Chapter 1 – Breaking point

It was a warm Saturday evening. The church was filled with family and friends. They had gathered for a wedding mass. Everybody was well dressed but the women looked most attractive. Some women were dressed in western dresses and others were dressed in Indian dresses.

Alex looked at the woman standing before him and thought, ‘not bad, but not as sexy as Molly.

Molly stood next to Alex, thinking about the problems she had with him. She was tired of his physical and mental abuse. She had left her baby at home because Alex didn’t want her to bring her baby to the wedding. She had extracted breast milk and stored in the fridge. She was confident her mother, Linda, would take care of baby but she was still worried. She tried to focus on the mass even though she felt stressed.

After the marriage service ended, people greeted each other before leaving to a nearby hotel, where the wedding party had been arranged.

Alex entered the party hall after a cigarette break with his cousins. The hall was crowded, music was loud and people were getting drunk. He looked around for Molly. He was surprised to see her standing with Jerry, one of his cousins, who he despised. They looked like they were having a good time, chatting, giggling and laughing. He wanted to drag her away from him but he controlled his anger.

Alex stood with his cousin Jeff, drinking whiskey, chatting and keeping an eye on Molly. She was standing with her back towards him. She was not talking to the cousin he despised anymore, so his anger subdued. He took a moment to admire her. She looked sexy in a beautiful Saree that outlined her hour glass figure. The curves of her waist and butt were clearly outlined. He remembered banging her butt and got a hard-on. He saw two young men approach Molly and got jolted from his lusty state-of-mind. He saw Molly greet the two men cheerfully. He was angry again. ‘She is always talking to men! That bitch!‘ he thought.

“Take it easy bro,” his cousin, Jeff said.

Alex looked at Jeff wondering what he meant.

“I’ve been watching her too,” Jeff said.

“It doesn’t look like it’s just a friendly chat,” Alex said.

“She is flirting.” Jeff agreed with him.

Alex took a step towards Molly with anger. Jeff grabbed his arm, “No Alex. Have a chat with her at home.”

Alex looked at him frustrated.

Jeff nodded. “Come, let’s smoke.”

They went out for a smoke. As they smoked, Jeff advised Alex. Alex calmed down, but when they entered the hall, he saw Molly talking with Jerry again. His cousin was laughing and patting on the bare back of her shoulder, which was not covered by her low back-neck blouse.

Alex took a step towards Molly. Jeff grabbed his arm and said, “Take her home after they finish talking.”

After Molly stopped chatting with his cousin, Alex went to Molly and said, “Let’s go.”

“Is something wrong?” Molly asked wondering why he looked so angry.

Alex walked away without saying anything. Molly followed him in fear. She didn’t know what she had done to make him angry.

They got into the car. Alex turned the music on and drove quietly. Molly sat quietly in the passenger seat, worried. She closed her eyes and tried to calm down. The drive felt long. She fell asleep. When she woke up, Alex was parking the car.

As soon as they entered the house, Molly went to her mom, Linda’s bedroom and checked her baby. Baby was fast asleep in the cradle. Linda was sleeping on the bed. She quietly walked out of the room and went to the master bedroom. Alex was standing near the bed with a glass of whiskey. He looked angry. He kept the glass on the bed side table and said, “Close the door and come here.”

Molly closed the door and walked slowly to him, fearing the worst. As soon as she was close to Alex, he slapped her and yelled, “Bitch! Why are you flirting?!”

Shocked by the painful slap, Molly moved away from him, covering her cheeks with her palm. “I was just talking Alex,” she said, crying.

“Do you think, I don’t know the difference between talking and flirting?!” he yelled.

Molly moved back. “I am sorry. I was just talking. I am sorry….”

“Do you want to fuck every man?! bitch!!” he yelled. “What’s wrong with my cock bitch?!” he yelled. “You want a cock. Come! come get it! Come here!” he yelled unzipping his pants and pulling out his penis.

“I am sorry Alex,” Molly said, crying.

“Come on bitch, take what you want!” Alex yelled moving quickly towards her. “Get down on your knees and suck it!!”

“No please….” Molly pleaded.

Alex slapped her again. Molly whimpered and moved back, crying.

“Suck it!!” he yelled stroking his penis and moving closer to her.

Molly lifted her Saree above her knees and knelt down. She reluctantly opened her mouth and took the semi-hard penis in her mouth. She sucked it, as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Stop crying!!” he yelled.

Molly tried to stop crying and she sucked his penis. The smell and taste of urine was repulsive but she was used to it after living with Alex for two years.

Alex began to calm down as pleasure built up. His penis hardened quickly inside her mouth. He loved the fantastic feeling of her mouth around his penis. It felt therapeutic. He kept a hand on the back of her head and pulled her head closer, shoving his penis down her throat. She choked and struggled to breath. He made sure his penis was fully inside her mouth before letting her pull her head back.

Molly didn’t like the way he treated her. She just wanted to get through the torture one last time. She sucked the crown of his penis before moving her head forward, allowing his cock to glide into her mouth. She took the whole six inches in her mouth. She firmly gripped her inner cheeks around his cock and moved her head back, giving it a good, hard suck.

“Do you love that bitch?” Alex asked, pulling his cock out of her mouth as he stared at her.

Molly nodded; afraid he might hit her again.

Alex undressed quickly and returned to the same position, completely naked.

Molly was fed-up of him. She told herself, this was the last time she was doing it. She opened her mouth as Alex came closer. His penis penetrated her mouth. Molly clasped her lips around his shaft and gripped it tightly with her inner cheeks. She could feel the tingling nerves of his rigid cock in her mouth as Alex slowly pulled his penis backward. He pulled it fully out of her mouth, he grabbed the shaft and rubbed the glans of his penis on her lips. Molly closed her eyes and felt his cock rubbing all over her face. She felt it press on her lips again and opened her mouth. Alex pushed deep inside her mouth, till his balls pressed on her lips. “Suck it bitch!” he said, admiring her beautiful face.

Molly enclosed his penis inside her mouth and moved her head back, sucking it hard. Then, she moved her head forward, taking it inside her mouth again. She repeated the movement again and again. For a moment, she ignored Alex’s abusive behaviour and did what she had always liked to do. She sucked his penis passionately, knowing it will soon penetrate her wet vagina or anus.

Alex watched her head move back and forth and her sleek wet tongue dance across the knob-like crown of his prick. He listened to the little wet oral sounds she made as she sucked away the clear drops of juices that oozed from the centre of his glans. Her tongue slicked up and down the underside of his cock-shaft. Her hand glided over the insides of his spread thighs, drifting slowly up. She grabbed his balls and gently squeezed them, as he continued to stare down fascinated by her love for his cock. He groaned and his legs quivered some more as she worked on his aching balls with her fingertips. She wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft, and sucked his cock. The grip of her mouth was so hard that it hurt him, but pleasure was intense. Her tongue licked on the underside of his cock as his cock glided in and out her mouth. He groaned as she repeatedly sucked on his cock as if it was made of candy. She made slurping oral noises. His cock jerked and jumped around in her mouth. Her teeth clamped down around his cock and she sucked, swallowing her saliva and his precum that filled her mouth. She savored the manly taste of the pre-seminal fluids and sucked passionately.

“Alright get on top of the bed and lie down on your back,” Alex said, controlling his urge to ejaculate in her mouth.

Molly stood up. “Do you want me to remove the saree?” she asked, still afraid of him.

“Keep the saree. Remove you blouse, bra and panties,” he said stroking his penis.

Molly removed her blouse and bra as he watched her big, milk filled breasts. She lifted her saree and stripped off her panties. She got on top of the bed and lay down on the mattress, spreading her legs wide open for him.

Alex climbed the bed and knelt down between her legs. He leaned forward over her, placing his hands on the bed, next to both sides of her shoulders to support his upper body. His cock, was positioned at her vagina. He lowered his hips. His cockhead opened the slit of her pussy and slid into her welcoming wet pussy. He lowered, pushing his cock deeper inside her and lay down on her. He moved his head down to her left breast and sucked it. Sweet milk filled his mouth. He swallowed her milk and kept on sucking till he was satisfied. He began moving his hips, gliding his cock back and forth, inside her pussy. He heard her moans of pleasure and wanted to show her how much more pleasure his cock can give her. He stopped sucking and looked at her beautiful face. She was enjoying it with her eyes closed and mouth open. He thrust his cock deep into her pussy with more force, causing her to moan louder with pleasure.

“Do you love that bitch?!” he asked.

Molly opened her eyes and nodded. He pulled his cock out and thrust it inside her again with the same force. Molly closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure. Alex pushed his cock in and out of vagina again and again, watching her enjoying it. Grunting and groaning, he pumped his cock into her pussy rapidly. Intense pleasure took over Molly. She jerked under him. She contracted and relaxed and contracted and relaxed over and over. A long, low pleasure moan came from her lips. Her vaginal channel was suddenly flooded with more pussy juice. Alex shuddered as his semen spurt out. Molly’s pussy squeezed on his cock, milking out every drop of semen. He lay down on her and kissed her lips. He moved his head to the side and rested his head on the pillow, breathing heavily on her neck. His cock deflated and slowly slithered out of her pussy. He rolled over on his back on the bed, beside her.

Few minutes later Molly heard him snoring. Molly was also tired but she didn’t want to put up with his abuse any more. She got down from the bed and got dressed before leaving the bedroom.

Molly woke Linda and told her about the torture she had endured. Linda understood her daughter. They decided to leave. Molly booked a taxi online. They packed basic necessities and left with baby. The taxi arrived near the entrance of the apartment. They reached the airport within thirty minutes. They were lucky to get the next flight.