Chapter 6 – Emergency wet nurse

Alfreda was sitting at her desk and updating documents when the phone on her table started to ring. She took the handset and said, “Hello Ragini!”

“Alfreda, please come to my office. Something terrible has happened!” Ragini said.

Alfreda stood up wondering what could have happened. She hurried to Ragini’s office. She knocked the door and asked, “Can I come in?”

“Come in Alfreda,” Ragini said.

Alfreda pushed the door open and walked inside looking at Ragini’s face covered in her palm.

Ragini moved her palm away from her eyes and said, “Sonya, passed away after giving birth.”

“Oh no!” Alfreda said shocked.

“Let’s go to the hospital,” Ragini said and stood up.

Alfreda nodded. “Is the baby alright?” she asked.

“Baby is alright,” Ragini said.

“Thank god!” Alfreda said.

Ragini and Alfreda left the office room. Alfreda grabbed her handbag on the way out. They went quickly to the car park. They got into Ragini’s car and drove away.

As Ragini drove the car, she told Alfreda about Sonya’s good nature and how much her brother used to love Sonya. Alfreda understood the seriousness of the tragedy and felt bad for Rahul, his deceased wife and the new born baby.

They reached the hospital in half an hour. Ragini parked the car. They got out of the car and hurried to the nursery. They found Ragini’s family outside the nursery. Ragini began to cry as they got closer. She hugged her brother and cried while trying to console him.

Alfreda stood behind and watched the distraught faces of Ragini’s relatives. Many of them looked at her curiously. Alfreda kept a friendly face and stood away while Ragini hugged some of them and consoled them.

A few minutes later a nurse came to them holding a baby. “Is there anybody in your family who can breast feed?”

The women looked at each other and shook their heads.

The nurse looked worried, “Unfortunately the formula stock we have is contaminated. There is a shortage of formula. Can you please try to get formula from somewhere? Baby is very hungry.”

They looked at each other worried. They all knew there was shortage of formula milk in the city.

Alfreda went to Ragini and said in a hushed voice, “Ragini I can breast feed.”

Ragini looked at her surprised.

“It’s a side effect of hormone therapy. It’s safe for babies to drink,” Alfreda explained to her.

“Hmm…I’ll talk with my brother,” Ragini said and went to her brother.

Alfreda watched Ragini’s brother as Ragini talked with him. He looked like he was in mid-thirties. He had short hair, and he was clean shaved. He was tall and muscular. He was a handsome man. His face looked charming despite looking sad. Alfreda felt sorry for him.

Ragini and her brother came to Alfreda. “Rahul this my secretary Alfreda.”

“Hello Alfreda,” Rahul said.

“Hello Rahul. I am very sorry for your loss,” Alfreda said looking up at him and guessing rightly that he must be at least 6 feet tall.

“Ragini told me you can breast feed. That’s really good. Let’s talk with the nurse first and find out if it is okay for you to breast feed,” Rahul said.

“Sure,” Alfreda said and smiled.

They went to the nurse and Rahul explained the situation to her. The nurse told him he should talk to the doctor.

Rahul looked at them and said, “Let’s meet the doctor.”

They went to the doctor’s office. Rahul told the doctor about Alfreda and asked him if it was safe for the baby to drink her milk.

After listening to Rahul, the doctor looked at Alfreda and said, “You look too beautiful to be a transgender woman.” Then he gave her friendly smile.

“Thanks doctor,” Alfreda said.

“So, tell me about your hormone therapy,” the doctor asked.

Alfreda nodded and said, “I went through an experimental feminising hormonal treatment.  It included lactation treatment, spironolactone, progesterone and prolactin. I was also treated with breast pump to stimulate my breasts. As my breasts began to grow, I started to lactate. At first, I used to get only droplets. After a few months it increased to 227 grams of milk per day. As the regimen made my breasts grow fuller, my lactation increased. I could produce 500 grams of milk. Now I can produce about 1000 grams.”

“Wow! 1 Litre milk every day? That’s impressive,” the doctor said looking down at her large breasts and looking up at her face. “Did you have breast augmentation surgery?” he asked.

“No doctor,” Alfreda said.

The doctor nodded and looked at Rahul and said, “The cells in the breasts of transgender women make milk the same way the breasts of non-transgender women do. It should be safe for your child to consume her milk.”

“Thank you doctor,” Rahul said.

The doctor called the nurse and told her to take Alfreda to the breastfeeding room.

Alfreda, Ragini and Rahul followed the nurse. They went to the breastfeeding room. Alfreda looked around the clean room that had three cubicles. The cubicles had curtains for privacy. The nurse asked Alfreda to pick any cubicle as they were all empty. Alfreda looked inside the three rooms and picked the middle cubicle which was nicer than the other two rooms. As Alfreda looked around the nurse told them she will bring the baby and walked away.

“Are you ready?” Ragini asked.

Alfreda smiled and nodded.

The nurse came back with the baby. Alfreda sat down on the chair and unhooked her blouse. She removed her blouse and bra revealing her breasts which were crowned by cherry like nipples and creamy hallows around her nipples.

Alfreda took the new born baby from the nurse and carefully held him in her hands. She lifted his head and pointed the nipple of her left breast at the baby’s mouth. The baby opened his mouth, clamped his mouth on her nipple and began sucking. Alfreda smiled affectionately at the baby and looked up at Ragini and Rahul. They smiled at her sharing the affection for the baby. Alfreda looked down at the baby again and the baby looked at her as he sucked on her nipple. Alfreda smiled at the baby and bonded with the baby.

“Looks like the baby is happy with his new mother,” the nurse said.

“I am happy with his new mother. They look beautiful together,” Ragini said and laughed.

I am happy with her too,’ Rahul thought hopping they don’t spot the bulge on his jeans, caused by his rock-hard cock.

But a minute later, Alfreda lifted her head and saw the bulge on Rahul’s jean at the crotch. She looked up at him and smiled. He smiled uncomfortably at her and the sadness on his face was replaced with lust. She smiled and looked down at the baby sucking her nipple. The thought of getting penetrated by baby’s dad aroused her. Conscious of her hardening cock between her thighs, she closed her eyes and enjoyed breastfeeding. She drifted into a state of trance as euphoria took over her senses.

She heard the nurse say, “Let me know after baby goes to sleep. I’ll come and take him.”

“Ok sister,” Rahul said.

A minute later Alfreda heard Ragini say, “Alfreda.” She opened her eyes and looked at Ragini.

Ragini asked, “Can you stay in Rahul’s house and take care of baby?”

“But Ragini, my job…” Alfreda hesitated.

“It’s only for a short time. I’ll continue paying your salary. After baby becomes strong you can come back to work,” Ragini said.

“But my friends…”Alfreda hesitated.

“You can go out with them in the evenings, ok?” Rahul said excited at the thought of having Alfreda in his house.

Seeing Alfreda’s hesitation, Ragini said, “It’s only for two or three months, till baby becomes stronger. After that we’ll give him formula milk.”

Alfreda thought she can’t say, ‘NO’ to her boss and continue working for her without any problems. So, she reluctantly nodded and asked, “Two or three months?”

“Yes, don’t worry. Time will fly away quickly,” Ragini said understanding Alfreda’s concern.

Alfreda nodded unable to say, ‘NO,’ to her boss.

After baby went to sleep. They called the nurse. The nurse took the baby and told them they can take the baby home after two hours.

Alfreda asked Ragini and Rahul when they wanted her to move to Rahul’s house. Rahul told her she should move in after one week as they had to finish the funeral ceremony. He requested her to keep the baby with her until then as the baby will need to be breastfed frequently. Alfreda agreed to keep the baby with her.

After fifteen minutes Ragini and Alfreda left the hospital with the baby. Ragini dropped them off at Alfreda’s house and left.

Alfreda explained everything to Andrea. Andrea understood the predicament Alfreda was in. She told Alfreda to take it easy. She also told Abhishek about her situation. Abhishek thought she had made a wrong decision and advised her to return the and quit the job. Alfreda told him she cared for the baby and wanted to take care of him for at least two months.

Alfreda stayed home the next week and bonded with the baby. Andrea also loved the baby. Abhishek visited twice a week to have sex with Alfreda and ignored the baby. Rahul and Ragini visited every evening bringing things the baby needed.

One week later, they agreed to move on a Saturday. Alfreda packed her belongings. Rahul and Ragini came to pick her up. They moved all her things to the car. Alfreda said goodbye to Andrea and left with baby.

After a 20-minute drive Rahul drove into a posh area. The roads were broad and clean. The houses were bigger than average houses. Five minutes later, the car slowed down near a two-floor house. As she turned the car into the driveway, Alfreda looked at the modern building. She liked the location and the look of the house.

Everybody got down from the car. Alfreda carried the baby. Rahul and Ragini carried her bags and went to the main door. Ragini pressed the doorbell. The door opened and a young woman stood there. She smiled and said “Hello madam!”

“Hello Keerthy,” Ragini said.

Rahul stepped in and said, “Keerthy, this is Alfreda. She will be living with us. She will take care of the baby,” Then he looked at Alfreda and said, “Keerthy is our full-time maid. She takes care of the household work. Sonya used to like her very much.”

Alfreda smiled and said, “Nice to meet you, Keerthy.”

“Nice to meet you too ma’am,” Keerthy said and smiled.

“Please take these bags to the master bed room,” Rahul told Keerthy.

“Ok sir,” Keerthy said and took the bags.

Keerthy looked like she was in her mid-twenties. She was average height, voluptuous, and had a pretty face. She was dressed in a saree and looked more like a housewife. Alfreda thought Keerthy looked too good be a house maid and suspected that Rahul might be having an affair with her.

“Let’s keep baby in the cradle,” Rahul said.

“I want to get refreshed,” Ragini said and walked away.

Rahul and Alfreda climbed the stairs and went to the master bedroom. As they stepped into the bedroom Alfreda looked around the room. She liked the large size room and the furniture. It had king size bed, a cradle, sofa, bar fridge and TV.

Alfreda kept the baby in the cradle and tucked him in a clean sheet.

“You can stay in this room. It has everything you need. The attached bathroom is there,” he said pointing at a door. “And the balcony is there. It has a good view. Please come and have a look.”

He opened a door that led to a large balcony overlooking the backyard of the house. Alfreda stepped out on the balcony and immediately loved the view.

Rahul let her enjoy the view for five minutes and said, “Please come. I’ll show you the house.”

Rahul showed the house to Alfreda and she loved everything about the house. The house had a big front yard and backyard. It had four bedrooms. The ground floor had a large living room, two bed rooms with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, laundry, car garage and a patio. The stairway from the side of living room led to the top floor. The top floor had another living room, two bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a study room and gym. The bedrooms and the living room had balconies.

Alfreda was impressed with the house. She liked the plan and the ambience in the house.

After showing the house, Rahul and Alfreda went to the living room. Ragini was sitting on the sofa and watching TV.

Rahul said, “Please make yourself at home. I need a shower. I’ll see you later.”

Alfreda sat down on a single sofa, next to the big sofa where Ragini was sitting.

“Biscuits? coffee?” Ragini asked pointing at the table where snacks were kept.

Alfred took a biscuit and bit it.

“Alfreda,” Ragini said. “Thanks for understanding.”

“That’s okay Ragini. The wellbeing of the child is important,” Alfreda said.

“Alfreda, can you do me one more favour please?” Ragini asked looking intently.

“Sure,” Alfreda said wondering what more she wanted.

“My brother has just lost his wife. He maybe desperate for physical intimacy. If he tries to touch you inappropriately, please don’t get upset with him.” Ragini requested.

“Ok, what do you want me to do?” Alfreda asked, confused about Ragini’s request.

“That’s up to you,” Ragini said and smiled, teasingly. “I have to go now. I’ll call you later.” Ragini stood up.

“Ok. I’ll go check on baby,” Alfreda said and stood up.

“You’ll make a very good mom,” Ragini said encouragingly.

“Thanks, Ragini,” Alfreda said.

After Ragini left, Alfreda went to the master bedroom and checked baby. Baby was sleeping peacefully in the cradle. So she went to the mirror and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She looked fresh and she felt fresh because she had taken bath before moving out of Andrea’s flat. She adjusted her saree and hair. Then, she went to the bed to lie down, but suddenly she heard moving sounds from the cradle. She went to the cradle and looked inside. Baby had woken up. She smiled at baby, and lifted him from cradle. She carried him to the bed, and lay him down. She removed her blouse and bra. She sat down on the edge of the bed. She took baby, held him in her hands and breast fed him. As baby sucked on her nipple, she closed her eyes and relaxed.

A minute later she heard someone say, “Beautiful.” She opened her eyes, startled. She saw Rahul standing before her.

“You scared me! “Alfreda laughed nervously.

Rahul moved closer. He looked down at his son sucking on Alfreda’s nipples and said, “I envy him.”

Alfreda smiled shyly at him.

“Does your milk taste sweet like the way you look?” he asked looking into her eyes.

Smiling shyly, Alfreda said, “I don’t know. Maybe it won’t be sweet enough for you.”

“Can I get a sample?” Rahul asked looking hopefully.

Alfreda laughed at him and shyly nodded. She looked down at her right breast. She pushed her saree’s Pallu down revealing the swollen nipple. Rahul sat down next to her. He lifted his hand and grabbed her stiff nipple with his index finger and thumb finger. He rolled her nipple between his fingers and looked up at her face. She smiled encouragingly. He moved his head closer to her. He liked the smell of her shampoo and the pleasant scent of her perfume. He moved closer and kissed her lips briefly. Then he pulled back and said, “You are beautiful.”

“Thanks,” Alfreda said. She was happy he thought she looked beautiful.

He moved down to her breast. His mouth captured her stiff little bud. He sucked and pulled at the rubbery tip. Her milk filled his mouth. The sweet and creamy taste of her milk was exactly what he had expected from her. He sucked her nipple and drank more milk from her breast. The pleasant flavour relaxed him.

Alfreda watched baby and his dad suck on her breasts. She felt like a mother and a wife. It was a wonderful feeling. She touched Rahul’s hair and stroked it. He tried to look up at her as he greedily sucked on her breast.

Alfreda moaned as he sucked harder and harder on the burning tip of her breast. Her cock had become hard as a rock. She felt a strong desire to feel him inside her. She looked down at Rahul and whispered, “Baby has gone to sleep.”

Rahul got the message. He swallowed her milk and retreated, sucking the soft mound of flesh surrounding her nipple, causing fire flaming through her aching bud.

After Rahul stopped sucking her nipple, Alfreda got down from the bed and went to the cradle. She kept baby in the cradle and tucked him in the sheets. Then she turned around and quietly walked back to the bed.

Rahul watched Alfreda as she walked back. He couldn’t believe she was a trans-woman with a penis. As she came closer and stood before him. He smiled and said, “Do you really have a penis?”

Alfreda laughed. “Yes,” she said.

“Really?” Rahul asked.

“Hm, Hm,” Alfreda nodded her head.

“I can’t believe you are a trans-woman. You look very beautiful,” he said and after a moment of hesitation he asked, “hmm…Can I see your penis?”

Alfreda laughed and said, “Promise me you won’t get scared.”

“Promise,” he said smiling.

Alfreda lifted her saree and petticoat. She tugged on her laced panty and pulled it down. She stripped it from her legs and threw it on the bed. She lifted her cloths slowly and let him have a good look at her cleanly waxed legs, shaved balls and erect cock.

“Wow! It’s big,” he said surprised.

“It’s just seven inches when it is hard,” Alfreda said and laughed.

“Are you sure? My penis is seven inches when it is hard. Your penis looks bigger than mine,” Rahul said wondering if his penis was smaller than her penis.

“It doesn’t matter,” Alfreda said and laughed.

“Is seven inches good enough for you?” Rahul asked.

“Enough for what?!” Alfreda laughed.

“If you are not sure, we have to find out,” Rahul said. He stood up and moved closer to Alfreda.

Alfreda let go of her saree and let it cover her legs. Her heart began to beat fast. She looked into his eyes and knew he wanted her.

Rahul took her in his arms. He pecked kisses on the side of her neck, ears, cheeks, forehead and finally her lips. He moved his hands down, behind her and grabbed her large ass cheeks. He squeezed the soft flesh through her cloths and gently kneaded the soft flesh. He kept his middle finger in between her ass cheeks and pressed upward, through the saree and asked, “Do want to feel me deep inside you?”

Alfreda laughed. Smiling shyly, she looked into his eyes. “Hmm…yes but do you really want to do it?”

“Hmm…yes,” Rahul said giving her ass a gentle squeeze.

“Ok.” Alfreda shrugged and laughed. “I’ll get Vaseline,” she said.

Alfreda pulled back and Rahul freed her from his arms.

Alfreda went to the wardrobe where her bags had been kept. She pulled out a small tube of Vaseline from her hand bag and returned to the bed.

Rahul removed his clothes and stood before Alfreda with his cock pointing at her.

Alfreda quickly scanned his body. “You look like a body builder. Do you work-out regularly? she asked.

“I work-out four days a week,” Rahul said.

Alfreda looked down at his penis and her heart started to beat fast. “It’s looks very good!” she said and laughed.

“Do you want it?” Rahul asked stroking his cock.

Alfreda laughed. She gave the Vaseline tube to him and said, “Please use it.”

“Ok, get on top of the bed and kneel down,” Rahul said.

Alfreda knew exactly what he wanted to do to her. She held her saree above her knees and got on top of the bed. She knelt down facing the pillows and leaned forward supporting her upper body with her elbows. She was on all fours.

Rahul got on top of the bed and looked down at her ass in awe. “Wow! Your bottom is big and beautiful,” he said.

Rahul touched her upturned buttocks. His palms lovingly caressed the smooth skin of her plump, jutting ass cheeks. She moaned. He bent down and tenderly kissed her ass cheeks that had turned pink. His hands grasped each of her butt cheeks and slowly spread them apart. The deep, crease of her ass widened, revealing the brown, tight ring of her anus. He bent down and kissed her anus. Her body jerked with a surprised pleasure and she moaned with growing arousal. Her soft ass cheeks pushed into his face, pressing the warmth of her ass around his face. She moaned as his lips flattened against her anus.

Rahul flicked his warm wet tongue over the hard little nodes of her anus. Her moans increased as his wet tongue licked the entrance of her asshole. She wiggled and jerked, loving the feel of his tongue licking and taunting her. The tight, puckered ring of her anus relaxed, as it was thoroughly slackened with his saliva. He spread her ass cheeks apart, opening up her anus. His tongue darted to the centre of the relaxed ring of her anus. He drilled his tongue into her asshole causing her to moan with excitement. He licked the smooth inner walls of her asshole, as her body flamed higher and higher. His tongue swirled around in her anus, setting off tingles in her cock, testicles and inner thighs. In and out, he speared his tongue into her asshole, preparing her for his cock.

Rahul pulled away from Alfreda’s ass. He gave each of her reddening ass cheeks quick kisses and straitened his back. He took the Vaseline tube from the bed and scooped out the jelly with his fingers. He smeared the jelly on his cock and spread it evenly. Then he scooped out more jelly with his fingers and easily slid his middle finger into Alfreda’s asshole. His finger pumped in and out of her asshole, lubricating her anal canal.

He looked down at his cock, rigid and pulsating. Its knob-like head glistened with Vaseline. He spread the large cushions of Alfreda’s ass apart and moved forward. The glans of his cock touched the brown ring of her anus. She moaned with excitement as the crown of his cock nudged at the firm puckered ring of her anus. He pushed forward gently but in an abrupt motion her anus opened and the glans of his cock was swallowed up by her asshole.

He moaned as the tightness of her anal muscles squeezed down around his glans. His hands gripped into the flesh of her ass. He could feel the heat in her asshole sear over his swollen glans. He felt good with his cock partially plugged into her anal hole. She shivered feeling the swollen head of cock throbbing inside her asshole.

Rahul pushed inside, and Alfreda relaxed her anal muscles. The strained channel of her rectum loosened as his thick cock glided inside her asshole inch by inch. After he was fully inside her, she clutched down her anal muscles around his cock, squeezing herself around its circumference.

They moaned together with the satisfaction of their joined bodies.

He felt relief behind her, pressing his crotch on her plump buttocks and with his cock firmly embedded inside her asshole. The heat of her asshole made his cock feel warm and provided comfort. Her anal canal felt smooth and fit perfectly like a sheath for his thick and long cock.

She groaned as he slowly extracted his cock from her asshole. As the thick shaft pulled out, she felt hollowness and wanted it back inside her. She moaned and ached for it. He understood her and slowly pushed his cock back into her asshole, filling her to the brim. He let his cock rest inside her warm, tight anus for a short moment before he abruptly jerked out and again plunged his cock deep inside her smooth, anal canal, slamming his crotch on her buttocks. Then he quickly withdrew again and plunged his cock into her asshole one more time. As the need to ejaculate built up, he drove his cock in and out of her asshole in a piston like action. In and out, he pounded his cock, grinding himself into the volcanic recesses of her bowel.

She bucked back and forth to accept his cock again and again. She grabbed the shaft of her cock and stroked it as he fucked her asshole like a wild man.

As his jackhammering cock lunged in and out of her tight asshole, she stroked her cock harder and harder. Her cum spout up from her balls and made its way through her cock. Her asshole tightened even harder around his cock. He could feel her squeezing it out of him. He moaned and fucked her harder and harder. Then, suddenly he quaked and blasted thick cream inside her asshole. As spurt after spurt of cream filled up her asshole, she stroked her cock harder and harder. She shuddered suddenly and shot thick semen in her hand. His arms wrapped around her waist lovingly and kissed the back of her shoulders.

“Did you like it, Mommy?” Rahul asked, teasing Alfreda.

“I loved it daddy!” Alfreda said and laughed, squeezing his cock inside her asshole and ejaculating more cum in her hand.