Chapter 3 – First prenatal visit

Poornima woke up hearing the alarm. She pressed the snooze button and fell asleep again. Ten minutes later the alarm woke her up again. She put off the alarm and sat up on the bed. She felt exhausted even after sleeping for eight hours. She looked at Rishab. He was fast asleep. She got down from the bed and went to the attached bathroom. She peed, washed and brushed.

Rishab had woken up when Poornima stepped out of the bathroom. “Good morning,” he said.

“Good morning,” Poornima said feeling tired.

“How are you feeling? You don’t sound well,” he said.

“I feel so tired.” She rubbed her belly. “I also feel nausea.”

“Can you work today?” Rishab asked.

“No. I think I should see a doctor,” Poornima said, hoping her baby was okay.

“Good idea. Are you going to meet a doctor in your clinic?” Rishab asked, getting down from the bed.

“She is always booked out,” Poornima said, looking at her reflection in the full length mirror.

“Do you want me to contact other doctors?” Rishab asked feeling concerned.

“Aishwarya told me her uncle is doctor in the new hospital near our house. She might be able to get an appointment for me,” Poornima said.

“Apollo hospital?” Rishab asked remembering Aishwarya’s uncle.

“Yes,” Poornima said.

“Great. Call her. If she can’t get an appointment for you, I’ll call other doctors,” Rishab said.

“Ok,” Poornima said and walked away from the mirror.

Poornima left the bedroom and went to the kitchen. She started cooking food for breakfast.

Fifteen minutes later food was ready. She had breakfast with Rishab. After finishing breakfast, Rishab got ready and left the house at 8:30, as usual.

Poornima finished household chores before calling the clinic where she worked. She told the receptionist she was sick and requested her to reschedule all her appointments.

After she hung up she called Aishwarya.

Aishwarya answered, “Hello beautiful!”

Poornima was angry with Aishwarya for having sex with Rishab, but she concealed her feelings and spoke politely. “Hi Aishwarya. How are you?”

“I am fine. How are you?” Aishwarya asked, cheerfully.

“I feel sick. Pregnancy symptoms…morning sickness,” Poornima said.

“Oh no!” Aishwarya said sounding like she understood.

“I think I have to see a doctor immediately. Most doctors will be booked out. Is it possible to get and appointment for me with your uncle who works in Apollo hospital?” Poornima asked.

“Sharma uncle?” Aishwarya asked.

“I don’t know his name Aishwarya,” Poornima said.

“He is the one who works in Apollo hospital. I’ll call him first and get back to you. Hmmm…what time do you want an appointment?”


“Ok. I’ll call you in ten minutes. Bye,” Aishwarya said.

“Bye,” Poornima said and hung up.

Poornima watched TV as she waited for Aishwarya’s call. Aishwarya called twenty minutes later and told her appointment was confirmed at 11:00. Poornima thanked her. They chatted for while and hung up.

Poornima Drank more coffee hoping to get over exhaustion. It didn’t help. She went to the full-bathroom in the ground floor. She answered natures call which made her feel little better. She took a good long shower which made her feel much, much better. By the time she stepped out of the bathroom it was 10:15. She got ready quickly and left the house at 10:30. She reached the hospital at 10:50.

Poornima spoke to the friendly receptionist who took her details and asked her have a seat. Poornima sat down and waited. Five minutes later, she saw a older man in a doctors uniform talking to the receptionist. The receptionist waved at Poornima. Poornima got up and went to the receptionist.

“Poornima?” The man asked.

“Yes,” Poornima said and smiled at him.

“Dr Sharma,” he said lifting his hand to shake her hand.

“Nice to meet you doctor,” Poornima said and shook his hand guessing he would be in his early fifties.

“Nice to meet you too. Aishwarya told me about you. Come with me please,” Dr Sharma

As Poornima followed him, she thought he was handsome. She liked his clean shaven but masculine appearance. His gray hair made him look like a wise old man even though he looked well built for his age.

They went to a well equipped examination room. A nurse was in the room. Dr Sharma introduced her to Poornima. He told the nurse to do get the relevant information, do basic check-up and call him after she was done. He told Poornima he’ll come back later and left the room.

“How many months pregnant are you?” The nurse asked.

“Fifth week,” Poornima said.

“It’s not too late,” the nurse said. “I am going to ask a few standard questions, okay?”

“Okay,” Poornima said.

The nurse asked her about her personal and family medical history, sexual history and date of the start of her last menstrual period. The nurse noted down Poornima’s answers. Then she asked Poornima to go behind a curtain and get undressed.

Poornima went behind the curtain and removed her saree, blouse and inner skirt. She looked around for a hospital gown but she couldn’t find one. She pushed the curtain little bit and asked, “Do you have a gown?”

“Don’t worry about it. Dr Sharma doesn’t like gowns while examination. Please get fully undressed.”

Poornima was confused. She didn’t want to be walking around naked before the nurse and Dr Sharma. Reluctantly, she removed her bra and her Pantis. She pushed the curtain little bit and asked “Do you want me to remove my Mangalsutra?”

“Don’t remove your ornaments,” the nurse replied.

Poornima was fully naked. She only had her Mangalsutra, bangles, rings, earrings and Bindhi. She pushed the curtain and walked to the nurse.

“You have a great body for a large woman,” the nurse said looking at Poornima from top to bottom.

Poornima didn’t like to be called ‘large’. She shrugged. “Thanks.” She said feeling uncomfortable.

The nurse sensed Poornima’s discomfort. “You don’t have to feel uncomfortable. We examine at least five women everyday.”

Poornima laughed.

“Let’s get started. Let’s check your height first.” the nurse said.

Poornima went to Stadiometer and stood straight. The nurse checked her height and wrote down 5’8″. Next, Poornima stood the on the weighing machine. The nurse checked and wrote down 85 kg. Next, the nurse strapped the cuff of a blood pressure meter on Poornima’s arm. She started the device and noted down the result.

The nurse gave Poornima a urine collection container and said, “The doctor will do pelvic exam. I think you should collect urine before the pelvic exam. You may feel uncomfortable with a full bladder. I’ll leave now. Please keep the container on that table. The doctor should be here by the time you return.”

After the nurse left the room, Poornima went to the wash room. She sat down on the toilet and peed in the container.

Poornima stepped out of the bathroom and saw the doctor in the room. He looked at her and the expression on his became more serious. Poornima could see lust in his eyes. His eyes scanned her body from top to bottom. Poornima felt embarrassed. She went to collection table and kept the urine sample. She turned around and slowly walked closer to to doctor. She avoided eye contact feeling conscious of his lusting eyes.

The doctor got an instant hard-on. “Wow! you are very beautiful!” he said.

“Thanks Doctor,” Poornima said uncomfortably.

“Your husband is a very lucky man,” he said, looking at her breasts, belly and vagina.

Poornima smiled uncomfortably.

“Let’s begin. Please sit down on the chair,” he said showing her the gynecological examination chair.

She sat on the chair that had been adjust for a sitting position.

“Please relax these exams are routine procedures for physicians,” the doctor said and smiled creepily at Poornima.

Poornima tried to act normal but she felt very uncomfortable.

“Lift your left arm and keep your palm behind your head.”

Poornima did as she was told.

“I am going to check your breasts now for lumps.” The doctor kept both his palms on her right breast. He rubbed his hands on her breast making gentle circular and linear motions with his fingers. He touched her left breast and did the same motion. It felt like he was massaging her breast but she knew it was normal.

“Now I am going to do a pelvic exam. Lean back, keep your legs on the leg holders” He pressed the button, adjusting the reclining chair.

Poornima leaned back, lifted her legs and kept them on the leg holders. She was in the perfect position for an examination. Her legs were spread apart fully exposing her vagina and anus.

The doctor stood before her and said, “Looks like heaven!”

Poornima was shocked. ‘What!?’ she thought to herself. She realized he was definitely trying to make sexual advances.

The doctor moved closer to her and stood between her legs enjoying the view.

Poornima looked at him uncomfortably worried that he might start molesting her.

The doctor took a lubricated speculum and inserted it into her vagina. He slowly opened the speculum to separate the vaginal walls. He examined the vaginal walls and cervix. Then he did the Pap smear procedure. He took a cotton swab and swiped cervical mucus collecting a sample of the cells.

“Alright. Now I am going to check your reproductive organs,” he said. He inserted his fingers inside her vagina and pressed on her lower abdomen with the other hand, to feel her internal reproductive organs.

Poornima could feel his fingers in her vagina. He had not worn a glove. ‘That’s not right,’ she thought.

The doctor pulled out his finger and showed it to Poornima. “You are wet.” He gave her a dirty look and smiled creepily again.

Poornima felt more worried. She didn’t know what to do if he crossed the line.

“I am going to examine your anus for abnormalities,” the doctor said.

He inserted his wet middle finger into her anus.

Poornima’s lips twitched and her eyes fluttered with discomfort. She lay on the chair with the Speculum in her vagina and his finger in her anus. She could feel the movement of his finger inside her anus. She closed her eyes and lay still.

“You know Aishwarya lets me examine her with my penis,” he said looking at her with steady gaze.

Poornima opened her eyes and looked at him in shock.

“Can I examine your vagina with my penis?” he asked in a calm manner.

‘What?!’ Poornima thought but she didn’t say anything.

“It is standard procedure. But it can’t be done without consent,” he said.

She thought about it for a few seconds as she studied his face. Then she said, “Okay doctor. If it is standard procedure, please do it.”

The doctor smiled at her and said, “Thank you.”

Poornima gave him a half smile but her hear started to pound with excitement.

The doctor closed the Speculum and pulled it out of her vagina. He unbuttoned his pant and pulled it down. He pulled out his cock from his underwear and looked at Poornima. Poornima smiled at him with anticipation. He stood between her legs and moved closer. The head of his penis pressed in the slit of her vagina. He pushed inside and the head of his cock slid inside. His hard shaft slowly glided inside her wet vagina, till his balls pressed on her butt.

The Doctors cock was fully inside her. He looked at her and said “Wow! It’s so good. Your vagina is firm like a teen girl’s vagina.”

“Thanks doctor,” Poornima said.

The good doctor pulled his cock outward, and pushed inside her in one long stroke. He grabbed her bottom and repeated the movement again and again, fucking her harder, as pleasure built up.

Poornima lay back and enjoyed every penetration. She felt an intense ticklish heat starting deep in her abdomen. And then she felt the familiar tinging sensation in her clitoris. The tingles from Poornima’s clitoris spread quickly outward throughout her whole body causing her to spasm, her skin tightened, her nipples became harder and sensitive, her face and chest flushed. For a seconds her entire body contracted, and her mind went blank. She felt explosions of sheer sexual pleasure.

The doctor continued fucking Poornima as she lay on the chair, smiling with satisfaction. He felt his cum building up in his balls. His movements became irregular. His penis felt heavy as he plunged his cock fully inside her and ejaculated.

After the Doctor finished the check up, Poornima asked the Doctor when she should visit him again.

The Doctor told her, she should visit monthly for the first twenty-eight weeks, every two weeks from twenty-eight to thirty-six weeks, and weekly thereafter until delivery.