Chapter 4 – Consoling an ex


It was a boring day at the office. Sidarth had called in sick. Farida had finished all her projects one week ago. She didn’t have much work at the office. She was sitting at her desk and passing time. At 11:30 her mobile rang. She took the phone and saw the name, ‘Sanjeev’. Her heart started beating fast as she tried to make a decision to answer or not to answer. A few rings later, she swiped the screen. She placed the phone next to her ear and waited.

“Farida?” the familiar voice said.

“Yes Sanjeev. It’s Farida. How are you?” She tried to sound calm.

“Farida I want to meet you,” Sanjeev said.

“Hmm…What happened Sanjeev. Is everything okay?” Farida asked, concerned.

“Nothing is okay. Urmila fought with me and went to her parents house. My business is not doing well.”

“Take it easy Sanjeev. Everything will be fine.” She tried to console him.

“I want to meet you Farida,” he pleaded.

“Sanjeev, I don’t live in the same city anymore.”

“I know. Priya told me. I can take a flight. It’ll just take me a couple of hours to reach there.”

“Priya told you?” Farida was surprised that Sanjeev was still in touch with Priya.

“I tried to find you after I got married. Your neighbors told me you vacated. I called your friends. Nobody knew where you went. Two month ago I realized I should have called Priya because she was your best friend in college.”

“You are too smart.” She joked.

“I am happy I found you. Can I meet you today. Please?” Sanjeev pleaded.

“Are you sure you want to meet today? Won’t it be very tiring for you?” Farida asked.

“I am sure I want to meet you. I just want to be with you.” he sounded desperate.

“Ok. Don’t book a hotel room. Just come home, ok?”

“Ok. Give me your address.”

Farida gave him her address. Sanjeev confirmed that he would meet her at around seven.

After the call ended, Farida leaned back on the chair and thought about Sanjeev.


Farida’s point of view

I felt mixed emotions for Sanjeev. I was still angry with him for breaking up with me two years ago and getting arranged married, but deep in my heart, I still loved him.


Narrator’s point of view

Farida left the office at her usual time and reached home at six. She was exited about meeting Sanjeev. She wondered how he would look after three years. She remembered him as a confident, tall, muscular man with a trimmed beard.

Farida made coffee for herself and drank it as she undressed. Then, she went the bathroom and had a shower.

After a relaxing shower, she dried and wore a semi-transparent, floral printed saree. The printed flowers on the saree blended well with her skin tone. Her waist and belly was visible through the saree. The light weight of the saree, the smooth texture of the garment and flowery prints made her feel very comfortable in the saree. She touched up her face with light make up, and went to the living room wondering what Sanjeev would think about her appearance.

The door bell rang at ten to seven. ‘He is early,’ she thought and hurried to the door. she opened the door and looked at the man she had loved.

“Farida!” Seeing her made Sanjeev feel like he had inhaled a breath of fresh air.

Farida laughed, happy to see Sanjeev. “Come in! Come in!”

Sanjeev stepped inside the house. Farida closed the door and turned around. Sanjeev took her in his arms. “I missed you so much,” he said and hugged her firmly. He kissed her lips. Her large, soft breasts cushioned on his chest, arousing his sexual desire.

Farida pulled her head back and said, “No. You are married now!”

Sanjeev tightened his arms around her fearing she might pull back. “She left me. I love you.” He looked into her eyes.

She wanted to tell him she loved him too, but she just said, “It hurts.”

“Sorry.” he pulled back his arms and grabbed her slender waist. His thumb gently rubbed on the soft flesh of her bare waist. “Marry me,” he said.

“Do you have any children, Sanjeev?”

“Two year old girl.”

“Good. Come and freshen up first.” She pulled away from him and walked into the living room.

Sanjeev followed her watching her hip sway and her bottom bounce gracefully, one after the other. He noticed she had put on more weight at the right places. Her butt had become wider and plump. Her waist was still slender. Her breasts had become bigger. Her face looked pretty as he remembered but she looked like a different woman. She looked matured. He wished he had married her.

Farida entered the room. “Is it good enough for you?”

“I want to stay in your bedroom.” He looked into her eyes, hopefully.

“Sanjeev, let’s talk about it later okay?” She looked into his eyes, raising her eyebrows.

He nodded.

“I’ll order food from a restaurant. What do you feel like eating?”

“I’ll eat anything you want to eat.”

“Okay.” She left the room.

Farida ordered Sanjeev’s favourite food from a good restaurant and waited in the living room, watching TV. While she waited, she was wondering why Sanjeev had not come out of the room, after half an hour. Ten minutes later, the door bell rang. The food was delivered. She closed the door and went to the kitchen. She kept the food and came to the living room. She was taken aback seeing Sanjeev’s back. He had not worn a shirt. His lower half was covered with a white towel. She made a sound, as if clearing her throat to get his attention.

Sanjeev turned around, revealing his well built, muscular body. Farida’s legs felt week. She avoided looking at his body. “Please get dressed?”

Sanjeev took a few steps forward. “I shaved for you. I remember you like it that way.”

Farida was speechless. She knew what he was talking about.

Sanjeev unwrapped the towel and said, “Look.”

Farida looked down at the very familiar penis, she had loved and cherished. It was clean shaven and erect. It was long and thick like she remembered it. For a moment she hated him for taking it away from her.

“Come suck it.” Sanjeev looked hopefully at Farida.

Farida turned away and went to her bedroom as she heard him say, “Farida? What’s wrong? You used to suck it everyday, remember?”

Sanjeev followed her into her bedroom.

Farida turned around and looked at him. “I remember. That’s why I hate you for rejecting me and marrying someone else.”

“You can have it. It’s all yours.” Sanjeev came closer to her.

She was quiet for a moment, than she nodded, “Ok, get on the bed,” she said.

“Serious?” Sanjeev asked in disbelief.

Farida nodded.

Sanjeev got on top of the bed, exited and feeling lucky again. He lay down on his back and watched Farida. She removed her blouse and bra, revealing her beautiful, large breasts. She lifted her saree and stripped down her panties. She held her saree above her knee and got on top of the bed. She knelt down between his legs and bent down. She grabbed the shaft of his penis. She put her tongue out and licked the a drop of semen from glans of his penis. She closed her eyes and rubbed the hard penis on her face affectionately. She kissed his clean shaven balls. She put her tongue out, licked his balls and moved up, licking the underside of his penis, all the way to the top. She opened her mouth and took the crown of his penis in her mouth. She lowered her head, taking half his penis in her mouth. She lifted her head up, letting his penis glide out. She pressed her lips on the crown of his penis and sucked it hard for a moment, before moving her head down and letting his dick glide into her mouth. She moved her head up again, pressing her tongue on the underside of his cock. Her inner cheeks rubbed on the sides of his cock. The crown of his penis rubbed on her pallet. She moved her head up and down letting his dick penetrate her mouth again and again. The smell and taste of his semen increased her need to fuck him. She moved her finger on his thighs and knees, affectionately. He stroked her hair and watched her suck his dick passionately, like old times.

After sucking Sanjeev’s dick for a five minutes, Farida pulled his dick out of his mouth. She grabbed the shaft of his dick and spat saliva and his precum on the crown of his dick. She opened her mouth and took his dick into her mouth again. She moved her head up and down, sucking the dick she had missed for three long years.

Farida’s teeth bit on the rubbery cock as she sucked, but Sanjeev didn’t mind the pain because the pleasure she was giving him, was more. He lay on the bed, in a state of trance. Farida looked up at him. She was glad he was enjoying it.

A minute later, she pulled his penis out of her mouth. She stood up on the bed and moved forward. She knelt down, straddling over his crotch. She felt his penis on her labia. She lowered her bottom and felt the crown of his dick slide inside her pussy. She lowered more and let it glide deep inside her wet pussy. She lifted her bottom, letting it glide outward. She moved up and down impaling her vagina with his dick again and again. A minute later, she stopped, leaned forward and kissed him. Their tongues tangled inside their mouths briefly before she pulled back and continued riding on his dick.

Farida continued riding on his dick like a cowgirl. Sanjeev grabbed her bouncing breasts and kneaded them. Farida looked down at him. He puckered his lips and gave her a air kiss. Sanjeev could feel her vaginal muscles tightening on her dick. Farida moaned feeling tingling sensation in her clit. The tingling spread out to her inner thighs. She moved up and down rapidly, letting his dick glide in and out of her pussy. Waves of pleasure swept through out her body. She closed her eyes and laughed with joy. She leaned forward and kissed his lips.

“Oh Sanjeev! I love you so much.” She confessed.

She lay her face on the side of his neck, breathing heavily and closed her eyes. Her entire body was covered with sweat. Her heart was beating fast. She smiled with satisfaction. She realized he may not have climaxed at the same time and asked, “Did you cum inside me?”

“No. I didn’t want to get you pregnant.”

“I am in my safe period.” She sat up straight. “How do you want to do it…doggy?,” she said and smiled at him.

“Yeah!” he was exited at the thought of ejaculating in her pussy after three years.

Farida knelt down on the bed and leaned forward, supporting her upper body with her elbow. She felt the glans of his penis opening her vagina and then his dick glided inside her. She closed her eyes and smiled with satisfaction. He grabbed her slender waist and pushed his dick as deep as he could. His crotch pressed hard on her big, soft butt. He let his dick rest inside her warm, wet pussy and remained still.

Farida looked over her shoulder, wondering why he wasn’t moving. “What happened Sanjeev?” She asked, concerned.

“It feels so good inside you. I am cherishing the feeling,” Sanjeev said.

Farida laughed.

“Will you let me make love again next time?”

“Of course Sanjeev. You can make love to me whenever you want. I love you. ok?”

“Ok,” he said, happy with her response. He pulled his dick outward and pushed inside her again.

Farida closed her eyes and enjoyed his dick pistoning in her pussy. His crotch banged on her butt every time he pushed inside her. He banged her harder and faster. She lay the side of her face on the bed and enjoyed the moment. She smiled hearing him saying, “Oh Farida….you are so beautiful.”

As he was pounding into her pussy like a wild man, his balls became heavy. He shuddered and erupted, spewing out thick semen inside her pussy. “Oh Farida! I love you so much,” he said and pressed his crotch on her butt, draining every drop of his semen inside her.

After Sanjeev pulled his dick out of her pussy, Farida lay down on her back. Sanjeev lay down next to her.

She heard him say, “That was best sex I had in a long time.”

“You don’t like having sex with your wife?” she asked.

“You are the best Farida.”


“I am not lying,” Sanjeev insisted.

“When are you going back?” She asked worried for him.

“Tomorrow afternoon. I have a client meeting.”

“Don’t stress too much, okay?” she said concerned about him.

“Okay…can I really make love to you anytime I want?” Sanjeev looked at her concerned.

“Yes. Just call me before you come.” Farida assured him.

“Why don’t you just marry me?” Sanjeev asked, hoping she would change her mind.

“Because your daughter needs her mom and dad. Please go and work on your marriage. I’ll always be there for you.” Farida genuinely hoped he would be a better Dad for his daughter.

“Thanks Farida,” Sanjeev said gratefully.

“You are welcome,” Farida said and smiled at him reassuringly.