Chapter 3 – Scary night

Nisha looked at her reflection in the mirror. She remembered Harish telling her she looked good in the floral pink frock she was wearing. She smiled, remembering the moment when he had lifted her frock from behind and penetrated her vagina. She hoped to experience that moment again after he came home.

It was 7 AM. Harish had still not come home. He had been coming home before 6:30 PM, since the day he had stopped drinking in pubs, after work.

Nisha was worried. She took her mobile and called him. He didn’t answer the call. Nisha was more worried. She called him again after fifteen minutes. He still didn’t answer. She left a voice message, asking him to call back. He still didn’t call. She waited till 8 PM and called again but he still didn’t answer. She was even more worried but she decided to wait patiently.

It was 9 PM. Harish had still not called. Nisha put the children to bed and went to the living room. She called Harish again. He didn’t answer. She wondered if he might have gone to the pub to get drunk. She sat down on the sofa and watched TV.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. Nisha rushed to the door and opened it. Harish staggered inside the house. Nisha quickly closed the door and grabbed his arm. Harish shook his arm and said, “Nithya! Don’t hold me! I am steady!”

“I am not Nithya. I am Nisha and I told you not to drink and come home late!” Nisha said angrily.

“It’s… your… birth…day…today…. let’s…celeb..rate” Harish said, slurring his words.

“Harish! It’s not my birthday. It’s Nithya’s birthday and she is dead. If you don’t want me, I’ll go away. You keep worrying about Nithya!” Nisha said, upset with him.

Harish mumbled and staggered his feet. Nisha grabbed his arm and helped him walk to his bedroom. She made him sit on the bed.

“Nithya…Nithya…” Harish mumbled.

“Nithya is dead Harish. You should try to forget her and move on,” Nisha said.

“I… miss… her…” Harish mumbled.

“I was so worried about you and you were getting drunk, celebrating Nithya’s birthday,” Nisha said, sarcastically as she unbuttoned his shirt.

Harish mumbled. Nisha ignored him and removed his shirt. Then, she knelt down on the floor to remove his shoes. While she was busy removing his shoes, Harish unzipped his pant and pulled out his hardened penis. Nisha looked at his penis and stood up.

“Suck…me…” Harish said, slurring his words.

Her heart was beating fast. Her mouth watered. She looked hungrily at his hard cock. She wanted to kiss it, suck it and feel it inside her vagina but she was also upset with him for coming home late after drinking and telling her he missed Nithya. Feeling jealous, she asked, “Do you want Nisha or Nithya?”

“Nithya…Nithya…” Harish mumbled.

“Okay. Good night,” Nisha said and walked out of the room.

She went to her bedroom. She closed the door, turned off the light and turned on the bedside lamp. She lay down on the bed feeling disappointed with Harish. She took her mobile from the bedside table. The screen showed the time, 10:12 PM. She checked her messages on a dating app. She was happy to see 55 new messages from men and 20 from women. She began checking the messages.

Fifteen minutes later, she was still busy reading the messages and replying when she heard her sister’s ghostly voice saying, “Take care of my husband the way I took care of him.”

“I am taking care of him!” Nisha replied.

A picture of Harish’s penis flashed in her mind. Then her sister’s voice said, “I would not have left him alone, longing for sexual satisfaction.”

“He wants to have sex with you. You go and have sex with him! “Nisha said angrily.

“Okay,” her sister’s voice said and an apparition of her sister appeared before Nisha, at the foot side of the bed.

Shocked and extremely scared, Nisha began shivering. She whispered, “Nithya…”

The apparition quickly came towards her. Nisha fainted.

Her eyes opened. She felt strange. She slowly got out of bed. Feeling dizzy, she looked around. She was in her guest bedroom. She turned on the light and went to the mirror. She looked at the reflection in the mirror and slowly realized that she had made it.

“Beautiful girl!” Nithya said looking at the reflection of Nisha’s body in the mirror.

Nithya was happy she had possessed Nisha. She felt alive, young and beautiful. She removed the clothes from Nisha’s body and looked at the reflection in the mirror. She cupped the breasts and squeezed gently. They felt much bigger than the breasts she had when she had a body. Nisha’s hips and buttocks also looked and felt bigger. Nithya had envied her little sister’s good looks for many years and now she had full control over her sister’s body. “Perfect!” she told herself.

It was midnight. Nithya slowly moved away from the mirror. She was fully conscious of herself in Nisha’s body. She went to the door and opened it. The lights had been turned off. The children’s bedroom door was closed. Harish and her bedroom door was half open. She stepped forward slowly. As she walked completely naked, she felt Nisha’s large breasts and buttocks jiggle. She liked the feeling of being in a body that was more feminine and voluptuous than the body she had had when she was alive.

Nithya opened the door and saw her husband sleeping on his back. He was completely naked. She went to the bed and climbed on the bed. She knelt down next to him. She looked at his penis affectionately. She bent down and kissed it. She liked the familiar smell of semen and urine. She rubbed Nisha’s face on his penis and kissed it a few more times. And like magic, his penis began to swell.

“Nithya…Nithya…” Harish mumbled in his sleep.

“I am here. I came to take care of you,” Nithya said.

Harish groaned, still feeling the effects of alcohol.

Nithya kissed and licked his penis till it became hard as a rock. The swollen cock shone, slick and wet. Moaning softly, Nithya encircled the tiny hole with Nisha’s moist lips. The taste of cock filled Nisha’s mouth and Nithya could taste it as if it was her own mouth. Holding his cock with Nisha’s right hand, she pushed Nisha’s lips over his prick knob. The searing heat of her husband’s cock transmitted to Nisha’s tongue. Nithya opened Nisha’s mouth and more cock slipped between Nisha’s lips. As Nisha’s mouth filled with thick cock, Nithya could feel the power, the excitement, pulsing through her husband’s cock. Nithya could feel the intense tingling rising in Nisha’s loins. She tightened Nisha’s lips around her husband’s cock. She held the root of the big cock firmly. She moved Nisha’s head up and down while she sucked, keeping a steady rhythm. Nithya could feel the heat of the throbbing cock in Nisha’s mouth and it turned her on. She pumped Nisha’s head up and down in a steady rhythm, sucking her husband’s juicy, hard cock.

“Ooohhh … yeah …” Harish moaned and Nithya looked at him as she sucked his cock.

Harish had woken up. The effect of alcohol had not completely subdued but he was sober enough to enjoy the blow job. He looked at Nisha’s beautiful eyes without knowing she was possessed by his late wife Nithya. He moaned, “Ooohhh … yeah … ooohhh, suck it! Ooohhh, that’s good! Aaahhhh … suck my cock, Nisha!”

Nithya stopped sucking with disappoint, the moment her husband told Nisha to suck his cock. She pulled her husband’s cock out of Nisha’s mouth and said, “I am Nithya. I am not Nisha.”

“What? Nisha, are you okay?” Harish asked, concerned.

Nithya suddenly heard Nisha screaming, “Help me!” It sounded like it was coming from within. Suddenly her consciousness drifted away.

Nisha’s consciousness was back and she was fully in control of her body. “What am I doing here?!” she asked, looking scared and confused. She looked at Harish’s face and his cock. She looked down at her naked body. She remembered seeing her sister’s apparition and said, “I saw her!”

Just then Nithya voice said, “Take care of my husband the way I took care of him.’

Scared and shaking, she looked around and said, “Ok! Ok!”

She looked at Harish with eyes wide open and scared.

He asked, “Are you okay?”

She looked down at his cock. It was not fully hard anymore but she didn’t want to hear Nithya’s voice or see her ghost again. She quickly bent down and took Harish’s semihard cock fully inside her mouth. She sucked it eagerly, trying to take care of Harish the way Nithya took care of him.

“Ooh, yeahhhh, Nisha …suck it ” Harish encouraged her.

Nisha sucked his cock trying to please him and her sister. She felt it swelling inside her mouth and slowly fear subsided as she began to feel aroused. His cock became rock hard and it throbbed in her mouth. She held the root of his cock firmly with her left hand. Her right hand moved down between her thighs and her fingers touched her wet vagina. She rubbed her clit and sucked cock with enthusiasm. Her juices dribbled down her thighs and her fingers slid into her burning pussy. Chills of pleasure rushed through her body and she sucked his cock with more enthusiasm.

“Ooh, yeahhhh, Nisha … ooohhhh, yeah! Fuck me! I want to be inside you. Take me in your cunt and fuck me! Fuck me!” Harish demanded.

Nisha’s was more than happy to meet his demand. She pulled his hard cock out of her mouth and kissed the pink cockhead. Then, she knelt down with one leg on either side of him, spreading her legs apart and straddling on his thighs. Her knees and shins were pressed to the bed. She moved her right hand down and held his rigid, pulsing cock rod. She guided the pink, swollen cockhead to her vagina. She felt the cockhead press against the constricted opening and groaned with anticipation and pleasure. She let her hips down an inch. The cockhead popped into her juicy pussy. She began to let herself down, slowly impaling herself on his thick, pulsating prick, feeling the cockhead probe up farther and farther into her belly. His cock stretched her smooth pussy and filled it to the brim, brushing his coarse pubic hair against the soft outer lips of her pussy. Nisha let her head roll back. She felt as if his cockhead had reached all the way up into her belly. She gripped his cock firmly inside her pussy, feeling it throbbing inside her. Then, she slowly rotated her hips from left to right, then right to left, feeling his stiff prick twist inside her.

Harish reached out and covered her tits with his hands. His fingers tightened on the masses of soft flesh, and Nisha felt a chill rush through her. Her cunt tightened on his wonderfully filling prick, and Harish groaned loudly.

Finally, Nisha began to move her wide hips up and down on her brother-in-law’s cock. She put both hands on his chest for balance and began fucking. As she moved her hips up and down, inches of his cock appeared and disappeared inside her tight, cleanshaven cunt while the cockhead was still plugged inside her juicy, gripping cunt.

After a few minutes, her hips changed movement from up-and-down movement to back-and-forth movement. And within a few seconds, her hips moved faster. A few inches of his cock slid in and out of her pussy as her clit rubbed on his pelvis. She didn’t care about her sister’s ghost or her drunk husband, who was sucking her nipples and squeezing her breasts. She rode on him like a cowgirl, stimulating her vagina and clit. She kept on moving her hips back and forth, rubbing her tingling clit on him and squeezing his cock inside her cunt. The tingles spread throughout her body. As pleasure soared, her hips suddenly moved at a greater speed, rubbing her clit harder on him. And suddenly, a full rush of pleasure struck her, causing her to spasm. She stopped moving as the tension began to release. She felt his steamy cum gush out of his cock and fill her vagina. She collapsed weakly on top of her brother-in-law. He came again and again inside her. His arms came up and hugged her. “That was so good,” he said.

She smiled with satisfaction.

“Thank you,” Nithya’s ghostly voice said.

“You are welcome,” Nisha whispered. Exhausted, Nisha dozed on top Harish with her soft breasts crushed against his chest and pussy still tightly clutching the shrinking cock.