Chapter 6 – Returning a favour

It was a Saturday. The weather was perfect and the traffic was not too busy. Poornima felt better as she drove back home after visiting the doctor. She had been two weeks late for her second prenatal check-up. It was already her 13th week of pregnancy. She had tried to book an appointment with Dr Sharma, who had done her first prenatal check-up but he had been completely booked for a month. So, she had booked an appointment with Dr. Prema.

Dr. Prema had checked Poornima’s weight, blood pressure, size of her uterus, her hands and feet for any swelling and baby’s heartbeat. She had told Poornima everything was normal and given her advice for the second trimester.

Poornima parked the car on the side of a street and got out of the car. She locked the car and walked to a shop to buy groceries. She liked the attention she was getting from men, but when they looked at her baby bump, she felt uncomfortable. She had tied the Saree below her baby bump and covered her waist with the Saree to avoid looking awkward. The Georgette Saree still revealed a bit of her belly and navel through the multi-coloured, floral printed saree.

The shop was a medium sized grocery shop. Poornima picked the items from the shelfs and placed the items in her basket, thinking about cooking a healthy meal for lunch, when she heard someone say, “Hello Ma’am.” The voice sounded familiar, so she quickly turned around. She was pleasantly surprised to see the room service boy.

“Hello hmm…” She tried to remember his name.

“It’s Ravi Ma’am,” he reminded her.

“Ah! Ravi. How are you?” She asked, thinking he looked more handsome than she remembered.

“I am fine Ma’am. How are you Ma’am?” Ravi asked.

She sensed sadness in his voice but she ignored it and said, “Not bad Ravi. My baby is growing up fast and I am going through a roller coaster ride.”

Ravi looked down at her baby bump and saw her navel through the Saree. His penis began to harden. He looked up at her, speechlessly.

Poornima understood him. She smiled and asked, “Are you shopping?” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am,” he said, admiring her pretty face.

Judging by the way Ravi looked at her and spoke to her, Poornima knew he had missed her. “Do you live nearby?” She asked.

“Yes Ma’am. Just fifteen-minute walk from here,” he said.

“Do you live with your family?” Poornima asked.

“No Ma’am. I live with my friend. My family live in a different city. I came here looking for a job,” Ravi said.

“I’ll drop you in my car,” Poornima said, curious to find out where he lived.

“Okay. I picked up the items I want. We can check-out when you are ready Ma’am,” Ravi said, not wanting to miss the opportunity to spend more time with Poornima.

Poornima picked up few more items before they checked out.

As they walked to the car Poornima asked him more questions and found out more about him.

After they reached the car, Poornima opened the car and asked him to sit on the front passenger seat. She kept the shopping bags in the boot before getting inside the car and sitting on the driver’s seat. She asked him for directions to his house and started to drive.

They reached in five minutes. Poornima parked the car by the side of the street.

“Come home Ma’am,” Ravi said, hopping she won’t refuse.

“Okay,” Poornima said.

Ravi was happy she had agreed to visit his home. He got down from the car and waited for Poornima.

Poornima got down from the car and closed the door.

They went to a gate that looked like a side entrance to a ground floor house of a big two floor house. Ravi opened the gate and went inside first. He held the gate open for Poornima. Poornima went inside and Ravi closed the gate. Ravi pressed the doorbell switch and a few seconds later, the door opened. A boy of Ravi’s age looked at Ravi and Poornima. Poornima saw the familiar look of lust on his face and smiled to herself.

“Praveen, this is Poornima Ma’am,” Ravi said. Then he quickly turned to Poornima and said, “Ma’am, this is my friend, Praveen”.

“Hello Ma’am,” Praveen said.

“Hello Praveen. Nice to meet you,” Poornima said and smiled.

“Welcome Ma’am,” Ravi said, stepping aside and giving space for Poornima to enter the house.

Poornima stepped into the house and looked at the small living room which had three doors on the left side.

“Please sit, Ma’am,” Praveen said, pointing to a sofa set which was on the right side of the room.

Poornima sat down on the three-seater sofa and asked, “Do you have other roommates?”

“No Ma’am. Just two of us,” Ravi said.

Poornima looked around.

“Ma’am, can I get you Tea, Coffee or soft drinks?” Ravi asked.

“Just give me a glass of water, Ravi,” Poornima said.

Ravi went to the kitchen.

“You look very beautiful Ma’am,” Praveen said.

“Thanks for the compliment, Praveen,” Poornima said and smiled.

“Ravi keeps talking about you all the time Ma’am. He is mad about you,” Praveen said.

Ravi quickly came out of the kitchen and said, “Praveen! That’s enough!”

“Ravi, I am worried about you. Ma’am should know how much you miss her,” Praveen said, stubbornly.

“Praveen, she doesn’t have to know. It’s my problem,” Ravi insisted.

“Ravi, I want to know how much you miss me. Please don’t hide anything from me,” Poornima said.

The boy’s looked at each other. Ravi was quiet, so Praveen said, “Ma’am he gets drunk in the evenings and starts rambling about your beauty and the amazing sex he had with you.”

“What?!” Poornima was shocked. She laughed with disbelief. Then she looked at Ravi and said, “Ravi, you don’t have to tell all your friends about it!”

“Sorry Ma’am, I was drunk,” Ravi apologised. “I ramble only with him because he is my best friend. I didn’t tell anyone else Ma’am.”

“Yes Ma’am, he didn’t tell anyone else.” Praveen confirmed.

Poornima nodded. “Okay, both of you please don’t talk about it to anyone else. And Ravi, I don’t want you to get drunk because of me. I should have thought about the negative effect it would have on you before I had sex with you. I was very worried and drunk. I wanted someone to make me feel good. But I take responsibility. I’ll give you my number. Call me whenever you want to talk to me…okay?” Poornima made it clear to Ravi.

“Okay Ma’am,” Ravi pulled out his mobile from his pocket. “Your number Ma’am?” he asked.

Poornima started to tell her mobile number slowly to make sure he gets it right. Ravi entered the numbers on his mobile. Poornima saw, Praveen was also entering her number in his mobile. She was surprised but she didn’t mind. She just smiled and finished giving them her mobile number.

“Can I give you a missed call Ma’am,” Ravi asked.

“Okay,” Poornima said.

Ravi gave her a missed call and Poornima’s mobile started to ring. She already had his number so her mobile showed his name. She ended the call.

“Can I give you a missed call Ma’am,” Praveen asked.

Poornima smiled. “Okay,” she said.

Praveen called her number. Her mobile rang. Poornima ended the call and saved his number. Then she looked at Ravi and said, “Now, can I have a glass of water?”

Ravi laughed. “I am sorry Ma’am. I’ll bring it right now,” he said and hurried to the kitchen.

“Ma’am, he’ll get drunk in the evenings and cry for you until you have sex with him,” Praveen said.

“Praveen!!” Ravi yelled from the kitchen. He came out of the kitchen. “Stop it dude!” he pleaded.

Poornima laughed and shook her head. “It’s okay Ravi,” she said. She was surprised by Praveen’s straight forward talk but she liked it.

Ravi stared at Praveen.

Praveen shrugged his shoulders.

Ravi gave the glass of water to Poornima. She took it from him and drank the full glass of water. She kept it on the table. She checked the time in her mobile. It was 11:20 AM. She looked at Ravi and said, “Praveen is right. I don’t want you to get drunk and cry for me.” She smiled. “You helped me when I was lonely in the hotel. You showed me love. Now it’s time for me to return the favour. If you have time, we can have sex today.”

Ravi’s eyes gleamed with happiness and Praveen said, “Yes!!” pumping his fist as if he had won something.

Ravi looked at Praveen shrugging and asked, “What are you doing?”

Poornima laughed.

Ravi stared at Praveen and said, “She said, I can have sex. Not you!”

Praveen looked at Poornima as if he wanted her to confirm if Ravi was right.

Poornima smiled at him. She looked at Ravi and said, “Ravi, he is also affected by all of this.  You should not have told him. Now, if you have sex with me, he will become jealous and sexually desperate. It could affect your friendship. I don’t want to be the reason for your friendship to end. So, both of you stop fighting and let’s all have sex before I change my mind.”

“Thank you very much Ma’am!” Praveen said and grinned.

Ravi shook his head but he was happy for Praveen.

“You are welcome, Praveen,” Poornima said. She stood up and asked, “Where is the bedroom?”

“That’s the bedroom Ma’am,” Ravi said pointing at the first door, near the main door.

Ravi quickly went to the bedroom and cleaned the bed.

Poornima entered the room and stood near the door. She took a good look at the room.

Praveen stood behind Poornima and admired her pear-shaped body. He lusted at her big, wide, plump butt. The thought of having sexual intercourse with her gave him an instant hard-on.

The room was small. It had a window which was closed but sunlight still lit up the room through the windows glass. She looked at the wooden framed double bed and wondered if it can hold three people at the same time. “Are you going to have sex one after the other or…?” She asked.

“You can sit on Ravi Ma’am. I’ll can do it from behind,” Praveen said with excitement.

“Wow! You have planned everything already!” Poornima said and laughed.

“He watches too much porn, Ma’am,” Ravi said.

Poornima laughed and turned to look at Praveen.

“He’s lying, Ma’am,” Praveen said.

“I believe you,” Poornima said, sarcastically and laughed. She went to the bed and stood next to it. She looked at the boys and asked, “Are you both just going to stand there and watch me?” Then she said, “Start removing your clothes.”

The boys quickly began removing their clothes.

Poornima unhooked her blouse and removed it. She unhooked her bra and looked at the boys who were looking at her breasts, with their eyes wide open, as they were quickly removing their clothes.

Poornima smiled and stood up. She lifted her Saree and pulled down her panties from her legs. She looked at the boys. They stood before her, completely naked. She looked down at the cocks. She liked the length and girth of the cocks. She looked up at Praveen, smiling. “You have to use lubricant. Do you have Vaseline or coconut oil?” She asked.

“I’ll lubricate with my saliva Ma’am,” Praveen said.

“Saliva won’t be enough. It always hurts me without good lubrication,” Poornima said, remembering the time her husband penetrated her anal-hole without lubrication.

Ravi quickly took a bottle of coconut oil from the top of wardrobe and handed it to Praveen.

“Good. Please spread the oil on your penis before you penetrate me,” Poornima said.

“Okay Ma’am,” Praveen said. Then he looked at Ravi and said, “Get on top dude! You are wasting time.”

Poornima laughed at his urgency.

Ravi got on top of the bed. Poornima lifted her Saree and petticoat, above her hip. She got on top of the bed and placed her left feet next to Ravi’s left side and her right feet next to his right side. She smiled at Ravi, who was lying down on his back and admiring her plump thighs and cleanly shaved vagina. She knelt down, straddling on him. His hard cock poked on her inner thighs. She put her right hand between her thighs and grabbed his cock shaft. She placed it at the slit of her vagina and lowered her hip, allowing the cock to penetrate her wet cunt. His cock stretched the smooth vaginal muscles of her cunt and glided inside. When his cock was fully inside her and her clit pressed on his crotch, she moaned with satisfaction. She looked at Ravi and smiled. He smiled at her. He reached his hands forward, grabbed both her breasts and kneaded the large, soft breasts.

Praveen had not wasted time. He had spread oil on his cock while watching Poornima’s cunt swallow Ravi’s cock. He had got on top of the bed and knelt down behind Poornima. “Ready for oil, Ma’am?” he asked.

Poornima looked over her shoulder and said, “Yes Praveen. Please apply more oil.”

“Okay Ma’am,” Praveen said. He touched Poornima’s anus with the tip of his middle finger and gently massaged the puckered skin of her anus.

Poornima leaned forward carefully, mindful of her small baby bump. Her big, succulent looking breasts hung before Ravi’s face. He opened his mouth and took the nipple of her left breast in his mouth. He sucked it hard and played with her right-side breast.

Praveen’s fingertip pressed on Poornima’s anus and opened it. His oily finger slid inside her asshole. Her asshole twitched. He pushed his finger deeper. Her anal muscles tightened around his finger and relaxed. He loved it. He pushed his finger as deep as it could go and slowly pulled outward. He repeated the movement and finger fucked her asshole.

Poornima felt good. She watched Ravi’s happy face as he sucked on her breasts. Praveen’s oily finger felt good in her asshole as it moved rapidly in and out of her asshole massaging her narrow anal canal. She moved her hip forward, rubbing her clit on Ravi’s crotch. Then, she moved her hip back. She repeated the movement, stimulating her clit with his hard cock firmly embedded inside her cunt.

Praveen pushed his finger inside her asshole one last time and pulled it out. He stood up on the bed and bent his knees till his cock was dangling above Poornima’s ass. He grabbed his cock and pressed the tip of his glans on her anus.

Poornima stopped moving realizing Praveen was ready to penetrate her anal canal. She closed her eyes feeling her anus tingling in anticipation. She tried to focus on the tip of his cock that was pressing on her anus but she was getting distracted by Ravi sucking her nipple. But suddenly, her anus opened up and Praveen’s thick cock glided inside her asshole, in one quick stroke and filled her up.

“Aaahhh! Aaahhh, oohhh,” she grunted and relaxed her asshole. Then she tightened her asshole, enveloping his cock in a gripping embrace before relaxing again and letting out a sigh.

“Oooohhh, it feels so good inside you asshole, Ma’am,” Praveen moaned.

Poornima laughed. She felt complete for the first time with two of her holes stuffed at the same time. Pleasure and anticipation filled her mind as Praveen’s cock began to withdraw and Ravi tried to trust deeper inside her cunt. She lifted her hip, giving space for Ravi to move his hip freely. And, just as she expected, both the boys began fucking her.

Ravi’s cock moved in and out of her cunt rapidly while he sucked and played with her breasts. Praveen’s hands kneaded her ass cheeks while he pounded her asshole with his cock fucking in and out of her asshole. Their bodies slammed on her bottom which made cushioned clapping sounds and caused the tender flesh on her beautiful body to ripple and shake.

Poornima’s moans of pleasure filled the bedroom. The pleasure emanating from her clit and asshole spread throughout her body and filled her mind.

“Oh, fuck you! Ma’am! You are so beautiful Ma’am! Fuck you Ma’am” Praveen moaned as he butt fucked her.

Ravi had gained momentum. He fucked Poornima’s cunt vigorously, while sucking her breasts.

Poornima’s toes twitched. Her legs began shaking. Her muscles quivered. She could feel the pleasure creeping through her body.

Praveen’s cock head swelled. His cock surged. His balls spasmed. Leaping powerfully, his cock erupted, spurting hot, thick cum inside Poornima tight asshole.

Ravi continued pounding Poornima’s cunt, showing no sign of stopping. She was shaking from head to foot until she exploded in a shattering orgasm. Her clit throbbed with pleasure. Her cunt spasmed. Thick, creamy juice squirted between her thighs.

Ravi’s muscles convulsed. He thrust his cock deep inside her cunt and held it there. His cock erupted, spraying cum inside her. “I love you Ma’am,” he said. His cock spasmed and filled up her cunt with his semen.

Poornima lay still on Ravi, as the boys ejaculated inside her holes.

After they were done, they got down from the bed. Everybody was happy. Poornima went the bathroom and washed. Then, she went to the bedroom and put on her panties, blouse and bra. She adjusted her Saree. She told the boys to take care and call her if they missed her.

The boys assured her that they will call her and thanked her.

They told their goodbyes and she left their house.

Poornima drove her car, feeling sexually satisfied. She was also happy she had returned a favour.