Nirmala's stories

Chapter 1 – The first party

It was the beginning of spring. Nirmala watered the balcony…Read more.

Chapter 2 – Kindness

It was Saturday evening. Nirmala was cooking. Naveen was watching…Read more.

Chapter 3 – Open relationship

It was a quiet afternoon. The babies were sleeping. Nirmala…Read more.

Chapter 4 – Maa’s little secret

Naveen had gone to the office and Meera had not…Read more.

Chapter 5 – Unexpected pleasures

Nirmala woke up at 3:30 pm. She had gone to…Read more.

Chapter 6 – Issues at a birthday party

Earlier that day, Nirmala had visited the doctor for another…Read more.

Chapter 7 – Understanding mother-in-law

It was a Saturday afternoon. Nirmala stepped out of the…Read more.

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