Chapter 2 – Catch up

Poornima listened to one of her patients whose problem was little similar to her problem. The patient had seen her husband having sex with another woman. But, unlike Poornima, the patient had confronted her husband. Her husband had absurdly blamed her for cheating on her. The patient was mentally troubled by his behavior.

After listening to her patient’s problems, Poornima gave solutions to overcome her problems. The patient thanked Poornima and left the room.

The next consultation was after half an hour. Poornima used the time to reflect on her problems. One week had passed after she had seen Rishab and Aishwarya having sex. She wasn’t sure if confronting Rishab was the right thing to do because she had also been having an affair with Darshan. As a Counseling Psychologist, Poornima knew it is very difficult for cheating partners to change. She understood she had to accept him for who he is or let him go. She decided letting him go was not an option because she needed a father for her unborn child.

Poornima finished her last consultation at 5:30 pm and left the clinic at 6 pm. Traffic was busy but she managed to reach home in half an hour.

She had a shower and dressed in a Saree. She put on the TV and got busy with household tasks.

The doorbell rang at 7:30 pm. Poornima opened the door. “You are early,” she said giving way for Rishab to step inside.

“I have to go again. Boss has come from US. He wants me to have dinner with him.”

“Oh…that’s not good”

Rishab sat down on the sofa.

“Coffee?” Poornima asked.

“Ok,” Rishab said.

As Poornima walked to the kitchen, Rishab watched her large buttocks bounce and shake. ‘Wow, I have to fuck her,’ he thought.

Rishab had not had sex with Poornima for a month because he had been having sex with Aishwarya and also because Poornima had gone for a one-week holiday. Seeing Poornima after a week made him suddenly realize she was hotter than Aishwarya. He had taken her for granted and ignored her but at that moment he was glad he had a hot wife who he could have sex with anytime he wanted.

As Poornima came with a cup of coffee, Rishab checked her out again. The saree hugged Poornima’s voluptuous body highlighting her curves. Her navel was visible through the saree. Her large breasts shook with every step she took.

‘Wow! very beautiful,’ Rishab thought, taking the coffee cup from Poornima.

Poornima went back to the kitchen. Rishab finished drinking quickly and went to the kitchen.

“Come to the bedroom. I want to have sex before I go,” Rishab said.

Poornima was surprised. She smiled and said, “Ok, I’ll be there in five minutes.”

Rishab removed his shirt and waited for Poornima. Poornima came few minutes later.

“Which restaurant are you going to?” She asked.

“It’s a restaurant in the hotel he is staying,” Rishab said and came closer to Poornima.

Poornima saw lust in Rishab’s eyes and thought ‘He wants me too.

Rishab moved very close to Poornima. His chest pressed on Poornima’s breasts. He moved closer and kissed her lips. Her lips were soft and her breath smelled fresh. The smell of fresh flowers emanated from the hair shampoo she had used. He clasped his lips on her lower lip and sucked it. His tongue parted her lips, penetrated her mouth and danced with her tongue. He licked her inner cheeks, her teeth and gums. He kissed her with fiery lust as his hands moved all over her body, rubbing and squeezing the soft flesh on her hip and buttocks.

After a while Rishab stopped kissing and pulled back. He grabbed both her breasts and squeezed them with her blouse and bra.

Poornima pulled back and unhooked her blouse. She stripped off her blouse and bra. Rishab quickly grabbed her massive melons and squeezed them. He bent down to her right breast, opened his mouth and took her swollen nipple in his mouth. He closed his mouth and sucked on it. His hands moved over her big butt, squeezing the soft flesh through her saree, skirt and panty. After a while, he pulled back and turned to her left breast. He took her nipple and a mouth full of her breast flesh inside his mouth. He sucked passionately for a few minutes before pulling away. He stood straight and unbuttoned his pant. He stripped off his pants and underwear revealing his penis.

Poornima looked at his penis and compared it to the room service boy’s penis. ‘hmm..Rishab has a thicker penis,’ she thought.

“How do you want to do it?” She asked.

“Anal. Doggy style.” Rishab grinned.

“Ok,” she said and went to the bed side table. She took the Vaseline bottle from the drawer and kept it on the table. “Vaseline is on table. Apply liberally.”

Poornima was not a big fan of anal sex but she cleaned her anal passage with soap every time she had a shower, so she was ready for it.

She lifted her saree and stripped her underwear revealing her beautiful bottom.

Rishab admired her butt and thought, “Wow! One in a million!”

Holding her saree up, Poornima climbed on top of the bed. She knelt down on the edge of the bed, leaned forward and rested her elbow on the bed.

The sight of her big butt with welcoming holes made Rishab’s heart melt. He moved closer to her, grabbed her massive butt cheeks and massaged the soft flesh. He stretched her butt cheeks apart and watched her anus open up. He bent down and kissed her anus causing Poornima to moan with pleasure.

Rishab scooped out Vaseline in his middle finger and inserted his finger inside her anus. Poornima whimpered. His finger dug deep rubbing Vaseline on the walls of her anal tube, spreading it on the smooth inner canal, making it moist for penetration.

He scooped out more Vaseline and rubbed it on his penis. He moved closer to Poornima, pointing his penis at her butt hole. The head of his penis pressed on her anus, opening it.

Poornima mentally prepared herself to accept Rishab’s penis inside her asshole.

“Do you want it?” Rishab asked the same question he had asked Aishwarya.

Poornima smiled. She looked over her shoulder and said the exact words Aishwarya had said, when she had seen Rishab having sex with Aishwarya. “Yes…fuck me now!”

Rishab was taken aback. “Wow! I have never heard you say that.”

“There’s a first time for everything,” Poornima said sarcastically, and smirked.

Rishab wondered how Poornima had used the same words Aishwarya had used. Confused, he pushed his cock inside Poornima’s asshole slowly. Poornima adjusted her hip welcoming his cock. The Vaseline helped his cock to slid inside her asshole but as he pushed further Poornima felt the pain. She groaned and tolerated the pain as he pushed deeper inside till his balls finally pressed on her soft ass cheeks. He let his cock rest inside her for a few seconds, loving the warmth of her bowel. Then he slowly pulled outward, till only the glans of his cock was inside her asshole. Then he pushed inside her asshole again, in one quick stroke.

Poornima groaned with discomfort and pain but he felt good. He pulled outward and penetrated again moaning, “Oh… Poornima!”

“hmmmm Rishab!” Poornima responded, enjoying getting stuffed repeatedly in her asshole.

“Yeah…” Rishab grunted, pistoning his cock in and out of her tight asshole, enjoying every penetration.

Rishab held her slender waist and rammed his crotch on her butt every time he penetrated her asshole. The collusion of their bodies made soft slapping sounds.

Poornima moaned, “Ahhh! Rishab! Ahhh! hmmmmmm….”

Rishab fucked her harder and harder until he suddenly felt a rush of orgasm. He spasmed, pushed his cock deep inside her asshole, pressed his crotch on her soft ass-cheeks and ejaculated inside her asshole. He let his cock rest inside her asshole as semen squirted from his cock and into her asshole.

Rishab and Poornima had enjoyed the catch-up sex. Poornima preferred vaginal intercourse, but she was just happy Rishab still wanted her even though he was cheating on her with her friend.