Chapter 5 – Healing a broken heart

Abhishek drove the car patiently in the busy traffic. Alfreda sat next to him wondering why he liked her more than other women. A minute later she looked at him and asked, “Abhi? Am I your girlfriend or just a friend?”

Abhishek quickly turned and looked at her. He smiled and asked, “What do you think?”

“I don’t know Abhi. We have been dating for three months. We have good chemistry between us but we both know we have other sexual partners. So, are we just friends with benefits?”

“You know I love you, don’t you?” Abhishek asked.

Alfreda laughed. “I know you have said that to Andrea,” Alfreda said, reminding him.

“I was serious with Andrea. We had problems because she was too possessive and jealous,” Abhishek said.

“After you met me did you have sex with anyone else?” Alfreda asked curiously.

“Yeah, with my Bhabhi,” Abhishek said.

“Your sister-in-law, Sonika?” Alfreda asked, surprised.

“Yes,” Abhishek said as he drove the car in the hotel’s parking area.

“Does your brother know?” Alfred asked.

“Yes. They have an open relationship,” Abhishek said parking the car.

Alfreda had thought his family was very traditional. She wanted to ask him if his parents can accept a transwoman as a daughter-in-law, but he opened the door and got out of the car.

Alfreda got out of the car and closed the door. She adjusted the pleats and Pallu of her saree.

“He said he will wait for us in the restaurant,” Abhishek said checking her out.

“Do you like the saree?” Alfreda asked.

“Looks good. You look very hot. I am definitely going to fuck you tonight,” Abhishek said and smiled naughtily.

Alfreda laughed. “You never get tired of it, do you?” she asked.

“I’ll never get tired of fucking you,” he said and laughed.

Alfreda shook her head as they started walking. They entered the lobby of the five-star hotel and went to the outdoor restaurant, that was in the hotel’s garden. The alfresco dining area was on secluded wooden pavilion that seemed to float on the water that surrounded it.

Abhishek saw Amir sitting at one of the tables and waved at him. Amir waved and stood up. They reached the table and both the men greeted each other before Abhishek said, “Amir, meet my girlfriend, Alfreda!” he looked at Alfreda and said, “This is Amir. One of my best friends.”

“Hello!” Amir said, stretching his forward. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too,” Alfreda said shaking his hand.

“You are very beautiful. Abhishek is a very lucky man,” Amir said as he let go of her hand.

Alfreda smiled. “Thank you,” she said.

They sat around the table. The waiter gave the menu. They ordered beer, wine and snacks.

After drinks and food was served, they said, ‘cheers’, clinked their glasses and began drinking.

“How is Aisha?” Abhishek asked.

“We are not together anymore,” Amir said in a sad tone.

“What happened?” Abhishek asked, surprised. “You both were inseparable.”

Amir’s eyes filled with tears. “I cheated on her! I shouldn’t have. She’s gone,” he said as tears rolled down his tears.

“When did it happen?” Abhishek asked.

“Two weeks ago. I still can’t get over her,” Amir wiped tears that had blurred his eye.

“Take it easy. There’s plenty of fish in the sea,” Abhishek consoled his friend.

“She is one in a million,” Amir said.

“Actually, she looks like Alfreda, doesn’t she?” Abhishek asked realizing how similar their faces looked.

“Similar but your girlfriend is very beautiful,” Amir said pointing at Alfreda with a head motion.

“Listen Amir, you can have sex with Alfreda, if it’ll help you get over Aisha,” Abhishek said.

“What?!” Alfreda was shocked. “Are you drunk Abhishek?!” she asked.

Abhishek shrugged.

Alfreda shook her head and looked at Amir. “Actually, Amir I am….. a transwoman.”

Amir looked at Abhishek, looked back at Alfreda and said, “I know. Abhishek told me one month ago.”

Alfreda looked at Abhishek surprised. “And you didn’t tell me?” she asked.

Abhishek shrugged. “Sorry I forgot,” he said.

Alfreda shook her head but she said, “That’s okay Abhi.” She sipped more wine from her glass.

Abhishek touched Alfreda’s arm and said, “It is your choice. I am hoping we can have an open relationship like my brother and my Bhabhi.”

Alfreda looked into Abhishek’s eyes and said, “I’ll try my best.” She smiled, getting the point.

“We should go to your room,” Abhishek said looking at Amir.

“Good idea. We can order drinks and food there,” Amir said.

“Do you have a picture of your ex-girlfriend Aisha?” Alfreda asked Amir.

“Hmm…yes,” Amir said and pulled out his mobile from his pocket. He turned it on and browsed his pictures. He gave his phone to Alfreda. Alfreda took the phone and saw a picture of a pretty woman. She agreed, the woman on the mobile screen did have a similar face like herself but she looked slim.

“She is slim. Do you like your partner to be slim?” Alfreda asked.

“No. I was hoping she would put on weight and become curvy. I actually like curvy women like you,” Amir said and smiled.

“Are you trying to steal her from me?” Abhishek said and laughed.

Alfreda smiled shyly and looked at her glass.

Amir looked at Alfreda’s reaction and understood that she liked him, “If you don’t want me to steal her, just give her to me.”

Abhishek laughed. “No way, I am not giving her to you! She’s one in a million,” he said.

“Ok…then I’ll have to steal her from you,” Amir said looking intensely at Alfreda’s pretty face.

Alfreda looked up at Abhishek and Amir. She blushed and said, “Thanks Amir. You can have me tonight if that’s what Abhi wants. But I love him. You can’t steal me from him.”

“Are you sure?” Amir asked. “I have a big one. It’s eight inches.” Amir Said. Amir and Abhishek laughed.

Alfreda laughed and shook her head.

They finished their drinks and went to into the hotel building. Thy took the lift to the sixth floor. They stepped out on the corridor and quickly reached Amir’s room. His room was a executive suite. It had two balconies with good views of the garden. It had living room, king size bedroom and bathroom.

Alfreda walked into the living room and went to the balcony. She looked at the stunning view of the brightly lit city.

Amir pulled out drinks from the fridge. He gave a beer bottle to Abhishek and motioned his head at Alfreda, “She is hot!”

“Yeah, that’s why she is my girlfriend,” Abhishek said.

“It is very rare for a tranny to have a big boobs and big beautiful ass. Is it implants?” Amir asked admiring her slender waist and bottom draped in a saree.

“She said, she doesn’t have implants. I believe her. You can tell it’s natural when you touch her boobs and ass. She is more voluptuous than most women,” Abhishek said.

“I have a hard on,” Amir said.

Abhishek laughed. “I have had a hard-on from the time I picked her up.”

“Bring her inside. Let’s make her sit down between us and have some fun,” Amir said, unable to control himself anymore.

“Good idea,” Abhishek said and went to the balcony.

He stood next to Alfreda and looked at the view. “It’s stunning!”

“Yes. I love it!” Alfreda said and looked at Abhishek. “Do you remember the first you made love to me on the balcony.”

“I remember. I loved it. Do want me to fuck you here?” Abhishek gave her naughty smily.

“hmm…yes,” Alfreda said and laughed.

“Ok, but first let’s go inside. Amir wants to have some fun with you,” Abhishek said.

Alfreda laughed. “Did he say that?” she asked.

“Yes. He really likes you,” Abhishek said.

“I can tell by the way he looks at me,” Alfreda said and looked inside the living room and seeing Amir who was watching them.

“Come on,” Abhishek said.

Alfreda followed Abhishek into the living room.

“Do you want wine?” Amir asked Alfreda.

“Yes please,” Alfreda said.

Abhishek asked Alfreda to sit in the middle on the sofa. After she sat down, he sat next to her on her left side. Amir got a wine bottle and a glass. He poured wine in the glass and gave it to Alfreda. As Alfreda sipped the wine, Amir sat down next to her. He liked the fresh smell of shampoo and ladies perfume emanating from Alfreda.

“Are you comfortable?” Amir asked her.

“hmm…” Alfreda nodded shyly.

“Kiss her Amir,” Abhishek said.

Amir looked at Alfreda’s face and said, “Wow she looks more prettier than Aisha”.

“Of course,” Abhishek said.

Amir moved closer and pecked a kiss on her lips. He pulled his head back and looked her reaction. She looked shy. He moved closer and pecked another kiss, then his tongue parted her lips and entered her mouth. His tongue played around exploring the warm wetness of her mouth for a moment, then he pulled his tongue out and clasped his lips on her bottom lips and sucked it hard causing her to moan with little discomfort. He let go of her lips and moved over her face, smelling her. He pecked kisses on her face. His hand slid on her belly and caressed her smooth skin.

As Amir continued pecking kisses on Alfreda’s face and neck. Abhishek grabbed her breast and squeezed them through her blouse and bra. He moved closer to her and kissed her on the left side of the face.

Alfreda turned away from Amir and looked at Abhishek. Abhishek kissed her on the lips and parted her lips. Their tongues extended and touched each other’s lips and tongue. They French kissed passionately.

Amir felt a bit ignored but he understood their love for each other. He unzipped his pant and pulled out his rock-hard cock. He grabbed Alfreda’s right hand and kept her palm on his cock.

Alfreda’s heart thumped with excitement when she felt Amir’s cock in her palm. She kissed Abhishek passionately and stroked Amir’s long hard shaft, feeling every inch of it.

Her own cock felt hard and uncomfortable in her panty. Luckily Abhishek said, “Remove your blouse, bra and panties”

Alfreda slowly tried to stand up. Both the men pulled back from her. She stood up and lifted her saree. She pulled her panties down and stripped it off.

“Wow beautiful ass,” Amir said seeing her bottom.

Abhishek grabbed her left butt cheeks and squeezed it. Amir grabbed her right butt cheeks and roved his hands on her smooth skin, then he squeezed the soft flesh.

Alfreda removed her blouse and bra feeling the men’s fingers groping her butt. She kept her bra and blouse on the sofa and sat down holding her saree above her butt.

Amir was shocked, “What the…” he said looking at the hard dick.

Alfreda covered her face in her palm and laughed with embarrassment.

“How big is it?” Amir asked.

“Eight inches,” she said as Abhishek grabbed her cock.

Alfreda looked at Abhishek. He kissed her and stroked her cock. Amir slid his hand between her legs and grabbed her hairless balls. He gave it a gentle squeeze. Alfreda moaned feeling Amirs fingers on her balls. She pulled back from Abhishek and looked and Amir.

“Do you want me to suck it?” Amir asked.

Alfreda nodded.

Amir bent down and kissed the pink crown of Alfreda’s cock. Alfreda looked at Abhishek. He pecked a kiss on her lips. She slid her hand on his crotch and felt his hard cock through his pants. “Get it out,” she said.

Abhishek stood up and began removing his cloths.

Amir opened his mouth, taking her cock deep inside his mouth. He clenched his inner cheeks over her cock and sucked it hard, as he pulled it out of his mouth. Alfreda moaned with pleasure.

Abhishek sat down next to her and grabbed her breast. He bent down, took her swollen nipple and a mouth full of her breasts in his mouth. He sucked her and milk filled his mouth. He grabbed her other breast and squeezed as he continued sucking her breast and drinking her milk.

Alfreda looked at Amir sucking her cock passionately. He moved his head down and up repeatedly taking her cock in and out of his mouth. She looked at Abhishek who was sucking her left breast. She stroked his hair affectionately. She felt Amir pull out her dick from his mouth and looked at him. Amir grabbed her dick with his fingers and ran his palm up and down her long hard dick, stroking her hard. She didn’t want to cum yet but it felt good. She didn’t stop him. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it as Amir shagged her. She could feel the rush of semen boil up through her cock. She shuddered and groaned as a stream of thick cream splashed out. She opened her eyes and saw Amir holding her dick and collecting her semen in a wine glass. She jerked and twitched releasing loads of her cum into the glass.

Abhishek stopped sucking her breasts and looked at her, “Did you cum too soon?”

“Not her fault. I milked her. We can use her cum to lubricate her asshole and fuck her,” Amir said collecting the last drops of her semen in the glass.

Abhishek and Alfreda laughed. “Great idea,” Abhishek said.

“You sound very experienced Amir,” Alfreda said.

“My cousin is a tranny. I grew up fucking her,” Amir said, standing up.

Abhishek bent down and kissed Alfreda.

Amir quickly removed his cloths and asked, “Are you ready?”

“Let’s go to the bed room,” Abhishek said.

Abhishek and Alfreda stood up and went to the bedroom. Amir followed them holding the wine glass filled with Alfreda’s cum.

Abhishek turned to Amir and said, “You do it first Amir.”

“Ok,” Amir said excitedly.

“We’ll do a 69. You’ll get her bottom all for yourself,” Amir said.

“Great,” Amir said.

Abhishek got on top of the bed and laid down. Alfreda got on top of him and knelt down with her dick dangling above his face.

Amir got on top of the bed with the wine glass and stood behind Alfreda. He grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them apart till her ass hole opened up. He poured her semen into her asshole from the wine glass. After emptying the glass, he scooped the last drops of semen from the glass spread it on his dick.

As Amir lubricated Alfreda’s ass hole, Abhishek opened his mouth and took Alfreda’s dick into his mouth and suck her. Alfreda bent down and sucked Abhishek’s dick. As the sucked passionately, Amir inserted a finger inside Alfreda’s anus massaging the smooth walls of her rectum with her semen. When he was satisfied with the lubrication, he pulled out his fingers. He stood behind Alfreda with his legs bent and spread apart. He spread her butt cheeks apart and saw her asshole open up. He lowered his hip and watched the glans of his dick enter her ass hole. Then he slowly pushed inside. Alfreda’s body jerked forward. He grabbed her waist, pulled her back to him and pushed his dick fully inside her ass hole.

Alfreda let go of Abhishek’s dick from her mouth and cried, “Yahhhhhhh!” as he penetrated her.

“Are you ok?” Amir asked, concerned.

She nodded, feeling stuffed in her anus, “It was just sudden.”

Amir let his dick rest inside her, as her anal muscles firmly gripped around his throbbing dick. He pulled his cock outward slowly, straining her anal muscles. With his cock half inside her, his hands clasped her hips, pulling her harder against him, flattening her fleshy cheeks and burying his dick inside her again. Then, he pulled his dick outward and drove his dick into her with force, ramming his crotch on her ass cheeks. He was happy with the lubrication was perfect. His cock had slid in and out her asshole smoothly few times. He pistoned his dick in and out of her hungry asshole.

Alfreda sucked Abhishek’s cock, while loving Amir’s dick repeatedly penetrate and anus. Abhishek sucked on Alfreda’s cock, watching Amir’s dick glide in and her out of her butt hole. He wanted to fuck her but he wanted his friend to enjoy his lover as much as he did.

Amir wrapped his arms around Alfreda and grabbed her flapping tits. He squeezed her breasts, loving the soft flesh in his hands and pounded her butt hole.

As the two long cock’s, in her mouth and butt hole tried to get the most of her, Alfreda grunted with joy. The tight friction in her rubbery asshole caused by the rapid stabbing of Amir’s cock and Abhishek’s delicious cock in her mouth was overloading her nerve-endings.

Amir let go of her breasts and grabbed her slender waist. He pounded into her admiring her beautifully curved, large butt. Her fleshy tits jiggled with every bang of his crotch on her butt. Lust built up in her as Amir pounded her ass hole and Abhishek greedily sucked her cock. She knew his throbbing cock in her mouth was aching to cum. She sucked on trying to her best to make him cum.

“Agghhh, I’m cumming!” Abhishek cried. His voice sounded muffled between her thighs.

Alfreda felt a splash of thick cream in her mouth. She held on to only the glans of his dick in her mouth to avoid getting chocked. Abhishek’s dick jerked in her mouth and splashed another load of cum. The strong male scent was overwhelming but she closed her eyes and swallowed it. She loved the sweety and salt taste of his cum.

Amir pounded in her asshole as she savored Abhishek cum. He was overcome by the extreme heat of Alfreda’s bowels. He slammed inside her.

“Ughh!” Alfreda grunted, and then she felt Amir’s cock jerking and swelling in her ass hole.

“Agghhhh, yeah!” Amir cried, throwing his head back and arching with ecstasy. He felt his cum surging through the length of his cock. His glans expanded and he shot his hot semen inside Alfreda’s throbbing asshole.

Amir released every drop of his cum inside Alfreda’s asshole with relief as he gently kneaded her soft butt cheeks. Alfreda swallowed the last drops of Abhishek’s hot cum and pulled his dick out of her mouth as it shrunk. Abhishek kissed the glans of Alfreda’s hard cock and watched Amir pull his dick out of her asshole.

They got down from the bed and had another drink together. Alfreda washed down Abhishek’s semen down her throat with some wine as the men thanked her gratefully.