Chapter 6 – Painful experience with an old FWB

Harish had gone to leave the children in his mother’s house for the weekend. Nisha was alone in the house. She had not cooked food for lunch because there was enough leftover food for her. She opened the fridge and took the dishes she had cooked the previous night. She made the food hot and took the dishes to the Livingroom. She put the TV on and sat down on the sofa to have lunch.

It was already 12:30. She watched TV and ate food thinking about Sharath. She thought about Sandhya’s advice and assured herself that Sharath can’t be trusted. But she still loved Sharath even though he had abandoned her and married another woman after going abroad. She hoped he would divorce his wife and return to marry her as he had promised. She was not in a hurry to get married but deep in her heart she wanted to be a wife and a mother. She thought about Harish. He had been a good husband to her sister, but she wasn’t sure if Harish will ever be able to recover after losing his wife and consider remarrying. Ten months had passed since her sister had passed away. Harish had initially spiralled down into depression and alcohol abuse, but she had managed to help him recover. The children also seemed to have accepted her as a replacement for their mother. She thought no other woman can take care of them like she was taking care of them. She was not just fulfilling a promise she had made to her sister; she was also taking care of them because she loved them. But she didn’t want to live like a full-time housewife without even being married. She had quit her part time job as a Art director to take care of her sister’s family, after she had passed away. After nearly one year of living as though she was a stay-at-home mom and wife, she began to worry about her life and her career. She realized she had to discuss about her concerns with Harish and her parents.

After having lunch, Nisha went to the kitchen and washed the dishes. Then she went to the bedroom thinking it would be a quiet evening as the children would be staying back in Harish’s parents’ house. Harish had told her he would return home in the evening, so she wondered if he had planned to just stay home and drink as usual or if he had other plans.

Nisha went to the bedroom and lied down on the bed. She checked the messages on her mobile. Sharath had sent her romantic messages. She liked the messages. She didn’t reply as she was not sure if she should immediately reply and encourage him. She had enjoyed having sex with him, but she was sure he was not trustworthy to have a serious relationship with him. Besides, he was the first reason why she had lost trust in men. And, to get rid of the pain that he had caused, she had tried to find a boyfriend who could replace him. She had only ended up having sex with men like him who had taken advantage of her. But she still hoped he would return and marry her if he really loved her.

She checked other messages. Some of the messages were from her other ex-boyfriends and current boyfriends. There was a message from Ajay. He had texted: Priyanka is going to her parents house next week. She is coming back after one week. I am working from home. Can I pick you up on Monday at 10am?

Nisha replied: Sure Ajay. But you have to drop me home before 2. I have to pick up the children from school.

Then she read a message from Sailesh: I don’t know what’s wrong with Seema. She doesn’t even want to have sex with me anymore. Can we meet?

Nisha replied: Where do you want to meet?

She checked the next message. It was from, Praveen: Sorry Nisha. I won’t do it again. Can we meet, please :(

She smiled and shook her head. She checked other messages from other men who were crazy about her. She replied only to the men she liked and kept her mobile on her belly.

She thought about some of her boyfriends. Ajay was the only guy she had been having sex with regularly because he still cared about her. He had been one of her best boyfriends. They had a good relationship for three years. He had wanted to marry her, but his family had forced him to marry a woman who belonged to their caste. Even after getting married, he loved her very much. She had understood his problems and not stopped him from having an affair with her.

She had not had sex with Sailesh, Praveen, and her other ex-boyfriends for more than one year. Her love affair with Sailesh had been short. She had ended the affair after finding out he had a girlfriend. After she had broken up with Sailesh, he had married his girlfriend, but he had still been texting her about his marital problems and expressing interest in having a relationship with her. She had forgiven him for lying to her, but she didn’t trust him anymore. She wondered how long he had not been having sex with his wife and felt sorry for him. She wanted to help him.

Praveen was her former colleague. He was a graphic designer. Nisha had art directed some of his work. While working together, he had flirted with her, and Nisha had liked his fun loving flirtatious behaviour. They had become friends with benefits. At first, sex had been good with Praveen but when he had become inconsiderate towards her feelings, sex had become painful. He had made it a habit to unexpectedly penetrate her anus without her consent and without lubrication. It would usually happen when he was penetrating her vagina from behind. He would suddenly pull his penis out of her vagina and thrust it forcefully inside her anus. He would hold her waist very tight and not let her go even when she was in pain. He would penetrate her anus repeatedly till he ejaculated inside her. After the first time he had done it, Nisha had told him not to do it again because it was painful, but he had not stopped hurting her. He had done it more than 10 times before she had stopped letting him penetrate her from behind. And after she had quit the job, she had completely avoided him to teach him a lesson. But he had been texting her, begging her to forgive him and pleading with her to meet him. She knew he was desperate to have sex with her. She felt sorry for him because he had been pleading with her for one year. She had not really intended to avoid him for that long but because she had been busy taking care of her sister’s family, she had not found the time to think about him seriously. She took the mobile and texted: We can meet if you promise me you won’t do it again.

She immediately got a message from him: I promise Nisha. Please meet me. I will use lube this time.

She messaged: LOL. Same old Praveen 🙂

He replied: Please Nisha. Can we meet today?

She replied: Where?

He replied: At my place. The guys have gone out. I am alone.

She thought about it and replied: Give me some time. I’ll text you in fifteen minutes.

He replied: Ok.

Nisha missed the times when she and Praveen would sneak into the office storage room and have quick sex. She felt excited thinking about having sex with him again. She wanted to forget about Sharath and Harish and just have some fun with Praveen. She took her mobile and texted: What time do you want to meet?

He replied: Now.

Nisha replied: I am not superwoman to fly immediately to your apartment. I’ll be there at 3. ok?

He replied: I can pick you up.

Nisha didn’t want him to know where she lived. So, she just texted: Don’t worry. I have a scooter.

He texted: Ok. 3 is perfect. Thank you so much Nisha. I’ll see you at 3.

Nisha replied: See you later. Bye

Nisha smiled and got down from the bed. She went to the wardrobe and looked for the right clothes to wear. She picked a multi-floral, white frock and looked at it. It had rounded v-neckline, tulip sleeves and tie waist. She liked it. She kept it on the bed and began undressing. When she was completely naked, she took a white lace pantie and bra from her wardrobe, and she put it on. Then she slipped into the frock she had selected. The red, blue and green prints of flowers and leaves looked like paintings on the white chiffon fabric. The light and floaty midi dress captured the essence of summer. The dress complimented her pretty face, wavy black hair and curvy figure.

Nisha removed the Bindi from her forehead and applied little makeup on her face. Then she made slight adjustments to her hair and her frock till she was happy.

She slipped her feet into a pair of mid-heal sandals and stood before the mirror again. She looked modern, stylish, elegant, and beautiful. She smiled and walked away from the mirror. She took her handbag and left the house.

Nisha felt good as she rode her Honda Activa. It was a sunny day. The breeze soothed her skin as sweat made her skin moist.

After a 30-minute ride, she reached the apartment. She parked the scooter and walked to the apartment block. She took the lift to the fifth floor and went to the flat where Praveen and his friends were staying. She rang the doorbell.

Praveen opened the door and said, “Wow!” He looked at her from top to bottom and said, “Holy Fuck! You look hotter now!”

“Shut up, Praveen!” Nisha said and entered the house, smiling.

Praveen closed the door and followed Nisha, admiring her beauty. Her wavy black hair was waist length. Her waist was slender, her hips were wide, and her buttocks was plump. He wanted to put his arms around her waist and stick his cock inside her pussy and anus, but he hesitated because it had been a long time since they had been close. He wondered if she would let him touch her, kiss her…and fuck her like he used to.

Nisha went to the living room. The familiar smell of alcohol and cigarettes was overpowering but she had a tolerance to it. The door to the balcony was open. She remembered standing on the balcony in the middle of the night, holding the top rail firmly and enjoying the breeze, and the rapid movement of Praveen’s hard penis inside her vagina. But that had happened one year ago. She missed the good times with him. She turned around and said, “I can’t believe the crazy things we used to do on that balcony.”

“Let’s do it again!” Praveen said and his eyes lit up.

Nisha laughed and said, “It’s daytime, silly! Do you want people to see us and call security?”

“We can do it in the night!” Praveen said and grinned.

“I can’t stay back tonight. Maybe some other time,” she said and smiled.

“How about a quickie?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Nisha pretended to think. Then she said, “Okay…but no surprises. Use some lubrication if you want to do your usual thing.”

Praveen’s face lit up with a huge grin. He stepped forward to hug her.

She stepped back and said, “Don’t mess up my dress, Praveen. Let’s go to your bedroom.”

“Sounds good,” he said, happy with the idea.

They went to Praveen’s room. Nisha looked around and said, “Not bad. Looks clean.”

Praveen shrugged his shoulders and looked at her.

Nisha looked at him for a moment and said, “Don’t keep looking at me. Remove your clothes.”

As Praveen began to strip of his clothes, revealing his well-built body, her eyes were drawn like magnet to his aroused cock-shaft; below his testicles hung free in the sagging sac of his scrotum. It was not just another penis for her because she knew every penis was different. She remembered sucking it and feeling it inside her vagina and anus. She remembered how painful it had been the first time he had thrust it inside her anus. She suddenly wanted it more than ever. She didn’t care if he wanted to penetrate her vagina or anus. It didn’t matter if he used lubrication or not. She just wanted to have a goodtime with Praveen like she used to.

Nisha quickly pulled off her dress and kept it on a chair.

“Wow! You look sexier than before. You have put on weight on the right place,” Praveen said, completely overwhelmed by her beauty.

Nisha giggled and removed her panties and bra. Her round, large tits looked firm and jiggled slightly in movement. Her slender waist curved and widened at the bottom as her hips were wide. Her buttocks and thighs were shapely, firm, full and round.

“Fuck you are hot!” Praveen told her and his eyes widening with salacious desire as he gaped at her, seeing her sexy figure.

She had not been able to look away from the hardened, thick length of his cock. She saw his hand grip his cock-shaft and stroke it, withdrawing the foreskin. The blood-filled cockhead slid out like some creature wriggling out of its lair.

“Do you want it?” Praveen asked.

“Absolutely not!” she teased, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“You are going to get it even if you don’t want it!” Praveen said and quickly moved closer to her. He grabbed her slender waist and bent down to her waist. His pecked kisses on her breasts and moved to her nipples. His mouth wrapped around the nipple of her right-side breast and sucked the swollen brown nipple, while squeezing and massaging the other breast. Then, his hands moved all over her body feeling her smooth skin and her soft flesh. He squeezed her breasts, the soft flesh on the sides of her waist and her buttocks. He stopped sucking her nipple and moved to the other breast. He sucked the nipple which had been feeling neglected.

Nisha stroked his hair and watched him suck her nipples like a baby. They had a strong sexual chemistry but there was no romantic chemistry between them. But that didn’t bother Nisha because they were just good friends who had taken care of each other’s sexual needs.

Praveen’s hand moved behind Nisha and squeezed her soft ass-cheeks. Then his fingers parted her ass-cheeks and found her anus.

Nisha chuckled feeling his finger pressing on her anus. Then as her anus opened and his middle finger entered inside, she shivered and whimpered with pleasure and discomfort.

Praveen slowly pushed his finger knuckle-deep inside Nisha’s anus as he continued sucking her nipple.

Nisha felt good but she remined him. “Praveen, you promised to use lubrication.”

Praveen pulled his finger out of her asshole and stopped sucking her nipple. “Oh, sorry,” he apologized and said, “Old habits die hard.”

Nisha smiled and said, “One finger was not too bad, but don’t forget to use lube when you put your thing inside!”

Praveen grinned. “Don’t worry, I’ll use your cream,” he said.

Nisha smiled, remembering he used to refer to her vaginal fluid as cream.

“Hop on the bed and kneel on all fours. I’ll lubricate your anus,” Praveen said and grinned.

Nisha smiled and climbed the bed. She knelt on the edge of the mattress and spread her legs. She kept her elbows and the right side of her face on the mattress.

The sight of her well-shaped, big, bottom took his breath away. He said, “Wow! You have a very sexy ass!”

Nisha smiled. Many men had told her the same thing.

Praveen knelt on the floor, behind Nisha’s beautiful buttocks. His face was a few inches from her buttocks. He moved closer and planted kisses on her ass cheeks. Then he kissed and licked her anus.

Nisha chucked, amused by his love for her buttocks.

Praveen moved down to Nisha’s vagina. Her public hair was shaved and cuntal lips looked succulent. He put his tongue out and licked the juice from her pussy lips. Then he covered her pussy lips with his mouth and put his tongue inside. He loved the taste of her pussy juice and swallowed some of it. Her pussy became creamier, and he sucked it out. This time he collected the juice in his mouth and moved up to her anus. He spread her ass cheeks apart and opened her anus. He spat her pussy juice and saliva inside. Then he went down to her vagina and sucked more juice till his mouth was full. Then he moved to her anus and let her juice and his saliva drip out of his mouth and into her asshole. Then he put two fingers inside her vagina and scooped out her vaginal juice. He rubbed the juice on his cock-shaft. Again, he scooped out more juice from her vagina. This time he inserted his middle finger inside her asshole to test the waters. Her anal passage had become wet and slick.

Praveen stood up and looked down at her uplifted ass which was waiting to be fucked.

Nisha had closed her eyes anticipating pleasure and pain.

Praveen grabbed the base of his cock-shaft and rubbed the head of his cock on her ass crack, up and down.

Nisha felt his cockhead in the slit of her vagina and wondered what he was up to. She had expected him to penetrate her anus after lubricating it. But to her pleasant surprise, she felt her pussy stretch open and his thick cock rod glided inside her. It went deep inside her vaginal canal till the tip of his cockhead pressed on her cervix. His crotch pressed hard on her ass-cheeks and his balls dangled below her vagina assuring her he had fully penetrated her vagina. She could feel his hard cock, throb inside her vagina.

Praveen gasped, loving the relief her cunt provided for his dick. He had waited one year to be inside her after she had distanced herself from him. Now he wanted to make the most of the opportunity he had to fuck her.

Nisha gently squeezed his cock inside her vagina wanting more action. Praveen got the message and began to slowly withdraw his cock. He pulled his cock halfway out and pushed it back inside her vagina. This time he didn’t let it rest in her vagina. He pulled out quickly and pushed it back inside again.

Nisha hoped he would just penetrate her vagina and make her orgasm, without sticking his prick inside her asshole like he used to do.

Praveen began his fucking motion slowly. His cock moved in and out of Nisha’s slick and tight pussy hole. Nisha felt the heat from his cock on her clit as it moved in and out of her vagina. She wanted him to fuck her faster. But Praveen pulled his cock completely out of her vagina, and she felt disappointed.

Praveen didn’t want to finish it inside her vagina. Her ass looked too beautiful, and her asshole looked equally inviting like her vagina. He had been fantasizing about sticking his prick inside her asshole like he used to and he wasn’t about to let go of the opportunity.

He looked down at his cock. It was coated with a layer of pussy cream. It was time for some anal action.

Nisha felt the pressure of his cock poking at the ring of her asshole and hoped it won’t be too painful. As she felt his swollen prickhead starting to penetrate, she felt her asshole stretch and burn. She opened her mouth and sobbed softly. She put her left hand behind, gripped her left ass cheeks and spread it, attempting to stretch, open her asshole more to ease the penetration.

Praveen, stared at the way her anus moved inward, he gripped her slender waist and fucked forward, watching Nisha’s asshole stretching and taking his cock.

Nisha groaned softly in pain as the thick cock-rod painfully stretched, opened her asshole, and glided deep into the boiling depths of her asshole. When his prick was deep as it could go, his balls pressed on her throbbing cunt, and she moaned softly feeling her asshole stretched and stuffed.

Praveen pushed his cock fully into Nisha’s asshole. He loved the tight grip of her asshole around his thick cock-rod, and the heat which was emanating from her bowel. As much as he loved the feel of her cunt on his cock, he loved the feel of her asshole around his cock. This was something different-wonderful, hot, and tight.

Nisha moaned in pain and pleasure, feeling her asshole stretched and very stuffed.

Praveen began fucking, watching his cock fuck in and out of his beautiful friend’s tight asshole. Her stretching brown ass ring clung to his cock tightly, sucking and gripping. He rammed her hot asshole with his hard cock, slamming his crotch on her plump buttocks and smashing his balls on her cunt. The overflowing pussy juice felt fantastic on his balls, and he felt assured that she was enjoying getting fucked in her asshole as much as he was enjoying fucking her asshole.

He fucked rapidly, moving his cock back and forth, faster and faster like a piston inside her asshole. The friction of her squeezing asshole made his body shake with passion. He dug his hands into the soft flesh of her hips, jerking her ass back as he thrust his cock into the steaming depths of her asshole, slapping against her ass-cheeks loudly.

If Praveen had not been holding her hips tightly, Nisha would have dropped on the mattress. She gasped with the force of his fucking cock and the pounding of his crotch against her naked ass. Her tits jerked and jiggled from the force.

Praveen panted as he fucked furiously into Nisha’s asshole. The friction and heat from her bowel had made him wild. But little did he know that he had disturbed her bowel.

Nisha’s eyelids were squeezed shut and her mouth was wide open as she groaned with pain and pleasure. Though she wanted to take a shit, she knew she could hold on till he finished.

She was relieved when he groaned, “I’m about to come!”

She felt rapid spurts of cum splashing into her asshole, filling her asshole with cum juice.

Praveen gasped tiredly as the final load of cum spurt from his cock. His legs shook from the ecstasy as he managed to remain on his feet, his cock relaxing inside Nisha’s asshole.

Feeling drained, Praveen pulled his limp cock out of Nisha’s asshole.

Nisha managed to get down from the bed. “I have to go to the bathroom,” she said and walked away.

Nisha felt relieved after answering nature’s call. She washed and came out of the bathroom. She got dressed and went to the living room.

Praveen saw her and asked, “Are you ok?”

“Anal sex disturbs my stomach sometimes,” she said and shook her head.

“You didn’t like it?” Praveen asked.

“It was okay. You know I like vaginal sex more,” Nisha said.

“Sorry, I didn’t remember that. Let’s do it again. I’ll fuck your pussy this time,” Praveen said and grinned.

Nisha giggled and said, “No way! Let’s do it next time. I’m late.”

“Are you free tomorrow?” Praveen asked with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“I am not sure. I’ll call you, ok?” Nisha said and looked at her mobile to see the time.

“Ok,” Praveen said.

“It’s 5:30! I have to go! Bye!” Nisha said rushed to the door.

“Bye!” Praveen said.

Nisha took the lift to the ground floor thinking about the experience she had with Praveen. She was happy she had met him, but she was not sexually satisfied. She remembered, he had told her one year ago, he preferred anal sex because he didn’t want to make her pregnant and he didn’t like to wear a condom. She made a mental note to tell him not to worry about making her pregnant anymore because she had an IUD inserted in her uterus before a few months.

Nisha rode the scooter back home. As she came closer to home, she looked for Harish’s car. It wasn’t there. He still hadn’t come home. She parked the scooter and entered the house. She was happy to be back home. She went to her room, removed all her clothes, and went to the attached bathroom to have a body bath.

After having a good bath, she felt fresh. She took clean undergarments and a Saree from the wardrobe. She stood before the mirror and began wearing the clothes. She draped the light blue colour Saree and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She looked beautiful.

Nisha went to the Livingroom and watched TV. Harish came home at 7:30. He went to his room, freshened up and came to the Livingroom. He sat with Nisha. They chatted and watched TV. After some time, they decided to have drinks.

After having four pegs of Whiskey, they had foreplay. They kissed and Harish fondled Nisha. He squeezed her breasts and sucked her nipples. He told her to suck his dick. Nisha was happy to oblige. She sucked his dick. Then she stood before him, lifted her Saree, removed her pantie, knelt on the sofa astride his thighs and took his cock inside her vagina. She slowly fucked Harish and remembered Praveen. Her asshole felt sore, but it felt void. She wished someone’s dick was stuffed inside her asshole while she rode on Harish’s cock. Feeling little disappointed, she put the thought aside and fucked Harish faster till she orgasmed and his dick spurt cum inside her cunt. She loved it. She bent down and kissed her brother-in-law, thankfully.