Chapter 6 – Remedy for hangover

Molly liked her job as a part-time teacher. She worked on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. She had been little nervous on the first week, but on the second week she had felt more confident. Her students and colleagues had started feeling more comfortable around her. By the third week everybody in the school had started liking her.

Molly liked her breaks on Tuesdays, Thursdays and the weekends. When she was at home she did household chores, took care of baby, did grocery shopping and went for evening with her mom and her baby. She liked her new life without Alex. She felt much better about herself.

It was the fourth week after she had started working and it was a Thursday. It was one of the days she didn’t have to go to the school. Molly woke up feeling fresh. She looked forward to having a laid-back day with her mom and baby. She went to the bathroom and finished her morning routine. Then she went to kitchen and started cooking. Five minutes later she heard Sheba saying, “Good morning Molly.”

“Good morning Sheba,” Molly said, turning to look at Sheba while stirring food in the pan.

“Richard came home late, yesterday night. He has an hangover. He wants to rest for some more time and go late to work. If he doesn’t wake up at 8, Can you wake him up please?” Sheba requested.

“Don’t worry. I’ll wake him up,” Molly assured her.

Molly cooked food and kept the dishes on the dining table. She told Sheba breakfast was ready.

Sheba finished breakfast and started getting ready. After Sheba was ready they told their goodbyes, and Sheba left home. Molly closed the door and looked around the house. Her mom’s bedroom door was still closed. Richard’s bedroom door was half open. She went to her bedroom to check on baby. Baby was sleeping peacefully. She opened the wardrobe and took clean cloths. She took her towel and left the room quietly.

Molly went to Richard’s room. Richard was sleeping. Molly sat down on the edge of the bed. She touched his shoulder and shook him gently. “Richard,” she called him.

Richard opened his eyes reluctantly and saw Molly.

“Good morning. How are you feeling?” She asked, concerned for him.

“Just little headache. I’ll be fine,” Richard gave her a half-smile.

“Mint-tea will help you get over the hangover fast. Do you want me make hot mint-tea for you before I go for a shower?”

“Are you are going for shower?!” Richard asked suddenly fully awake.

Molly laughed and calmly said, “Yes.”

“Can I join you?” Richard asked, exited.

Molly smiled shyly and nodded.

Richard sat up on the bed. Molly stood up, giving him room to get down. Richard got down from the bed, grabbed his towel and said, “Let’s go!”

Molly and Richard went to the attached bathroom in Richard’s bedroom. They got inside and Molly closed the door shut. Richard brushed his teeth and took a pee. Molly undressed and stepped into the shower area. Molly opened the shower valve and adjusted the water temperature. She closed her eyes and let the water shower down on her body. As Molly let the water freshen her, Richard stepped inside the shower area and closed the door. He grabbed Molly’s soft bottom and squeezed gently, loving the softness of her ass. He moved his hand up and grabbed her waist. He turned her towards him. He slid his left hand down and grasped the mound of her clean shaven pussy. He rubbed his fingers on her soft labia. Then, he inserted two fingers inside her pussy. He moved his fingers in and out of her vaginal tube. As she moaned he took her in his arms and hugged her firmly, loving the way her large, soft breasts cushioned on his chest. He grabbed the soft flesh on the side of her waist and squeezed them. He moved his head forward and kissed her lips. He kissed her passionately, sucking her lips, tongue and probing her mouth with his tongue.

After a minute, Richard stopped kissing Molly and pulled back. Molly turned off the shower. She took liquid soap bottle and said, “Show me your hand.”

Richard lifted his right hand to the level of his waist and opened his palm. Molly squeezed out soap from the bottle, on his palm. Then she squeezed out soap on her palm. She spread the soap on his chest. Richard grabbed her breasts and spread soap on her breasts. When he squeezed her right breast hard, milk sprayed out from her nipple. Molly laughed and said, “Gently Richard!”

Molly slid her hand down and grabbed the shaft of Richard’s cock. She squeezed it gently and soaped it. She grabbed his balls. She gave it gentle squeeze affectionately.

Richard laughed and said, “I can’t control anymore. Turn around.”

Molly laughed and turned around. She kept her hands on the glass wall, leaned forward and jutted her hip backward. Richard took the soap bottle and squeezed out soap in his palm. He scooped the soap with his middle finger. He slid his hands below her ass and parted her soft ass cheeks. He inserted his soppy middle finger inside her anus causing her to jerk forward. He pushed his finger fully inside. He rubbed the smooth inner walls of her anal tube, making it wet with soap. He pumped his finger in her ass hole slowly. He heard her groaning with pleasure and thought she needed more than his finger in her asshole. He pulled out his finger from her asshole.

Molly felt the crown of his cock between her butt cheeks and on her anus. She felt her anus open up and suddenly she cried, “Ahhrrrgggahhhh! Oh, Ohooooo!,” as his cock suddenly invaded her asshole in one stroke. The soap had helped but it had not been enough.

Richard’s soapy cock was fully embedded inside her. She felt packed. She felt his throbbing cock in the tight tube of her rectum. In an involuntary reaction, she pushed and squeezed trying to expel his cock from her asshole.

But, Richard held his cock firmly inside her. He grabbed her butt cheeks and squeezed, calming her down. “Relax. The next one will be easy.”

Molly stopped trying to push him out. She relaxed her anal muscles and moved her hip, accommodating his cock inside her asshole.

Richard moaned deeply as his cock throbbed in her hot, tight asshole. His hips moved back pulling his cock outward. Her anal tube strained out over his glans, as he pulled his cock fully out of her warm ass hole.

Molly felt suddenly empty. She wanted his cock back inside her. She looked over her shoulder with anticipation.

Richard held his cock in his fingers and pointed his cock below her anus. He felt the soft labia of her vagina. He positioned at the slit and pushed. His cock slid inside her pussy. He pushed, gliding his cock deep into the wet vaginal tube. He pushed as deep as he could and pulled out quickly, as her vaginal muscles squeezed on his cock, not wanting to let go.

Molly felt empty again. She wanted him inside her. “What happened Richard?” she asked curiously.

“Just want to get the most of both your love holes,” Richard said.

Molly laughed and said. “You have to go to the office,” she reminded him.

Richard realized he could be taking too much time. He spread her butt cheeks apart. He pressed his cock on her asshole and pushed, gliding his cock inside her rectum in one smooth stroke. Molly closed her eyes and accepted the painful penetration. She focused on the pleasure and moaned, squeezing his cock lovingly in her asshole. Then, he pulled outward slowly. She remained calm as the withdrawal gave her relief but made her feel empty again. As if sensing her emptiness Richard pushed his cock back in her rectum suddenly, banging his crotch on her soft ass. Molly groaned with pain and pleasure. Richard pulled outward and pushed in again quickly, ignoring Molly’s painful whimpers.

He grabbed her slender hip for support and pumped his cock in and out of her ass hole. She accepted him over and over as pleasure subdued the pain. She groaned with delight. He grunted as he slammed and shafted into the sweet tightness of her ass hole. She wanted more and more but suddenly he pulled out of her. She looked over her shoulder and said, “Richard? You have to go to the office.”

Richard laughed. “Ok…Ok…I’ll finish it.”

He pressed the crown of his cock in the slit of her vagina and pushed, gliding smoothly inside her wet pussy. He penetrated as deep as he could, pressing his crotch on her soft bottom, and he pulled outward. Satisfied with the angle of penetration, he grabbed her waist and pushed in and out of her pussy. He repeated the movement in quick succession, fucking her. Every time he penetrated her, he banged his crotch on her fat bottom, causing it to quake on impact. He moved his hand up and grabbed both her breasts, squeezing them, as he pounded her pussy. Harder and harder, he speared in and out of her cunt. His balls boiling as the need for release grew. He grunted as he slammed and shafted into her love hole.

Molly’s clit tingled. Her inner thighs throbbed. She groaned as intense pleasure unleashed inside her. She spasmed and laughed with joy as waves of pleasure swept through her body. As Molly climaxed, Richard shuddered and shot his load inside her pussy. Her pussy started to relax, as his semen filled her up.

After Richard was done, his cock popped out of Molly’s pussy.

Molly turned on the shower. They hugged each other and stood under the shower.

“Is your hangover gone?” Molly asked.

“Almost. I have mild headache,” Richard said.

“I’ll make some hot mint-tea for you,” Molly said, gently rubbing on the side of his head.

After having a good shower, they stepped out. Molly dried and wrapped a towel around her body. She went to her bed room. Baby was still sleeping. She wore a saree and went to the kitchen. She made strong mint-tea and extracted her breast milk in a tea cup. She took breakfast dishes to the dining room and kept it on the table.

Richard came the dining room, five minutes later. He poured the mint-tea from the kettle, into the cup of milk and sipped it. He looked at Molly and said, “Wow Molly, your milk tastes delicious.”

“Thank you Richard. Your hangover will be gone in a few minutes,” Molly said satisfied.

“Thank you,” Richard said and gulped Molly’s fresh milk.