Chapter 1 – Keeping a promise

The traffic on the street was heavy. Vehicles stopped briefly near the main gate of the school to let children get down. Nisha stood with Anish and Priya near the main gate. She advised them to pay attention to the teachers in the class and play carefully in the playground. She quickly double checked their bags to make sure she had kept their lunch boxes and said, “Bye, Bye, children. Be good in school!”

“I am not a child aunty,” Priya said, frowning.

Nisha and Anish laughed. “Anish is older than you. He is still a child. You are just a baby,” Nisha said and smiled.

Priya frowned and said, “Bye baby!”

Nisha laughed.

“Bye aunty,” Anish said.

“Bye Anish,” Nisha said. She looked at Priya and said, “Bye big woman!”

The children turned away and ran towards the school’s main gate. Nisha watched the children affectionately as they entered the school and disappeared into the crowd of students. She felt more like their mother than their aunty. Taking care of them for two months had helped her develop a motherly bond with them. She remembered her sister lying on the hospital bed and saying, “Promise me you will take care of my children and my husband like I take care of them.”

Nisha had said, “Please don’t talk like that. You’ll get well soon. You’ll be able to take care of them yourself.”

But her sister had insisted, “Just promise me please…I don’t feel good anymore.” Her sister’s voice had sounded weak but Nisha had been sure her sister would recover. She had looked into her sister’s eyes and said, “Okay, I promise I’ll take care of them.” Her sister had smiled and said, “Thank you.”

A few days later her sister had passed away.

Nisha had been determined to keep the promise she had made to her sister. She had told her parents and Harish, her brother-in-law about the promise she had made to her sister. Her parents had understood their son-in-law would need help to take care of their grandchildren. Harish had also told her parents that he would be very grateful to them if Nisha could help him take care of his children, at least for a short time. So, they had decided, it would be good for Nisha to move to Harish’s house and take care of the children.

Nisha walked back home thinking about the children and Harish. She loved taking care of them but she was worried about Harish. His condition had deteriorated quickly in two months. He seemed depressed and delusional.  He drank too much alcohol and called her by her sister’s name when he was drunk. He had also got very drunk twice and groped her while calling her by her sister’s name. He didn’t seem to remember anything when he was sober. She knew depression and alcohol was affecting his senses. She wanted to help him but she didn’t know how to help him.

After a twenty-minute walk, Nisha reached home. Harish had gone to the office. She cleaned up the kitchen and went to her bedroom. She removed her clothes and went to the attached bathroom for a shower. She felt good after having a good long shower. She stood before the full-length mirror in her bedroom and looked at her reflection. “Have I put on weight?” she asked herself. She smiled realizing that she looked more voluptuous. She turned around and looked over her shoulder at the mirror. The size of her buttocks confirmed to her that she had put on weight. Surprised by her sudden weight gain, she put her hands behind and grabbed both her large butt cheeks. She lifted them and let them drop. She watched them jiggle and she laughed. She turned to face the mirror again. She cupped her large breasts in her hands and held them fondly, feeling the new size and weight of her breasts. She gently let go of her breasts and moved her hands over her slim waist and wide hip. She was happy to see she still had her hourglass figure despite putting on more weight.

Nisha dried her wavy, waist length hair and touched up her face with light makeup. She got dressed in a pink cotton Churidar. She went to the kitchen and started cooking. She had lunch at 1:15. At 2:30 pm Nisha left home. She reached the school at her usual time. The children came out of the main gate and met her. She chatted with them and walked back home.

After they reached home the children refreshed and ate snacks. Nisha cleaned the house and kept reminding the children to do their homework.  In her free time, she watched TV. She began to worry about Harish at 8:30 pm. He usually came home at 8:00 pm, after getting drunk. She wondered if he was working overtime at the office or if he was still drinking in some pub. At 9 pm she called his mobile number. He answered after the fifth ring. “What?” he asked in an angry tone.

“Please come home early,” Nisha said.

“Why? Why….should I come home…. early?” Harish asked slurring his speech.

Nisha was surprised he sounded very drunk late in the night. “It is not safe for you to drive after drinking. And, the children can spend some time with you before they go to bed, “Nisha said.

“Oh…the children…ok… ok…good…Nithya” Harish said still slurring.

“I am not Nithya. I am Nisha,” she reminded him.

“Huh? hmmm…” Harish mumbled.

“Please don’t drink too much. Please come home soon, “Nisha pleaded.

Harish hung up.

Nisha was very worried. She didn’t know what to do. She sat down on the sofa worrying and watching TV. Half an hour later she called Harish again. He didn’t answer her call. She went to the children’s bedroom and told them to go to sleep. The children asked her about their dad. She told them he had to do overtime at the office. She made sure they were lying on their beds before leaving the room. She went back to the living room and sat down on the sofa. She called Harish again. He didn’t answer. Frustrated and angry she decided to do something about it. She didn’t want to get her parents involved. She thought it was her responsibility because she had promised her sister, she would take care of her children and her husband.

After waiting and worrying for another hour the doorbell rang. Nisha opened the door. Harish staggered inside the house. Nisha quickly closed the door and grabbed his arm. Harish shook his arm and said, “Nithya! Don’t hold me! I am steady!”

Nisha let go of his arm and walked along with him fearing he would fall down. Harish staggered and swayed as he walked forward. He went to the children’s bedroom.

“This is the children’s bedroom, “Nisha said.

Harish looked at her confused. Nisha put her left arm around his back and said, “Please come with me.”

“Hmm…” Harish said and put his right arm around Nisha’s waist.

Nisha struggled to hold him straight as they walked to his room. And, as they entered his bedroom, his hand moved down and grabbed her right butt cheeks. Nisha was angry, but she calmed down understanding his situation. Harish gently squeezed her soft butt cheeks through her clothes. Nisha ignored his groping and helped him step closer to his bed.

She helped him stand in one place and said, “Please sit down. I’ll remove your shoes.”

Harish nodded and said, “Hmm…after…that…suck…me.”

Nisha was shocked. Harish took his hand off her back and struggled to keep his balance. Nisha grabbed his arm to prevent him from falling. As Nisha helped him keep his balance, he put his hands down on his crotch, unzipped his pant and pulled out his penis.

Nisha looked down at his penis. It was fully erect. She quickly looked away.

She was shocked by his behavior but she understood his situation. “Please Harish! Sit down!” she said, pulling his arm forcibly towards the bed.

Harish lost his balance and fell down on the bed. He was on his back with his lower legs hanging down from the edge of the bed. He mumbled something. Nisha looked down at him. He looked like he would pass out anytime. She looked at his hard penis and took a step closer to the bed. Instinctively her mouth watered. She gulped, swallowing air. Her heart was beating fast. Her legs felt weak. She looked at his face. His eyes were closed. She looked back at his penis feeling frozen. She looked at the bulbous pink glans and the thick, long shaft. She forced herself to turn away. She knelt down on the floor. She removed his shoes and socks. She lifted his lower leg and turned him around on the bed. She made him lie down straight and adjusted the pillow under his head. After she was done, she turned on the bed lamp. She went to the door, switched off the room light, stepped out of the room and closed the door.

Nisha tried not to think about Harish’s penis. She went to her bedroom and went to bed. Tiredness caused her to quickly fall asleep. Deep in her sleep she heard her sister’s voice saying, “Promise me you will take care of my children and my husband like I took care of them.”

Nisha was afraid. “I am taking care of your children and your husband,” Nisha said in her dream.

A picture of Harish’s penis flashed before her. Then her sister’s voice said, “I would not have left him lying there, longing for sexual satisfaction.”

“But…but…I can’t have sex with him, “Nisha said.

“You promised to take care of my husband like I took care of him,” her sister’s voice said.

“No! Nithya, I didn’t mean that!” Nisha mumbled in her sleep.

Then she saw her sister in her dream. She was dressed in a yellow party wear Saree that had big black dots. She was standing in the middle of the living room. She turned around and went to the sofa. She lifted her Saree above her knee and knelt down on the sofa. She lifted her Saree higher above her hip, revealing her bottom. Then Harish moved behind her and penetrated her vagina. Her sister looked at Nisha and said, “Take care of my husband just like I took care of him.” And suddenly, the dream ended. Nisha felt afraid, confused and worried but she was able to sleep well knowing her sister was still with her.

The next day Nisha woke up early as usual. She remembered her dream and felt happy. She finished her morning routine. She went to the kitchen and cooked food and packed children’s lunch boxes. After she was done, she went to the children’s bedroom and tried to wake them up. They fussed to wake up as usual but she managed to wake them up. She went to Harish’s bedroom. The alarm was ringing but he was still fast asleep. She didn’t want to wake him up but she had no choice. She touched his shoulder and gently shook him. “Harish. Please wake up,” she said.

He didn’t wake up so she shook him a little bit harder. “Harish wake up please. You have to go to work.”

Harish opened his eyes. He looked very tired.

“You have to go to the office,” Nisha said.

“I’ll take sick leave,” Harish said and closed his eyes.

Nisha had breakfast with the children. She made sure they had taken their books and lunch boxes. Then she walked with them to the school. She left them in the school and came back home.

Nisha went to Harish’s room and checked him. He was fast asleep. So, she went to her bedroom, showered and changed her clothes. Then she went to the living room and watched TV.

At 10:30 am Harish came to the living room. “Good morning,” he said.

“Good morning. How are you feeling? “Nisha asked.

“I have a hangover,” he said.

Nisha laughed. “You were very drunk last night. You’ll feel better after breakfast,” she said and got up.

Harish sat down on the sofa. Nisha came back after five minutes with food and coffee. She kept the dishes on the coffee table. As Harish started to eat, she said, “I’ll be back in fifteen minutes.”

Nisha went to Harish’s bedroom. She took her sister’s Mangal sutra and one of her sister’s Saree from the wardrobe. She went to her bedroom and kept the saree on her bed. Then she went to the living room. Harish had finished eating. She took the dishes and went to the kitchen. She quickly washed the dishes and came to the living room. She sat on the single sofa that was next to the three-seater sofa, on which Harish was sitting. She took the remote and muted the sound. Harish looked at her curiously.

“I want to talk to you about something very important,” she said. She immediately got his attention. She looked into his eyes and said, “I am taking care of the children and you because I made a promise to my sister. The children are fine but I am worried about you. You are drinking too much. Last night you came home drunk. You touched me indecently and exposed your private part to me.” She gave him a concerned look.

Harish looked at her for a moment. “I am so sorry. I have no memory of last night. I was too drunk.”

Nisha smiled. “I respect you because you are older than me by five years and you were a good husband to my sister. It hurts to see you losing control over yourself. I can’t look away and watch you ruin your life and your children’s life.”

Harish nodded. “Ok. What can I do Nisha?  I loved your sister more than my life. I don’t know what to do without her,” Harish said.

“I have a solution. But first, please go have a shower and come back,” Nisha said.

“Please tell me. What is your solution?” Harish insisted.

Nisha laughed. “Please go and have a shower first. You are still stinking of alcohol,” she said.

Harish laughed. “Ok. I hope you have a good solution.”

“It’s good. I’ll tell you later,” Nisha said and smiled.

Harish stood up and left the living room.

Nisha went to her bedroom. She stood before the mirror and removed her Churidar. She slipped into a petticoat and put on a blouse. Then she took the yellow saree she had taken from her sister’s wardrobe. It was the same yellow Saree that her sister had been wearing in her dream. She liked the soft, flexible material of the saree. She draped it around her. She adjusted the pleats and Pallu of the saree. Then she took a look at her reflection in the mirror. She had draped the saree perfectly, but the way she looked surprised her. She looked more voluptuous in a Saree than her mother and her sister. She put her sister’s Mangal sutra and kept a red Bindi on her forehead. She looked like a matured and beautiful married woman. She was happy with the way she looked. She quickly adjusted her hair, touched up her make and left her bedroom.

Nisha went to the living room. She put the TV on and sat down on the sofa. Ten minutes later Harish walked into the living room. Nisha saw him and stood up to face him.

“Why are you wearing Nithya’s saree?” he asked, surprised.

Nisha smiled. “I’ll tell you. But first can you please take some pictures of me?” She went closer to him and gave him her mobile phone. She went back to the sofa and stood there facing him. “I am ready,” she said and smiled.

Harish took a few pictures and nodded.

Nisha turned around and posed with her back facing him. Harish looked at the beautiful shape of her back with admiration and lust. Her slender waist, wide hip and her big, well-shaped buttocks gave him an instant hardon. He took more pictures of her as he resisted the urge to grab her and rape her.

Nisha turned to look at him and smiled. “Do you understand the solution?” she asked.

“I am confused,” Harish said.

Nisha looked at him as the smile on her face disappeared. Then she said, “I’ll explain. I am wearing Nithya’s saree to help you. Yesterday you were calling me Nithya and groping me. If you come home in time, you can drink at home. You can also imagine I am Nithya and make love to me.”

“What?!” he said. He shook his head. “No… that’s wrong.”

“Why? What’s wrong with me? Do you need someone beautiful?” Nisha asked.

“You are beautiful,” he said.

“Okay. So, what is stopping you?” Nisha asked.

Harish was speechless for a moment, then he asked, “Are you serious?”

“I am serious. Come and make love to me like you used to make love to Nithya,” Nisha said. Then she reenacted her sister’s actions. She turned around and went to the sofa. She lifted her saree above her knee and knelt down on the sofa. Then, she lifted her Saree above her hip, revealing her beautiful, plump buttocks. Her bottom lifted up and her thighs parted, revealing her wet creamy vagina.

It felt like DeJa’Vu for Harish. He remembered seeing Nithya in the same position. He couldn’t understand what was happening but he was captivated by Nisha’s beauty. Nisha looked much better than Nithya. He realized it was the opportunity of a lifetime. He wanted to penetrate her vagina before she changed her mind. He went behind her quickly. He looked down at her big bottom with disbelief. He had not seen a bottom so beautiful. He quickly dropped his pants and pulled out his cock.

Nisha felt Harish’s hand moving over her buttocks, caressing and squeezing gently. She felt his fingers in the slit of her vagina, then she felt it slide inside her vagina. Nisha’s body shivered as spams of delight surged through her loins. Harish’s fingers moved deeper inside her vagina. It was wet and ready for penetration. His finger swiftly moved in and out of Nisha’s warm, wet pussy. Then he pulled out his finger and grabbed the big, beautiful cheeks of her buttocks. He parted them apart watching her anus open up. He admired her inviting anus but he decided to penetrate her pussy first and penetrate her anus another time. He pointed his cock at her vagina and moved closer to her. He felt the head of his cock in the moist slit of her cunt. His fingers grabbed her bare, slender waist firmly. His cock inched slowly inside. Nisha closed her eyes as the thick long cock glided inside, stretching her vagina. Her body trembled and an involuntary moan came out of her mouth. Then after his cock was fully inside her cunt, she let out a sigh of relief, feeling complete. She thanked her sister for encouraging her to take care of her husband. To her surprise she heard her late sister’s voice saying, “Thank you.”

“Oh Nisha! You are so beautiful. It feels so good inside you,” Harish moaned.

Nisha was happy to hear Harish’s compliment. Harish’s cock lay sunk far into her belly, fitting tightly in her soft vaginal canal. Then he pulled his cock slowly outward and plunged back into her cunt quickly. Again, he pulled outward and pushed back inside. Gripping her slender waist firmly, he rammed the fully hard length of his cock again and again into the depths his beautiful sister-in-law’s tight pussy. His crotch banged on her cushion-like ass every time he penetrated her cunt causing a soft thudding sound. Harish felt like the luckiest man alive as he fucked Nisha’s tight cunt. He spread Nisha’s ass cheeks as he continued fucking her. He felt her cunt clench around his cock and felt more thrilled to fuck her. He rapidly pounded into her pussy. Her clit pulsed and her cheeks felt hot. Her spine tingled and her vision became blurry. The bottom of her feet began to tingle and burn. She felt a rumbling inside her quaking belly. Harish slammed into her. He felt his hot load of cum flooding in his balls. Then with a deep grunt, Harish began to fuck again harder as he felt himself explode deep inside her, shooting his boiling sperm into the welcoming depths of her pussy-flesh. Nisha shuddered and laughed to herself as her head exploded with intense sexual joy. Slowly she felt a massive release throughout her body. Harish drained every drop of his sperm in his sister-in-law’s cunt and hoped she would take care of him forever.