Chapter 4 – Aftershocks

Poornima felt fresh after having a long shower, but she still felt nausea and fatigue. She kept a palm on her belly and felt the small baby bump. She smiled realizing her baby would be as big as a lime. Feeling slightly dizzy, she selected a saree and started getting dressed.

Poornima got down the stairs and went to the living room. Rishab was watching TV. “Good afternoon!” Rishab said.

Poornima laughed. “I felt so tired. I couldn’t get up from the bed.”

“Pregnancy symptoms?” Rishab asked.

“Hmm…yes. It’s 11th week.” Poornima said wondering if the maid had left.

As if Rishab could read her mind he said, “The maid left just now. She said she cooked food for lunch.”

“Are you going for the meeting?” Poornima asked.

“Yes, at 1:00,” Rishab said.

“It’s already 12:00. Do you want to have lunch?” Poornima asked.

“Yes. I just have an hour,” Rishab said.

Poornima went to the kitchen. She felt gagged by the smell of food. She covered her nose with the saree’s pallu. She checked the food the maid had cooked. She took the dishes to the living room and kept it on the table.

Rishab saw, she had brought just one plate and asked, “You don’t want to eat with me?”

“The smell makes me feel more nausea. I’ll just eat fruits,” she said covering her nose and mouth with her Saree’s pallu.

Poornima went to the kitchen and got an apple. She sat next to Rishab and ate the apple. After Rishab finished lunch, he went to the bedroom. He got ready and came to the living room after half an hour. He told Poornima he’ll be back by 7:00 and left the house.

Poornima closed the door and went to the sofa. She sat on the sofa and continued watching TV. Few minutes later she took the remote from the table and saw Rishab’s mobile on the table. ‘Oh no!’ she thought picking it up. Curiosity got the best of her. She swiped her finger on the screen. It lit up and showed a login screen. She entered her name. It didn’t work. She tried few more passwords. None of them worked. Finally she entered Rishab’s mobile number. It worked! She clicked the gallery icon and got a shock. There were pictures and videos of women masturbating, pictures of Rishab having sex with different women and more. She realized Rishab might come back for the mobile. She quickly went to the study room and connected the mobile to her laptop. She copied the files. Just a few seconds after the files were copied she heard the door bell ring. She hurried to the living room. She kept the mobile on the table and hurried to the main door. She opened the door and saw Rishab.

“I forgot my mobile,” Rishab said.

“Oh Ohhh!” Poornima said acting surprised and clueless.

Rishab took his mobile and left home in a hurry. Poornima closed the door and went to the study room feeling excited. She sat down and browsed the files she had copied from Rishab’s mobile. She saw videos of him having sex with her, with Aishwarya and other women.  At that moment Poornima realized Rishab can’t be reformed. She had found more reasons to be unfaithful to Rishab and less guilty for cheating on him. She was not angry with him anymore. She watched the videos and enjoyed them. She was intrigued by videos of women masturbating. There were videos of women masturbating with cucumbers, bananas, dildos and bedposts. She watched a video of a woman masturbating with a bedpost and realized the bedpost looked similar to the bedpost in the guest bedroom. The idea was new to her so she wanted to try it.

The guest bedroom was neat and tidy. Poornima checked the iron bedpost. The bedpost was a little bit more thicker than a average penis. The knob on the bedpost looked right for the job. It was oval shaped and long. She touched it and felt it’s smooth surface. ‘Perfect,’ she thought.

Poornima lifted her saree and stripped off her panty. Her vagina was wet and ready. Holding her saree up, she bent her knee and lowered her hip. She felt the knob at the opening of her vagina. She lowered her hip slowly, allowing the knob to slide inside her vagina. She lowered down taking in a few more inches of the bedpost. She lowered herself more taking in the knob fully inside her wet vagina. She was stuffed ten inches deep in her vagina. She sighed with relief and satisfaction. She loved it. She felt like she was penetrated by a giant cock. Smiling with satisfaction, she rocked her hip back and forth, rubbing her clit on the smooth surface of the knob. As she rubbed her clit over and over, sparks of pleasure began in her clit and reverberated out to her legs and back. She enjoyed heat building up in her body. She moaned happily, “Ooohhhhhh…..hmmmm….aaaahhhhh…mmmm.”. Her toes, fingers and belly tightened. She felt waves of ecstasy from her solar plexus to every part of her body. She felt goosebumps. She spasmed. She moaned with intense pleasure and slipped into orgasmic coma. The wonderful feeling lasted for nearly a minute. She loved it.