Chapter 4 – Sisterly love

Andrea slipped into a blue jean and tshirt.  She had a quick look at her reflection in the mirror, before going to the living room.

“Good morning!” Alfreda said. She was sitting on the sofa, watching TV

Andrea noticed Alfreda was dressed beautifully in a saree. “Where are you going?” she asked.

“Abhi wants to take me to a resort. I’ll come back in the evening.”

“He is having too much fun with you,” Andrea said smiling naughtily at Alfreda.

Alfreda laughed. “That’s okay. I like him too.”

Andrea sat down on a single sofa, by the side of the main sofa where Alfreda was sitting and asked, “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course,” Alfreda said, surprised by Andrea’s hesitation. Andrea had always been very straight forward with her.

“Do you like having sex with men or women?” Andrea asked and smiled.

Alfreda laughed. “Hmm…both.” Alfreda smiled with a bit of shyness at Andrea.

“What type of women do you like?”

“Why do you want to know?” Alfreda laughed.

“Just tell me,” Andrea demanded.

“Hmm…I like, women like Ragini, classy and beautiful.”

“Is she sexually abusing you at work?” Andrea asked and laughed.

Alfreda laughed with her and asked, “Once a week. But I like her too.”

Andrea had seen pictures of Ragini on websites. She agreed Ragini was classy and beautiful as Alfreda had described. She told herself, ‘I have to try dressing up like Ragini.’

The women watched morning show on TV for a few minutes before the door bell rang. It was Abhishek. Abhishek exchanged a few pleasantries with girls, before leaving with Alfreda.

Alfreda enjoyed her weekend with Abhishek in the resort and came home on Sunday evening. She got good rest that night, and went to the office on Monday feeling refreshed.

The week started well and days seemed to pass quickly, but she began to notice subtle changes in Andrea’s behavior. Andrea had become more physically intimate. She would sit very close to Alfreda and hold her hands, she would put her hands around Alfreda’s waist casually and sometimes just hug her from behind without any reason. Alfreda was often turned on by the intimacy but she controlled herself. She had no idea what was going on with Andrea. She wanted to observe Andrea more before reaching any conclusions.

It was finally Saturday. Abhishek picked up Alfreda at 11 am. They went to a shopping mall. They had lunch and watched a movie. Abhishek dropped her back home because he had to go to his cousins birthday party.

Alfreda pressed the door bell and waited. The door opened and Andrea stood there dressed beautifully in a saree.

“Wow! You look gorgeous! Are you going for a party?,” Alfreda asked entering the house.

“I am just trying to look classy and beautiful,” Andrea said and closed the door.

Alfreda’s heart was beating fast as she watched Andrea. Andrea walked into the living room graciously. She looked gorgeous in a saree. Her big breasts were clearly outlined in a perfectly fitting sleeveless blouse. The saree was draped well around her highlighting the curves of her wide hip, thighs and big buttocks.

Andrea looked at Alfreda’s confused face and gave her a naughty smile. She walked past Alfreda and went to the living room. Alfreda watched Andrea’s beautiful bottom bounce gracefully and seductively. Confused, Alfreda followed Andrea and called her. “Andrea?”

Andrea turned around and smiled at Alfreda.

Alfreda folded her hands and smiled at Andrea. “Why are you doing this?”

“Doing what?” Andrea asked lifting her eyebrows.

“Stop playing games.” The expression on Alfreda’s face became serious.

Andrea smiled and calmly said, “Are you turned on?”

Alfreda laughed. “Okay. Why do you want me to get turned on?”

“Because I don’t want you to ignore me anymore!” Andrea said with a serious tone in her voice.

“Ignore you? I have never ignored you?” Alfreda was confused.

“You have sex with everybody but you don’t even care about me,” Andrea’s eyes filled with tears suddenly.

Alfreda studied Andrea’s face for a moment. Then, she went closer to Andrea and took her in her arms. She said, “I care about you.” She pecked a gentle kiss on Andrea’s lips and pulled back to see Andrea’s face.

Andrea smiled.

Alfreda moved her head forward and kissed Andrea again. This time her tongue wiggled into Andrea’s mouth and their tongues tangled. Andrea grabbed Alfreda’s bare waist and pulled her closer. Her lips probed towards Alfreda’s throat, her tongue moved around in Alfreda’s mouth, tickling against the roof of Alfreda’s mouth. Alfreda’s lips twisted against Andrea’s lips, clamping lightly down on her tongue. Alfreda sucked on Andrea’s tongue as if she wanted swallow it. She heard Andrea moan and realized Andrea felt little discomfort and let go of her tongue. Andrea’s tongue slithered back into her mouth, with Alfreda’s tongue chasing it. Alfreda thrust her tongue into Andrea’s mouth. Alfreda’s imitated Andrea’s actions, playfully teasing over Andrea’s tongue and licking the roof of Andrea’s mouth. Andrea calmed down and let Alfreda’s tongue lick the inside of her mouth and suck on her lips. Andrea felt Alfred’s dick on her crotch and moved her hand down. She grabbed Alfreda’s dick through her saree, petticoat and panties. The unexpected groping made Alfreda gasp into Andrea’s mouth. Alfreda grabbed Andrea’s left breast and squeezed it till Andrea moaned. Andrea hardened her grip on Alfreda’s hard dick. The stiff firmness of Alfreda’s cock throbbed in Andrea’s hand. Andrea stopped kissing. She pulled her head back and said, “I want to suck you dick.”

Alfreda released Andrea from her arms. She lifted her saree and stripped off her panties. Alfreda held her saree above her hip, revealing her cleanly waxed legs and genitalia. She looked at Andrea, expectantly.

“Wow! It’s so big and beautiful,” Andrea said wondering if she can take all of Alfreda’s dick inside her mouth, pussy and anus.

Andrea lifted her Saree above her knee and knelt down before Alfreda. Andrea grabbed the shaft of Alfreda’s dick, opened her mouth and took the pink crown of Alfreda’s dick into her mouth. Andrea sucked on the crown of Alfreda’s dick. She liked the taste of Alfreda’s semen. She looked up at Alfreda and admired her pretty face. Alfreda smiled at her. Andrea moved her head forward, allowing Alfreda’s dick to glide deep inside her mouth. After the thick rod of flesh was completely in her mouth, her inner cheeks squeezed on Alfreda’s dick. Her head pulled back letting Alfreda’s dick to glide out of her mouth.

Alfreda liked the warmness and wetness inside Andrea’s mouth. She touched the back of Alfreda’s head and gently pushed her dick inside Andrea’s mouth. After her dick was fully inside Andrea’s mouth, Alfreda pulled her dick outward. Holding Andrea’s head firmly, Alfreda pushed her dick inside again, deep throating Andrea. She pulled her dick outward and let Andrea suck the crown of her dick.

Andrea played with Alfreda’s balls and as she sucked her dick. She liked Alfreda’s clean shaved dick and balls. Her dick was hard and masculine and yet beautiful and feminine. Andrea fell in love with Alfreda’s dick as she sucked on it.

Alfreda pulled down her saree’s pallu and unhooked her blouse. She removed her blouse and bra. She looked down at Andrea who was still sucking her dick passionately. Their eyes met and Alfreda smiled. Andrea put her hand between Alfreda’s soft inner thighs and pulled her closer, fearing Alfreda would pull away from her. Alfreda understood her cousin’s desire to suck her dick and stood in place, admiring Andrea’s pretty face.

Andrea plunged her lips down the full length of Alfreda’s throbbing cock. Alfreda groaned from the warm wetness that enveloped her hard dick. Andrea’s tongue swirled across the ridges and veins of Alfreda shaft as Andrea fucked Alfreda with her mouth. Andrea’s fingers moved to Alfreda’s balls and gently massaged them. Andrea looked up at Alfreda with her eyes to let her know how much she loved what she was doing. Alfreda looked understandingly and smiled.

Andrea opened her throat and pushed out her tongue. Alfreda’s hard shaft went deeper and deeper until her lips were pressed against Alfreda’s balls. Andrea licked Alfreda’s balls with her lips and massaged Alfreda with her throat.

A few minutes later, Andrea moved her head back, freeing Alfreda’s dick from her mouth. She stood up and said, “Come let’s go the bedroom.”

The young women giggled with excitement and ran into the bed room.

“I have gift for you,” Andrea said and opened the wardrobe.

Alfreda looked at Andrea’s curiously.

Andrea pulled out a pink leather pouch and went to the bed. She opened the pouch and pulled out a strap on dildo that looked brand new.

“It’s shaped like Keanu reeves’ thing.” Andrea gave it to Alfreda.

“No way!” Alfreda said taking if from Andrea. She touched the realistic looking dildo and ran her finger on it, wondering how it would feel in her asshole.

“I know what you are thinking.” Andrea laughed.

Alfreda laughed with Andrea. “It’s beautiful,” she said and gave it back to Andrea.

“I am going to fuck you with this.” Andrea smiled.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to do it,” Alfreda said honestly.

“I want to do it. I want you to have a good time.”

Alfreda laughed.

Andrea and Alfreda lifted their sarees and pulled down their panties.

“Which lubricant do you want me to use?”Andrea asked as she removed her blouse and bra.

“Can you we use vaginal your fluid?”

Andrea laughed. “Good idea,” she said agreeing with Alfreda.

“Give it me and get on top of the bed. I’ll dip it inside your vagina and make it wet.”

Andrea gave the dildo to Alfreda. She held her saree above her hip and got on top of the bed. She knelt on all fours.

Alfreda looked down at Andrea’s bottom and marveled at how similar it was to her own bottom. Alfreda felt happy she had inherited a big bottom from her mom’s side, even though she had been born as a male.

Alfreda touched Andrea’s soft inner thighs and looked at her clean shaved vagina. The thought of penetrating Andrea’s juicy pussy made her heart beat fast. She pressed the the tip of the dildo at the opening of Andrea pussy. The dildo slid inside Alfreda’s pussy. She pushed the dildo inside slowly as Andrea moaned. Alfreda pushed all of the dildo inside and asked, “Do you like it?”

“Love it!” Andrea said with satisfaction.

Alfreda pulled the dildo outward and pushed it back inside. She repeated it few more times till the dildo was fully coated with Andrea’s pussy juice. Then, she lifted her own saree and placed the dildo between her butt cheeks. She felt the pointed shape of the dildo on her anus. She pushed the dildo. The dildo opened her anus and slid inside her rectum. Holding the bottom of the dildo, she pushed it harder. The dildo dug deeper, lubricating her dry anus. She bared the pain and impaled herself with the dildo. After the dildo was fully inside her she pulled it out and looked at it. There was not trace of vaginal fluid or her own feces. She felt proud of her habit of anal douching every time after defecating.

Alfreda gently squeezed Andrea’s soft bottom and said, “It just needs little bit more lubrication. Ok?”

“Ok.” Andrea said looking over her shoulder.

Alfreda pushed the dildo deep inside Andrea’s wet pussy and pulled it outward. She repeated the the movement till the dildo was coated with Andrea’s pussy juice.

Andrea had loved the dildo fucking her but it had not been long enough to orgasm. She looked over her shoulder at Alfreda. Alfreda’s eyes were closed and she seemed to be enjoying fucking herself with the dildo in her asshole.

Alfreda pushed and pulled the dildo in her asshole loving every penetration. After the tenth time she pulled it out and pushed it into Andrea’s pussy. She pushed and pulled the dildo inside Andrea’s pussy. After it was coated with pussy juice, Alfreda pulled it out.

“Sorry I took took too much time. I had to make sure it is lubricated well,” Alfreda apologized.

“That’s ok. Better safe than sorry.” Andrea said getting down from the bed.

“That’s right.” Alfreda laughed.

Alfreda began strapping the dildo to Andrea’s thighs and crotch. When she was done, she said, “You are ready.”

“It’s your time to get fucked bitch!” Andrea joked.

“Please don’t talk to me like that,” Alfreda said.

“I am just joking.” Andrea defended herself.

“You know I don’t like to be called a bitch,” Alfreda reminded Andrea.

“Just get on top of the bed!” Andrea commanded and laughed.

Alfreda laughed and lifted her saree above her hip. She got on top of the bed. She knelt on top of the bed on all fours.

Andrea got on top of the bed and knelt down behind Alfreda. She took a moment to admire Alfreda’s beautiful big butt and said, “You are big ass bitch!” Andrea said and laughed.

“You have a big ass too Andrea.” Alfreda reminded Andrea.

“I know. I think we got it from our moms,” Andrea said and bent down.

Alfreda was amazed when she felt Andrea’s soft lips on her anus. Andrea’s warm wet tongue probed into the little mouth of Alfreda’s ass and tasted her own vaginal fluids. Feeling comfortable with her own smell and taste Andrea pulled back her tongue and kissed Alfreda’s asshole before straightening her back.

Andrea grabbed the cushions of Alfreda’s buttocks and spread them apart. She pointed the dildo at Alfreda’s anus and pushed. She watched the dildo open up Alfreda’s asshole and fully disappear inside smoothly. She heard Alfreda’s moans of pleasure and pain. She moved her hip back pulling the dildo outward. Then, she penetrated Alfreda again. She repeated the, in and out movement quickly, encouraged by Alfreda’s moans of pleasure.

Alfreda closed her eyes and enjoyed the dildo pistoning inside her asshole. She grunted and moaned. She wanted to cry out. She didn’t want Andrea to stop but she feared she would ejaculate if Andrea continued fucking her asshole. So, Alfreda looked over her shoulder and said, “Please stop Andrea.”

“Why? Is something wrong?” Andrea asked still pounding the dildo into Alfreda.

“It’s your time to get fucked bitch!” Alfreda joked.

Andrea laughed. She moved her hip back, pulling the dildo outward. But she said, “Fuck you bitch!” and pushed suddenly into Alfreda’s ass, slamming her crotch on Alfreda’s bottom.

Alfreda moaned with pain and pleasure. She looked over her shoulder and said, “Why did you do that?”

“Because it’s fun!” Andrea laughed.

Andrea pulled out the dildo from her Alfreda’s ass. She removed the strap and threw it away. Alfreda lay on her back, still partially covered in saree. Andrea knelt down above Alfreda in a cowgirl position. Andrea lowered her hip and felt Alfreda’s hard dick on her vagina. She adjusted her hip little bit and felt the crown of Alfreda’s dick at the opening of her vagina. She closed her eyes and lowered her hip, letting the crown of Alfreda’s dick slip inside her. She closed her eyes and lowered her hip more, taking in three more inches of the thick dick inside her. She wondered if she can take in the whole eight inches and made up her mind. She lowered slowly, taking inside all of Alfreda’s dick. Andrea sat on Alfreda’s crotch comfortably and opened her eyes. She looked down at Alfreda. Alfreda’s eyes were closed. Her face looked pretty and her large breasts looked succulent. Alfreda opened her eyes and looked at Andrea. Andrea bent down and pecked a kiss on Alfreda’s soft lips.

Andrea looked into Alfreda eyes and said, “You are so beautiful.”

“You are beautiful too,” Alfreda said admiring Andrea pretty face.

Andrea moved down to Alfreda’s breasts and sucked the nipples of her left breast. After one good suck, she pulled back, surprised. “What is that? Is it milk?”

“Do your remember I asked you about donating breast milk for orphans?”

“Yeah.” Andrea still looked surprised.

“I consulted a Endocrinologist and she helped me produce breast milk. So now I donate breast milk for disadvantaged children.”

“Wow. You have a beautiful soul,” Andrea said touched by what Alfreda said.

“Thank Andrea. I think you should hurry up before I get soaked inside you and ejaculate.”

Andrea laughed. She pecked another kiss on Alfreda’s lips and straightened her back. She lifted her hip slowly, gliding on Alfreda’s dick. She moved up till only the crown of Alfreda’s dick was inside her, then she lowered her hip and took all of Alfreda’s dick inside vagina. She did it again and again, straddling on Alfreda with complete control. Alfreda grabbed Andrea’s bouncing breasts and squeezed them. Alfreda lifted her upper body and sucked on Andrea’s left breasts. Andrea slowed down and let Alfreda suck on her breast. Alfreda sucked both of Andrea’s breasts for a minute before laying back on the bed. Andrea began fucking Alfreda again. She moved up and down, letting Alfreda’s dick to penetrate her pussy again and again.

Andrea gyrated and swirled around Alfreda’s dick. Alfreda groaned and worked with Andrea. Andrea squeezed and sucked on the full length of Alfreda’s cock, relishing every thick inch of pleasure. She rocked back and forth, repeatedly impaling herself with Alfreda’s dick. Alfreda’s hands gripped into Andrea’s butt, her fingers dug roughly into Andrea’s soft ass cheeks.

Andrea rocked back and forth harder and harder. And suddenly pleasure unleashed within her. She cried out, as quake after of soul-shattering quake of relief and pleasure washed through her body. Her ass contracted and trembled, sucking greedily on Alfreda’s dick.

Alfreda’s dick jerked inside Andrea’s cunt. Then there was the wet warmness, as she ejaculated inside Andrea’s vagina. Spurt after spurt of thick cream blasted into Andrea. Andrea could feel every little throb of Alfreda’s release and loved every tiny quiver of Alfreda’s cock.

Andrea bent down and lay her head on the pillow, next to Andrea’s face. They gratefully lay together till Alfreda unloaded every drop of her semen inside Andrea. As Alfreda’s dick began to shrink Andrea lifted up, releasing Alfreda dick from her pussy. Then, she lay down next to Alfreda and said, “It was the best sex I have had.”

“I loved it too,” Alfreda said holding Andreas palm and locking fingers.