Chapter 6 – Need for change

Towering palm trees swayed gracefully in the breeze. Alisha gazed out of the window, cherishing the view. She held a special place in her heart for the Paradise Palms resort. Nestled amidst lush greenery, it truly looked like paradise. As one of the city’s crown jewels, the resort boasted over 70 luxurious suites, a symphony of six exquisite restaurants and bars, a sprawling swimming pool, a rejuvenating spa, and a collection of 15 elegant event venues catering to any occasion. It seamlessly blended traditional hospitality with modern flair, making it a beloved guest destination.

However, Alisha was troubled by the working conditions for the staff at the resort. Determined to rectify this, she decided to confide in her stepchildren, Akshay and Neetu. She hoped they would understand the need for change within the resort.

Alisha took her mobile and called Akshay.

Akshay answered the call. “Hi mom!”

Hearing him say, ‘mom,’ Alisha felt a surge of warmth. Akshay had initially hesitated to call her, ‘mom,’ when she became his stepmother five years ago. She had understood his reluctance, considering he was only five years younger than her.

“Hi Akshay!” she said and asked, “How are you?”

“Good, mom. How are you?” Akshay asked.

“I’m alright, Akshay, but there’s something important I need to discuss with you and Neetu,” Alisha said.

“Is something wrong?” Akshay asked.

“Nothing major,” Alisha assured him. “We’ll talk about it, when we meet,” Alisha said, excited at the thought of meeting Akshay and Neetu after three months.

“Ok. When do you want to meet?” Akshay asked.

“Tomorrow evening at six. I’ll come to your place,” Alisha said.

“Okay, mom. I’ll have a chat with Neetu and call you later,” Akshay said.

“Great! Talk to you later,” Alisha said.

“Bye!” Akshay said and hung up, hoping to meet his beautiful stepmom the next day.

Alisha realized it was time to meet Sanjay before he left for the day. She moved away from the window and went to the mirror. She looked at her reflection in the full-length mirror. She noticed the talcum powder on her face had faded. She removed the red sticker Bindhi from her forehead and applied talcum powered on her face. She kept the Bindhi on her forehead and took a step back. She lifted her Saree and Petticoat. She lowered her panties and removed it off her feet. She let her clothes slide down and adjusted her Saree. The light blue georgette Saree had medium colour blue floral prints and shimmering satin border. It blended well with her light skin complexion and draped elegantly around her curvy body.

The intercom on her desk began to ring. Alisha rushed to her desk. She took the handset and said, “Hi!”

“Are you coming?” Sanjay’s asked.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” Alisha said. She kept the handset on the holder and hurried to Sanjay’s office.

Alisha entered Sanjay’s office. She saw Sanjay standing near his desk and smiled.

“You are late. Close the door and hurry up,” Sanjay said, sounding angry.

“Sorry,” Alisha said and closed the door. She went to Sanjay’s desk and lifted her Saree and Petticoat above her bottom. She leaned forward and kept her elbows on his desk. Sanjay pushed his pants and underwear down. He held his cock shaft and guided the cockhead to Alisha’s vagina. He placed it in the slit of her vagina and pushed.

Alisha smiled with relief, feeling the thick cock-shaft slide inside her vagina. She had already had sex with Rakesh earlier that day. She had given him a blow job and he had penetrated her vagina. Having sex with Rakesh and Sanjay almost every working day had become a comforting routine for her even though they were very demanding.

Sanjay’s long, thick, hard cock moved rapidly in and out of Alisha juicing vagina. He fucked Alisha – repeatedly penetrating her vagina and banging his crotch on her plump buttocks. The sharp sound of flesh-on-flesh impact was loud but that didn’t bother them. She moaned as pleasure surged throughout her body. Then suddenly her vagina convulsed, and she orgasmed, squirting pussy juice. He shot cum inside her vagina and gasped with relief.

As their routine concluded, Sanjay strode out of the office. Alisha, needing a wash, headed to the bathroom. After a wash, she returned to her office. She settled in at her desk and smiled feeling sexually satisfied. She relaxed for a while before she closed her laptop and got ready to go home.

Just as she was about to leave her office, her mobile rang. It was Akshay. He told her he’d spoken with Neetu, and she was also happy to meet next day at six. Feeling happy, Alisha left her office.

The next day was Saturday, but Alisha had to go to the resort because most managers took the day off on Saturdays and Sundays. She was expected to manage the resort on weekends. She was tired of it and hoped to put an end to it soon.

On Saturday, Alisha woke up at 6:30 am. She started her day with a routine of brushing her teeth, washing her face, and answering nature’s call. After a cup of coffee, she energized herself with a run on the treadmill, followed by a refreshing shower. Alisha then draped a dark blue chiffon saree with a Zari border and large, leaf-shaped Zari designs. She applied light makeup to enhance her natural beauty and combed her long, straight, black hair. Happy with the way she looked, she left her room.

She had breakfast and left home at 8:40am. She reached the resort by 9:30am. The resort bustled with its usual weekend energy. Soothing music filled the air, guests relaxed by the pool, and a sense of serenity washed over her. Time passed quickly and she began to miss Sanjay and Rakesh. They had surprised her with weekend visits in the past to have sex with her. By 2:30, she began to wonder why Sanjay and Rakesh had not shown up.

At 3pm, Alisha got a call from Sanjay. He told her he missed her and wanted to have sex with her, but he had to attend a wedding with his family. Alisha told him not to worry and reminded him that she will be working even on Sunday till midday. He told her he will come to the resort on Sunday before midday and spend time with her.

Around 4:15pm, Alisha was checking staff logs on her computer when Rakesh called. He wanted to come to the resort at 6:00 pm to have sex with her, but Alisha informed him of a prior commitment, explaining she had to leave by 5:00 pm to meet friends at 6:00 pm. Disappointed, Rakesh said that he can’t make it before 4:45 pm. Alisha suggested rescheduling for the following day, reminding him she worked Sundays until midday. Rakesh agreed to visit the resort before midday on Sunday.

Alisha sighed and placed the phone down, feeling disappointed that she had not had sex that day. She knew she had got used to having sex with Sanjay and Rakesh almost every day but she enjoyed it.

After 10 minutes, she stopped working. She went to the mirror and checked her appearance. The dark blue chiffon saree she had been wearing since morning had clung to her curvy figure like second skin. She adjusted her hair and moved away from the mirror. She grabbed her bags and left the office.

Alisha drove the car in the busy traffic, lost in thought about what to say to her stepchildren. She had already decided not to tell them about her sexual experiences with Sanjay, Rakesh, Rishabh and Sonam. Even though Akshay and Neetu were having a incestuous relationship, she feared they would be quick to condemn her as a adulterous, promiscuous and unfaithful person.

After a 40-minute drive through the rush hour traffic, Alisha finally reached the apartment. She parked the car in the visitor parking spot and got out of the car feeling excited to meet Akshay and Neetu.

She took the lift and reached the floor where her stepchildren’s unit was located. She went to their unit and pressed the doorbell switch. A few seconds later, the door opened, and she saw Neetu.

“Mom!” Neetu burst out, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

Alisha smiled, and said, “Hello sweetie!”

“Come in, mom!” Neetu invited.

Alisha entered the house and looked around the living room. The place was clean, and the decor was modern. She felt proud of her stepchildren for living independently like committed couple even though they were in a incestuous relationship.

Neetu closed the door and joined her mom, saying, “Come sit down, mom.”

Alisha looked at Neetu from top to bottom and said, “Wow, you have changed so much! You look matured and very beautiful.”

“Thanks, mom. But I’m not half as beautiful as you are,” Neetu said with a smile, ushering Alisha towards the sofas.

Alisha laughed and said, “Don’t underestimate yourself, sweetie. You are very beautiful.”

Neetu chuckled and shrugged her shoulders.

Alisha was right about Neetu. Neetu had a pretty face and a beautiful smile. Her black, wavy, hair matched her radiant brown complexion. Though she was only 24 years old, her breasts looked prominent on her slender upper body. Her buttocks was well-shaped, plump and wide. Her curvy figure was accentuated by the perfect fitting white T-shirt and blue jeans she was wearing.

Alisha sat in the middle of the three-seater sofa. Neetu sat next to her and exclaimed, ‘Wow, Beauty! You look more beautiful than ever.’

Alisha laughed. Her stepchildren had nicknamed her ‘Beauty’ because she had playfully nicknamed Akshay ‘smarty’, Neetu ‘sweetie’, Adithya(Adithi) ‘pretty’ and Sonam ‘cutie’.

“Sweetie!” Alisha said and asked, “Where is smarty?”

“He is having bath, mom,” Neetu said, admiring Alisha’s pretty face.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Alisha asked, looking suspiciously at Neetu.

“I envy Sonam,” Neetu said, admiring her mom’s luscious lips.

“What?! Why?!” Alisha asked, curiously.

Neetu looked into Alisha’s eyes for a moment and said, “Sonam told me you had intimate relationship with her.”

Alisha was frozen for a moment, then she said, “I didn’t know what to do. After you and Akshay left the house, Sonam told me she is a lesbian. She wanted me to be her lover. I told her to find a lesbian partner because I was not into it. She became very depressed. I was worried for her well-being. So, I agreed to be her lesbian lover hoping she would find someone else after some time.”

Neetu touched Alisha’s arm. “I understand, mom. But I need your love too,” she said and asked, “Do you love Sonam more than me?”

“I love all my children equally. Why do you think I love Sonam more than you?” Alisha asked curiously.

“I also need you like Sonam does, mom!” Neetu said, hoping her mom will understand.

Alisha was taken aback. “Are you a lesbian like Sonam?” she asked, curiously.

“I am bisexual,” Neetu confessed to Alisha for the first time.

Surprised, Alisha smiled and said, “I didn’t know. I thought you and Akshay love each other.”

Neetu shrugged and said, “We love each other but we have a open relationship. And I love women and men equally.”

Alisha smiled understandingly and touched Neetu’s arm, “That’s okay, sweetie,” she said warmly.

“Hi mom!” Akshay’s masculine voice attracted the attention of the mother and daughter.

Alisha looked at her stepson and said, “Hi handsome! How are you?”

Akshay said, “I am fine mom,” and asked, “How are you mom?”

“I am very good!” Alisha said and smiled affectionately, feeling proud of her son.

Akshay was 26 years old. He was 5′ 9″, handsome and charming. His hair and short beard were well groomed, and he had a athletic body.

“Neetu, did you give snacks, tea or coffee to mom?” Akshay asked.

Neetu shrugged. “I forgot. I was having a important conversation with mom,” she said and asked, “Mom do you want juice, coffee, tea?”

Alisha looked at Neetu and laughed. “I don’t want anything. Just sit here with me. There are more important things to talk about,” she said.

“What is it, Mom?” Akshay asked, with curiosity in his voice.

Alisha patted the cushion on the right side of the sofa next to her. “Come sit here,” she said.