Chapter 1 – Free accommodation

It was a beautiful sunny day. Prema walked slowly on the MG road boulevard. She tried to come up with a solution for her financial problem. Her job as a store manager, in a women’s clothing store, did not pay her enough to survive in a big city. She had to find cheap accommodation, just one year after moving to a new city. Worried, she dialed the real estate agent’s number.

“Hello,” the agent said.

“Hello. I am Prema. I met you yesterday regarding a house for rent,” she said.

“Prema Sharma?” the agent asked.

“Yes,” she confirmed.

“I was about to call you ma’am…” the agent laughed, before continuing, “…we found a flat for you. It is a one bed room flat. It is well maintained. 13,000 per month”.

“When can I inspect?” Prema asked eagerly.

“Tomorrow morning, at 10?” the agent replied.

Fortunately, Prema didn’t work on Saturdays, so she said, “Please give me the address.”

After the agent gave her the address, she ended the call.

The next day, Prema woke up early. She felt relieved as it was her fifth day of periods and period discharge had become very less. She finished her morning routine and had a shower. After a good long shower, she felt fresh. She dried and styled her hair. She chose a maroon Bandhini saree, matching petticoat, blouse, laced bra and panties.

She stood before the mirror fully naked and admired herself for a moment. Happy with her voluptuous body, she wore the bra first, then she wore the panties. She slipped into the petticoat and tied the Nada knot tightly. She slipped into medium heel sandals. Then, she wrapped the saree around her lower body. She made pleats and tucked them into the petticoat below her navel. She pulled the other end of the saree to the front, over her shoulder and adjusted the Pallu’s length till it reached the back of her knee. She secured the Pallu on her shoulder by pinning the Pallu and the blouse together with a safety pin. She turned around, checking out every side of her body, in the mirror. The saree was wrapped well, clinging to her body and highlighting her curves.

She put on makeup, accessories and styled her hair. When she was done, she looked gorgeous. She took the handbag and left home.

Prema reached the apartment in time. She parked her scooter and walked towards the apartments. She heard a familiar voice say, “Hello ma’am.”

She turned around, looked at the agent and said, “Hello Shekhar.”

“Wow! You look very beautiful ma’am” Shekhar said checking her out from top to bottom.

“Thanks Shekhar,” Prema said blushing.

“Come ma’am. I’ll show you the flat,” Shekhar said.

Shekhar and Prema took the lift to the fourth floor and reached the flat. Prema inspected the property. She was impressed. She requested Shekhar to reserve the property for her, till the evening. Despite having a lot of demand for the property, Shekhar agreed, because he liked her. Prema told Shekhar she would call him before 6pm and left the property.

Prema had got her current accommodation without the mediation of an agent. So, she had to give the landlord a notice and make a final payment. She decided to quickly visit the landlord.

Prema rode her scooter to her current landlord’s house. She reached the owner’s house after fifteen minutes. She parked her scooter on the side of the street and went to the house. She pressed the door alarm switch and expected the landlord’s wife to open the door, as usual. The door opened and the landlord said, “Hello Prema.”

“Hello Rajesh,” Prema smiled uncomfortably. She had not met Rajesh for five months. She had become used to meeting his wife every month.

“Come in! Come in,” Rajesh said opening the door.

Prema removed her sandals outside the door and stepped into the house. The living room was brightly lit with sunlight. She looked around and looked at Rajesh. “Is Latha at home?” she asked.

“She has gone to her parents’ house,” Rajesh said.

Prema saw a little frown on his face and suspected they may be having problems in their relationship. She didn’t press him for more information.

“Please sit down,” Rajesh said pointing at the three-seater sofa.

Prema sat down on the sofa, and Rajesh sat on the single sofa that was on the right side.

“How are you?” Rajesh asked trying to look cheerful.

“I am fine. How are you?” Prema asked.

“I am okay,” Rajesh shrugged.

After a short pause, Prema said, “Rajesh I’ll be vacating the house. I want to give you the final rent.”

“Why do you want to vacate?” Rajesh asked surprised.

“The rent is too high for me. I can’t afford it,” she said.

“I increased the rent because it is normal practice to increase the rent after a year. If it is too much for you, just pay the rent you were paying,” Rajesh said not wanting to let go of a good tenant.

“Hmmm…Rajesh. The rent for the new house is much lower. It is 3000 Rupees lesser.”

Rajesh nodded and said, “I have lot of rental properties. I can reduce the rent for you.” He paused for a moment and continued, “Actually, I can let you stay in the property without rent.”

“What do you mean?” Prema laughed, thinking he was joking.

Rajesh looked into Prema’s beautiful eyes and said, “If you adjust a little bit, you can stay in the property without paying me any rent.”

“What do you mean by ‘adjust’?” Prema asked looking curiously at him.

Rajesh laughed uncomfortably before saying. “Hmm…please don’t get angry, okay?”

“I won’t. Just tell me,” Prema smiled.

Encouraged by her smile, Rajesh said, “I meant…sex.”

The expression on Prema’s face changed. After a moment of silence, she said, “What happened between you and Latha?”

Rajesh shrugged. “I found out she was having an affair with her ex-boyfriend. I asked her about it. We argued and she left for her parents’ house.”

There was a moment of silence before Prema said, “Is she coming back?”

“I don’t know” Rajesh said with a worried expression on the face.

“Hmm…Rajesh,” Prema said. “I have dreams too. I want to marry a good man and settle down. I can’t have sex with you, just for accommodation.”

“If you want to marry a good man, marry me. I am a good man,” Rajesh said.

“What?” Prema laughed.

“Marry me,” Rajesh repeated looking serious.

“Stop joking please,” Prema said confused.

“I am not joking,” Rajesh said, like he meant it.

Prema looked into his eyes and studied him for a moment. She realized he was serious. She had always liked Rajesh. He was handsome, young and rich. She had been envious of his wife, Latha. She liked the idea of being his wife, but she said, “We don’t know each other. Why do you want to get married to me?”

“I understand how crazy it sounds, but the first time I saw you, I realized you are the kind of woman I have always wanted as my wife. I liked you when I saw you for the first time but I was committed to Latha. You are beautiful…intelligent and kind.”

Prema felt touched by his opinion about her. “Rajesh, you are not divorced. How can you marry me?” she asked.

“Latha’s lawyer sent me divorce papers. We have mutually agreed to get divorced. It will take at least six months to get finalized,” Rajesh said confidently.

Prema smiled, “Ok…what should I do until then?”

“You can get to know me better, I guess,” Rajesh shrugged.

“Ok…but what about rent?” Prema laughed.

“I don’t want to take rent from my future wife,” Rajesh assured her.

Prema laughed shyly. “But you still want to have sex before marriage, right?”

Rajesh nodded hoping she wouldn’t get angry.

Prema thought about it for a moment and said, “Rajesh, I like you but I don’t know you enough. If you don’t get married to me after having sex with me, I will be ruined.”

“Please thrust me,” Rajesh said.

Prema knew she couldn’t trust anybody. She wanted to make sure he was serious, so she said, “Rajesh, I am a virgin. If you take my virginity, you have to marry me.”

“You are a virgin? Really!?” Rajesh couldn’t believe it. He had assumed women lost their virginity before 23 years old.

Despite feeling guilty, she convincingly said, “Yes. I saved my virginity for my husband.”

Rajesh believed her. “I promise. I will marry you,” he said feeling excited. He felt more urgency to have sex with Prema. He wanted to take her virginity. “Please wait. I’ll be back in a minute,” he said and stood up.

Rajesh went to the bedroom feeling happy about the perfect opportunity. He thought Prema was not only more beautiful than Latha but she was also a virgin, which was an added advantage. Latha had lost her virginity to her boyfriend before getting married to him. But, Prema had saved her virginity for her husband. Not giving it a second thought, he took a jewelry box from his cupboard.

Prema sat in the living room feeling excited. She looked around the beautiful house. She liked the idea of living there as Rajesh’s wife. She felt like her dream was coming true.

Rajesh walked into the living room and stood next to Prema. He opened a flat red box and showed it to Prema.

Prema’s face lit up as she saw the beautiful golden Mangalsutra. “It’s beautiful,” she said.

“Please stand up. I’ll put it for you,” Rajesh said.

“For me?” Prema looked up at him surprised.

“I bought it for Latha, to present it on our third wedding anniversary. The anniversary is next month. She left. So, I think my new wife should have it.” Rajesh smiled.

“Rajesh, I can wait till we get married,” Prema hesitated.

“We’ll get a new one for the wedding. Please wear this until then,” Rajesh said showing her Mangalsutra.

Reluctantly, Prema stood up and faced him.

Rajesh pulled out the Mangalsutra from the box and said, “Turn around.”

Prema turned around and pulled her hair to the front, revealing the back of her neck. Rajesh put his hands over her shoulder, and pulled the Mangalsutra behind her neck. He pressed the hook firmly, hoping it would stay there forever.

Prema adjusted the Mangalsutra and looked around for a mirror. She found a mirror on one of the walls and went there to look at her reflection.

At that moment when Prema saw the Mangalsutra on her neck, she didn’t want to remove it. She felt like a wife. She felt complete. And when she turned around and looked at Rajesh, she felt so happy that he wanted her to be his wife. He looked more handsome than ever. He stood there smiling for a moment then she went to him and said, “Thank you.”

Rajesh opened his arms and Prema moved in. He gave her a firm hug, feeling her cushioning breasts press on his chest. The smell of ladies’ shampoo, soap and perfume was captivating. She looked at him thankfully. He moved his head forward and their lips met. His tongue parted her lips. Her lips tasted of lip gloss and her breath smelled of the minty candy that she had been sucking. His tongue darted inside her mouth. She welcomed him, tightening her arms around his back. His tongue drilled eagerly into her mouth. Her tongue tangled with his tongue, twirling and flicking. Then he pulled out his tongue and clamped his teeth on her lower lip. He gently bit it and let go as she whimpered. His hands moved down, on her butt. He grabbed her butt cheeks and kneaded the soft flesh along with her saree, skirt and panties. His penis had hardened to its maximum length and width. He realized he had to penetrate her before she changed her mind and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

The bedroom was big and brightly lit with sunlight. The king-sized bed had a thick mattress and a clean white bed sheet covering it.

As Rajesh pulled off his t-shirt, Prema smiled at him shyly. She liked his muscular upper body. As he stripped of his jeans and underwear, she got a good look at his hard penis. She was happy with the length and girth of his penis.

Fully naked, Rajesh moved closer to Prema. He moved her saree’s Pallu from her breasts and removed a hook of her blouse. Prema removed the bottom hooks. She stripped off her blouse and bra, revealing beautiful, large breasts.

He was stunned by the size of her breasts. Her breasts jutted forward and liquidly juggled as she shivered with excitement. She had brown nipples, surrounded by chocolate-colored haloes.

He grasped both her swollen breasts, sizing up the full circumference. His fingers circled around the massive mounds of soft flesh. His palms spiraled around the slopped curves. He lifted her left breast, bent down, and took her nipple in his mouth. He sucked her nipple slowly, loving it. After a few gentle sucks he moved to her right breast. He took her nipple and a mouth full of flesh around her nipple in his mouth. He sucked hard pulling at the rubbery, flesh until she moaned with pleasure. He wanted to suck her breasts for a longer time, but he felt an urgency to penetrate her. He pulled his lips from her breast with a wet ‘pop’. He stood straight and pecked a kiss on her lips. “Let’s do it on the bed,” he said.

Prema nodded and smiled at him.

Rajesh grabbed her hip and hastily lifted her saree. He stripped down her panties. Prema lifted her legs one after the other, to help him strip the panty off her legs. Rajesh smelled her panties and kissed it as he gazed at her. Prema smiled shyly.

“Lie down on the bed,” Rajesh said.

Prema held her saree above her waist and turned around revealing her wide hip and large butt.

“Wow! You are so beautiful,” Rajesh said, wondering if he should have sex with her in doggystyle or in missionary position.

Prema laughed and lay down on her back. She bent her legs and spread them apart.

Rajesh decided to go with the moment and climbed onto the bed. He looked down between her legs. He was touched by the beautiful sight. Her thighs were plump and well-shaped. In between her thighs was a beautiful clean-shaven vagina. The outer labia of her vagina was slightly puffed. The slit in the middle was opened a bit, as she had spread her legs wide open. Her inner labia didn’t pop out, looking neat and beautiful. Her clit looked swollen and ready.

Rajesh leaned forward and placed his hands on the bed, next to the sides of her head. He was above her in a push-up posture. His penis dangled between her thighs. He looked down at her, as if asking for permission. She smiled at him expressing her willingness. He bent his hands and placed his elbows on the bed, supporting his upper body with his elbow. His cock rubbed on her thighs and vagina and built up her excitement. He moved his hip, trying to point his penis at the slit of her vagina. She wanted to grab his penis and guide it to the slit, but he found it just in time and pushed slowly. She felt the thick and bulbous mass of his cockhead slide inside her and throb within the slit of her vagina.

Then, he slid his shaft into the well-lubricated channel. He pushed an inch more and heard her whimper. He looked down at her face. She had shut her eyes and seemed to be in pain. He smiled and cherished the moment he was taking her virginity. He pushed another inch deep and heard her whimper, as if in pain.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Prema opened her eyes and nodded.

He pushed in slowly looking at her beautiful face. She closed her eyes as if in pain. Smiling to himself, Rajesh pushed fully inside, feeling her body jerk under him. His cock was deep inside her tight pussy. He loved it. He lay down on her. He kissed her lips, feeling her breasts and stomach beneath him. The stiff nipples of her breasts poked into his chest, as she writhed, with his cock embedded in her pussy. He raised himself on his elbows, smiling down with pleasure at his new wife. His cock glided outward inside her pussy, then he pushed deeper inside her. She whimpered, as if in pain with her eyes shut. He loved what he was doing to her. Delighted, by her painful moans he glided his cock in and out of her vagina.

Prema kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the rapid movement of his cock inside her vagina. She squirmed and quivered under him. Her breasts cushioned under him rolling against his chest and her erect, firm nipples dug into his flesh. Her soft bottom swished and hissed over her skirt, saree and bed sheet, as her hips took up the rhythm of his fucking. He pumped his cock into her recklessly.

He lay down on her body, his chest smashing on her breasts, flattening them below him. His hands slid under her and grabbed her soft bottom. He lifted them upward to get a better position.  Then he plunged into her faster and faster.

Prema moaned with pleasure as he speared into her. She twisted and moaned with soaring pleasure. Her thighs throbbed and pussy tingled. Waves of pure joy flooded throughout her body. She was caught up in an imploding universe of lust. Tears of joy filled her eyes as she spasmed.

Simultaneously, his balls boiled as molten flow raced through his throbbing and pulsing cock. He erupted, spewing the thick fountain of semen into her belly. Hunching deep into her cunt, he emptied himself until his semen overflowed from her pussy and oozed out around his cock.

“Do you want a boy or a girl?” Rajesh asked.

“Oh my god! You should have put on a condom!” Prema said pretending to be shocked, because she had copper IUD inserted in her uterus since she was a teen.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you and the child,” Rajesh reassured her.

“Rajesh! I don’t want to get pregnant before getting married,” Prema said.

“It’s too late now,” Rajesh said and laughed. He raised himself and pulled his penis out of her pussy. He knelt down between her legs and looked down at his penis. “Is that blood!?” he asked, surprised.

Prema didn’t tell him that it was just her residual blood from periods. She just nodded.

“Wow! Did I just take your virginity?”

Prema nodded.

Rajesh smiled with satisfaction. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.”

Prema smiled. She knew it was too early to trust Rajesh but she was happy she didn’t have to pay rent for a few days.