Chapter 3 – Cure for infatuation


Farida left the office at her usual time and went to the parking area. She started her Honda Activa and rode out of the office premises. As she reached the streets, she looked at the shop expecting to see Rahul. And sure enough, he was there, just standing and looking at her. He looked heart broken. She pitied him and decided to talk to Priya.

After riding her scooter for five minutes, Farida stopped near a few shops and called Priya.

“Hello beautiful!” Priya said.

Farida laughed. “Priya, I want to meet you?”

“Sure. Where are you?”

“RV Road. Near the shops.”

“Good. I am near Phoenix mall. Can you come here?”

“Yes. See you there.”

Farida met Priya at the mall. They shopped around and had a good time. They had supper at about 7:30. While they were eating Farida pointed at a guy and said, “Is that your brother?”

Priya looked at the guy and said, “No. Just a doppelganger.”

“How is he?” Farida asked casually.

“Who? Rahul?”

Farida nodded, chewing food.

“Mom told me some girl rejected him. He looks heartbroken nowadays. I think he gets infatuated easily with wrong girls. They end up rejecting him.”

“He’ll get over it,” Farida said.

After having supper with Priya, they left the mall. Farida dropped Priya at her house.


Farida’s point of view

I felt sorry for Rahul. I wanted help him. He was taking it to hard on himself. I didn’t dislike him. I felt like he was my younger brother because he was Priya’s younger brother. When I met him for the first time after three years, I was sure he was falling for me by the way he was looking at me. A week later, he had found out where I worked and met me outside the office. He had given me a rose and told me, he loved me and he had been waiting to meet a woman like me. I had politely told him I was older than him. But he had told me, age doesn’t matter to him and requested me to give him one chance. I had just smiled and walked away. Since then, he had been leaving flowers near my door, following me, sending me romantic messages and pleading with me to give him a chance. I had tried to ignore him, but after seeing him continually near my office for a month, I decided to end it.


Narrator’s point of view

Before going to bed, Farida called Rahul.

“Farida?” Rahul answered the call.

“How are you?” Farida asked, worried about him.

“I am still alive,” Rahul said with a sad tone in his voice.

“Please don’t talk like that,” Farida said.

Rahul was quiet, so Farida said, “I want to go shopping tomorrow. Do you want to join me?”

“Sure. I would love to,” there was a sudden excitement in Rahul’s voice.

“Good. Can you pick me up at 10?”

“Sure. I would love to,” Rahul sounded more exited.

“See you tomorrow! Bye!” Farida said cheerfully to cheer him up.

“See you…bye!” Rahul said happily.

Farida went to bed feeling good.

After a good night sleep, Farida woke up at 8:20. She got down from the bed and went to the bathroom. She peed and brushed her teeth,  before going to the kitchen. She made coffee and bread toast. She ate breakfast, watching morning news on TV. Then, she went the bathroom, answered nature’s call. After she was done she had a good long shower.

Farida felt fresh after a shower. She wore a maroon saree and matching blouse. The saree wrapped well around her, clinging to her body and highlighting the curves of her body. She put on simple gold bangles, earrings and a necklace, which had dark red stones that matched the colour of the saree. She touched up her face with light make up, lip gloss, kajal, and bindi. She slipped into a sandal and packed her hand bag with essentials. She was ready by 9:35am.

Ten minutes later the door bell rang. Farida opened the door.

“Wow! Wow! beautiful!” Rahul said taken aback. “I am just mind blown! Wow!”

Farida laughed. “Shh…the neighbors will come out,” Farida said stepping out of the flat.

As Farida locked the door, Rahul checked out Farida’s back. The saree had clinged so well on her butt, he could see the curves of her butt cheeks.

Farida turned around and looked at Rahul. She laughed, seeing his lust-struck expression on his face. “Let’s go,” she said.

Rahul was embarrassed. He hoped she wouldn’t spot the bulge on his crotch that was caused by an erection.

They took the lift to the ground level and went to the parking area.

“Where’s is your bike?” Farida asked.

Rahul pointed at his Yamaha. “That’s my bike.”

“The seat is too high. I won’t be able to sit on the high seat. Can we take my scooter please?”


Farida kept her handbag in the storage area and pulled her scooter behind. She sat down first and said, “Have a seat sir.”

They laughed and Rahul sat down trying to avoid pressing on Farida’s back but her butt was too big. His crotch pressed on her butt and Farida felt his hard penis on her butt. She laughed and said, “Don’t worry about it. Just sit comfortably.”

“Sorry I didn’t expect that to happen.” Rahul was embarrassed.

“Don’t be sorry. It’s natural, I guess. Just relax, ok?”

Farida started the bike and began riding. She could feel Rahul’s very hard penis pressing on her butt. She felt his discomfort and said, “Please sit comfortably,” and laughed.

“Sorry”, Rahul apologized.

“It okay. Don’t worry,” Farida said and focused on the traffic.

As she rode further, Rahul realized it was a moment to cherish. He relaxed and focused on his hard penis. He pressed his penis on her soft butt. He liked it.

After a few minutes of riding, Farida stopped at a signal. She looked over her shoulder and said, “I am getting a company car next week.”

“Wow!” Rahul said.

“hmm…my boss is a good man,” Farida said remembering Sidharth.

The signal turned green and Farida started riding again. After fifteen minutes they reached the destination. Farida parked the bike and they got down.

As Farida and Rahul walked on the street, they got people’s attention. They were a good looking couple. Rahul was 5 feet 9 inches. Farida was 5 feet 7 inches. Rahul was muscular and Farida was sexy.

Farida felt comfortable walking with Rahul. He looked muscular enough to intimidate most men and he was confident despite being five years younger than her.

They went to a saree shop. Farida checked lot of sarees and asked Rahul’s opinion about the sarees. After ten minutes she selected two sarees which Rahul liked.

After exiting the shop, Farida’s said, “Lunch time.”

“Hmm…yeah. There’s a good restaurant at the end of the street.” Rahul said.

“Okay. Let’s go there.”

They went to a classy restaurant located on the 12th floor of a commercial building. They went to the terrace seating area. They sat down at a table that had a breathtaking view of the city.

After ordering food, while they waited, Farida looked into Rahul’s eyes and asked, “Do you still love me?”

“Absolutely. I love you very much,” Rahul said confidently.

“Are you sure it’s not infatuation?”

“I am sure,” Rahul reassured her.

“Hmm…Rahul, love is a deep affection for someone and lasts the test of takes time to develop. Infatuation is passion for someone which usually lasts for a short time.”

“I understand,” Rahul said.

“Okay. Let’s get to know each other first. I’ll share some secrets with you. So please don’t tell anyone else, ok?”

Rahul nodded. “Ok.”

Farida looked into his eyes and  said, “I am not a virgin.”

Rahul puckered his lips and hesitantly said, “That’s okay.”

“Are you a virgin?” Farida asked.

“Yes,” Rahul said smiling.

“Are you saving your virginity for your future wife?”

“Yes. I am saving it for you,” Rahul said.

Farida laughed. “You are crazy.”


“I’ll share one more secret with you,” Farida said.


“I am your sister’s new girl friend.” Farida lifted her high highbrow.

“No way!” Rahul couldn’t believe it. “I thought Amrita was her girl friend.”

“They broke up. That’s why Priya tried to…you know the rest.”

“You are telling me all this just to stop me from loving you, right?”

Farida shook her head. “I just want you to know me better.”

Rahul took some time to digest all the information, as the food was served. After the waiter left, he asked, “Do you still like men?”

“Of course. I think I am a bisexual.”

Rahul nodded.

They ate quietly for a few minutes before Farida asked, “So do you still love me?”

Rahul nodded, chewing food. “Yes. I love you.”

Farida laughed, “You have lost your mind.”

Rahul shrugged. “I think you are beautiful outside and inside,” he said.

Farida smiled, taking it as a compliment.

They finished eating and left the restaurant. After a ten minute walk they went to the parking area. They got on the scooter and Farida rode it towards home. After five minutes, she could feel Rahul’s penis on her lower back. She felt it harden gradually on her lower back. Within a few seconds, she could feel extra moisture in her vagina. She smiled to herself and continued riding the bike.

Farida exited the main road and turned into a road that had less traffic. The road was broad and clean.

“I love this road. It’s less chaotic,” she said.

Rahul laughed. “Yeah,” he said and casually grabbed both sides of Farida’s bare waist.

Farida’s was a bit taken aback. She could feel Rahul’s palm on her bare waist. His palm felt rough on her soft, smooth skin. His fingers dug into the soft flesh and squeezed gently. Her heart started beating fast with excitement. She had not expected him to make a bold move. She continued riding the scooter. Few minutes later, after they reached a busy intersection, Rahul took his hands away from her.

After ten minutes, they reached the apartment. Farida stopped the scooter at her parking spot. They got down from the scooter, relieved to be off the roads.

“Terrible traffic,” Farida said.

Rahul laughed. “Yeah. It’s just chaos.”

“If you don’t have other plans, just come to my flat and relax till you feel better.” Farida smiled.

“Okay,” Rahul said, accepting the invitation.

Farida opened the door to her flat and entered inside. After Rahul entered the flat, she closed the door. She removed her sandals and went to the living room. She turned on the TV, selected her favourite channel. She turned to face Rahul and asked, “Do you want something to drink? Coffee? Coke? Tea?”

“Do you have cold coke?”

“Yes. I’ll get it.”


“Sit down. Relax.”

Rahul watched Farida turn around and walk to the kitchen. Her enormous butt bounced and wobbled. ‘Breathtaking woman!,’ he thought. His penis was still hard. He wondered if he should make the first move. He looked around the flat. The atmosphere in the flat emanated Farida’s classy personality. The smell of feminine fragrances was overwhelming. He loved everything about her.


Farida’s point of view

I liked Rahul. He was tall, handsome and composed. I was sure, he was just infatuated with me. Rejecting him had not worked so I decided to help him get over the crush he had on me.


Narrator’s point of view

Farida came back with two glasses of coke. She gave one glass to Rahul. She came next to him and sat down very close to him. Rahul’s heart started beating fast. He took a sip of coke and kept the glass on the table.

Farida sipped coke and watched Kajol dance in the TV screen. She kept the glass on the table  and said “She’s beautiful.”

“Ah…hmm…you are more beautiful than her,” Rahul said it like he meant it.

Farida felt touched by the way he was attracted to her. She touched the top of his thigh and said, “Rahul?”

Rahul turned to look at Farida.

“Do you want to make love to me?”

He looked into her eyes and said, “Yes.”

Farida smiled. “Come let’s go to the bed room.”

Farida took another sip of coke from the glass and stood up. She began walking to the bedroom. Rahul followed her.

Rahul looked around the sunlit bedroom. The room was medium size, clean and smelled of flowers. The walls were white and had photo frames. There was a king size bed, a bed side table with a vase of roses on it and there was a TV facing the bed.

Farida smiled at Rahul. “Take off your cloths,” she said and started removing the hooks of her blouse.

Rahul removed his cloths quickly and looked at Farida. Her large breasts were bare but her saree’s pallu lay between her breasts. They looked like melons, jutting proudly up to him. Her pointed nipples were surrounded by brown haloes, crested on the lovely fleshy mounds of her breasts. As she bent a bit, to lift her saree, her breasts liquidly juggled. She lifted her saree and stripped off her panty.

Rahul moved closer to her and stood before her. She smiled at him and looked down at his penis. It was long and thick. It was surrounded by black pubic hair, thickly covering his groin. She moved her hands forward and cupped his testicles and penis. He sighed, as her fingers gently caressed, pulsating life into his penis. She looked at his face, as her fingertips circled on the sensitive crown of his penis. Rahul lost control. He took her in his arms and hastily kissed her lips. He sucked on her lips and his tongue probed her mouth. His hands moved all over her body, squeezing her waist and butt. He grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard. Farida gently pushed him. He sucked hard on her lower lip and let it go.

“Slowly please,” Farida said looking into his eyes.

Rahul nodded, looking at her desperately.

“Come,” Farida said and turned around.

She went to the bed. Rahul followed her. She lifted her saree above her waist and got on top of the bed. She lay down on her back. She bent her knee and spread her legs apart.

Rahul got on top of the bed. He knelt between her legs and looked down at her. The beauty of her round, plumpy thighs and cleanly shaved vagina was mesmerizing. He bent forward, on top of her, and placed his hands on the bed, on her sides. He bent his hand and supported his upper body with his elbows.

They were in a missionary position. Farida stretched her hand and grabbed his penis. She glided her fingers up and down the hard shaft. Rahul lowered his hip. Farida guided his penis between the outer lips of her labia. The crown of his penis parted her labia and his thick cock slid inside. He pushed inside the lubricated channel of her vagina.

She grunted and quivered as he entered. Big, hard, and swollen, his cock filled her to the brim of her vagina. She looked up at him, as he let out a sigh of relief.

“Like it?” she asked.

Rahul looked down. “It feels so good,” he said.

“Do it again,” Farida said.

He moved his hip back, pulling his cock outward from the clinging channel of her vagina. Then he pushed forward, drilling full length into her welcoming pussy, as he admired her pretty face. She groaned with her eyes closed. He pulled out again and she moaned. Then he slammed inside quickly. The sudden invasion caused her to moan with delight. The tight, young muscles of her pussy contracted, surrounding his thick cock. His hip jerked upward, then lunged down again, burying the hard rod of flesh deeper into her cunt.

He pulled and pushed again and again instinctively as he felt desperate to release. She grunted ever time he pounded into her pussy. Her body was jolted time and again, as he slammed on her groin, and pumped his cock into her recklessly.

Groaning, with intense pleasure she lay under him. She felt a soaring pleasure. Her thighs throbbed. Her pussy tingled as his cock plunged inside again and again. Her body felt warm and her cheeks turned red. Wave after wave of pleasure spread throughout her body. Suddenly her body shuddered. Her eyes squeezed shut as she felt like crying with joy.

Simultaneously, Rahul’s balls felt heavy and from the depths of his testicles a molten flow raced through his throbbing and pulsing cock. He erupted, spewing the thick semen inside her pussy. With his cock deep inside her cunt, he emptied himself until the his sperm overflowed from her pussy.

He lay on her for a while, gratefully. Their bodies trembled. He raised himself on his elbow and looked down at her beautiful face. Her eyes were closed. With tender love, he kissed her lips. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

“Thank you,” he said.

She smiled and said, “Anytime.”

Farida hoped, she had cured his infatuation.