. She rubbed her ass and pussy on his face. He kissed, licked and bit her soft bottom and pussy. His prick swelled in her mouth. She worked her mouth on the cock-shaft, up and down, sucking it hard. When her mouth slid down to his groin, the tip of his prick almost poked on her throat. Her mouth worked harder and harder, down onto the base of his cock, her lips pressing into the hair of on his groin. The sucking had made his cock stiff and hard. She pulled her lips up, tugging at the cock-head, then twisted her head from one side to the other before pulling her lips of his cock.

Satisfied with the hardness of Raj’s cock, Alisha turned around and knelt down, straddling on her husband’s hips. She held the cock-shaft and lowered her cunt onto Raj’s waiting cock. She rubbed her wet pussy lips on his cock-head. Then, she placed the smooth glans of his cock in the opening slit of her cunt lips. Her eyes half closed and she moaned. Her cunt squeezed his cock-head and she slowly lowered her cunt down on her husband’s prick.

Raj gurgled and closed his eyes as he felt the wet heat of her stretching cunt, closing around his cock.

Alisha pushed her cunt down on his cock until it was buried completely inside her. And, her pussy lips smashed at the base of his cock. Her cunt squeezed his cock as she sat there and breathed deeply, her boobs lifting and falling. She felt his balls on her soft ass cheeks. His cock felt longer and thicker than Sanjay and Rakesh’s cocks. She had not had sex with her husband for so long, she had forgotten how his cock had felt inside her cunt. She wondered if his cock was really bigger and squeezed his cock inside her pussy feeling every inch of the cock inside her. She became convinced his cock was bigger.

“Do you like it, Raj?” she asked.

Raj opened his eyes and looked at her. He blinked once.

Alisha leaned forward and kissed her husband. The movement caused her ass to lift slightly slipping out his cock. And as she sat up, it went down on his cock again. The sliding of his cock along the walls of her cunt sent tremors of delight throughout her body.

She leaned down and pecked kisses on his face. Then she grabbed her breasts and rubbed the jelly like soft breasts on his face. Raj kissed her breasts and opened his mouth. Alisha lifted her right-side breast and put the nipple inside his mouth. As Raj tried to suck, she squeezed the breastflesh around her areola, spurting milk out of her nipple and into his mouth. Raj swallowed his beautiful wife’s milk hungrily fearing he may never get a chance to drink her milk again. But Alisha understood his fear and said, “Don’t worry Raj, I’ll keep my milk in the fridge for you every day and I’ll tell Rupa to give you, my milk. I’ll breastfeed you whenever I have time. It may help you recover faster.”

Raj looked at Alisha, gratefully. Alisha smiled and gently pulled her nipple out of his mouth. She lifted her ass, dragging her cunt up his rejuvenated cock-shaft until the cock-head felt big in the slit of her cunt. Then she lowered herself down, on his hard cock. She repeated this a few times, slowly, watching her husband’s delighted face. She plunged her cunt up and down on her husband’s cock, taking it deeply, making the hot lips of her pussy smack softly at the base. She jiggled her ass, twisting it in circles as she rose and fell. Feeling each ridge and throb of his cock, Alisha began to bounce up and down vigorously causing her ass and boobs to jiggle like jelly. Her clit rubbed on his cock-shaft, sending shivers through out her body. Her ass plunged up and down faster, making grinding motions. She pounded his cock almost with desperation.

Raj couldn’t stand the tightening sensation of his wife’s cunt as she exploded into orgasm. Each wet clutch of her pussy around his cock brought him closer to discharge. Alisha stiffened and her cunt squeezed his cock as her cunt-cum started to flow. Raj felt his cock gush, sending boiling squirt after squirt of thick, creamy cum juice up into his wife’s cunt.

Alisha smashed her convulsing cunt hard onto her husband’s spurting cock, grinding as she went into a series of orgasms, that shattered her, causing her to softly cry with the intensity of her ecstasy.

Alisha bent down and kissed his forehead and lips. She lay her head next to his, on the pillow and relaxed as he emptied his balls. Slowly her boobs turned soft against his chest. His cock became limp and popped out of her pussy.

Alisha sat straight and looked at Raj. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be sleeping. She got down from the bed and slipped into her nightie. She left the room and went to the dining room, looking for Rupa. She didn’t see Rupa in the dining room, so she went to the kitchen and found her there.

“Did Latha go to bed?” Alisha asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Rupa said.

“Did you have dinner?” Alisha asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Rupa said.

“Good.” Alish said and continued…”Rupa, I thought Raj was suffering from erectile dysfunction after the accident. But I may have been wrong. He was desperate to have sex, so I had sex with him. Please clean him before you go to bed.”

“Sure, ma’am,” Rupa said.

“Good night,” Alisha said.

“Good night, ma’am,” Rupa said.

Alisha climbed the stairs and went to her bedroom. She checked baby. He was still sleeping, so she went to the bathroom and had a quick body shower.

After having a shower, she slipped into her nightie. Then she went to the bedroom and took a wine bottle from the bar fridge. She filled a glass with wine and went to the balcony. She walked around the balcony drinking wine and feeling happy about her husband’s recovery, even though it was slower than she had expected.

That night she got drunk and went to bed feeling sexually satisfied and mentally rejuvenated.