Chapter 7 – More than a maid

The baby stopped sucking Alfreda‘s nipple and fell asleep. Alfreda gently pulled her nipple out of the baby’s mouth. She held the baby carefully in her hands and stood up. She placed the baby in the cradle and tucked the sheets. She fastened the flap of her nursing bra and pulled down her Lycra blouse.

Alfreda went to the mirror and looked at her reflection. She adjusted her Saree’s pleats and Pallu as she admired herself. She looked sexy and she knew it. Her penis began to harden. She smiled and walked away from the mirror.

Alfreda went to the kitchen. She saw Keerthi and said, “Hi Keerthi!”

“Hi Alfreda,” Keerthi said and looked at Alfreda from top to bottom. “Wow! You look very beautiful.”

“Thanks Keerthi. You look beautiful too,” Alfreda said, looking at Keerthi from top to bottom.

“Thank you,” Keerthi said and blushed.

“I need coffee,” Alfreda said.

“I’ll make coffee for you,” Keerthi said and turned around to take a coffee cup.

“No please. I’ll do it,” Alfreda insisted.

“I’ll do it this time, you can do it next time,” Keerthi said.

“Ok Keerthi, Thanks,” Alfreda said.

As Keerthi turned around to make coffee, Alfreda admired her beauty.

Keerthi was dressed in a light blue Saree that hugged her body and outlined her figure. She was 5’4″. She had average size breasts, slender waist, wide hips and plump bottom. Her pretty face and sweet smile made her very likeable. Unlike Alfreda she didn’t look modern but she had a homely appearance which was equally sexy.

Admiring Keerthi’s bottom, Alfreda’s penis became fully erect. She resisted the urge to hug Keerthi and asked, “So, Keerthi, how long have you been working here?”

“Two years,” Keerthi said, adding a spoon of sugar in a cup.

“Did Sonya give you the job?” Alfreda asked.

“Yes. She was a very good person. I miss her so much,” Keerthi said and her eyes filled with tears. She pulled her Pallu to her face and wiped her tears.

“I am very sorry,” Alfreda said, surprised by Keerthi’s emotional reaction.

Keerthi wiped her tears. She took the cooking pot from the stove, poured coffee in a cup, stirred it with a spoon and gave it to Alfreda with a smile.

“Thanks Keerthi,” Alfreda said.

“Don’t thank me. It’s my job,” Keerthi said.

Alfreda smiled. “See you later,” she said and walked away.

Keerthi watched Alfreda with admiration. She liked Alfreda’s graceful movements, her pretty face, curvy figure, pleasant personality and stylish appearance.

Alfreda slowly climbed the stairs to the first floor and went to her bedroom. She looked into the cradle. The baby was still sleeping. She went to the sliding glass door that exited to the open terrace and stepped out. She stood on the terrace and sipped coffee. She enjoyed the view from there. She wished she owned the house. She told herself she should be happy with what she had and sighed with disappointment.

A few minutes later she heard the bedroom door open and went to the sliding glass door. She looked into the bedroom and saw Rahul standing near the cradle. He saw her and came to the terrace.

“Enjoying the view?” Rahul asked.

Alfreda laughed. “Yes. It’s so beautiful,” she said.

“Are you getting used to the house?” Rahul asked.

“Yes. It’s a very nice house. I wish it was my house,” Alfreda said and laughed.

“Consider it as your house. You can stay here as long as you want,” Rahul said, with a naughty smile on his face.

Alfreda laughed, assuming he must be joking and said, “That reminds me of Keerthi. I met her in the kitchen. I mentioned Sonya’s name and she started crying. Is she a stay-at-home maid?”

Actually, it’s a long story,” Rahul said.

“Can you make it short?” Alfreda asked and laughed.

“Sure,” Rahul said and started telling the story. “I knew Sonya’s Dad before we got married. He is a business man. He used to advise me to get married and settle down. One day he told me he was looking for a good man for his daughter. I jokingly told him I am a good man. He took it seriously and invited me home to meet his daughter. I met her. She didn’t talk much but I liked her. I told her dad that I liked her and everything happened very fast. We got married and everything seemed normal. After five months, she became pregnant. I was very happy but she tried to kill herself. I rescued her and asked her why she wanted to do such a horrible thing. She told me she was a lesbian. She told me her parents forced her to marry me because I was a good man and a rich man. She missed her lesbian partner. Her partner had found someone else after we got married. So, I asked her what I should do to make her life better. She told me, she needed a lesbian partner. I agreed to let her have a lesbian partner. She found a good-looking maid who was also willing to be her lesbian partner. Keerthi is Sonya’s lesbian partner.”

Alfreda laughed with disbelief. “True story?” she asked.

“I know it is hard to believe. But it’s true. I wanted her to be happy,” Rahul said.

“I thought Keerthi was a maid,” Alfreda said.

“After Sonya died, I thought Keerthi will leave but she wants to take care of the baby,” Rahul said and grimaced.

“Oh, poor girl. She must be missing Sonya too much,” Alfreda said.

Rahul shrugged his shoulder and said, “I think she should move on and find a different partner.”

“You don’t want her to stay?” Alfreda asked.

“She is a good person but I don’t want her to waste her life taking care of baby, just because she was in love with Sonya,” Rahul said

Alfreda nodded.

Rahul looked at his wrist watch and said, “I have a dinner meeting with a client. I’ll see you later.”

“Okay, see you later,” Alfreda said.

Rahul quickly kissed her on the lips and said, “I might sneak into the room and make love to you in the middle of the night.”

Alfreda laughed and said, “You are welcome anytime.”

“That’s my girl,” Rahul said and kissed her lips again.

Alfreda smiled and watched Rahul step into the bedroom and walk away. She enjoyed the view from the terrace for a few more minutes before entering the bedroom. She went to the cradle and looked inside. She was surprised to see the baby awake and playing. She smiled affectionately at the baby and the baby smiled at her. She couldn’t believe she was able to bond with a baby like a mother. She lifted the baby from the cradle and carried him. She left the room and slowly stepped down the stairs. She reached the ground floor and went to the living room. She sat down on the sofa, holding the baby in her arms. The baby tried to suck her breasts, so she unhooked her blouse and unstrapped the flap of her nursing bra. She kept the nipple of her left breast in the baby’s mouth. The baby closed his mouth around her nipple and started sucking. She closed her eyes and relaxed.

After sometime Keerthi said, “Beautiful.”

Alfreda opened her eyes and looked up. Keerthi was smiling at her.

Alfreda smiled and said, “Yeah…baby is very beautiful.”

Keerthi sat next to Alfreda and asked, “Do you have children?”

“No,” Alfreda said and laughed.

“No? How are you lactating?” Keerthi asked, curiously.

Alfreda took a deep breath and said, “I’ll tell you, if you promise me, you won’t get shocked.”

Keerthi was quiet for a moment wondering what could be so shocking and said, “Okay, I promise.”

Alfreda looked into Keerthi’s eyes and said, “First of all, I want you to know the doctor said it is okay for me to breast feed baby.”

Keerthi shrugged her shoulder and said, “Ok…but, how are you…”

“Keerthi, I am a trans-woman,” Alfreda said.

Keerthi made a surprised expression and asked, “You are joking, right?”

“No,” Alfreda said. “I went through an experimental feminising hormonal treatment.  It included lactation treatment. I was also treated with breast pump to stimulate my breasts. As my breasts began to grow, I started to lactate. At first, I used to get only droplets. After a few months it increased to 227 grams of milk per day. As the regimen made my breasts grow fuller, my lactation increased. I could produce 500 grams of milk. Now I can produce about 1000 grams.”

“I can’t believe it. You are too beautiful to be a trans-woman. And, l can’t believe you are lactating without giving birth to a child,” Keerthi said thinking Alfreda must be lying but she couldn’t understand for what purpose Alfreda had to lie.

“I am sorry I didn’t tell you. I thought Rahul or Ragini would have told you,” Alfreda said and looked down at baby who had stopped sucking and gone to sleep.

“I am not that important to them,” Keerthi said.

“Me too. I am just taking care of the baby temporarily because I can breast feed the baby. I’ll leave when they want me to go,” Alfreda said.

“Wow! It’s so difficult to believe. You are more beautiful than Sonya. I thought you would become Rahul’s next wife,” Keerthi said.

“What?!” Alfreda was surprised.

“I have seen the way he looks at you,” Keerthi said.

“Keerthi, I am a pre-op trans-woman. There is no way he will be interested in marrying me,” Alfreda said.

“Pre…op… what is that?” Keerthi asked.

Alfreda pulled her nipple out of the baby’s mouth. She looked at Keerthi and said, “Pre-op. It is used to refer to a trans person who has not had genital surgery.”

“So… oh…are you saying…. you?” Keerthi was lost for words.

Alfreda put the hooks of her blouse and said, “Yes Keerthi, I have a penis.”

“It’s shocking!” Keerthi said looking shocked.

Alfreda stood up holding the baby in her arms. She went to the cradle and kept the baby inside. She turned around and went to the sofa again. She looked at Keerthi and said, “Sorry to disappoint you.”

“I am not disappointed. I am just shocked,” Keerthi said.

“You are a lesbian. You should know it is normal nowadays,” Alfreda said and started to walk away.

“Alfreda! Wait, please,” Keerthi said.

Alfreda turned around and looked at Keerthi. Keerthi stood up and went closer to Alfreda. She hesitated for a moment and asked, “Do you like men or women?”

“I like men and woman,” Alfreda said.

“Are you bi-sexual?” Keerthi asked.

Alfreda nodded.

“Do you like me?” Keerthi asked.

“I like you very much Keerthi. Do you like me?” Alfreda asked.

“I like you very much. Can I hug you?” Keerthi asked.

“Are you sure, you want to hug me?” Alfreda asked and said, “I didn’t lie to you. I have a penis.”

“You look like a woman. That’s all matters to me,” Keerthi said and smiled.

Alfreda smiled with relief and asked, “Really?”

“Really,” Keerthi said and opened her arms.

Alfreda went into Keerthi’s arms and put her arms around Keerthi. The ladies hugged, feeling their soft bodies against each other. Their breasts felt like jelly as they pressed on each other.

Keerthi felt like she was in Sonya’s arms again. Alfreda was a few inches taller than Sonya but her hug felt warm like Sonya’s hug. Keerthi moved her head back and looked into Alfreda’s eyes. Alfreda smiled at her shyly. Keerthi kissed Alfreda’s lips. Their lips were soft, almost like silken, and pillowy against each other’s lips. Keerthi’s tongue entered Alfreda’s mouth and their tongues licked, tasting each other.

The beautiful ladies kissed passionately expressing the strong, mutual sexual attraction they felt.

Keerthi felt the hardness of Alfreda’s cock on her lower belly. Alfreda pressed her cock on Keerthi, seeking comfort.

Keerthi broke the kiss and looked into Alfreda’s eyes. “I can feel it,” she said.

“Do you believe me now?” Alfreda asked and smiled.

Keerthi nodded and said, “I have an idea.”

“What is it?” Alfreda asked.

“Do you like women?” Keerthi asked.

“If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be holding you,” Alfreda said and smiled.

“Okay. Let’s go to my bedroom,” Keerthi said. She freed Alfreda from her hug.

Alfreda freed Keerthi from her arms. Keerthi held Alfreda’s left hand and said, “Come.”

Alfreda followed Keerthi feeling excited. Keerthi laughed feeling excited and happy to be with Alfreda. They entered Keerthi’s room. Then Keerthi looked at Alfreda and said, “You lie down on your back, okay?”

“Okay,” Alfreda said wondering what Keerthi had on her mind.

“Okay! Don’t forget to remove your panties,” Keerthi said. She lifted her Saree and Petticoat, and removed her panties.

Alfreda laughed. She lifted her Saree and Petticoat. She pulled her panties down to her ankle and removed it.

Alfreda climbed on top of the bed first and lay down on her back. Keerthi climbed the bed and knelt down with her back facing Alfreda. Her knees were on the bed, next to both sides of Alfreda, straddling over her.

Alfreda lifted Keerthi’s Saree and saw Keerthi’s bare bottom before her face. The beauty of Keerthi’s bottom made her feel more excited.

Keerthi pulled Alfreda’s Saree and looked down at Alfreda’s cock with disbelief. “It’s so big!” she said, gazing at the big cock. She touched the hard cock and ran her fingers up and down the swollen shaft. It pulsated in her hand and she grasped it firmly. She was surprised by the thickness. She had not had sex with a cock that was as thick and long as Alfreda’s cock. She wondered if her vagina could take it fully inside.

Alfreda massaged the soft mounds of Keerthi’s ass-flesh and spread them apart. Keerthi’s anus looked cute. Her pubic hair had been trimmed very short and her vaginal fluids had spread around the soft-looking labia. Alfreda liked the musky smell of Keerthi’s pussy juice. She put her tongue out and licked the juice on Keerthi’s wet labia.

Keerthi shivered feeling Alfreda’s tongue on her vagina. She looked down at Alfreda’s cock. A pearly drop of pre-come shined on the slit of her piss-hole. She put her tongue out and licked it off.

Alfreda put two fingers inside Keerthi’s vagina and slowly finger-fucked Keerthi’s damp vaginal hole.

Keerthi lowered her head, she put her tongue out and slowly licked the round bulbous head of Alfreda’s cock. Then, carefully, she lowered her mouth over the pink cockhead. Her mouth stretched wide and sucked in, half of Alfreda’s cock.

Alfreda’s fingers rapidly fucked in and out of Keerthi’s vagina making Keerthi feel hotter and hotter.

Keerthi lowered her head more, sucking Alfreda’s cock fully inside her mouth. Her mouth was stuffed with cock-meat and she loved it.

Keerthy had not sucked a cock for a long time. She had stopped having sex with men after concluding all men were abusive and manipulative. She had been determined to have sex only with women but she had secretly missed sucking cocks. She was happy she had found a trans-woman who could be her lesbian sex partner and also give her the pleasure of sucking and fucking a cock.

Alfreda liked Keerthi’s warm and wet mouth around her cock. She pulled her fingers out of Keerthi’s vagina and put it in her mouth. She sucked her fingers tasting Keerthi’s vaginal fluids. She liked it. She put her fingers inside Keerthi’s vaginal hole again and began finger-fucking her, again.

‘Oh! This is so good. I can never get enough of this!’ Keerthi told herself as she sucked Alfreda’s cock. She inhaled the masculine odour of Alfreda’s semen and moved her lips and tongue back and forth, covering every last inch of Alfreda’s hard-cock.

Alfreda pulled her fingers out of Keerthi’s vaginal hole and licked her fingers. Then she began rubbing Keerthi’s clit with her fingers rapidly.

Keerthi moaned as pleasure soared and neared the peak while Alfreda worked on her clit. She fondled Alfreda’s balls with one hand and continued pumping Alfreda’s cock inside her mouth. Her fingers let go of Alfreda’s balls and moved down. She stuck a finger between Alfreda’s ass-cheeks and into Alfreda’s anus. Alfreda felt Keerthi’s fingers suddenly invade her anus and stiffened, letting out a low-pitched moan. She wanted more than a finger in her ass. She wanted a cock and thought fondly of Rahul and Siddharth who loved to penetrate her anus.

“Oh! Keerthi! I am coming!” Alfreda said, rubbing her fingers rapidly on Keerthi’s clit.

Keerthi’s mouth pressed hard on Alfreda’s cock. Her finger slammed into Alfreda’s anus and Alfreda’s cock seemed to explode in Keerthi’s mouth as Keerthi felt the first jet of milky-white hot semen inside her mouth. She swallowed it down, and began to shake as Alfreda’s fingers worked like magic on her clit, causing her to climax. More and more cream spurted thickly into Keerthi’s mouth as Alfreda’s cock throbbed in her mouth. Slowly she withdrew the finger that had been pistoning into Alfreda’s ass. Then, she licked and swallowed the last drops semen from Alfreda’s shrinking cock.

Keerthi kissed Alfreda’s cock one more time before rolling over and lying down next to Alfreda.

“Wow! You are so much more than woman. You are a super-woman,” Keerthi said, savouring the taste of Alfreda’s semen in her mouth.

“And you are not just a maid. You are a super-maid and Sonya’s, lover. Aren’t you?” Alfreda asked.

“I was her lover. Now I am your lover,” Keerthi said and smiled.

“You are my lesbian lover,” Alfreda said and both the women laughed.

After spending some more time with Keerthi, Alfreda went to her bedroom and had a shower.

That night, after Alfreda had dinner, she breastfed the baby and put him to sleep. Then, she removed her clothes and injected anal lubrication inside her anus. She got dressed in a short, red lace nighty and lay down on the bed. She sipped wine and read a romance novel as she waited for Rahul. After 20 minutes she felt sleepy and fell asleep.

Rahul came home at midnight. He went to the master bedroom and saw his baby sleeping in the cradle. He went closer to the bed and saw Alfreda sleeping. He admired her for a moment. Then he quickly removed his clothes. He shook her. She mumbled something in her sleep. He turned her on her stomach and lay down on her back.

“Hmm…Rahul,” Alfreda grunted, feeling his heavy weight on her back.

Rahul’s cockhead pressed against Alfreda’s anus and opened it. As he pushed, the thick cockhead stretched her anal hole, sliding inside her, filling her up with his thick, long cock. He slowly pumped his cock in and out of her anal-hole. Then he increased pace and fucked quicker and stronger, slamming his groin on her soft ass cheeks.

Alfreda’s cock was hard as a rock but it rested comfortably on the soft mattress. She lay still, welcoming every penetration that filled up her asshole again and again till her asshole was filled with thick, creamy semen.

After Rahul’s cock shrunk and popped out of Alfreda’s anus, he rolled over and lied down on his back, next to Alfreda. He kissed her on her lips and said, “Good night darling. I love you.”

“Good night. Love you,” Alfreda said and fell asleep again.