Chapter 2 – Kindness

It was Saturday evening. Nirmala was cooking. Naveen was watching TV in the living room and the baby was fast asleep in the bedroom.

Nirmala thought about Karan and smiled. She had always liked Karan. She thought about his wife Sharada, who had passed away after giving birth to a child. She felt sorry for Karan, Sharada and their child.

After Nirmala finished cooking. She went to the living room. She looked at Naveen who was sitting on the couch and said, “Naveen, I am going for a shower. Please keep an eye on baby.”

Naveen lowered the volume of the television and said, “Sure darling.”

Nirmala went to the master bedroom on the first floor. She undressed and went to the attached bathroom.

Nirmala felt refreshed after having a shower. She dried her body and hair. She draped a semi-transparent, floral print Saree. She put on light make up. She put on her bangles and Mangalsutra. She checked her reflection and made adjustments to her Saree, hair, and make up before leaving the bedroom.

Nirmala went to the living room. She saw Naveen and asked, “Did baby wake up?”

“He is still sleeping,” Naveen said and looked at Nirmala from top to bottom. “Wow, you look sexy. Karan is going to get an instant hard-on, the moment he sees you.”

“Naveen please…” Nirmala blushed and shook her head.

“No seriously. The Saree is draped perfectly to your body. Your blouse fits you perfectly. Your belly is almost clearly visible through the Saree.”

Nirmala giggled. “Okay. So, what are you going to do about it?”

Naveen stood up and went to Nirmala. He stood before her and looked into her beautiful eyes. He grabbed her bare waist and gently squeezed her soft flesh. He moved his head closer and kissed her lips. Nirmala closed her eyes as her husband’s tongue parted her lips and entered her mouth. His tongue moved slowly around her mouth, touching the insides of her cheeks, roof of her mouth and her tongue, taking in all of her taste, scent, and smell. He loved her taste and fresh breath that was unique to her. Her smell aroused him. He kissed her more intensely and Nirmala responded by licking his tongue. Their tongues danced inside her mouth as they shared a moment of love and affection.

Naveen withdrew his tongue from his wife’s mouth and asked, “Do we have time to make love before Karan comes home?”

“you said he’ll come home at 5. It’s already 5:10,” Nirmala said.

“Hmm…Okay. We’ll wait for him.” Naveen gently squeezed her waist.

“If his child is hungry, I have to feed her first,” Nirmala said.

“I am happy you are willing to help him,” Naveen said.

“I feel sorry for him and his child,” Nirmala said. “It must be really difficult to deal with the loss of his wife and take care of his child by himself.”

“Yeah. His mother is also very old and sick,” Naveen said looking into her eyes, quietly appreciating her for her kindness.

“Poor woman.” Nirmala sympathized with Karan’s mother.

“I am concerned about Karan’s mental wellbeing. I saw him browsing an Escort service website. I don’t want him to get addicted to Escorts.”

“Escorts? That’s not good.” Nirmala was surprised.

“Yeah. We have to help him till he finds a good woman like Sharada.”

Just then the doorbell rang.

“He is here!” Naveen let go of Nirmala and rushed to the door.

Nirmala followed him. Naveen opened the door and said, “Hey Karan! Welcome home.”

“Hello Bro!” Karan said as he stepped into the house holding his child in his arms. He saw Nirmala and said, “Hello Bhabhi. How are you?”

“I am fine Karan. How are you and baby?” Nirmala moved close to Karan and looked at the sleeping baby.

“I am fine Bhabhi but baby is still struggling to drink formula milk.” Karan sounded worried.

Nirmala took the sleeping baby from Karan and said, “She will be fine with me. She doesn’t have to drink formula milk anymore.”

“Thank you so much for your help. I’ll be indebted to you forever,” Karan said with a genuine feeling of thankfulness.

“It’s our responsibility Karan,” Nirmala said. She smiled comfortingly at Karan.

“You are very kind Bhabhi!” Karan gave her a warm smile.

“I’ll keep the baby in the bedroom and come back,” Nirmala said. She turned around and went to the bedroom.

Nirmala placed the baby on the bed. She moved the spare crib next to her son’s crib. Then she placed Karan’s daughter inside the spare crib and tucked her up. She checked the sleeping babies and admired them with motherly love.

Nirmala went to the living room. Karan looked at Nirmala and said, “Congratulations Bhabhi!”

“Thanks Karan. Naveen turned me into a baby making machine,” she said and laughed.

The men laughed with her.

“You are just having the second one. I am aiming for three kids,” Naveen said and laughed.

Nirmala sat down next to Naveen and said, “I don’t know if I will have energy to get conceived after I deliver this one.”

Naveen patted Nirmala’s shoulder and said, “You’ll be fine. You are a strong woman.”

Nirmala shook her head and looked at Karan.

Karan laughed.

Naveen turned his attention to Karan. “So, what is your plan, Karan? Do you want to get married again and have more kids?”

“Yes Naveen. I also wanted to have two or three kids but I don’t know if I can find the right woman again,” he said.

“Karan, you will find the right woman…”, Naveen said and hesitated before continuing, “You will find her if you look for her and stop depending on escorts.”

Karan looked uncomfortable.

“You can be open with Karan. Please don’t be embarrassed. We’ll help you find a wife,” Nirmala said trying to make Karan feel comfortable.

Naveen nodded and said, “I know it’s not easy to control sexual desires. We don’t want you to get into trouble trying to satisfy your sexual desires with escorts. We discussed it and decided to give you an option.” Naveen looked at Nirmala. Nirmala smiled warmly at him and nodded reassuringly.

Karan looked at them very curiously.

Naveen looked at Karan and said, “Karan, until you find a wife, you can have sex with Nirmala.”

Karan looked at them with disbelief for a moment and said, “Wow! Really?!” He couldn’t believe what he had heard. “Are you joking Naveen?!” he asked, hoping Naveen was not joking.

“I am not joking Karan. We really care about you and your family. We want to help.” Naveen said with a serious expression on the face.

“Yes Karan,” Nirmala said. “Your wellbeing is important for your mother and your child. I am here to help. But of course, it is your choice. If you don’t want to have sex with me, it’s perfectly fine with us, but please don’t go to escorts.” Nirmala smiled warmly at him.

“Wow Bhabhi! I can’t believe it! You are so kind! You both are very kind! Thanks Naveen! Thank you, Bhabhi! I will be grateful to you both forever!” Karan expressed his heart felt thankfulness as he felt excited at the thought of having sex with Nirmala.

“Hold on. Don’t get too excited. I said you can have sex with my wife. I didn’t say I am giving away my wife to you.” Naveen joked.

Karan laughed. “I understand Naveen.”

“Good.” Naveen nodded. “I suggest you have sex with her soon because she is excited to have sex with you.” Naveen joked.

“Naveen!” Nirmala said feeling embarrassed. She patted Naveen’s hand and gave him an angry look.

Naveen and Karan laughed.

Nirmala retaliated. “Come Karan. Let’s have sex.” She gave Naveen an angry look and said, “You can stay here,” she said and stood up.

Karan and Naveen laughed and stood up.

Nirmala went to the bedroom. Naveen and Karan followed her.

Naveen looked at Nirmala’s big bottom and said, “She has the sexiest butt. That’s why I like having anal sex with her.” He joked again.

“That’s his favourite activity.” Nirmala teased Naveen walking ahead of them.

The men laughed as they all entered the guest bedroom. Nirmala stopped near the bed and turned to look at the men. “So, gentlemen,” she said. “What do you want to do to me?”

The men laughed. Then Naveen said, “We want to rape you.”

The men laughed again. Nirmala smirked and shook her head.

“Let’s do it together. That way Nirmala can have maximum fun!” Naveen teased Nirmala.

Karan controlled his urge to laugh, not wanting to unintentionally anger Nirmala.

“Naveen!” Nirmala looked at him angrily.

Naveen shrugged and said, “Don’t just keep staring at me. Let’s get started.”

“You get started! Naughty!” Nirmala lashed back at Naveen.

Naveen and Karan laughed.

Naveen looked at Karan and asked. “Do you want to do vaginal or anal?”

Karan shrugged his shoulder and said, “I don’t know Naveen. Can you please choose.”

“Okay, we’ll let Nirmala choose,” Naveen said and looked at Nirmala.

Nirmala looked at the handsome men who were expecting her answer. Karan was a couple of inches shorter than Naveen but he was well built. She wondered if Karan had a big penis and said, “Well…I don’t want to stop Naveen from doing his favourite activity.”

Naveen laughed and turned to Karan. “Do you want to do anal?” he asked.

Karan shrugged. “It’s okay Naveen. I am fine with Nirmala’s choice.”

“Okay. Let’s get started,” Naveen said and removed his shirt.

Nirmala began removing her blouse and bra. She looked at the men who were quickly undressing and asked, “Do you want me to remove the Saree?”

“Keep it on. You look sexy in the Saree,” Naveen said stripping off his underwear.

Karan checked out Nirmala as she undressed. Her large breasts looked even bigger without a blouse and bra. Her pointed swollen nipples glistened with milk. His penis hardened to the maximum level.

Nirmala lifted her Saree and stripped off her panty. She quickly looked at Karan’s penis as he was stripping off his underwear. She liked it. It had good length and girth. Her excitement soared up. She opened the drawer of the bedside table. She took the oil bottle and handed it to Naveen.

Naveen took the bottle from Nirmala and looked at Karan. “Alright guest of honor. Get on top and lie down.”

Karan laughed and got on top of the bed. He laid down on his back.

“Do you want to lubricate me first?” Nirmala asked Naveen.

“Yes,” Naveen said.

Nirmala lifted her Saree and petticoat above her hip, exposing her butt to Karan. Karan’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of her enormous bottom. He had never seen a butt that looked as beautiful as Nirmala’s butt. Her butt cheeks were firm and her skin looked smooth. He wanted to knead her ass cheeks, kiss them, eat her anus and fuck her asshole.

Nirmala turned around and saw Karan looking down at her vagina and stroking his cock. She was happy to see lust in his eyes. She smiled and looked at his thick, long cock. She assured herself that his cock would soon be inside her vagina and felt more exited.

Naveen inserted the needle-less Syringe inside Nirmala’s anus and pressed the plunger, injecting baby oil inside Nirmala’s rectum.

Karan was mesmerized by Nirmala’s vagina. It was clean shaved. It looked like a flower about to bloom, with her Labia Minora slightly exposed through the entire length of her Labia Majora. Her clit was swollen like bud and it glistened.

Naveen pulled the Syringe out of Nirmala’s asshole. He moved his head closer to her neck and whispered, “Start the joy ride.”

Everybody laughed.

Nirmala held her Saree above her hip and got on top of the bed. She placed her feet next to Karan on either side. She looked down at Karan and saw him looking between her legs with admiration. He sensed her looking at him and looked at her face. Their eyes met and Karan smiled uncomfortably. Nirmala gave him an understanding smile. She carefully knelt down and straddled on Karan. She lowered her hip and felt the heat of his long hard cock brushing against the lips of her vagina. She reached back under her body and guided his rigid shaft between the tender lips of her cuntal slit. Karan pressured upward and with one stroke slid his cock all the way deep inside her hungry cunt. Nirmala moaned feeling a sudden rush of pleasure sweep through her body. She closed her eyes, rested her butt on his thighs and squirmed her hip. She felt the head of his thick long prick pressing against the tender walls of her womb. She opened her eyes hearing Naveen say, “Bend forward darling.”

Nirmala bent forward looking at Karan’s face. He looked relaxed. He smiled at her. She returned the smile. She wanted to kiss him but she stopped herself fearing Naveen may not like her romancing with Karan.

Nirmala felt Naveen’s finger on her ass cheeks, spreading them apart. Then she felt the tip of his cock press on her anus. Then she suddenly felt the blood-filled cock-head slip into her anus, stretching her rubbery flesh. She moaned, “Mmmmmmmaaaahhh…!”

Nirmala closed her eyes expecting more pleasure and pain. And sure enough, she felt it as Naveen’s cock stretched her anal canal and made its way deep inside her clenching anal canal. Naveen’s monstrous cock crawled inside her, filling her up slowly. Her heart was pounding with excitement. When his cock was fully embedded inside her anal canal, she knew it. She felt stuffed but it was satisfying.

Naveen pressed his crotch on Nirmala’s soft, plump, ass cheeks and secured his cocked in the warm depths of her asshole.

Nirmala calmed down and focused on two large cocks that were embedded inside her pleasure holes. She had not been stuffed and sandwiched that way after getting married to Naveen, three years ago. Realizing what she had missed she tried to focus on the present. A wonderful sense of satisfaction overtook her.

Naveen quickly pulled his cock outward and pushed it back inside Nirmala banging his crotch on her plump ass cheeks. Nirmala jerked convulsively forward, only to feel Karan’s lips brushing on her lips. Karan’s tongue parted her lips and entered her mouth. His tongue moved hastily around, inside her mouth, touching the insides of her cheeks, roof of her mouth and her tongue, tasting her. Nirmala was worried that Naveen may not like Karan kissing her, but as Naveen began quickly fucking in and out her asshole, she got caught up in the moment and kissed Karan. As they kissed, Karan pulled his cock outward and thrust his cock deep inside her pussy. He moved his hip down, pulling his cock outward, then he moved his hip upward, thrusting his cock back inside her tight, wet vagina. He repeated the movement timing his thrusts to match Naveen’s trusts. As pleasure soared, Karan and Nirmala stopped kissing, Naveen and Karan fucked Nirmala harder and harder. Her breasts jiggled above Karan’s face as if inviting him to suck her nipples and he did just that. His mouth opened and covered the nipple of her left breast. He sucked nipple and drank her milk for a a moment. Then he released her nipple from his lips and took the nipple of her right breast in his mouth. He sucked her nipple and drank her milk again. He took turns and sucked both her breasts, drinking her milk and fucking her pussy as her husband vigorously fucked her asshole.

Nirmala loved it. Her entire was being shook as the men banged their bodies on her body, fucking her harder and harder. She panted and enjoyed it as sexual pleasure built up in her loins. Tears of unconscious joy watered her eyes as she wallowed in the pleasure of getting fucked by big sized cocks her vagina and asshole, filling her up again and again. Every penetration gave her sheer joy. She wanted more and more and the men tried their best to give it to her. Happiness tingled through Nirmala’s body as the men rhythmically fucked her. Pleasure flooded through her blood stream, and her hips began to unconsciously gyrate. She whimpered with passion as the cocks mercilessly pistoned inside her cunt and asshole. She shuddered and moaned over and over, little goose pimples formed on the smooth surface of her skin and beads of perspiration covered her forehead. She felt as though she could not survive the pleasure that she was receiving.  Her trembling cunt and asshole repeatedly accepted the rapidly fucking cocks inside her. Rainbow clouds filled her mind as she orgasmed. She was being magnificently fucked and that’s all mattered to her. She could feel every ridge of Karan and Naveen’s cocks inside her pleasure holes.  Her pussy and asshole clasped around their cocks as waves of sexual pleasure splashed throughout her body. She laughed as her pent-up sexual energy suddenly exploded, giving her an amazing feeling of relief. She leaned forward and kissed Karan’s lips. At the same time semen erupted from Karan and Naveen’s throbbing cocks, and spewed inside the depths of her cunt and asshole.

Nirmala laid her head on a pillow next to Karan’s face.

“Thank you, Bhabhi,” Karan whispered.

“My pleasure,” Nirmala whispered in his ears.

“Wow! That was great. Did you like it, Karan?” Naveen asked.

“I loved it, Naveen. Thank you very much,” Karan said.

“Good. Don’t go to escorts. Just have sex with Nirmala till you find a wife.” Naveen advised him again.

“Okay Naveen,” Karan said feeling thankful to Naveen.

Nirmala felt their cocks deflating rapidly and asked, “I expected more from both of you. You both need Viagra.” She joked.

Naveen and Karan laughed.

“Actually, it’s a good idea,” Naveen said and pulled out his limp cock from Nirmala’s asshole.

Karan’s limp cock popped out of Nirmala’s vagina.
Nirmala rolled to the side and laid down next to Karan breathing heavily. She looked at Naveen and smiled.

Naveen smiled. “Are you alright?”

Nirmala nodded. “Just too much activity for one day.”

“Get used to it darling,” Naveen said and gave her a naughty smile.
Nirmala gave him an understanding smile, thanking the universe for giving her a husband who had a kind heart and a broad mind.