Chapter 1 – The first interview

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The voice of the News anchor echoed in the large living room. Raj was sitting on his wheel chair and watching the beautiful woman reading World News. He compared her to his young wife, Alisha and concluded that Alisha was more beautiful than the News anchor. He felt proud of Alisha, but he suddenly felt sad when he thought of his inability to be intimate with her.

“Please open your mouth,” the carer said.

Raj struggled to open his mouth. He had become severely paralysed after a car accident. It had affected both his legs and arms. He had difficulty speaking and eating.

The carer fed him a spoon of rice porridge and turned her attention to the News on TV.

Alisha walked into the living room and said, “Good morning, Rupa.”

“Good morning, Madam,” the carer said.

Raj was happy to hear Alisha’s voice. He looked at her and tried to smile.

Alisha stood before him and smiled. “Good morning, Raj. How are you feeling today?”

Raj slowly nodded, admiring his beautiful wife. She was dressed in a dark purple Georgette Saree that had Zari embroidered designs. The Saree hugged her body, making her curves more noticeable.

“That’s good Raj. You will recover soon and everything will be back to normal,” Alisha said and smiled at him.

Tears filled his eyes and blurred his vision.

“Oh Raj, please don’t cry. Everything will be fine,” Alisha said. She took tissue paper to dry his eyes. As Alisha leaned forward and dried his eyes, Raj could smell Alisha’s unique feminine smell, her favourite perfume and shampoo. He was aroused. He closed his eyes and imagined having sex with her.

Alisha looked at Rupa and said, “I am going to a meeting. I will be back after lunchtime. Please take Raj for a walk. Baby is with Sonam. She will bring baby to the living room later,” she said.

“Okay Ma’am,” Rupa said.

As Alisha walked away, Raj opened his eyes and watched her walk away with admiration.

Alisha had a pretty face. Her big eyes were dark brown colour and twinkled whenever she was happy. Her nose was straight. Her lips were full and sensuous. She had a beautiful smile that seemed to radiate happiness. She had straight, waist length, black hair that fell over her breasts and on the back of her shoulders. She was five feet seven inches tall. Her neck, shoulders and arms were proportionally slim. Her breasts were big, her waist was small with little belly fat. Her hips were wider than her shoulders and her breasts. She had plump, pear shaped buttocks. She was bottom heavy and voluptuous but her movements were graceful. She had a very good sex appeal.

Raj had not seen a woman who looked as beautiful as Alisha. That’s why, when he had met her, he had made up his mind to marry her even though he was 35 years older than her. At first, Alisha had refused to marry him but being a successful and an influential business man Raj had always got what he wanted.

Alisha was ready for the interview. She had woken up at 7am. She had run on the treadmill, showered, breastfed her baby, finished her breakfast and she had got dressed for the interview.

Alisha was happy with the dark purple Georgette Saree she had worn. The saree looked more suitable for a family gathering because of the Zari embroidered on it but she didn’t mind wearing it for an interview. The Saree wrapped around her wide hips and plump buttocks without concealing the curves of her large buttocks. She didn’t care about people who thought she was fat. She knew she was physically fit and she was happy with her plus-size, pear shaped body.

After meeting Raj and Rupa in the living room, Alisha went to her step daughter’s bedroom. The door was open. She looked inside and smiled at Sonam.

Sonam saw her and said, “Baby is still sleeping.”

Alisha went inside the room and looked at her one-year-old baby who was sleeping peacefully next to Sonam on the bed. She asked, “Are you sure you want to take care of baby?”

“I am sure Mom,” Sonam said and looked up at Alisha.

“Okay. I will be back after lunchtime. See you later,” Alisha said and smiled at Sonam.

“See you later Mom,” Sonam said, admiring her beautiful stepmom as she left the room.

Alisha left home ten minutes later. She drove her car to the resort. The traffic was not too busy. She reached the resort within 40 minutes. She parked the car in the guest parking spot and got out of the car.

She had visited the Paradise Palms resort a couple of times with Raj, so as she stepped into the lobby, she hoped nobody would recognise her. She went to the receptionist and introduced herself by her made up name. She said, “My name is Reshma. I have an interview with Mr. Sanjay Sharma.”

The pretty receptionist smiled at her and said, “Hi Reshma. I’ll find out if Mr. Sharma is ready to meet you.” She took the intercom phone and spoke to Sanjay Sharma. Then she looked at Alisha and said, “He is ready to meet you.” She pointed at a large entrance and said, “Turn left and climb the stairs to the first floor. His office is at the end of the corridor.”

“Thanks,” Alisha said.

Alisha followed the receptionist’s direction and found Sanjay Sharma’s office. The door was open. She saw a woman inside the office. The woman saw her and came near the door. “Hello,” she said.

“I am Reshma. I am here to meet Mr. Sanjay Sharma for an interview,” she said.

“Hello Reshma. I am Leena. I am Sanjay’s secretary. Please come inside,” Leena said and smiled.

Alisha entered the room and saw Sanjay Sharma sitting on the other side of a large wooden desk. He was well groomed and he had a Chevron moustache. He was dressed in a good black suit and a red tie. He was in his mid 50s.

Alisha was glad she had never met him even though he had been employed in the resort for more than two years.

“Reshma!” he said. His voice was loud and clear.

“Hello sir,” Alisha said and smiled.

“Please sit down,” Sanjay said.

Alisha sat firmly with her back against the chair, ready to be interviewed.

Sanjay sat down and asked, “Do you want a drink?”

“Just water please,” Alisha said.

Sanjay looked at Leena. Leena said, “Sure.”

Leena came back with a glass of water and gave it to Alisha.

Alisha sipped water and heard Sanjay saying, “Leena, you can go now. Please close the door.”

Alisha kept the half-empty glass on the table and looked at Sanjay.

“Ready?” Sanjay asked.

“Yes sir,” Alisha said and smiled.

“Okay. Don’t call me sir. Call me Sanjay,” he said.

“Okay Sanjay,” Alisha said and smiled.

“Sounds better,” Sanjay said. He looked straight into her eyes. “Tell me about yourself and why you will make a good HR Manager?”

Alisha maintained good eye contact and said, “I am a competent, professional and dedicated employee. I have a good amount of passion for the Human Resources industry. Over the years I have committed myself to the role and developed the necessary skills and attributes to be able to perform the role to a high standard. I am highly organised, committed, and never deviate from the rules, the law or procedures. I can also motivate and inspire a team to consistently achieve goals and objectives.”

“Good. But to work as HR manager in a big resort like ours, you will need more skills. I am not sure if you have those skills,” Sanjay said.

Alisha looked at him expecting him to say what other skills she needed to have.

There was an uncomfortable silence for a moment, then Sanjay said, “You need the ability to socialise and the ability to satisfy guests.”

“I believe I have good people skills. I think I can be friendly with the guests and put the needs of the guests first,” Alisha said.

“You also need other skills,” Sanjay said and stood up. He walked slowly around the table and looked down at Alisha.

Alisha looked up at him wondering if he thought she didn’t have the skills for the job.

“You should be able work as a team. You should be able to multi-task, pay attention to details and manage time wisely. You need problem-solving skills.” He moved behind the chair Alisha was sitting on and said, “Most importantly you should be flexible. Flexible to work during holidays, flexible to work when needed during busy periods and flexible to satisfy important guests and senior managers.”

Alisha felt his fingers on her arms and gulped nervously.

“Do you have the ability to satisfy?” Sanjay asked, moving his fingers slowly up to Alisha’s neck.

Alisha felt a shiver run through her body.

“Can you be flexible, Reshma? Flexible to satisfy?” Sanjay asked stroking her hair.

Alisha was quiet. She sat nervously, not knowing what to say.

“Please answer,” Sanjay said stroking her hair.

Alisha had heard about Sanjay’s abusive behavior with women in the resort. She had come to the interview mentally prepared. She made up her mind and said “Yes.”

“Was that a, yes?” Sanjay asked.

“Yes,” Alisha said a little louder.

“That’s good,” Sanjay said. Bending down, he grabbed her breast through her Saree, blouse and bra.

Alisha was shocked. But she just closed her eyes and tried to stay calm.

“If you prove to me that you have the skills to satisfy me, I will give you the job. Deal?” he asked.

Alisha didn’t say anything.

“Is that deal or no deal?” Sanjay asked again.

“Deal,” Alisha said with her eyes still closed. Her heart was beating fast. She felt her breasts getting squeezed.

“Please be gentle. I am lactating,” Alisha said.

“Ok…how many children do you have?” Sanjay asked and kissed the side of her right cheek.

“Just one,” Alisha said.

“Age?” Sanjay asked trying to unhook her blouse.

“One year old,” Alisha said. She felt his fingers struggling to remove the hooks of her blouse. She opened her eyes and looked down at her breasts. She lifted her hands up to her breasts and unhooked the hooks. He caressed her hands. Feeling nervous and excited she unclipped the clips of her nursing bra’s cups.

“Thank you,” he said, grabbing her breasts. He squeezed her breasts gently. Her nipples were swollen and wet with milk.

“Beautiful. Stand up please,” Sanjay said.

Alisha stood up and turned to face Sanjay, nervously.

Sanjay moved closer her and said, “Your husband is a very lucky man.”

Alisha smiled, remembering her husband sitting in the wheelchair that morning. She looked at Sanjay and thought he looked younger than her husband. He was about two inches taller than her, like Raj. He was well groomed and had a moustache, like Raj. She thought he looked handsome. She guessed he would be at least 10 years younger than Raj.

Sanjay’s right hand touched Alisha’s exposed left side of her waist. And, his left hand slipped under Alisha’s Saree that was covering the right side of her waist. He gently squeezed the soft flesh on the sides of her waist and moved his head closer to her face, to kiss her lips. Alisha moved her head back. Sanjay looked at her and lifted his eyebrows as if questioning, what is wrong. Alisha shook her head. Sanjay moved closer again and grabbed her lower lip between his lips. He kissed her passionately and she responded. His wet tongue flicked out and parted her sensuous lips. She opened her mouth a bit and let his tongue into her mouth. His tongue explored inside her mouth. His hands moved behind her and grabbed the large mounds of her plump ass cheeks through her clothes. He squeezed ass cheeks and kissed her lips.

Alisha felt his hard penis against her lower belly. Her mind began to go blank with passion but he stopped kissing and moved down to her breasts. He sucked the nipple of her right-side breast and swallowed her delicious milk.

After a short time, Sanjay stopped sucking Alisha’s right breast and moved to her left breast. He sucked her left breast and swallowed more milk. After a few minutes, he let go of her breasts and stood straight. He looked into her eyes and said, “Lift your Saree and lean forward on the table.”

Sanjay knew it was his lucky day as he watched Alisha lift her Saree and strip down her panties.

Alisha held her Saree above her hips and leaned forward on the desk exposing her bottom to him.

Seeing Alisha’s big, beautiful, peer shaped bottom and her cleanly shaved wet pussy, Sanjay’s cock hardened to its maximum size. He had not any woman bottom that looked as big and beautiful as Alisha’s bottom. Admiring her bottom, he pulled his pant and underwear down, freeing his rigidly erect cock.

He moved closer to her and stood behind her bottom. He touched the large mounds of her ass cheeks and roved his palms over the smooth skin. He squeezed her soft ass flesh and parted her ass cheeks apart. He moved forward till he felt the slit of her pussy on the head of his penis. He pushed forward slipping the thick, pulsating cockhead into Alisha’s vagina. He penetrated her, an inch, then another inch. Her pussy hole stretched and wrapped around his hard cock as if welcoming it inside her. Encouraged by her sucking cunt, he rammed his thick cock fully into her juicy, cunt. It sank all the way deep inside her. Her contracting pussy embraced his cock and pulsated all around his long hard shaft. At that moment he was convinced she was the right person for the HR manager’s position.

Holding Alisha’s bare waist tightly, he began fucking her – slowly at first.

Alisha responded, gyrating her hips eager to get more of his hot, throbbing cock deeper inside her. In response, Sanjay’s thrusts became more powerful. He slammed his crotch on her bottom every time he thrust his cock into her cunt, causing her fat bottom to shake like jelly.

Alisha moaned as pleasure soared higher and higher. Sanjay’s cock speared in and out of Alisha clasping cunt.

He felt his heated cum building up and thrusted even more harder. He leaned over her and rapidly fucked her hungry burning cunt.

“Oooohh, hmm… ” Alisha was almost there with her eyes closed and her mouth open in wondrous pleasure. Her entire body vibrated and hummed as if charged with electricity. The sensation enveloped her core and pulsed through her stomach, chest and thighs. Finally, the sensation peeked with a full release of tension, stress and pain. Buttery, hot pussy juice coated on Sanjay’s reciprocating cock. He was breathing hard and his heart was pounding as he felt his orgasm growing. Then, his cum raced through his cock and splattered into Alisha’s cunt.

“Aaaaaggghhhhhh! you beautiful woman!” Sanjay moaned as spurts of hot cum pumped out of his cock, filling her vagina.

He held his cock inside Alisha’s pussy till the last drop of his cum dripped inside her cunt. And as his cock began to shrink, he pulled it out of her cum filled pussy.

Sanjay pulled up his pants. He went to his chair and sat down. He watched Alisha with admiration as she adjusted her clothes.

Alisha put on her panties. She put the hooks of her blouse and adjusted the Saree. After she finished adjusting her clothes, she looked at Sanjay who was looking at her as if he wanted to fuck her again.

“Sit down,” Sanjay said.

Alisha sat down and looked at him.

“You proved yourself. Congratulations! You got the job!” Sanjay said.

“Thank you very much. It means so much to me,” Alisha said and laughed softly.

“It was a pleasure to interview you. It will be a pleasure to have you working for us. Leena will contact you to confirm your appointment and the joining date,” Sanjay said.

“Thank you, Sanjay,” Alisha said and smiled.

“You are welcome. See you soon Alisha. Bye for now” Sanjay said and smiled.

“See you soon. Bye,” Alisha said and stood up.

As Alisha turned around, Sanjay said, “Let’s try anal next time.”

Alisha turned around again and smiled shyly at Sanjay.

Sanjay winked at her.

Alisha laughed. “No problem,” she said and left the room.

As Alisha left the resort, she was glad nobody had found out her real identity. She felt more confident about acting like Reshma – a character she had made up.