Chapter 3 – Favourite uncle

It was Saturday, 4:30 PM. Molly heard her mobile ringing. She picked it up. It was Alex. She answered the call. “Hello,” she said

“I am coming to pick you up,” Alex said and hung up.

Molly panicked. She went to the living room and said, “Alex called. He said he is coming to pick me up.”

“Let him come. I’ll deal with him,” Rahul said.

“I don’t want to see him. I have had enough!” Molly said.

“She is right. She has gone through too much. We’ll go to Stephan’s house,” Linda said.

“Good idea. We’ll go today. We’ll stay there for a week,” Molly said, happy with her mom’s plan.

Rahul agreed with his sister and mother. He said, “Ok. Start packing. I’ll call uncle and let him know we are coming.'”

Stephen uncle and Janet auntie had two children. Molly liked her cousins, Richard and Julie. They were like her own brother and sister. They had got married and moved out of their family home. Uncle and auntie liked Molly and were very supportive of her. Molly had spent most of her teenage years in their house so she knew Stephen uncle had a special place in his heart for her. Molly was happy to go to Stephen uncle’s house.

Everybody got ready by 5:30pm and left the house. An hour later they reached their destination. Stephen uncle and Janet auntie were happy to welcome them. Rahul, Josie and Rita stayed for one night and left on Sunday morning.

After Rahul’s family left, Molly took a quick shower and wore a saree. She breastfed her baby and put him to sleep in the cradle. She went to the Livingroom were her uncle, auntie and her mom were watching TV.

“Molly! Come darling!” Janet said.

Molly smiled and sat down on a single sofa, which was on the side of the big sofa they were sitting on.

“Looks like Molly has put on weight,” Janet said looking at Linda.

“It is normal after delivery,” Linda said.

“Am I looking too fat?” Molly asked.

“No, no. You look good,” Janet said and smiled at her.

“Yes. You look perfect darling,” Stephen assured her.

They talked about Molly’s problems with Alex. Stephen and Janet told her she had done the right thing. Molly felt better with their support. The topic of the conversation changed from her problems to movie actors, as they watched TV. The mood between them was relaxing and warm. Half an hour later Janet said, “I have to cook.”

“I’ll help you,” Linda said.

The elder women stood up and left the room. Stephen uncle looked at Molly and winked.

Molly blushed. “Not now uncle. Mom and auntie are there,” she said.

“They’ll have a nap after lunch. Let’s meet in the study room when they are having a nap,” Stephen said.

Molly nodded and smiled shyly at him. “I’ll go check baby,” she said and left the Livingroom feeling excited.

They had lunch at 1:00 pm. After lunch they talked for half an hour before Linda, Janet and Stephen went to have a nap.

Stephen pretended like sleeping and waited for Janet to fall asleep.

Linda chatted with Molly for a while before falling asleep. Molly, breast fed baby and put him to sleep. Then, she went to the study room. Stephen was not there in the room. She went to the window and looked out at the view. It looked beautiful like she remembered. She liked the coconut trees and the small streams of water that flowed throughout the farm land.

Stephen went to the study room. He saw Molly standing near the window. Her back faced him. He stood near the door and quietly watched her with his heart racing fast. Her Saree wrapped around her hip and legs beautifully highlighting the shape of her waist, wide hips, plump buttocks and legs. ‘She has become a beautiful woman,’ he thought. He stepped into the room and closed the door slowly.

Molly heard the slow creaking sound of the door closing and turned. She saw her uncle. Her heart started racing fast. She turned to face him. He came to her and said, “I missed you darling.”

Molly smiled. “I missed you too uncle,” she said.

He took her in her arms and hugged her. He kissed her forehead, her nose and lips. “You look so beautiful and sexy,” he said.

“Thank you, uncle,” Molly said, blushing.

Uncle’s hand moved all over her body squeezing and feeling her. He grabbed one of Molly’s breasts and squeezed them. “Your breasts look beautiful,” he said.

“They became big after delivery,” Molly said.

“That’s good, darling. Are you lactating enough for baby?” uncle asked squeezing her breasts.

“Yes. I have lot of milk. Sometimes, I have to extract and keep in the fridge,” Molly said.

“Can I taste your milk?” Uncle asked and gave her a naughty look.

“Sure uncle, ” Molly said and stepped back giving herself some room. She removed her blouse and bra quickly.

Uncle grabbed her breasts and squeezed gently and said, ‘Wow! so big and soft.’ He lifted her right breast, bent down and sucked her nipple. Milk filled his mouth. He swallowed the milk and looked up at her face. She smiled. “Tastes sweet like you darling,” he said and moved to her left breasts. He sucked her nipple and drank more milk.

After a minute of sucking, he pulled back and said, “Let’s finish it before someone comes looking for us.”

“Okay uncle,” Molly said. She lifted her saree and removed her panties. Holding her saree above her hips, she knelt down on the carpeted floor, and leaned forward. She was on all fours.

“Ah! Ah! You still remember my favourite position”. Uncle laughed, removing his pants and underwear.

“I’ll never forget uncle,” Molly said. She had good memories of uncle banging on her bottom when she was a teen.

Uncle knelt down behind Molly. He touched Molly’s soft ass cheeks and spread them apart. “Wow your anus and vagina look so beautiful darling. I missed you so much,” he said.

Molly was happy uncle still liked her very much.

He positioned the crown of his penis at the opening of her vagina and pushed. The head of his penis slid inside Molly’s vagina. He pushed more and his cock glided deep inside till his balls were dangling between Molly’s inner thighs. “Wow, it’s still tight,” he said surprised.

Molly had heard Alex and Rahul say the same thing about her vagina, but she also liked it when uncle said it. She smiled, closed her eyes and enjoyed the rapid in-and-out movement of uncle’s penis in her pussy.

As uncle repeatedly penetrated her, his crotch banged on Molly plump buttocks. Their bodies met in a spongy sort of cushioned thud, crotch to buttocks. The hairy sac of his testicles slapped at the upturned curves of her buttocks. As he fucked her pussy, he parted her ass cheeks and opened her anus. Her asshole looked clean, beautiful and inviting. He inserted his middle finger inside her anus. Molly immediately whimpered and lurched forward.

“I’ll quickly lubricate it,” Uncle said. He pulled his cock out of her vagina. He gathered saliva in his mouth and let his saliva drool out of his mouth and drop inside Molly’s asshole. He inserted his fingers into her vagina and scooped out vaginal fluids with his fingers. He inserted his fingers inside Molly’s tight anus, spread her vaginal fluids and his saliva inside her anus. He pushed and pulled his cock inside her cunt thrice before pulling out fully. He scooped more of her vaginal fluid with his fingers and spread it on his cock. He parted her ass cheeks and opened her anus. He pressed the tip of his penis on her anus and pushed inside. Molly whimpered with discomfort at first, but as his penis slid inside her smoothly, she moaned with pleasure.

Uncle pushed his penis deep inside Molly’s asshole and let it rest there for a few seconds. He liked the warmth and the tight grip of her anal tube around his penis. A few seconds later, he pulled half out of her anus and pushed it back inside. Molly moaned with discomfort and pleasure. His fingers dug roughly into the firmness of her ass cheeks and repeatedly penetrated her asshole.

Groaning with delight, Molly accepted his cock again and again. Her body quaked by the impact of his crotch banging on her buttocks. She loved it. She wanted more and he gave it to her. His crotch slapped loudly on her buttocks, jolting her and setting the elongated cones of her tits jiggling back and forth. She lurched back into him, trying to bury his stiff prick even deeper into her asshole.

Her uncle’s cock pistoned in and out of the tight, clinging tunnel of her asshole. He loved it but he also wanted to feel her vagina. So, he pulled out of her rectum and pushed his hard cock deep into her juice-filled pussy. He let his cock rest inside her pussy for a few seconds, pressing his crotch hard on her soft ass. Then, he pulled his cock fully out of her pussy. He spread her ass cheeks, opening her asshole. He pressed the tip of his cock on her anus and thrust forward, penetrating her asshole in one quick stroke. The sudden penetration sent shivers through out Molly’s body. She got goosebumps. He pushed fully inside and let his cock rest there, loving the tight grip and warmth of her asshole. Seconds later, he pulled back, leaving only the crown of his cock inside her and pushed deeper inside her asshole again. He let it rest there for a few seconds before pulling his cock fully out. He penetrated her vagina, plunging deep inside her wet pussy. He pistoned his cock inside her searing pussy. He inserted his middle finger inside her anus and massaged the inner walls of her anal tube, as he continued fucking her pussy.

“Ah uncle!” Molly moaned with pleasure. Her breathing became irregular. Every muscle in her body began to tighten and her thighs began to quiver. She started to sweat. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the explosion that was erupting throughout her body. Uncle held her hip and banged her ass, as he penetrated her with an urgency to ejaculate. Molly suddenly convulsed and exploded in joy as she climaxed. Uncle ejaculated in her pussy hoping to make her pregnant. Unfortunately for him, Molly was in her safe period.