Chapter 2 – Reaching out to an old friend


Farida stood before the mirror, adjusting her saree’s pleats. The rest room door opened and Reshma walked in. Farida looked at Reshma’s reflection in the mirror and smiled.

“Wow. Beautiful…I would love to eat your ass!” Reshma said.

Farida was taken aback. She knew Reshma was a lesbian, but she had not made any sexual comments before. Farida didn’t respond, but Reshma moved closer. Reshma grabbed Farida’s bottom and squeezed it.

“Reshma!” Farida turned around startled.

Reshma smiled. “Can I please eat your beautiful ass?” Reshma pleaded.

“Reshma please… I am not a lesbian. You know that,” Farida said.

Reshma frowned and walked away.

Farida smiled and shook her head. She had been getting lot of attention from her colleagues, since she had started wearing saree to the office. She was flattered by the attention but she didn’t want to have sex with everyone who wanted to have sex with her. She had no choice, Sidarth had asked her wear saree everyday, because it was convenient for him to have sex with her, whenever he wanted.

An hour after meeting Reshma in the rest room, Farida was sitting at her desk, confused, when her mobile rang. It was Divya aunty’s number. She answered the call.

Aunty told her Priya had attempted suicide by overdosing on prescription medicine. She had survived after she was admitted in the hospital and undergoing treatment for a week. While in the hospital, Priya had been saying, Amrita’s name. Aunty had tried to contact Amrita but Amrita had not answered her calls. Aunty was worried. Priya didn’t tell her why she attempted suicide and aunty couldn’t find out the reason. Aunty wanted Farida to talk to Priya and find out what’s going on with her.

Farida was shocked. She couldn’t believe Priya would do something like that. Priya was one of the most happiest persons she had known. She wanted to meet Priya and console her. Farida had a chat with Sidarth and left the office early.


Farida’s point of view

Priya, Amrita and me had been good friends in college, until I met a guy I liked. I began to  spend more time with him and less time with the girls. Priya and Amrita remained best friends. I still kept in touch with them through online messages.  We didn’t have any ill feelings between us, so they always felt comfortable keeping in touch with me online. But the last time I met Priya and Amrita was before one year, so I couldn’t figure out, what had driven Priya to take such a extreme decision. I was curious to find out. I tried calling Amrita. She didn’t answer. So I decided to find out from Priya.


Narrator’s point of view

After a forty minute ride on her scooter, Farida reached the posh area where Priya’s family lived. She liked the well-planned streets and the big bungalows in the area. Five minutes after entering the area, she reached Priya’s house.

Farida and Divya aunty were happy to see each other after a long time. Aunty told Farida, she looked more beautiful than the last time she saw her, before quickly starting to talk about Priya. She was worried about Priya’s depression. Aunty told her Priya was not opening up with her. She was hoping Priya would talk openly with Farida. She asked Farida to go to Priya’s bedroom and talk to her.

Farida climbed the stairs and went to the first floor. Priya’s bedroom door was half open. Farida peeped in and saw Priya, on the bed. She was awake and watching TV. Farida pushed the door. Priya saw Farida and smiled.

“Farida!” Priya said excitedly.

Farida laughed. “Hello beautiful,” she said, entering the room.

Priya got down from the bed and stood up. She looked a Farida and said, “Just stand there.”

Farida stopped moving closer to Priya, and stood there confused.

Priya looked at Farida from top to bottom and said, “Wow! Wow!…turn around.”

Farida laughed, confused, and turned around.

“Wow! Wow…beautiful…curvy, big beautiful butt…” and as Farida turned to face Priya again, Priya said, “…pretty face, big breasts, slender waist. Wow! you have become a very beautiful woman!”

Farida laughed and looked at Priya from top to bottom. She was wearing a t-shirt and pajama pant but that didn’t conceal her perfect hour glass shape and larger than average size breasts. “You look more beautiful too. Look at yourself… gorgeous smile, big breast, perfect hour glass figure. Every man would want a woman like you.”

“Do you like me?” Priya asked.

“Of course. I have always liked you,” Farida said surprised by Priya’s question.

“Amrita doesn’t like me anymore,” Priya burst out crying.

Farida moved closer to Priya. She touched Priya’s arm and consoled her. “Please don’t cry. Tell me what happened.”

Priya wiped her tears and said, “Amrita is getting married.”

“That’s good,” Farida said.

“It’s not good for me,” Priya said looking said.


Priya looked into Farida’s eyes, “I’ll tell you, if you promise not to tell anybody.”

Farida looked into Priya’s eyes and said, “Promise.”

Priya knew she could trust Farida. They shared many mutual secrets. Farida had never let her down.

Priya went to the door and looked outside to make sure nobody outside was listening. She closed the door and latched it.

Priya came closer to Farida and stood before her. She looked into Farida’s eyes and said, “It happened after you met your boy friend. We became very close. At first it was just an experiment. We liked it. Then, we did it whenever we could. We became a couple. I loved her more than ever. I thought she loved me too, but now she wants to get married to someone else. She avoiding me. It’s so difficult…” Priya burst out crying.

“Priya please take it easy,” Farida said. She touched Priya’s arm to comfort her.

Still sobbing, Priya moved closer to Farida for comfort. Farida took Priya in her arms. She lifted her saree’s pallu and wiped the tears from Priya’s face. Priya looked into Farida’s eyes. She saw genuine care and affection in Farida’s eyes. She quickly moved her head forward, her lips were on Farida’s lips in a light brushing kiss. Waves of goose bumps rippled over Farida’s chest. She suddenly became conscious of their breasts pressing on each others breasts like soft cushions. She could feel Priya’s stiff tips of nipples poking into her breasts and her own tingling, hard nipples poking into Priya’s breasts.

Farida pulled her head back confused. “What did you do?”

Priya tightened her arms around Farida, fearing Farida would pull away from her arms. “Please don’t resist.”

“Priya…I can’t. I like men,” Farida said and tried to wriggle free from Priya’s arms.

Priya tightened her arms around Farida’s waist and pulled her closer. She looked into Farida’s eyes. “I know you like men…just stop resisting ok?” she said.

“I don’t want you to get attached to me. I also want to get married in the future,” Farida said simultaneously feeling her vagina getting wet.

“I learnt my lesson. I won’t get attached to anybody again,” Priya said looking into Farida’s eyes.

Farida looked into Priya’s eyes and asked, “Are you sure?”

Priya nodded and moved her head forward, her lips were on Farida’s lips. Farida felt goose bumps again. Priya’s tongue parted Farida’s lips and entered the humid warmth of her mouth. Her tongue darted inside Farida’s mouth, loving the fresh breath of Farida’s mouth.

Farida struggled to deal with the beautiful sensations she was feeling. She had allowed girls to kiss her for fun but this was different. She knew Priya was not going to stop. Reluctantly she swirled her tongue at the roof of Priya’s mouth. Priya withdrew and Farida followed, probing toward Priya’s throat, her tongue drilled eagerly into Priya’s mouth. Then Priya’s teeth lightly clamped down on Farida’s tongue, holding it securely. Priya sucked Farida’s tongue until Farida moaned and with pleasure. Priya released her tongue and moved back. She moved aside Farida’s saree from her blouse and removed the hooks quickly. Farida removed the blouse and bra.

Priya gasped with excitement as she stared down at Farida’s exposed breasts. Her breasts were full and large, bulging on the sides, despite being round shaped. They were pillow-like mounds with dark brown nipples that had stiffened from passionate kissing. They danced unsteadily on her chest as she breathed.

Priya grabbed two handful of Farida’s soft breasts and squeezed. Grasping firmly on the mounds of breasts, she pulled upward, stretching the flesh into pointed cones. Then she released them, watching as the elastic-like flesh bounced and juggled back into it’s original shape. then she bent down, opened her mouth and took the hard nipple of Farida’s left breast and mouthful of her breast, in her mouth. She sucked the soft flesh of her breast and her nipple. The first two sucks were gently. The third suck was hard causing Farida to grunt, “UH! Arrggghhh!”

Priya didn’t stop. She sucked harder, gobbling up more of Farida’s breast as she could. Farida grunted and trembled, her hand clutching on Priya’s shoulder. Priya continued to suck, lick and nibble on Farida’s left breast as she kneaded and squeezed on her spongy, right breast.

After sucking on Farida’s left breast for five minutes, Priya switched her attention to Farida’s right breast. She gobbled up Farida’s nipple and a mouth full of her right side breast. She sucked hard as Farida moaned with pleasure and pain at the crown of her breasts. Priya’s teeth felt like they would puncture her breasts but Farida didn’t resist. She ignored the pain and focused on the intense pleasure.

Priya wanted to suck on Farida’s breasts for a longer time, but first she wanted more of what Farida’s body could offer. Abruptly she pulled away from Farida’s breasts. She stood straight and looked into Farida’s eyes and said, “I want to eat your beautiful ass.”

Priya’s comment woke up Farida from the sexual trance. She laughed remembering the experience she had with Reshma earlier that day.

“Why are you laughing?” Priya asked confused.

“It’s a funny coincidence. Today afternoon, a colleague asked me if she could eat my ass. I told her I am not a lesbian.”

“Am I going to be the first girl to eat your ass?” Priya asked undressing.

“Yes,” Farida said and laughed admiring Priya’s beautiful body as she undressed.

Priya stood completely nude before Farida and asked “Ready?”

Farida smiled and nodded.

Priya came closer to Farida and lifted her saree. She stripped down Farida’s panty and sniffed it. “Hmm smells good. Do you use perfume even on your underwear?”

“Yes. It is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum,” Farida said holding her saree above her hip.

Priya laughed. “You are a classy chic aren’t you?”

Both the women laughed.

“Ok. Get on top of the bed, kneel down on the edge and bend over ,”Priya said.

Farida held her saree above her hip and got on top of the bed. She knelt down on the edge and leaned forward exposing her buttocks.

“Wow, Your bottom is so big and beautiful,” Priya said. Her hands slid on top of Farida’s, enormous, upturned buttocks. Her palms caressed the smooth, plump, jutting ass cheeks.

Farida felt tender kisses on her buttocks. Waves of goosebumps rippled up and down her back. She moaned as Priya’s hands grasped each of Farida’s butt cheeks and spread them. The deep, dark crease of Farida’s ass widened, revealing the brown, ring of her anus. It opened up revealing her hole. Priya moved forward and kissed Farida’s anus. Farida’s body jerked with surprised pleasure. Farida moaned with growing arousal and pushed her butt back, pressing her warm, soft butt crack on Priya’s face. Priya’s mouth flattened against Farida’s anus. Priya opened her mouth and flicked out her tongue. She licked Farida’s anus, smearing it with her saliva.

Priya’s tongue moved to the center of Farida’s anus and drilled into her asshole, causing Farida to moan with pleasure, she rarely experienced.

Priya’s tongue slid in and out of Farida’s asshole, in a penis-imitating fashion. Her soft, wet tongue made Farida’s anal tube moist. In and out, she speared into Farida’s rectum.


Farida’s point of view

At that moment when Priya was doing her magic, on my anus, I felt wonderful feelings, I had not felt before. Few men had penetrated my anus with their tongue but when Priya did it, I felt different. I felt like I was getting a good anal massage. As she licked and penetrated my anus I felt her teeth, nibbling on my bottom, reminding me of Reshma. Thanks to Priya, it was at that moment I decided to let Reshma eat my bottom.


Narrator’s point of view

Priya pecked a kiss on Farida’s anus and pulled back. She moved down and smelled Farida’s vagina. She liked tangy smell of Farida’s vaginal fluid. She moved forward, opened her mouth and popped out her tongue. Her top of her tongue pressed on the bottom of Farida’s pussy and moved upward, licking away the fluid with her tongue. Priya inserted two fingers inside Farida’s vagina and and pulled out. She licked her fingers savoring the fluids. She moved closer, opened her mouth and covered her lips on Farida’s vagina. Then, she sucked the tender outer labia of Farida’s vagina.

Farida moaned feeling Priya’s teeth, tongue and lips pressing hard on her pussy. Priya inserted her tongue inside Farida’s vagina and sucked hard. Priya collected Farida’s vaginal fluid in her mouth and pulled back. She moved up and spread Farida ass cheeks, opening her anus. She spat Farida’s vaginal fluid into Farida’s asshole. She inserted her middle finger into Farida’s asshole quickly causing Farida to jerk her body. Priya pushed the fluids inside Farida’s anus, pushing her middle finger deeper inside. She pulled her finger out and pushed it in few more times before pulling back from Farida.

Farida looked over her shoulder wondering what Priya was up to. Farida saw Priya take out something from the wardrobe. When she got a good look at it, her heart started beating fast seeing the large dildo.


Farida’s point of view

When I saw the strap on dildo, I remember thinking, ‘What is this girl up to?’.

Priya wanted to satisfy me. She had passionately kissed me, sucked my breasts, my anus and my vagina. It had already been a very beautiful experience. When I saw the dildo I was impressed by her thoughtfulness. She really wanted to satisfy me.


Narrator’s point of view

Priya inserted fingers inside her vagina and scooped out her vaginal fluids. She rubbed the fluid on the large, rubbery, penis shaped dildo.

Priya saw Farida still kneeling down on the bed in the doggy position. Her eyes met Farida’s eyes. She smiled. “Do you like it?” she asked rubbing her vaginal fluids on the dildo.

Farida smiled, nodding her head.

Priya stood behind Farida’s massive bottom. She spread cushions of Farida’s ass apart. The glans of the imitation-penis kissed the brown ring of Farida’s asshole. Holding Farida’s ass apart, Priya asked, “Ready?”

Farida relaxed and nodded.

The globus tip of the dildo opened Farida’s anus and the thick, shaft glided inside her anal tube. Farida groaned with discomfort as the object filled up her asshole. Her hands clutched tightly into the bed covers below her naked body.

Priya pushed the dildo inch by inch into Farida’s butt hole, not sure if Farida can take in the full ten inch dildo. After pushing in more than half of the dildo, Priya asked, “Do you want more?”

Farida eyes fluttered and close with pain and discomfort but she nodded.

“You want it all, don’t you?” Priya teased Farida.

Farida laughed despite being in uncomfortable situation. Priya laughed with her as she pushed. The laughter helped ease the pain. The dildo was finally, fully impaled inside Farida’s anus. Priya pulled back the dildo causing Farida to groan with relief. After half of the dildo was pulled out, Priya pushed back inside Farida’s asshole. Farida accepted it more easily the second time. Priya pulled out and pushed in again and again.

Farida’s anal tube stretched and accommodated the dildo as it repeatedly invaded her. She loved a good anal massage.

Priya’s looked down at Farida’s beautiful ass, swallowing the large dildo again and again. She didn’t know any woman who could take a ten inch dildo in the asshole. Priya felt happy, Farida had come to meet her. She move her hip forward, pushing the dildo inside Farida’s asshole one last time and pulled it out. As Farida groaned with relief, Priya caressed, Farida’s butt cheeks comforting her. Then, she pointed the dildo at the opening of Farida’s pussy and pushed inside. The dildo glided inside smoothly. Farida accepted the full ten inches with pleasure. Then, Priya pulled back the dildo and pushed inside. It felt much easier to push and pull in her vagina because of the natural lubrication and flexibility of her vagina.

Priya moved her hip back and forth at a fast pace, gliding the dildo in and out of Farida’s wet pussy. Intense pleasure built up in pussy. She bucked back and forth to accept the dildo. Sparks of pleasure tingled in her clit and spread out to her legs and back. Quakes of pleasure shook her body and sent waves of ecstasy from her solar plexus to every part of her body. Farida felt numb for a moment as the wonderful energy filled her up with sexual joy. As the feeling slowly drifted away, she lay flat on the bed, allowing the dildo to slip out of her vagina. She lay on the bed drained and happy.

Priya unstrapped the dildo and sat next to Farida. “Did you like it?” She asked.

“I loved it,” Farida said and smiled.

“I told you will love it, if you don’t resist.”

“Call me anytime you want to talk to some. Please don’t worry about Amrita and make any bad decisions. I’ll be your new best friend. I am going to tell your mom that you were depressed because you lost a best friend. Ok?” Farida said.

Priya nodded.