Chapter 7 – Joyful anticipation

After her son’s left home, Sameera closed the front door and went to the kitchen. She took food and went to the living room. She kept the food on the rectangle teapoy and sat down on the sofa. She turned the TV on and began to eat. While she had breakfast, she thought about the strange events that had happened in the past three months. She had never in her wildest dreams thought about having sex with her sons, but after her husband had made her feel worthless and loveless, her son’s had taken responsibility and made her feel loved. Sameera had been very happy after that experience. But without financial support from her husband, she had still felt hopeless until Sabina had told her about a job opportunity and made her realise that she had just one choice. She had made use of the opportunity and auditioned for the casual job as a Guest Relations Assistant. She had passed the audition and that had given her hope. At the same time, she had prioritised her family and helped her mother and guided her younger brother. She had also passed pre-employment medical test and got a first customer just two days after passing the medical test. It had given her the confidence she had needed to have sex with strangers.

Sameera finished her breakfast and thought about Sahil—the Saree salesman. She had met him just two days ago. On the first day, she had tried the Sarees and had sex with him for the first time. On the second day, he had delivered the new Sarees and they had had sex for the second time. She wondered if he would visit her on the third day using some excuse. She had liked having sex with him, so she hoped he would visit her. She thought about meeting her first customer the next day. She had only been told that he was an actor. She was curious about him. So, she decided to call Daisy later and find out more about him.

Sameera took the TV remote and switched off the TV. She took her plate and went to the kitchen. She quickly washed the dishes and went to her bedroom. She stood before the full-length mirror and looked at her reflection. She was dressed in a simple white colour Salwar suit (Kameez) which had white flower patterns on it. She had slept all night wearing the Salwar suit but it still looked graceful on her curvy body. Her hair looked little messy and she looked sleepy even though she had slept well. She wanted to clean the house first before having bath and changing her clothes.

Sameera moved away from the mirror. She went to the living room and cleaned the room. Then she went to her older son, Hussain’s room. The room looked messy as usual. The bedsheets had not been folded, clothes had been thrown on the bed and a wet towel was on a chair. But the computer was not on like it used to be before three months. Hussain had stopped leaving the computer on with a porn video playing on the screen after they had started having sex. She smiled and shook her head thinking about the attempts Hussain had made to seduce her. She felt proud of him because he was smart, caring and handsome.

Sameera finished cleaning Hussain’s room and went to her second son, Shahid’s room. His room was equally messy like his elder brother’s room. She cleaned the room thinking about Shahid. She liked the way he had grown up—tall and handsome. Shahid was more intimate with her than Hussain but she knew both her son’s loved her equally. She felt proud of her handsome sons.

After cleaning the house, Sameera took her mobile and went the attached bathroom in her bedroom. She lifted her Suit and untied the string of her Salwar. She pulled her Salwar and panties down to her ankles. She lifted her Suit above her buttocks and sat down on the toilet seat. She checked the time on her mobile. It was 10:35 AM. She read her messages and answered natures call.

Sameera felt better after emptying her bowels. She was about to keep her mobile on the storage rack when she got a new message. It was from her husband, Rafique. The message read, “Coming in 15 minutes. Be ready. I am in a hurry.” 

Sameera shook her head, frustrated with him. She wondered why he wanted to have sex with her after he had married a younger woman and left home to start a new family. She kept her mobile on the storage rack and took the bidet shower tap. She washed thoroughly. She stood up and flushed. She removed the Salwar and panties from her feet and kept it on the storage rack. She went to the vanity and washed her hands. Then she opened a drawer and took the rose oil bottle and rectal syringe. She drew rose oil into the syringe. Then, she lifted her Suit and spread her butt-cheeks apart. She carefully injected the syringe inside her anus and pushed it deep inside her anal-hole. Then she pressed the plunger, emptying the syringe’s barrel. She felt the rose oil in her rectum and felt safe to have anal sex. She pulled out the syringe and wiped traces of oil from her butt-crack with tissue papers. She was ready for Rafique.

Sameera washed her hands. She put on her panties and Salwar. She went out of the bathroom and went to the living room. She sat down on the sofa and watched TV.

After five minutes, she heard the gate open and went to the door. The doorbell rang. She opened the door and saw Rafique. Rafique stared at Sameera. Sameera looked down and moved aside. Rafique entered the house and went to the Livingroom. Sameera closed the door and followed him.

“Ready?” Rafique asked.

“Yes. Do you want tea, coffee, water?” Sameera asked.

“No time. Come to the bedroom,” Rafique said.

Sameera went with Rafique to the bedroom. Rafique removed his shirt. Sameera removed her Salwar and panties. She climbed on top of the bed. She knelt down, leaned forward and kept her elbows on the mattress. She stuck her buttocks out to the edge of the bed.

Rafique stood behind her on the floor. He unbuttoned his pant and let it drop down. He pushed his underwear below his knees. He stood straight and looked down at Sameera’s buttocks. ‘Nice to see you again,’ he thought. He grabbed the large mounds of her ass cheeks and spread them apart till her anus opened. He placed the tip of his cock on her anus and pushed, opening her anus. He thrust forward forcefully.

“Ahhhh!” Sameera groaned with pain.

Rafique liked the sound of his first wife groaning in pain. He had been having anal sex with her for many years to avoid getting her pregnant, even though it was haram. He had liked it the first time he had penetrated his wife’s back anal passage and since then he had only been ejaculating inside her asshole every time he had sexual intercourse with her. Even during the times when he had penetrated her vagina, he had pulled his penis out of her vagina and ejaculated inside her anal-hole.

Rafique pushed his cock fully inside Sameera’s asshole, stretching her rectum and stuffing her asshole with his hard cock.

Sameera closed her eyes and tolerated the pain. She felt stuffed in her anal-hole but the sensitive nerve endings in and around her anus made her anus feel like the pleasure center of her body. The erotic pleasure spot along the vaginal wall was indirectly stimulated via her anus. She liked the feeling because she was used to it and she had developed a liking for anal sex. She was also glad her husband had not been sowing his seed in her vagina and treating her like his tilth even though he treated her like filth.

Rafique pulled half of his cock out and thrust it back inside Sameera’s asshole. He began to rapidly fuck her. The oil had lubricated her asshole and his cock. Sameera felt almost no pain. The right side of her head rested on the soft mattress and she enjoyed the rapid piston-like movement of his cock as it massaged the walls of her anal-hole.

After a few minutes, Rafique lurched forward, driving his cock deep into her asshole. He ejaculated in the recesses of her bowel. He waited till every drop of his cum leaked inside Sameera’s asshole before pulling out his limp cock.

Rafique pulled up his underwear and pant, and wore his shirt.

Sameera got down from the bed. She took tissue papers and wiped his semen which had dripped out of her anus and spread on her inner thighs.

Rafique took a bunch of notes from his pocket and threw it on the bed. “Pay the rent!” he said and went out of the bedroom.

Sameera followed him. Rafique opened the front door and walked away. Sameera closed the door and went to the bedroom. She took the notes and counted. He had given her 15,000 rupees. The rent was 30,000 per month. She couldn’t understand why he was so cruel to her. But she didn’t care anymore. She had been told she will be paid 50,000 per hour, excluding the agency commission. She was happy, she will soon have 100,000 rupees to take care of her family.

Sameera removed her clothes and went to the attached bathroom. She had a good, long shower. After the shower, she dried her body and stepped out of the bathroom, feeling fresh. She went to the dressing table. She dried and combed her hair. Then she went to her wardrobe and selected a yellow Saree which had small red and green flower prints, and a dark red border.

Sameera draped the Saree. She put light make up on her face and took the Kajal, when her mobile rang. She took the mobile and saw Daisy’s picture. She answered the call. “Hello Daisy!” she said.

“Hello Sameera! How are you?” Daisy asked.

“I am good,” Sameera said and asked, “How are you?”

“I am very good, Sameera. I called to confirm the booking with you,” Daisy said.

“Okay. Any changes?” Sameera asked.

“No changes. Just wanted to make sure you haven’t changed your mind,” Daisy said.

“I haven’t changed my mind. I really need the money,” Sameera said.

“Don’t worry,” Daisy said and continued, “Our client is very much interested in you. If he likes you after he meets you, he might book you for more hours.”

“I hope he will like me,” Sameera said and laughed softly.

“He will like you. You are very beautiful. Just do what he wants you to do. Don’t disclose your personal information,” Daisy said and asked, “Did you read the profile we created for you?”

“Yes,” Sameera said.

“Can you tell me about your professional identity?” Daisy asked and said, “I don’t doubt you. I just want to make sure you don’t mix up your professional identity with your real identity.”

Sameera laughed and said, “Ok. My name is Meera. I am 32 years old. I am a separated, single mother of a 3-year-old girl. I am a Hindu woman.”

“Good. Don’t wear a Hijab, don’t forget to keep a Bindi and put on a fake Mangalsutra,” Daisy said.

Sameera laughed and said, “ok.”

“Do you remember the appointment time?” Daisy asked.

“Yes. 5pm to 7pm,” Sameera said.

“That’s right. Do you have any questions?” Daisy asked.

“Yeah. Can you tell me more about the client?” Sameera asked.

“Actually, we keep most of the information about the client very confidential. It is usually a little surprise for the escorts when they meet the client,” Daisy said and laughed.

“Daisy? Please tell me. I am not going to leak it to the press. I am just an average woman,” Sameera said.

“I trust you. But if any information leaks out even by accident, that will be the end of your job,” Daisy said, cautioning Sameera.

“I understand Daisy. Don’t worry. This job is very important to me,” Sameera said.

“Ok. The client is a famous actor. His name is Kishore Khanna!” Daisy said with excitement.

“Kishore Khanna?! The hero in Dil Diya movie?!” Sameera asked, excited.

“Yeah. He is the one!” Daisy said and laughed.

“Wow! He is so handsome!” Sameera couldn’t believe her good luck.

“Don’t tell anyone. Just enjoy!” Daisy said and laughed.

“Definitely. I’ll do my best to make him happy,” Sameera said, feeling very lucky.

“I have heard that he likes a good blow job!” Daisy teased Samera and laughed.

Sameera laughed, thinking it would be a pleasure to suck his penis and make him happy.

“Ok. I’ll call you tomorrow. Bye,” Daisy said and hung up.

“Bye Daisy,” Sameera said.

Sameera laughed. She couldn’t believe a famous, handsome actor had chosen her and wanted to spend two hours with her. She opened a browser in her mobile and searched for pictures of Kishore Khanna. She saw his pictures and admired him.