Alfreda's stories

Chapter 1 – Who’s that girl?

The party was in full swing. Music filled the room.…Read more.

Chapter 2 – Alfreda gets a job

The door bell rang. Andrea opened the door and said,…Read more.

Chapter 3 – Accidental voyeur

Alfreda‘s phone rang. She saw Abhishek’s number on the screen…Read more.

Chapter 4 – Sisterly love

Andrea slipped into a blue jean and tshirt.  She had…Read more.

Chapter 5 – Healing a broken heart

Abhishek drove the car patiently in the busy traffic. Alfreda…Read more.

Chapter 6 – Emergency wet nurse

Alfreda was sitting at her desk and updating documents when…Read more.

Chapter 7 – More than a maid

The baby stopped sucking Alfreda‘s nipple and fell asleep. Alfreda…Read more.

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