Chapter 7 – More than wham bam

The party was in full gear. The music was loud. The living room was filled with family and friends. People were dancing in the middle of the living room. The elderly had occupied the sofas and chairs. Younger people were standing at comfortable locations around the living room and balcony. They had gathered to celebrate Darshan and Aishwarya’s second marriage anniversary.

Poornima stood on one side of the living room chatting with a group of ladies. She wasn’t aware of men secretly checking her out. In her 14th week pregnancy, she had put on more weight. Her baby bump was clearly visible through her see-through saree. Her breasts and buttocks had become bigger.

Aishwarya’s husband, Darshan, stood in another corner of the living room, chatting with friends. He could clearly see Poornima’s back. ‘She is gorgeous,’ he thought admiring her peer shaped figure.

Aishwarya walked into the living room holding a tray full of snacks. Heads turned to look at her. But Poornima looked at Rishab. She saw him checking out Aishwarya. Aishwarya smiled at him. Rishab winked at Aishwarya not knowing that his wife, Poornima was watching him.

Poornima was hurt and jealous of Aishwarya. She suddenly needed fresh air. She moved away from the ladies. She went to the staircase that led to the terrace and started climbing it. She reached the top and opened the door. She stepped out on the terrace and closed the door. She moved away from the door and went to the center of the terrace. Cool breeze blew on her as if nature wanted to comfort her. The smell of flowers from the terrace garden was refreshing. She took a deep breath and rubbed her baby bump feeling closer to her baby. A few minutes later, her alone-time was interrupted by the creaking sound of the door opening. She saw Darshan step out on the terrace. He looked at her before latching the door.

Poornima looked curiously at Darshan as he approached her. He smiled and said, “I saw you climbing the stairs and came to see if you are ok. Are you ok? ”

“I just needed some fresh air.” Poornima said looking up at him and thinking ‘he is so handsome.

“How is the baby?” Darshan asked.

“Growing bigger every day,” Poornima said and laughed.

Darshan pulled out his mobile from his pocket and said, “Poornima, there is something you should know. I don’t know if this is the right time to talk about it, but it is very important.”

“What is it, Darshan?” Poornima asked.

Darshan played a video on his mobile and gave the mobile to Poornima.

Poornima watched a video of Rishab having sex with Aishwarya, doggy style. She gave the mobile back to Darshan and said, “I know about it, Darshan.”

“You know?” Darshan asked, surprised.

“Yes. I saw the same video on Rishab’s mobile. They don’t know that I know. I have been struggling with it,” Poornima said, folding her hands.

“Why are you struggling with it, Poornima? Isn’t it a good that we caught them cheating?” Darshan asked.

“But Darshan, you and Rishab like Aishwarya more than me. What does Aishwarya have that I don’t have? Why is Rishab cheating on me? I did everything to satisfy him.” Tears filled Poornima’s eyes.

“There’s nothing wrong with you Poornima. Maybe he is just a cheater,” Darshan said.

Poornima nodded. “Are you just a cheater too? Is that why you cheated on Aishwarya and got me pregnant?”

“Aren’t we both cheaters, Poornima?” Darshan asked.

“Darshan, I had sex with you because Rishab is infertile and I wanted a child,” Poornima said and tears rolled down her cheeks.

“I thought you had sex with me because you liked me,” Darshan said and paused, giving time for Poornima to respond. When she didn’t respond he asked, “How do you know Rishab is infertile?”

“I have been having sex with Rishab since I got married. I didn’t get pregnant. I got pregnant immediately after having sex with you.” Poornima paused to see his reaction and asked, “Are you doubting me Darshan? Do you think I am carrying Rishab’s baby?”

“Poornima, I hope I am the baby’s dad. But honestly, I don’t care. I just want you,” Darshan said.

“You told me many times that you love Aishwarya,” Poornima said and asked, “Why do you want me, Darshan?”

“I want you because I love you more than Aishwarya,” Darshan said.

“You love me?” Poornima asked lifting her eyebrow. “You have never told me that you love me. If you really love me, you would have tried to meet me after we returned from the holiday. You have been avoiding me after I told you I was pregnant. You lost interest in me. Even when you used to have sex with me, it was just, ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’,” Poornima said, venting her frustrations.

“Sorry Poornima,” Darshan said. “I assumed your relationship with Rishab would have become stronger because I thought you were having his baby. And it was ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ because we had to do it secretly most of the time. But it wasn’t like that when we went for a holiday together. I made love to you at least twice every day. You found out you were pregnant and left one day early to tell the good news to Rishab. You knew it was my baby, but you wanted to tell him the good news.” Darshan said, defending himself.

Poornima shook her head and said, “I returned from the holiday early because you couldn’t stop telling me how much you love your wife. I thought at least Rishab loved me. But on the day, I returned home early after our holiday together, I saw Rishab and Aishwarya having sex. That’s when I knew he didn’t love me. I had sex with you to have my own child and to be a mom. I was tired of people telling me I am barren. Rishab was refusing to get his fertility tested. You avoided me after I told you I was pregnant.”

“Poornima? Listen…” Darshan said. “It’s not too late. They don’t know about our affair. We have evidence of them cheating. Let’s divorce them and let’s get married, ok?”

Poornima smiled. “Are you sure Darshan?” she asked.

“I am sure,” Darshan assured her.

Poornima couldn’t believe it. It was the best news she had heard since she had become pregnant. She wanted to hug him and kiss him, but she just smiled shyly and shrugged.

Seeing her reaction, Darshan asked, “Do you want to be my wife, Poornima?”

Poornima looked down shyly and said, “I don’t know”.

Darshan came closer to her and asked, “So you don’t want to be my wife?”

Poornima shook her head, smiling shyly.

“Well in that case…can I at least get one more ‘wham bam’ please?” Darshan teased her.

Poornima looked up at him, surprised. “What? Here?” she asked.

Darshan nodded. “Just bend forward like Aishwarya does in the video,” he said and laughed.

“You are so horny Darshan!” Poornima said and shook her head.

“I get a hard-on every time I see you,” Darshan said moving closer to her.

Poornima laughed and asked, “Do you really want to do it?”

“Yes. I missed you so much. We didn’t have sex for a long time, and I have a hard-on,” Darshan said.

“Our baby became 14 weeks old since we had sex last time,” Poornima said and laughed.

“Let’s have sex before baby turns 15 weeks,” Darshan joked. He looked around and looked down, “let’s do it down, here.”

“Here?” Poornima looked down at the large, square patch of artificial grass that covered the centre of the terrace garden. “Is the door closed?” She asked.

“Yes. I latched it.” Darshan confirmed.

Poornima smiled, seeing lust on Darshan’s face. She lifted her Saree and stripped off her panty.

Darshan unbuttoned his jean and pulled it down with his underwear.

Poornima fondly looked down at Darshan’s cock. She had missed it for more than three months. Her heart started beating with excitement. Her legs felt weak at the thought of feeling his cock inside her vagina again.

“Are you ok, Poornima?” Darshan asked concerned.

Poornima smiled and nodded. She lifted her saree, above her hips and turned around, revealing her buttocks. Darshan’s heart began to thump with excitement. The beauty of her large buttocks was breathtaking every time he saw it. He watched her kneel and bend forward on all fours. He knelt behind her. He touched her inner thighs and squeezed the soft flesh. He rubbed the outer labia of her vagina with his fingers. It was clean shaved, smooth and soft. He felt her vaginal fluid on his fingers and knew she was ready.

Darshan pointed his cock at her vagina and moved closer. He felt the slit of her vagina on his cockhead and asked the question Rishab had asked his wife, Aishwarya in the video, “Do you want it?”

Poornima understood the joke and laughed. But she didn’t say the words Poornima said in the video. She just said, “Yes…make love to me.”

Darshan laughed and pushed his cock slowly. His cockhead parted her pussy lips and she welcomed his cock inside her pussy. Darshan pushed deeper and Poornima moaned with pleasure as the thick cock filled her pussy hole. Darshan felt encouraged by the sweet sounds of Poornima’s pleasurable moaning. Her vaginal canal stretched and contracted around his thick cock. Darshan sighed with relief. He didn’t care about Rishab fucking his wife anymore. He just wanted to fuck Rishab’s beautiful wife whenever he wanted. He moved his hand down on her baby bump and asked, “Are you happy with my baby?”

Poornima laughed. “Very happy,” she said, feeling his long, thick cock buzzing and twitching inside her pussy.

Darshan moved his hands on her ass cheeks and squeezed the soft flesh. He pulled back, sliding his dick outward. Her vagina gripped around his dick, as if she didn’t want to let it go. But he pulled out, till only the crown of his dick was inside her. Then he pushed inside again, looking down at her pussy as it swallowed his entire cock. ‘Beautiful,’ he thought. He bent down over her and kissed the back of her shoulder affectionately.

Poornima moaned feeling his loving kiss. Darshan realized they didn’t have much time. He straightened his back. He pulled his cock outward and quickly pushed deep inside her again, causing her to moan with pleasure. He felt so good, he did it again and again. He penetrated her in quick succession, desperate to get the most of her gripping pussy. He banged his crotch on her plump buttocks and fucked her harder and faster. In and out, he pistoned his cock inside her pussy as pleasure built up.

Poornima accepted his cock again and again with pleasure. Her body quaked every time he slammed his crotch on her buttocks. She began to feel the familiar tingles in her clit. It spread to her inner thighs and quickly to the tip of her toes. She felt her baby move as her baby’s dad fucked her with a sudden urgency to ejaculate inside her vagina. A cool stream of pleasure flowed in her abdomen and she groaned “Oh Darshan…Ooooooooohhhhhh Darshan”. Her face turned red. She got goosebumps. Intense waves of pleasure swept through out her body. Her skin tightened. Her nipples felt harder and sensitive, her face and chest flushed.

Darshan pounded Poornima harder, seeing her orgasm. He could feel her vagina tightening its grip on his cock attempting to squeeze out his semen. His cock felt heavy, and his movements became irregular.

Poornima’s breathing also became heavy. A thin layer of cold sweat covered her skin. She spasmed and moaned as she lost control of herself. Sexual pleasure exploded in her head and she laughed, enjoying the intense orgasm as she climaxed.

Darshan plunged his cock, deep inside Poornima’s vagina. The fat crown of his dick jumped and jerked. He shuddered and shot his cum inside her vagina. His cock spurted thick cream and flooded her pussy. She could feel every little throb of his ejaculating cock. She loved it.

Darshan saw Poornima relaxing and asked, “Did you like it?”

“Hmmm….Yes. Did you like it?” Poornima asked looking over her shoulder.

“I loved it,” Darshan said pulling out his cock and saying, “Thank you, ma’am”.

Poornima laughed, happy to know that she had sexually satisfied him again.

Darshan pulled out his limp penis from Poornima’s vagina and stood up. He pulled up his jeans and underwear quickly.

Poornima stood up . She put on her panty and tidied her saree.

Darshan asked Poornima to go down first to avoid suspicion. So, Poornima went down the stairs observing the crowd. Everybody was still having fun. Rishab and Aishwarya seemed to be having a romantic conversation, but it didn’t bother Poornima anymore. She was happy, Darshan didn’t want to just have sex with her but he wanted to divorce Aishwarya and marry her.