Chapter 4 – Boss’s unexpected visit


Prema walked around the ground floor of the large clothing store, doing her routine inspection. Customers couldn’t resist looking at her because she looked very attractive. Her pretty face looked more prettier with the makeup she had put on. Her wavy, dark black hair flowed gracefully over her shoulder. Her saree was draped perfectly around her voluptuous body. The men around the shop tried to get a good view of her face, exposed belly, breasts and buttocks.

Prema was aware of lusting eyes following her. She ignored them and focused on her job. She instructed the staff to make a few changes.

After she was done with the ground floor, she climbed the stairs and went to level 1. After inspecting level 1, she inspected level 2, before going to her office in level 1.

Prema sat down, satisfied with everything in the store. She looked at the monitor that showed CCTV videos from every camera in the store. After quickly inspecting security camera views, she opened the store’s software on her laptop and checked it. She was happy with the way business was going. She looked at the CCTV monitor and to her surprise, she saw her boss outside the store. She quickly left her office and ran down the stairs, to the ground floor. She reached the entrance of the store, just in time to meet him at the entrance.

“Welcome sir. It’s good to see you again!” Prema said cheerfully, even though she was breathing heavily.

“Hello Prema. It’s good to see you too. How are you?” her boss asked.

“Very good sir. How are you?”

“I am fine Prema,” her boss said.

Prema and her boss climbed the stairs. They reached level 1 of the store and went to her office. She requested him to take her seat but he sat down on one of the guest’s chairs, and turned the chair, to face her.

Hesitating to sit on her chair she stood before him and asked, “Sir, do you want anything to drink or maybe a snack?”

“No. Thank you, Prema. I just had coffee at the MG Road store.”

“Do you want to see my reports sir?”

“No… no. I have already seen your reports. You have been doing a wonderful job. It has only been five months since you joined but your results are impressive. Keep it up!”

“Thank you, sir,” Prema said as he looked at her from top to bottom, checking her out.

When he looked back at her face, she smiled shyly. She had always liked him, even though he was at least fifteen years older than her. He was tall, masculine, fair and looked like a Marwadi business man. He had a mustache and he was slightly balding. That didn’t bother her.

“You look more beautiful every time I see you,” he said studying her expression.

“Thank you, sir.” Prema blushed and smiled.

“When was the last time we had sex?”

“Four months ago, sir.” Prema’s felt exited at the thought of having sex with him again.

“That’s a very long time.” He said and looked at her, expecting a reply from her.

Prema smiled thinking, ‘That’s right Mr. Kantilal. I was expecting you to come for me sooner.’

Kantilal checked his wrist watch and looked at her. “Tell them not to disturb us for an hour.”

“Okay sir.”

Prema called her secretary and informed her.

Kantilal stood up. He removed his shirt, pulled down his pant and underwear.

Prema removed her blouse and bra.

Seeing her breasts and swollen nipples, Kantilal went to her and took her in his arms. Her breast cushioned between them and her nipples poked on his hairy chest. He kissed her soft lips. He sucked hard on her lower lip and let go of it. He grabbed her left breast and squeezed the soft mound of flesh. “You are so sexy,” he said and grabbed her other breasts. He kneaded both her breasts hard. Prema moaned as he squeezed her breasts and rubbed his fingers on her nipples. He bent down and dug his face between her breasts. He pressed both her breasts on his face. He rubbed his face on her breasts. He licked her breasts, kissed them and sucked her nipples.

As he sucked her breasts, Prema felt a urgent desire to feel him inside her and lifted her saree. Understanding her, Kantilal stopped sucking her breasts and pulled back, giving her enough space.

Prema stripped off her panties and asked, “Do you want me to bend on the table sir?”

“Yes please,” Kantilal said stroking his penis.

Prema held her saree, above her hip, and leaned forward on her table, supporting her upper body by resting on her elbow.

Kantilal stood behind Prema and looked at her beautiful bottom. ‘Perfect’ he thought to himself. He quickly compared his wife with Prema and concluded, Prema had much bigger breasts, slender waist, wide hip and big buttocks. He realized he had not fucked any woman, as sexy as Prema. He grabbed her butt cheeks and parted them. He pointed his penis at her vagina. The crown of his cock touched her soft outer labia. He pushed, opening up her pussy. His cock glided into the wet, tight channel of her cunt slowly, straining her vaginal muscles and opening her vagina. Prema moaned with pleasure as his penis filled her pussy. He grabbed her slender waist and pressed his crotch on her soft buttocks, embedding his entire dick in her pussy. He pressed as hard as he could before pulling his hip back, withdrawing his penis, even as her vagina sucked on his cock, attempting to keep him inside.

He pushed it inside her again quickly, ramming his crotch on her big butt, causing a cushioned, thudding sound. He liked the way her enormous buttocks quaked on impact. He withdrew his dick again and pushed it inside her quickly, banging his crotch on her fat bottom again. The pleasure of penetrating her tight pussy and banging on her soft bottom made him want to do it again and again. In and out, he plowed into her pussy. She lay her head on the table and focused on the thickness of her boss’s dick pistoning in her vagina. She loved the way his penis caressed her clit and filled her pussy.

Their bodies met in a spongy, cushioned thud, crotch to buttocks. His hairy balls slapped on the upturned mounds of her buttocks.

His hands griped on the soft flesh of her slender waist, and he quickened the tempo of spearing into her vagina. She squeezed and sucked on his fat cock with her pussy, relishing every inch of his dick. His crotch slapped loudly on her buttock, causing her body to quake on every impact of his body.

Prema grunted and moaned as her boss pounded her pussy. She wanted to cry out with joy. Her ass rocked and bucked, as her pussy swallowed up and sucked the thick shaft of his cock.

Kantilal banged harder and harder on her buttocks, grounding his dick deep in her pussy again and again. His balls felt heavy with hot semen. She heartily accepted the burning rod of pleasure as she reached the peaks of desire. Tingles of pleasure formed in her clit and moved to her inner thighs and her entire body. Her whole body erupted. Pleasure unleashed within her. She cried out, as wave after wave of relief and pleasure washed through her body. Her vagina sucked greedily on his dick, as it still pistoned inside her pussy. She heard him groan and his hips suddenly lurched forward, driving his dick deep into her vagina. The crown of his dick jumped and jerked inside her. He realized he would end up getting her pregnant but he suddenly liked the idea of getting her pregnant and shot his load inside her pussy.

Prema felt wet warmness, as her boss ejaculated inside her. Thick cream blasted into her, as he held on to her waist and pressed his crotch on her buttocks. She felt every little throb of his cock, as he released semen inside. She didn’t mind because she had been taking birth control pills regularly.

Kantilal ejaculated his load of semen inside Prema’s pussy and pulled out. “Wow! That was the best sex I had in a long time,” he said.

Prema stood straight and said, “I am happy you liked it sir.”

“You are the best,” he said putting on his pants.

“Thank you, sir.”

Prema put on her panties, bra and blouse.

Kantilal got dressed and told her to keep up the good work.

Prema walked him out of the store and watched his car drive away.