Chapter 1 – Wannabe mom

It was 7:30pm, Thursday. Neha finished cooking and left the kitchen. She went to her bedroom and quickly cleaned the room. Then she stood before the mirror and looked at her reflection. She looked little tired. The yellow Kurta she was wearing hugged her curvy body, and horizontal stretch marks had formed on the Kurta, on top of her luscious wide breasts, hips and buttocks. The Kurta and the slim-fit, ripped blue jeans, felt little sticky with sweat after wearing for more than six hours. She had been wearing the same clothes since afternoon, while shopping and cooking, so she wanted to take bath and change her clothes. She looked at the wall clock. It was 7:45pm. She had enough time to take bath and change her cloths before Rahul and Rakesh came home.

Neha lifted her Kurta and unbuttoned her jeans when the doorbell rang. She quickly let her Kurta down and hurried to the front door. She looked through the peephole and saw her brother-in-law. She opened the door, smiled, and said, “Hi Rakesh. Come in.”

Rakesh smiled and looked at Neha from top to bottom, as he entered the house.

Neha closed the door and smiled. “What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked.

“You look hot!” Rakesh said.

“I am hot and sweating. I want to take bath and change my clothes,” Neha said and laughed.

“Can I join you?” Rakesh asked.

“Join me? What do you mean?” Neha asked, confused.

He gave her a naughty smile and said, “Join you for bath.”

“Stop it, Rakesh! I am not your wife! I am your Bhabhi! ” Neha said, trying to sound angry.

“You are not just my Bhabhi; you are my beautiful Bhabhi. That’s why I love you,” Rakesh said and winked.

“Ok. That’s enough. Your brother will be home soon. You can tell him how much you love me,” Neha said.

Rakesh frowned and said, “C’mon Bhabhi. Let’s not involve him. He is an idiot.”

“Don’t talk about your brother like that. He is not an idiot,” Neha defended her husband, sounding angry.

“If he is not an idiot, why does he ignore you?” Rakesh asked and said, “If you had been my wife, you would have been pregnant by now.”

Neha frowned and said, “Rakesh, your brother is working hard for the family’s business. Having children is not his priority now. Besides, we have only been married for one and half years. Don’t worry, you’ll be an uncle for your brother’s children soon.”

“I can’t ignore you like him. You are too beautiful to be ignored. If you care about our romance, don’t tell him about us,” Rakesh said and laughed.

“Romance? What are you talking about?” Neha asked, looking confused.

Rakesh winked and smiled. He turned around and walked away casually to his room.

Neha smiled and shook her head. She knew Rakesh was joking but she also knew he was serious about other things. He had been flirting with her for a long time. At first, she had taken it lightly but when he had touched her inappropriately, she had strictly told him to never do it again. He had stopped touching her for a few days, but he had not stopped flirting with her. She had slowly liked the attention he had been giving her, so he had started touching her again. She had given up and let him touch her just a little bit. But whenever he had tried to go too far, she had stopped him.

‘How far is too far?’ Neha thought. Rakesh had touched her many times and made it look like an accident. He had touched her breasts, belly, and buttocks when she had been wearing clothes. He had even stood behind her sometimes and pressed his crotch on her buttocks to make her feel his hard penis inside his pants. She had quietly walked away from him because feeling his hard penis on her buttocks had only made her feel weak and longing for sexual satisfaction. She didn’t know how long she could resist her brother-in-law’s sexual advances. She hoped her husband would find time for her and try harder to make her pregnant before she gave up on him.

Feeling disappointed with her husband, Neha went to her bedroom and closed the door. She removed her clothes and stood before the full-length mirror. Looking at her reflection in the mirror she wondered if she still looked attractive after getting married. Many people had told her that she had a pretty face and a good figure. Looking at her reflection, she felt assured that she still looked attractive. Her face looked very pretty, and her body looked curvy. Her breasts were bigger than the average woman’s breasts, but her hips and bottom were wider than her shoulder and bust. She didn’t look too heavy or too slim. And, because she was 5′ 7″ tall, she looked like a slim woman with big breasts and big buttocks, even though her figure measurement was 42, 30, 46. She was happy with the way she looked, despite looking like a plus-size model.

Neha thought about Rakesh and wondered if he was man enough or if he was like his brother, Rahul. Rahul had been having sex with her once a week, for one year before their families had started questioning them about their plan to have children. Concerned about their fertility, she and Rahul had tested their fertility without informing their families. The results had confirmed that she was fertile, but Rahul had a low sperm count. They had not disclosed the results to their families because their doctor had told them that it may still be possible to get pregnant naturally. They had been advised to have sex 2 to 3 days a week, without using contraception. And Rahul had been advised to drink less alcohol, stop smoking, and avoid exposure to chemicals to improve his sperm count.

Five months had passed after the fertility checks and Rahul had still not tried harder. He had not been having sex frequently with Neha and his alcohol consumption and smoking had also increased. Neha worried that he may never be able to impregnate her. But she hoped to convivence Rahul to have sex more frequently, at least to make her pregnant because she wanted to be a mom.

Hoping everything would be all right, Neha took her mobile and connected it to a Bluetooth speaker. She played a romantic song and danced around the room slowly, loving the natural feeling of being free from clothing. She laughed happily, as her slender waist twisted, and her wide hips swayed gracefully. Her round, full breasts and her plump peer shaped butt-cheeks bounced and shook seductively.

After the song ended, she stopped dancing and stopped the playlist in her mobile app. She took a towel and went to the ensuite bathroom to have bath.

After having a shower, Neha felt fresh. She dried her body and hair. She took a dark purple nightgown set from her wardrobe. She wore the nightie first and looked at her reflection in the mirror. The dark purple color, satin dress illuminated her skin. It had adjustable straps, lace trimmed cups which were attached below to a lace cloth that revealed her navel. A chiffon fabric cloth was attached to the lace cloth from below her navel and flowed down to her ankles. The satin and chiffon fabrics felt light and soft on her smooth skin. She smiled, hoping to have a good time with her husband. She took the full-length, V-neck robe and slipped her hands into the semi-transparent 3/4 sleeves. She adjusted the robe on her body and tied the waist belt, concealing her cleavage and navel which was exposed through the lace cloth of the nightie. She was happy with the way the nightgown fitted and looked on her.

Neha took her mobile and called Rahul.

He answered, “Hello darling.”

“Rahul. Are you coming home early?” she asked.

“I’ll be home in fifteen minutes,” Rahul said.

“Ok. See you soon,” Neha said.

“See you,” Rahul said and hung up.

It was 9:10pm. She left her bedroom and went to the living room. Rakesh was sitting on the sofa and watching TV. He saw Neha and said, “Wow! Bhabhi! You look hot!”

“Your brother will be home in ten minutes,” Neha said.

“He is lucky,” Rakesh said.

Neha laughed and asked, “Why?”

“He’ll be having fun tonight with you, while I suffer alone in my room without you,” Rakesh said.

“Rakesh! Stop it! I am your Bhabhi, and you can’t be jealous of your own brother!” Neha said, sounding angry.

Rakesh was about to say something when the doorbell rang. Neha hurried to the front door and looked through the peephole. She saw Rahul. He had come home few minutes early. She opened the door and said, “Hello handsome!”

Rahul laughed and entered inside. Neha closed the door and followed Rahul.

Rakesh looked at Rahul and said, “Hello Bhaiya.”

“Rakesh! How was your day?!” Rahul asked.

“Great!” Rakesh said and asked, “How was your day?”

“Very busy. I am going to Mumbai tomorrow to meet a client,” Rahul said.

“What?” Neha asked and said, “You said we’ll go shopping tomorrow.”

“Sorry Neha. It is an important meeting. You can go shopping with your friends,” Rahul said and walked away to the bedroom.

Neha looked at Rakesh. He grinned. Neha shook her head and went to the bedroom. She closed the door and said, “Rahul, we have to spend more time together.”

“We can spend more time together next month. I am very busy. Business is picking up,” Rahul said removing his shirt.

“I need a child, Rahul. I want to be a mother,” Neha said.

“If it’s meant to be, it will be,” Rahul said and started removing his pants.

“Rahul, you can’t just leave it to fate. You must try harder,” Neha said, feeling frustrated with him.

“I am tired, Neha. Let’s not talk about it now,” Rahul said and went to the ensuite bathroom.

Neha went to the kitchen feeling disappointed. She made the food hot and took the dishes to the dining room. Then she went to the bedroom. Rahul had come out of the bathroom after having a shower. She told him dinner was ready and went to the living room. She told Rakesh dinner was ready and went to the dining room.

After five minutes, the brothers came to the dining room and sat down at the dining table. Neha sat with them and had dinner while Rahul and Rakesh talked about their parents, family, friends and business.

After they finished dinner, Neha took the dishes and went to the kitchen. She washed the dishes quietly worrying about Rahul’s lack of interest in sex and having children.

After washing the dishes, she went to the living room. She saw Rakesh watching TV. He winked at her and gave her a naughty smile. She smirked and said, “Good night, Rakesh.”

“Goodnight, Bhabhi. Have fun!” Rakesh said and laughed.

Neha smiled, shook her head, and walked away. She went to the bedroom. The bedroom light was off, and the bedside table lamp was on. Rahul was lying on the bed and checking his mobile. She quietly went to the dressing table. She removed her nightgown and kept it on the chair. She quickly checked her appearance in the mirror. The nightie looked good on her. She turned around and saw Rahul looking at her. He smiled and said, “You look hot!”

She smiled and went closer to the bed. She lied down next to Rahul hoping he would make love to her.

Rahul kept his mobile on the bedside table and said, “My flight is at 11:45 tomorrow afternoon. I’ll leave home at 10. I’ll be back after 3 days.”

“Do you want me to pack anything for you?” Neha asked.

“No. I’ll travel light. I’ll pack the stuff I need,” Rakesh said.

“Ok. What do you want to eat for breakfast?” Neha asked.

“Something light,” Rahul said.

“Poori Bhaji?” Neha asked.

“Yeah. That’s okay,” Rahul said and turned to his side, facing her. He looked at her cleavage and asked, “Have your tits become big?”

“Maybe. Do you want to find out?” she asked and looked at him hopefully.

“Hmm….not now. I have to wake up early. Goodnight,” Rahul said and turned to lie down on his back.

Feeling disappointed, Neha said, “Goodnight.”

Rahul pulled the bedsheet on top of him and closed his eyes. Within five minutes, she heard him snoring. Neha looked at him and thought, ‘Idiot.’ She pulled the bedsheet on top of her and closed her eyes. She remembered Rakesh and smiled. She fantasized having sex and fell asleep.