Chapter 1 – The first party

It was the beginning of spring. Nirmala watered the balcony garden and enjoyed the sunset.

Naveen looked out of the bedroom door that led to the large balcony and saw Nirmala watering the plants. Her back faced him. He quietly admired his beautiful wife. She was dressed in a cream and purple, double colour Saree. He realized she had become more voluptuous after conceiving for the second time. Her arms were still slim, her waist was still well defined but her breasts, hips and buttocks had become bigger. Her peer shaped body looked more beautiful and sexier than ever.

Naveen stepped out on the balcony and quietly sneaked up behind Nirmala. He slid his hands around her bare waist and hugged her.

“Naveen! You scared me!” Nirmala said, startled.

“Sorry darling. I didn’t mean to scare you.” Naveen pecked a gentle kiss on the right cheek of her pretty face and pressed his crotch on her soft buttocks.

“I can feel your…” Nirmala laughed.

“You look very sexy. You turned me on. Did you get ready to seduce all the men at the party?” Naveen squeezed the soft flesh on the side of her waist.

Nirmala shrugged. “No Naveen. I just want to look decent.” She heard the baby crying and said, “Naveen please close the Tap. Baby is crying.”

Naveen let go of Nirmala. Nirmala hurried to the bedroom. She went to the baby’s crib, lifted the baby and the kept him on the bed. She quickly unhooked her blouse and pulled down the front flap of her nursing bra. She took baby from the bed and held him carefully in her forearms. She sat down on the edge of the bed and inserted her nipple towards the top of the baby’s mouth. Baby’s mouth latched on to her nipple and he began sucking her nipple.

Nirmala looked at her beautiful baby and smiled as she breastfed him. Baby looked into her eyes and sucked hungrily.

“He is beautiful like you,” Naveen said looking proudly at his son. “He has your beautiful eyes, nose and lips.”

Nirmala looked up at Naveen. “He looks like you too.” For a moment she admired her husband’s handsome face. He has your forehead and ears.”

Naveen looked into Nirmala’s beautiful eyes. “I want to make love to you before we leave.”

“Naveen! I had a shower and got dressed just now.” Nirmala looked at him with an upset expression.

“You don’t have sex with me but you complain that I don’t spend time with you.” Naveen claimed.

“Naveen!” Nirmala gave him a angry look. “We have to go to a party within one hour and you are not even ready.”

Naveen shook his head as if he was disappointed.

Nirmala loved Naveen too much to disappoint him. “Okay,” she said. “I don’t want to remove my Saree and put it on again. Please do it without making the Saree dirty.”

“Great. Let’s do anal,” Naveen said casually.

“As usual?” Nirmala asked sarcastically.

Naveen shrugged.

“Please take the oil bottle and syringe from the drawer,” Nirmala said wondering why Naveen liked to penetrate her anus more than her vagina.

Naveen took the rectal syringe and the familiar bottle filled with non-perfumed baby oil and kept it on the bedside table.

Nirmala saw Naveen drawing oil in the syringe and almost reflexively her rectum yearned for its emptiness to be filled by his penis. She looked down at the baby. The baby had fallen asleep. Nirmala carefully held the baby in her forearms and stood up. She walked slowly to the cradle. She placed the baby in the cradle and tucked him in. She turned around and saw Naveen. He had removed his cloths and he was stroking his penis.

“Ready?” Naveen asked.

Nirmala nodded. She lifted her Saree and stripped off her panty. She got on top of the bed and crouched on her hands and knees.

Naveen got on top of the bed with the syringe. He knelt on the bed behind Nirmala and looked down at her buttocks. For a moment he felt mesmerized by the beauty of her large buttocks. He felt like he was the luckiest man to have a wife who was the most beautiful woman he had seen. He grabbed the cushions of her ass and spread them apart. He bent down and kissed the puckered ring of her anus. His tongue slid inside her warm asshole causing Nirmala’s hip to jerk backward and cushion his face between her ass cheeks.

Nirmala moaned as Naveen’s tongue licked and probed her asshole.

Naveen moistened Nirmala’s asshole for a couple of minutes before pulling away from his wife’s butt crack.  He kissed each of her ass cheeks and rose up. He took the syringe and pointed it on his hard cock. He pressed the plunger gently. Drops of oil fell on his cock. He smeared the oil all over his cock. Then he inserted the tip of the syringe inside Nirmala’s ass hole and slowly pushed it deep inside her rectum. Then he pressed the plunger. After the barrel of the syringe was empty, he pulled out the syringe from her asshole.

Naveen pressed the glans of his cock on Nirmala’s brown little anus. Her anus opened up and swallowed the glans of his cock. Her tight anal muscles squeezed down around his glans. His hands gripped into the soft flesh of her ass and moved his hip forward.

Nirmala groaned as her anal tube strained and opened up further allowing her husband’s thick oiled cock to slither deep into her oiled rectum in one long stroke. It hurt her but she realized she had devoured his entire cock, she felt satisfied in a strange way as usual. She shivered feeling his swollen cock quiver inside her. He felt good, plugged inside her asshole, feeling her tight anal muscles squeezing down around his hard cock as the heat from her bowel kept his cock cozy.

She knew he liked it inside her anus as much as she liked having his cock inside her anus. She clutched down on his fat rod and squeezed herself around it. They moaned together with the satisfaction of their bodies united together once again. He let his cock rest inside her, pressing his crotch on her soft buttocks as Nirmala’s anal muscles squeezed around his cock and held him lovingly inside her.
“Don’t want to pull out?” Nirmala looked over her shoulder and teased her husband.

“I can’t pull out if you don’t let me,” Naveen said and smacked the side of her right butt cheeks.

“Ouch! It hurts!” Nirmala relaxed her anal muscles.

Naveen laughed and caressed the spot where he had smacked her.

“Thank you,” Nirmala said. “But hurry up. We have to go to a party, remember?”

Naveen laughed and began pulling out of his cock. As his thick cock slowly withdrew slowly from her asshole, she spasmed. Then when only his glans was inside her she felt a hollowness. She wanted all of her husband’s cock inside her again. As if Naveen knew exactly what she wanted he sliced back into her rectum, filling and stuffing her to the brim once again.

“Oh Naveen!” Nirmala moaned with pain and pleasure.

Naveen knew Nirmala wanted more. He quickly pulled his cock outward and shoved it back inside her asshole. Nirmala moaned with pleasure just as he had expected. He wanted to give her more pleasure. He pulled outward and pushed back inside her asshole. He repeated the movement again and again slamming in and out of his wife’s asshole. She loved it but she wanted more, she slid her right hand between her inner thighs and rubbed her clit with her fingers. She wanted a cock in her wet pussy but she didn’t want to stop Naveen from fucking her asshole because she knew he loved anal sex. She rubbed her clit rapidly hoping to climax but a few seconds later she felt his cock jerk inside her and he slowed down. She felt his warm semen filling up inside her asshole. She was a bit disappointed but she was happy that he had enjoyed it. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment.

Naveen emptied himself inside Nirmala’s asshole. “I’m done,” he said and pulled his cock out. He got out of bed and quickly went to the bathroom.

Nirmala got down from the bed carefully hoping their body fluids don’t stick to her clothes. She wanted to wash her bottom but she didn’t want to wet her saree so she held her Saree above her hip, and cleaned her anus and vagina with anti-bacterial wipes. She sprayed deodorant between her legs and let her saree down. She adjusted the Saree’s frills and pallu. She checked her reflection in the mirror. She adjusted her make up and saree a bit more. When she was happy with her appearance, she checked on the baby. The baby was fast asleep so she lifted him carefully from the crib and walked out of the bedroom. She went down the stairs and went to the living room. She placed the baby in the crib and went to the kitchen.

Meera was cleaning the kitchen. She saw Nirmala and said, “Hello Beti! Are you ready to go to the party? ”

“Hello Maa. I am ready. Naveen is getting ready,” Nirmala said. She called her ‘Maa’ because she considered Naveen’s mother as her own mother who had passed away when she had been a child.

“Where is baby?” Meera asked, checking out Nirmala’s saree.

“Maa, baby is in the living room crib,” Nirmala said.

“Is it a new saree?” Meera asked, washing her hands.

“Yes Ma. I bought it last week,” Nirmala said.

“It looks very good. It suits you very well. You look very beautiful,” Meera said admiring her daughter-in-law.

“Nirmala are you ready?!” Naveen yelled.

Nirmala rushed out of the kitchen and went to the living room. She saw Naveen there, “I am ready. I just have to put on my sandals.”

Meera walked into the living room and asked, “What time will you both come back?”

“Midnight Ma,” Naveen said.

“Maa. I filled my milk for baby in the bottles and kept them in the fridge,” Nirmala said.

“Okay. Both of you have fun and come home safely,” Meera said.

Nirmala put on her Sandals and said, “Ready!”

Naveen and Nirmala stepped out of their home. They got into the car and Naveen began to drive. It was Saturday evening so the traffic was heavy. At a signal Naveen stopped driving seeing the red light.

“Are you prepared for the party?” Naveen asked briefly, turning to look at Nirmala.

“I am still not sure Naveen.” Nirmala lied when she actually felt excited about the party.

“I hope you won’t change your mind.” Naveen said concerned.

“I won’t change my mind. You think it is a good idea. I don’t want to disappoint you. I doing it for you,” Nirmala pretended like she just wanted Naveen to be happy but she thought it was a really good idea.

“Thanks darling,” Naveen smiled happily.

Nirmala gently patted the top of his thigh.

After a 35-minute drive they reached Akshay and Deepika’s house. The house was a two-floor house. It had a garage and a big driveway but two cars were already parked on the driveway. So Naveen parked the car on the street.

They got out of the car and went to the main door of the house. They pressed the doorbell. The door opened and Deepika welcomed them. She was dressed in a beautiful Saree. The ladies complimented each other and spoke about their Saree’s and jewels as they went to the living room. Naveen followed them comparing Nirmala and Deepika’s bottoms. He liked both their bottoms and concluded Nirmala’s bottom was sexier.

Naveen and Nirmala greeted everybody and joined the party. Akshay and Deepika served drinks and snacks. A few minutes later the doorbell rang and the last couple who were expected to arrive entered the living room. They greeted everybody and joined the party.

There were six couple in the room. The men were dressed in semi formal wear and the women were dressed in Sarees. They were all good looking and rich. They were a elite group of family friends who knew each other for more than three years. The couple present in the room were Akshay and Deepika, Varun and Alia, Sidharth and Kajal, Amir and Ayesha, Anil and Sonam, Naveen and Nirmala.

Akshay clapped his hands to get everybody’s attention. Everybody looked at him. “Ladies and Gentlemen,” he said. “Welcome to our humble abode. Me and Deepika are very thankful to all of you for giving us the privilege to host this party. We have all been good friends for a long time, so we agreed to take it to a new level. If anybody has any objections, please feel free to express your concerns.” There was a moment of silence in the room. “No objections?” Akshay asked.

“No!” Men and women yelled.

Akshay laughed. “Great! Let’s begin. The Gentlemen have put their car keys in the bowel. I will call out names of the ladies, one by one. The lady whose name is called can come forward and pick a key from bowel and go with the Gentleman who owns the key.” He looked at all the couples then asked, “Does anybody have any questions?”

“No!” Men and Women yelled.

“Alright. I am going to call out a lady’s name,” Akshay said.

A few men and women cheered.

After they became quiet, Akshay said, “Deepika!”

Cheering sounds filled the room as Deepika went to the table and picked a key from the table. She showed the key to everyone.

“That’s mine!” It was Amir, a successful entrepreneur.

Akshay asked Amir and Deepika if they preferred a bedroom on the top floor or the ground floor. Amir wanted to go to the first floor and Deepika agreed with him.

Akshay watched Deepika walking away with Amir and said, “There goes my wife with another man!”

Everybody laughed.

Deepika showed a thumbs up. She popped her butt outward and wiggled it to tease her husband.

Everybody laughed.

After they stopped laughing, Akshay yelled “Ayesha!”

The crowd cheered again. Amir’s wife went to the table and picked a key.

Naveen lifted his hand and said, “That’s my key.”

“Lucky guy!” Varun yelled.

Everybody laughed but his wife Alia smacked his arm. Varun gave her a hurt look and everybody laughed again.

Nirmala looked at Naveen and said, “Enjoy!”

Naveen pecked a kiss on Nirmala’s lips and said, “You too. Okay?”

Nirmala nodded.

Nirmala watched Naveen walk away with the beautiful woman. She felt a bit jealous of Ayesha’s hour glass figure and wondered if Naveen would like having sex with Ayesha more than having sex with her.

“Nirmala!” Akshay yelled.

“Oh!” Nirmala had not expected him to call her name.

“Don’t worry Nirmala Bhabhi! Naveen will be fine!” Akshay said.

Everybody laughed.

Nirmala picked a key and showed it to everybody.

“Yes!” Varun yelled pumping his fist.

Alia smacked his arm again. Varun made a hurt expression and there was more laughter.

“Lucky guy!” Akshay said.

Everybody laughed again.

Nirmala could see Varun was genuinely excited and Akshay was genuinely jealous of Varun. She had always known they were attracted to her but that day she got the confirmation. She liked them both. They were both at least two years younger than her and had younger wives so she felt complimented by their interest in her.

Nirmala was exited as she went with Varun to a room on the ground floor.

“So Bhabhi, are you exited like I am exited?” Varun asked.

Varun was same height as Nirmala so when she turned their eyes locked. “Are you really exited Varun?” She asked to understand how much he was attracted to her.

“Yes Bhabhi. I am really, really excited,” Varun said.

“Why Varun?” Nirmala asked as they entered the room.

Varun closed the door and turned to look at Nirmala who was waiting for an answer.

Bhabhi I’ll tell you if you promise not to tell anybody,” Varun said in a hushed voice.

“Okay. I promise not to tell anybody.” Nirmala smiled reassuringly.

“I am excited because you are the sexiest woman in our group,” Varun said in a hushed voice, as if he was revealing a secret.

“Is that just your opinion?” Nirmala lifted her eyebrows.

Varun shook his head. “No Bhabhi. All the men in our group think you are the sexiest woman.”

“Did they tell you that?” Nirmala probed further.

“Yes. We talked about it,” Varun said and began removing his shirt casually.

“What about Ayesha?” Nirmala asked, lifting her eyebrow.

Varun threw his shirt on a chair and looked at Nirmala. “Ayesha is not sexy like you Bhabhi

“I believe you,” Nirmala said with a sarcastic tone, as if she didn’t believe him.

“You don’t believe me Bhabhi?” Varun asked unbuttoning his pant.

Nirmala shrugged. “Maybe you are just saying good things about me to make me feel good.”

Bhabhi You have a very pretty face.” Varun said pulling off his pant. “You are very sexy. You are so hot, I get an hard-on every time I see you.” Varun pulled down his underwear revealing his hard cock.

Nirmala laughed looking at his cock. “I believe you,” she said.

Varun stroked his cock.

Nirmala looked at him from top to bottom and asked “Are you a body builder?”

“I go to the gym thrice a week Bhabhi,” Varun said.

“Good…Good,” Nirmala nodded and looked at his cock. It had good length and girth like Naveen’s cock.

She wanted to suck his cock but before she could reveal her intention to him, he reminded her, “Bhabhi…I think we are allowed to spend just one hour together.”

“Oh yes, I forgot that rule. Okay…what do you want me to do?” Nirmala said realizing they already wasted 20 minutes just talking.

“Can you remove your panty and bend over on the bed Bhabhi?” Varun asked. He wanted to kiss her lips, suck her breasts, eat her pussy and asshole but he wanted penetrate her before he ran out of time.

“Okay,” Nirmala said. She lifted her Saree and stripped off her panty. “If you want to have anal sex, don’t worry about lubricating. My anus is already lubricated. Naveen had anal sex with me just before we came to the party.”

“Okay Bhabhi.” Varun was super exited at the thought of penetrating Nirmala’s anus.

She went closer to the bed and lifted her Saree above her hip revealing her buttocks to Varun.

“Wow Bhabhi, you have the biggest and sexiest butt!” Varun was awestruck by the enormous size and perfect shape of Nirmala’s ass.

Nirmala laughed. She got on top of the bed. She knelt down on the edge of the bed and leaned forward, crouching on her knees and hands. She felt his fingers grip the sides of her buttocks. “Relax!” she told herself as her heart started beating fast anticipating Varun’s cock to penetrate her. She closed her eyes wondering if he would penetrate her anus or vagina. Then she felt the swollen head of his cock in the slit of her vagina. She was even more exited. As the thick cock slid inside her stretching her tight vaginal canal. She moaned as the the full length of his hard cock glided inside her, filling up her vagina. She trembled with satisfaction.

“Oh Bhabhi! You are so tight and warm. It feels so good inside you!” Varun moaned.

Nirmala laughed and wiggled her ass provocatively.

Varun moved his hip back pulling his cock outward and plunged back inside Nirmala’s cunt in one quick stroke. She accepted his cock inside her again and loved it. She wanted more. He gave it to her, pulling out and plunging deep inside her again and again. In and out he plowed into her cunt. His crotch slapped on her ass, making popping sounds and jiggling her sexy ass. She was elevated into a cloud of pleasure. After having only anal sex with Naveen for two months, Varun’s cock felt like a magic wand in her pussy. Her whole body felt like she was under the spell of his magic wand that plowed into the furrow of her pussy. He pumped his wand in and out of her pussy casting spells of pleasure into her lovely body. Her body quaked as waves of intense pleasure washed through her. Her clit pulsed, her cheeks felt hot, her eyes shut and she wanted to cry. The pleasure that had built up inside her exploded. She laughed as she felt like she was free falling. She felt happiness, relief and satisfaction. Varun’s cock was still pumping in and out of her wet pussy as she lay her head on the bed smiling. But his cock jerked out of her pussy and his fingers spread her butt cheeks apart. She felt the tip of his cock in her asshole and suddenly, in one long stroke his cock invaded her asshole.

“Ahhrrrahhh Ma!” Nirmala groaned with pain and relaxed her anal muscles to reduce the pain.

“Varun! What are you doing?!” Nirmala asked angrily.

“Sorry Bhabhi. Does it hurt?” Varun asked.

“Please do it slowly till the oil spreads,” Nirmala said and closed her eyes in anticipation.

“Okay Bhabhi,” Varun said and pumped his cock slowly in and out of Nirmala’s asshole, few more times.

As Varun pumped his cock inside Nirmala’s asshole, Naveen’s silky sperm and oil spread evenly inside her asshole. Varun felt his cock glide inside her asshole more smoothly.

“Is it okay now Bhabhi?” Varun asked.

Nirmala nodded enjoying the anal massage, just after getting fucked in the pussy and climaxing. She felt every throbbing inch of his cock in the tight tunnel of her rectum.

Varun increased the pace of pumping and poling of his cock inside Nirmala’s asshole. A second wave of pleasure unleashed within Nirmala’s body. Her ass contracted and trembled, sucking greedily at the cock that was fucking her asshole. The swollen crown of his cock jumped and jerked inside her asshole. Then she felt the wet warmness of his semen in the recess of her bowel. He shot thick cum into Nirmala’s asshole. She felt every little throb of his cock as he released his sperm inside her rectum.

Varun moaned and whimpered shot his semen inside his favourite Bhabhi’s asshole.

After the party was over Naveen and Nirmala told everybody, they had to leave early to take care of their baby and left early.

As Naveen drove back home, Nirmala asked, “So, did you like having sex with Ayesha?”

Naveen shrugged. “She’s okay. I had anal sex.”

“Sorry Naveen. I was hoping you would like it,” Nirmala said worried for him.

“It was not too bad. It was not as good as having sex with you,” Naveen said.

“So next time, with whom do you prefer to have sex?” Nirmala asked, curious to find out more about her husband’s sexual preference.

Naveen didn’t hesitate. He simply said, “You. You are the best. You are matured and sexy. I love you darling.”

“I love you too Naveen,” Nirmala said. She touched Naveen’s crotch and rubbed her fingers on his limp cock, making it hard within a minute.