Chapter 2 – Alfreda gets a job

The door bell rang. Andrea opened the door and said, “Abhishek, come in.”

Abhishek walked into the house and sat down on the couch.”Where is Alfreda?”

“Having a shower,” Andrea said and sat down on the couch.

After having a good shower, Alfreda got ready and went to the living room. She saw Abhishek and said, “Hello Abhishek!”

“Hello beautiful!” he said, admiring her. He checked her out, as she walked to the other side of the room to take her handbag. She had worn a maroon saree. The saree wrapped around her hip and legs, beautifully highlighting the shape of her wide hips, plumpy buttocks, legs, waist and breast. Her belly button was exposed from the side, and could be partially seen through the saree.

“Hmm…looks like you want to fuck her,” Andrea teased Abhishek.

“Good guess! I have a hard-on,” Abhishek said and laughed.

“Abhishek you can’t do that now. I just had a shower. And Andrea, please don’t talk like that,” Alfreda said, looking around for her mobile.

“It’s only 10am now. The interview is at 11am. We have lot of time,” Abhishek said.

“Sorry Abhishek. I want to be there early. You can do it after the interview,” Alfreda said.

Abhishek shrugged and said, “Ok”.

Alfreda had applied for Personal Secretary position, in a cosmetics company named, Fem Vision. Fem Vision focused on women and their well-being. Majority of the staff at Fem Vision were women. Alfreda had not expected them to call her for an interview, because she had mentioned her gender as transgender in the application. She had been surprised when they had called her for an interview.

The traffic was busy but Abhishek had managed to drive quickly. They reached the destination at 10:30 am. Alfreda introduced herself to the receptionist and told her the purpose of her visit. The receptionist told her she would inform the manager, and requested her to have a seat.

A few minutes later, Alfreda saw a beautiful woman walking into the reception from a corridor. The woman was tall

A few minutes later, Alfreda saw a beautiful woman walking into the reception from a corridor. She was tall and had a hour glass figure. She was wearing a transparent, pink saree, that had modern designs printed on it. Her pink blouse looked more like a bra, sleeveless and very low, revealing the cleavage of her full breasts through her transparent saree.

The woman went to the receptionist and spoke to her. The receptionist and both the women looked at Alfreda. The woman came to Alfreda and asked, “Alfreda Menezes?”

Alfreda stood up. “Yes.”

“I am Ragini. I am the manager,” the woman said stretching her hand to shake hands.

“Nice to meet you,” Alfreda said shaking her hand.

“Come, let’s go to my office,” Ragini said.

Alfreda followed Ragini, admiring her figure. Her penis hardened. She hoped Ragini won’t spot the bulge in the saree, near her crotch.

The women entered the office. Ragini closed the door and walked to her desk.

Alfreda quickly looked around. The office was clean. Pink and white colours were dominant. It was a very chic office. She loved it.

Ragini asked Alfreda to sit down, and she sat down on her chair. After Alfreda sat down, Ragini looked at Alfreda and smiled. “You look very beautiful!” she said.

Alfreda blushed. “Thank you ma’am,” she said shyly.

“No ma’am. Just call me Ragini, ok?” Ragini said.

“ok…Ragini,” Alfreda said and smiled.

“Please sit down,” Ragini said before sitting down on her chair.

Alfreda sat on the guest chair.

Ragini smiled pleasantly at Alfreda. “I am impressed by your resume. You’ll be great for the role. But, there is one problem,…” She paused and maintained eye contact with Alfreda, checking her expression, before saying, “…we have never, employed a transgender woman.”

The smile on Alfreda’s face slowly faded away. She mentally prepared herself to walk away with disappointment.

“Don’t be so disappointed.” Ragini smiled. “I can give you the job on two conditions.”

Alfreda looked at Ragini with hope.

Ragini locked eyes with Alfreda, and said, “Condition number one, keep your gender a secret from the employees, clients and visitors. Most of our staff are women. I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable around you, ok?”

Alfreda nodded. “Ok”

“Second condition.” Ragini smiled. “You will be my personal secretary. So, you should have sex with me, whenever I want. I can’t hire a man in a company where most of the employees are women. That’s why I want someone who looks like a woman but should also be able to satisfy me.”

Alfreda smiled. She couldn’t believe her luck. She was overwhelmed with happiness.

“Do you agree?” Ragini asked happy to see a glow of happiness on Alfreda’s face.

“Yes. I agree to all your conditions.” Alfreda said, smiling shyly.

“Great!” Ragini said and stood up.

As Ragini approached her, Alfreda stood up and turned to face her. They had good eye contact as both the women were of same height.

“You are so beautiful,” Ragini said again, admiring Alfreda’s pretty face.

Alfreda wanted to tell her she was very beautiful, but she wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to tell her new boss. So she just said, “Thank you.”

Ragini smiled, and moved closer to Alfreda. Their breasts squished, like cushions. She could smell Alfreda’s fresh breath. She bent and kissed her lips. Her tongue teased invitingly at Alfreda’s lips, until they parted and let her tongue enter Alfreda’s warm mouth. Pressing her breasts on Alfreda’s breasts, she took her in her arms. Her tongue darted inside Alfreda’s mouth passionately.

Alfreda put her arms around Ragini and welcomed the passionate kiss. She moved her tongue over and around Ragini’s tongue, swirling at the roof of her mouth. Her hard cock pressed on Ragini’s crotch. She wanted to penetrate Ragini, but she didn’t feel bold enough to make the first move.

Ragini was in complete control. She probed Alfreda’s mouth, twirling and flicking her tongue. She had never felt so attracted to a woman, man or a transgender. Alfreda seemed like a complete package, but Ragini wasn’t sure yet. She could feel something hard and big press on her thighs. Her heart skipped a beat. She wanted to see it. She pulled back and said, “Show me what you’ve got.”

Alfreda looked into Ragini’s eyes and asked with hesitation. “My penis…?”.

“Yes,” Ragini said concealing the excitement she felt.

Alfreda lifted her saree, revealing her, cleanly waxed legs. She was wearing a pink laced panty, that had a big bulge in front. Alfreda held the saree above her hip and stripped down her panty. She stood straight and revealed her cock.

“Wow! It is so big,” Ragini said looking down at Alfreda’s cock. “How big is it?” She asked smiling at the thought of sucking and fucking it.

“Eight inches long and five inches in diameter,” Alfreda said blushing.

“Wow! That’s really big!” Ragini took a good look at it and said, “You are so beautiful! Turn around…let me see your bottom.”

Alfreda turned around holding her saree above her hip.

“Wow! Very beautiful…big and curvy! You are so perfect!,” Ragini said mesmerized by Alfreda’s wide, plump ass.

Ragini smiled and sat down on the chair where Alfreda had been sitting. She looked at Alfreda’s clean shaven balls and cock. She could smell a musky smell of Alfreda’s semen. “Come closer.” she said.

Alfreda took a steps forward. Her penis was perfectly positioned near Ragini’s mouth. She looked down admiring Ragini’s pretty face.

Ragini examined Alfreda’s swollen cock. It looked so big and strong but had a feminine quality to it. She lifted her hand and grabbed the rod of hardened flesh. She liked the smoothness and the solidness that throbbed in her palm. She watched as the plumpness of Alfreda’s glans, seemed to swell more. She moved her head forward and kissed the crown of Alfreda’s cock, sucking the semen that oozed out from its slit mouth.

Alfreda felt good, as Ragini firmly held the shaft of her penis, and kissed it. The touch of Ragini’s soft lips, on her hard penis was soothing.

Ragini opened her mouth, and took the crown of Alfreda’s cock inside her mouth. She sucked it once, pulled back, looked up and Alfreda and smiled. Seeing the pleasure on Alfreda’s face, she looked down and moved forward, letting the hard cock glide into her mouth. She licked the hard shaft and the smooth skin. She took the cock deep inside, till she felt like choking and pulled back little bit. Then she moved her head forward slowly, determined to take the whole eight inches inside her mouth. She suddenly chocked again. Her head jerked, and her eyes filled with tears. She paused for a while, and moved her head forward more carefully, until Alfreda’s cock was fully inside her mouth. Ragini clasped her inner cheeks, on the thick cock and moved her head backward, sucking passionately. After the penis was fully out of her mouth, she kissed the pink glans, clasped her lips on the glans, and sucked it, as if it was a lollipop. She grabbed Alfreda’s balls, and gently squeezed it. She trembled with excitement, at the thought of burying the pulsating cock, in her pussy. She stopped sucking, and said, “Let’s do it.”

Ragini went to the couch. She lifted her saree quickly, and stripped off her panty. She looked at Alfreda and said, “Sit down.”

Alfreda held her saree above her hip, and sat down on the couch. She admired Ragini, as Ragini lifted her saree, revealing her beautiful legs and clean shaved pussy. Ragini moved forward. She positioned her legs on either side of Alfreda’s legs. She got on top of the sofa and knelt down on the edge. She lowered her hip. Alfreda grabbed her penis and pointed it at Ragini’s pussy. The swollen crown of Alfreda’s cock opened up Ragini’s vagina. Ragini lowered her hip, allowing a inch of the hard cock inside her. She moaned, “Ohhhh!” and lowered her hip more, taking in five more inches. It felt very good, but she wasn’t sure if she could take in anymore. She looked down at Alfreda’s pretty face. Alfreda smiled and said, “You can do it.”

“I am so stuffed…” Ragini said lowering her hip and taking in a inch more.

Alfreda lost control and jerked her hip up, burying her dick inside Ragini’s belly. “Ohhhh!” she heard Ragini whimper. Ragini rested her butt on Alfreda’s thighs. She looked down at Alfreda and smiled, with satisfaction. She kissed Alfreda’s lips. She moved her hip up, gliding on the thick cock, and lowered her hip again, taking it inside fully. She loved it. She stopped kissing and moved her hip up again, letting the cock glide outward, then lowered her hip, letting the cock glide fully inside her. She did it again and again causing Alfreda to moan with pleasure.

Alfreda grabbed Ragini’s slender hip and watched watched Ragini ride on her cock. She felt good with her cock plugged into Ragini’s juice filled vagina. She resisted the urge to start pounding into Ragini and let the beautiful woman ride her on cock.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Ragini moaned, moving her hip up and down, letting Alfreda’s cock slide in and out of her vaginal canal. “Fuck! Fuck!” she yelled fucking Alfreda, like a wild woman.

Alfreda enjoyed Ragini’s tight cunt, gripping her cock and gliding on it rapidly. She moved her hands up and grabbed Ragini’s breasts. She squeezed them through her blouse and bra.

Ragini moved her hip rapidly as pleasure built up. Her legs and arms quaked, She started sweating. She spasmed, impaling herself fully on the pole of flesh. Wave after wave of mind blowing pleasure swept through her body. She felt her legs crumble. She moaned and laughed as she climaxed. She leaned forward on Alfreda, and kissed the beautiful woman who had given her so much pleasure. As they kissed, Alfreda lurched her hip up, shoving her cock into Ragini cunt. Ragini realized, Alfreda had still not cum. She stopped kissing and said, “Fuck me.”

Alfreda grabbed Ragini’s bare waist, digging her fingers in the soft flesh. She pulled her cock outward and lunged into Ragini’s cunt, ramming her crotch, and on Ragini’s big soft butt. She did it again and again. The thickness of her shaft drilled deep, straining Ragini’s pussy and stretching it. In and out she lunged, repeatedly. Their bodies thudded together, crotch to butt. They grunted and moaned as hot semen built up in Alfreda’s balls. She lunged, thrust, drilled and speared her cock in and out of Ragini’s gripping pussy till her body quaked with sensual tremors of delight. Alfreda shot her cum, into her new boss’ cunt.