Chapter 6 – Saree salesman

It was 10 am. Sameera was sitting on the sofa in the living room and watching Hindi songs on TV. She had taken good shower and worn clean clothes after her son’s had gone to school and college. She felt fresh and she was happy with the way her life was going. Daisy had called two days after her medical test and informed her that a customer had booked her for two hours. There were four more days left for her first meeting with a customer and Sameera was excited about it.

A song on the TV ended and a new song began playing. It was one of Sameera’s favourite songs. She began singing along. As she was enjoying singing the song the doorbell rang. Annoyed, she went to the door and opened it. She saw a well-dressed young man in his mid-twenties.

“Hello ma’am!” the man said.

Sameera nodded and said “Hi, Are you a salesman?”

“Yes, ma’am, I am from the ‘Favourite Shop’. We are promoting our new range of fashion garments. If you buy one Saree, we’ll give you one free lingerie and satin petticoat.”

Sameera thought about it quickly and said, “It is a good offer. I’ll come to your shop and have a look.”

“Actually ma’am, you can look at the collection now,” the salesman said pointing at a big bag on the floor.

“Ok, come inside,” Sameera said. She saw the man lift the bag and moved to the side, giving him space to enter the house. After he entered the house, she closed the door. “Come,” she said and went to the sofa.

The salesman followed Sameera. Sameera pointed at a three-seater sofa and told him to sit down. She went to the single seater sofa and sat down.

The salesman sat down. He opened the bag and pulled out the folded Sarees. He kept thirty Sarees on the tea table and said, “We are promoting this range of Sarees ma’am.”

“Show me the pink, maroon and blue Sarees,” Sameera said.

The salesman took the Sarees and gave it to her.

Sameera took the Sarees and checked the material and design.

“You can try it on ma’am,” The salesman said.

“Really?” Sameera was surprised.

“Yes. These Sarees are for trial. If you want to buy, I’ll deliver unused Sarees tomorrow,” the salesman said.

“Ok, I’ll try these three Sarees,” Sameera said and stood up.

“Okay ma’am,” the Salesman said.

“Thank…hmm…what’s your name?” Sameera asked.

“Sahil ma’am,” he said.

“Thank you, Sahil,” Sameera said and smiled.

“Ma’am, do you want to try the blouse, bra, petticoat and pantie?” Sahil asked.

“Isn’t it unhygienic to try the pantie?” Sameera asked.

“Nobody tried it Ma’am. You’ll be the first,” Sahil said.

“Are you sure?” Sameera asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Sahil said. Seeing Sameera was hesitant, he took a pink lace pantie from his bag. He held the pantie up, holding it on both sides and said, “It will look beautiful on you ma’am.”

What?‘ Sameera thought. ‘It will look beautiful on you?‘ She wondered if he was attracted to her. She took the panty from him studying his face. She saw lust on his face just as she had expected.

Sahil took a satin petticoat from his bag and gave it to Sameera. “This is the petticoat ma’am.”

Sameera looked at the light pink satin petticoat. She kept her palm on the petticoat and said, “It is beautiful. It’s silky and light.” She turned around and walked away to the bedroom.

Sameera closed the bedroom door and smiled to herself. She knew he was attracted to her. She felt excited at the thought of having sex with the handsome young salesman. She removed her Churidar and under garments. She stood before the mirror fully naked and looked at her body in the mirror and started wearing the clothes. She slipped into the pantie first. ‘He was right. It’s beautiful,’ she thought as she turned around and looked at the panty covering her buttocks. The pink lace pantie was almost transparent revealing her plump, firm buttocks and deep groove between her butt cheeks. It was a perfect and she loved it. She put on the bra and blouse. She wore a pair of medium heeled sandals. She slipped into the satin petticoat and tied the string. She draped the beautiful pink floral Georgette Saree around her body. She adjusted the Pallu and pleats till she was happy. Then she checked her reflection from every angle, turning around slowly. She loved it.

Sameera left the bedroom and went to the living room. She smiled at Sahil and asked, “Does it look good?”

“Wow ma’am. You look very beautiful!” Sahil said stunned by her beauty.

Sameera saw his face and knew he was definitely attracted to her. She knew she didn’t have to hesitate anymore. “Do you want to see the pantie?” She asked and gave him a gentle teasing smile.

The tense expression on his face changed to an expression of happiness. “I would love to ma’am,” he said hesitantly.

Sameera smiled and slowly lifted her saree and the skirt, revealing her cleanly waxed, well-shaped legs. She lifted her saree all the way up to her waist, revealing her firm, round, well-shaped thighs and the pink lace pantie.

Sahil looked at her clean shaved vagina through the pantie and his cock hardened to its maximum size.

Sameera slowly turned around. She showed her back to him and looked at him over her shoulder. “Do you like it, Sahil?” she asked.

“It is very beautiful ma’am,” Sahil said admiring her beautiful large buttocks.

Sameera turned to face him. She let her saree drop down and looked at the expression on his face. She saw intense lust, desperation and fear. She felt sorry for him and asked, “Are you married Sahil?”

“No ma’am,” Sahil answered as his eyes unintentionally focused on her large breasts.

Sameera smiled. “Do you have a girl friend?” She asked and went to the sofa.

“No ma’am,” Sahil said.

Sameera sat down next to Sahil. She crossed her legs and asked, “Why? You look handsome.”

“I don’t know ma’am. The girls I like are usually interested in other guys,” Sahil said.

“Don’t worry. You’ll find a girlfriend. Hmm…how old are you?” Sameera asked.

“24 ma’am,” Sahil said.

“Are you a virgin?” Sameera asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Sahil said.

“Are you saving your virginity for your future girl friend or wife?” Sameera asked, teasing him.

“I didn’t get a chance to have sex ma’am,” Sahil said sounding sad.

They looked at each other’s face quietly. Then Sameera said, “You have a chance now. If you want, you can have sex with me.” She smiled at him.

Sahil grinned. “Thank you so much ma’am,” he said.

Sameera smiled and kept a palm on his thigh. Immediately the doorbell rang, startling her. She looked at him and kept her index finger on her lip. “Shh…” she said. She quickly got up and went to the door. She looked through the peep hole. She quickly came back and said in a hushed voice, “Get up and take your bag! Hide under the bed!”

Sahil looked at her confused and stood up.

“It’s my husband! Please hurry up!” Sameera said and rushed him to the bed room.

The doorbell rang thrice in quick succession.

As soon as Sahil hid under the bed with his bag, Sameera ran to the door and opened it.

“What the fuck were you doing?!” Rafique yelled and entered the house.

Sameera closed the door and turned around. She looked at Rafique and said, “I was in the bathroom.”

Rafique looked at her from top to bottom and looked at her, “Where are you going?”

“Grocery shopping.” Sameera lied.

“Like this?” Rafique asked angrily.

“I’ll wear the burqa before I go out,” Sameera said.

“Good. You better do that. I don’t want dogs on the street to start sniffing your ass!” Rafique yelled.

Sameera ignored his comment and asked, “Do you want a drink or something to eat?”

“Water,” Rafique said and asked, “Why is it smelling of new cloths here?” He looked around at the sofa covers and curtains.

“My saree is new Rafique,” Sameera said fearing his suspicious nature might lead him to find Sahil under the bed.”

“Ok…go get water. I have to fuck you quickly and leave,” Rafique said.

What? He wants to fuck me?‘ Sameera thought. She didn’t want him to walk inside the house anytime he wanted and expect her to have sex with him. She wanted to tell him to go to his new wife for sex but she didn’t want any problems at that moment because Sahil was hiding under the bed. She just wanted Rafique to have sex and leave the house soon. “Do you want cold water?” she asked.

“Yes…hurry up,” Rafique yelled.

Sameera went to the kitchen. She filled cold water in a glass and brought it to the living room. She gave it to Rafique and said, “What do want to do Rafique?”

“Are you going to get fucked for the first time? You know I like to fuck you in the ass!” Rafique said rudely.

“Ok, I’ll apply lubrication and come back,” Sameera said.

“I don’t have time for that,” Rafique said.

“It’s very painful without lubrication. I’ll be back in minute,” Sameera said and started walking to her bedroom.

“Hurry up!” Rafique yelled.

Sameera went to her bedroom. She took the rose oil bottle and rectal syringe. She looked at the bed. Sahil was not visible from a standing position. Feeling relieved, she quickly went to the attached bathroom. She filled rose oil into the syringe. She lifted her Saree and removed her panties. She spread her butt-cheeks apart and carefully injected the syringe inside her anal-hole. She pressed the plunger, emptying the syringe’s barrel. She felt the rose oil fill up her rectum. She pulled out the syringe and wiped traces of oil from her butt-crack with tissue papers. She let down her Saree and petticoat. She washed her hands and adjusted her Saree. She opened the bathroom door and stepped out. She saw Rafique standing before the large wardrobe, looking at his reflection in the mirror on the wardrobe door. Fearing he might be able to see Sahil under the bed in the reflection, she looked at the mirror. Fortunately, Sahil was not visible in the mirror.

“Hurry up!” Rafique yelled.

Sameera quickly went to the end of the bed. She lifted her saree above her buttocks and climbed on top of the bed. She knelt down, leaned forward and kept her elbows on the mattress to support her upper body. She lowered her head, turned to her left and looked at the mirror. And from that level she could see Sahil in the mirror, hiding under the bed. He was looking at her reflection in the mirror.

Rafique quickly removed his clothes. He stood at the foot end of the bed and looked down at Sameera’s extra-large buttocks. ‘Perfect,’ he thought. He wanted to eat her ass but he didn’t want to show her how much he loved her ass. He grabbed the large mounds of her ass cheeks and spread them apart till her anus opened. It was clean as usual. He took pride in her ability to keep her anus clean and ready for penetration. He placed the glans of his cock on her pulsing anus and pushed, opening her anus. He thrust forward forcefully.

“Ahhhh!” Sameera groaned as the sudden penetration sent a sharp pain from her anus to her spine. Her eyes filled with tears. He pushed his cock fully inside her asshole, stretching her rectum and stuffing her with his cock. She felt pain and pleasure inside her asshole but she closed her eyes and focused on the pleasure. She felt his cock pulsing inside her asshole and felt strangely satisfied. Then, she felt his cock drag outward and plunge forward deep inside her again. This time it didn’t hurt much as the rose oil had spread on his cock and made it more slippery. He pulled his cock outward and plunged it inside Sameera’s tight asshole, ramming his crotch on her big bouncy ass, causing a spongy slapping sound.

She felt stuffed in her asshole and she loved it. She felt every inch of his throbbing hard cock. Involuntarily, her anal muscles clamped tightly around his cock. Rafique moaned as his wife’s anal muscles lovingly squeezed his cock. He felt happy that she had not left him even after he had married another woman. He let his cock drench in the fiery heat of her bowels. His hands slowly caressed the smooth skin of her soft ass cheeks. Then he pulled his cock outward. The walls of her anal canal strained out and over his hard cock. He pulled out until only his glans was inside her, then he drilled back into her ass.

Sameera felt like she was getting a good massaged inside her rectum and she liked it, but her vagina felt abandoned. She wanted to rub her clit as he began to rapidly glide his cock in and out of her asshole, but she decided not to do it because she didn’t want him to think she liked having sex with him. She remained calm accepting his cock inside her asshole again and again. The oil had helped and she didn’t feel too much pain. She relaxed and enjoyed the good rectal-massage his cock was giving her asshole.

Sahil watched Rafique fucking Sameera in the mirror and wished he was the one fucking her. He worried that her husband may stay for a long time and he won’t get a chance to have sex with Sameera. He resisted the urge to pull out his cock and shag. But when he saw Sameera smiling at him in the mirror, he felt hopeful again.

As Rafique ploughed in and out of the quivering tunnel of Sameera’s ass, he saw her smiling and unsuspectingly thought she was smiling with pleasure. But Sameera had seen Sahil’s worried face in the mirror and she had smiled to make him feel better. Her whole body was alive and her vagina was ready for penetration. But Rafique had made up his mind to cum inside her asshole. Harder and harder, he speared into the burning recesses of her anal tunnel. As he seared in and out of her asshole, his crotch slapped loudly on her buttocks, jolting her and causing her large breasts to jiggle back and forth.

Sameera lay her head on the bed, loving the repeated drilling in her ass hole. She didn’t want him to stop, but she also needed to feel a cock in her vagina. She heard Rafique groan and his hips suddenly lurched forward, driving his cock deep into her rectum. Then she felt the warm semen as he ejaculated in the recesses of her bowel.

Rafique waited till every drop of his cum leaked inside Sameera’s asshole before pulling out his limp dick. He went to the bathroom for a wash.

Sameera got down from the bed. She slipped into her sandals and stood before the mirror. She adjusted her Saree’s pleats and Pallu. She liked the way the Saree hugged to her body. She decided to buy the Saree.

The bathroom door opened and Rafique stepped out. He quickly put on his cloths and took his wallet from his pocket. “You were obedient today. So, I am going to give you money,” he said and took out 10000 Rs. He threw the money on the bed and left the bedroom.

Sameera took the money from the bed and counted it quickly. She went to the living room and said, “Rafique’s that not enough to pay rent.”

“I’ll come next week. If you are obedient, I’ll give you more money,” Rafique said as he went to the front door.

“But I also have to pay fees for the boys and buy grocery,” Sameera tried to make him understand.

Rafique stopped near the door and said, “I’ll come every week and give you money if you are obedient. Don’t behave arrogantly with me if you want money. ok?”

“Ok,” Sameera said.

Rafique opened the door and stepped out.

Sameera watched Rafique close the gate before closing the main door. She bolted the door and went to the bedroom.

“You can come out now. He is gone!” Sameera said.

Sahil crawled out from the bottom of the bed. He stood up and looked at Sameera.

“Sorry,” Sameera said.

“That’s okay ma’am. I was scared of getting caught,” Sahil confessed.

“I was also scared. He is a very rude. He comes anytime he wants and forces me to have sex. If I don’t have sex with him, he doesn’t give money for rent and other expenses,” Sameera said.

“Doesn’t he live with you ma’am?” Sahil asked.

“He got married to another woman recently. If I divorce him, I won’t get any money from him and I don’t have a job,” Sameera said.

“That’s very sad ma’am,” Sahil said feeling genuinely sorry for Sameera.

“It’s okay,” Sameera said and smiled. “Do you have time to have sex?”

Sahil looked at his wrist watch and said, “I have ten minutes ma’am.”

“Ok, did you see what he did to me in the mirror?” Sameera asked realizing he was a virgin.

“I saw ma’am,” Sahil said.

“Good. Just remove your cloths and do what he did. He penetrated my anus. You can penetrate my vagina. I’ll kneel down on the bed, ok?” Sameera asked.

“Ok ma’am,” Sahil said and began removing his cloths.

Sameera lifted her saree above her buttocks and climbed on top of the bed. She knelt down, leaned forward and kept her elbows on the bed to support her upper body. She looked over her shoulder and saw Sahil positioning himself behind her.

Sahil was mesmerized by the beauty of Sameera’s large, well-shaped ass. He touched the mounds of her large butt cheeks and loved the softness of her flesh. He parted her ass cheeks and looked down at two welcoming holes. He could see her husband’s semen on her anus and felt tempted to penetrate her ass hole. He placed the tip of his cock on her anus and pushed. His cock opened up her anus and glided smoothly into her anal canal that was well lubricated with oil and her husband’s semen.

Sameera was surprised by his choice to penetrate her anal hole. She looked at their reflection in the mirror. He seemed be enjoying it. When she saw and felt his crotch pressing hard on her buttocks, she knew his cock was fully buried inside her asshole. She could tell it was just as long and thick as Rafique’s cock. She watched him move his pelvis backward and felt his cock gliding outward. Suddenly, he quickly jerked his hip forward and rammed his crotch on her butt. She felt his entire cock in her rectum again. He pulled out and pushed in again slamming his crotch on her butt. He repeated the action again and again. He did it slowly at first till he found the rhythm, then he increased the pace. His cock moved rapidly in and out of Sameera’s ass hole harder and faster. Sameera accepted his cock again and again. She loved it but her pussy felt desperate for a cock. She put her right hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit. She felt good and moaned with pleasure.

Sahil saw Sameera rubbing her clit and pulled his cock out of her asshole. He pressed the glans of his cock on her pussy and felt his cock slip between the sensitive lips of her cunt. He pushed in slowly and glided inside her inch by inch.

Sameera felt his heated pulsating cock making its way along the tender walls of her vagina. When he was finally fully inside her, she moaned with satisfaction. Then, she felt him pull out and push inside her again quickly. The warm wet walls of her cunt wrapped tightly around his cock. He dragged out his cock as her vaginal muscles strained to keep it inside her. Then he suddenly lost control. He began pounding his cock faster inside her tender vagina. He fucked her harder and harder as he felt intense sexual pleasure for the first time.

Sameera’s thighs began to throb. Her body quaked as waves of heightening pleasure washed through her. Intense sexual pleasure unleashed within her. She cried out her satisfaction, as quake after soul-shattering quake of relief and pleasure washed through her body. Her vaginal canal contracted and trembled, sucking greedily at his prick. She spasmed as the intense pleasure exploded inside her head. She laughed and dug her face on the soft mattress. From behind, she heard Sahil groan and his hips suddenly lurched forward, driving his cock deep into her cunt. The fat crown of his shaft jumped and jerked. Then there was the wet warmness, as he ejaculated. Hot semen erupted from his throbbing cock, deep inside her pulsating cunt.

“Oh ma’am!” Sahil moaned and flushed another load of his hot cum.

After they were done, they went to the living room. Sameera bought three Sarees. Sahil left after promising to deliver the Saree’s the next day morning.

The next day, the Sahil delivered the Sarees as promised. Sameera was happy. She had tea with him and chatted with him for a few minutes. While they chatted Sahil hesitantly requested her to have sex. Sameera thought it was great idea. They went to the bedroom. Sameera sucked his cock first. Then he fucked her asshole and her cunt. Sameera loved it.