Chapter 1 – A new beginning

Sameera took the TV remote and muted the sound. She sat down on the sofa and leaned back, sighing with relief. She was tired. She had woken up early as usual and cooked breakfast, packed lunch for her boys and sent them away.

After a five-minute break, Sameera got up and started cleaning the house. She cleaned the living room and the dining room first. Then she went to her older son’s room. The room looked exactly like she had expected. The bed sheet had not been folded, clothes had been thrown on the bed, a wet towel was on a chair and the computer was on. She went closer to the computer and saw a video had been left open on the screen. She became angry when she realized it was a porn video. She shook her head in frustration. She had told Hussain to stop watching porn and turn off the computer before leaving home. It was the sixth time he had left porn on the screen since he had first started doing it two months ago. The first time she had seen it, she had been shocked. She had scolded him. He had apologized but just after two weeks he had left a porn video on his computer screen again. She had scolded him and threatened to tell his Abba. Hussain had apologized again but just after a week she had found porn on his computer screen again. Frustrated, she had given up and started reminding him to turn off the computer every day before he left home.

Sameera watched the video. It was a video of a young boy of Hussain’s age having anal sex with a middle age woman. She watched the video till the end and put off the computer.

The video reminded her of her husband. She felt good that he was coming home that evening. Her desire to meet him was stronger as she had not had sex for two months. He had asked her to wear her wedding saree so she hoped he would stay and make love to her, even though he had a habit of leaving in fifteen minutes. She wanted to hold on till the evening, but she remembered the video again and felt a sudden strong urge to have sex. She went to the kitchen and took two thick carrots from the fridge. She went to her bedroom and stood before the mirror. She lifted her saree and stripped off her panties. She held her saree up. She touched her clean-shaven vagina and gently massaged her clit with her fingers. Her vagina quickly became wet. She dipped one carrot inside her vagina and made it wet with her vaginal fluid, then she pulled it out and pushed it between her butt cheeks. She felt the thick end of the carrot pressing on her anus, and pushed it. The carrot slid into her anus. She pushed, moaning as the blunt, fat carrot stretched her anus and made its way inside her anal hole. She pushed it deep inside and let it rest inside her. Then she took the other carrot and pointed it at the slit of her vagina. She pushed it inside. The thick carrot slid inside her pussy and made its way deep inside her, stretching her vaginal canal like a rock-hard penis. She groaned with pleasure and pushed it deeper inside. Once it was fully inside her, she started rubbing her clit, but she stopped not wanting to climax yet. She wanted her husband to make her climax. She put on her panty. She let her saree and petticoat drop down. She adjusted her saree and made it look tidy. She went to the bathroom and washed her hands.

Sameera let the carrots soak in her hot, throbbing holes as she cleaned the house and washed the cloths. Every time the carrots popped out a little bit, she pushed them back inside and continued doing her chores.

Sameera cooked food and had lunch at 12:30 pm. After lunch she watched TV for a few minutes before going to the bedroom and having a short nap. She woke up at 3:30 pm. She went to the toilet and expelled the carrots from her vagina and anus. Then, she had a good shower.

Sameera took her wedding saree, petticoat and undergarments. She couldn’t find a matching blouse that fitted her, so she selected a black Lycra blouse. She wore a clean panty, bra and blouse first, then she draped her wedding saree. She touched up a little makeup on her face. When she was happy with her appearance in the mirror, she left the bedroom and went to the kitchen.

Sameera went to the living room and watched TV for a while. At 5pm she went to the kitchen and began cooking her husband’s favourite food. As she cooked, she thought about Hussain. She wondered if he had a porn addiction. She tried to understand why he was watching videos of young boys having sex with middle aged women. She knew shouting at him wouldn’t help him. She wondered if she should talk to her husband about Hussain. She decided not to tell her husband knowing he liked to beat her children. So, she decided to have a serious talk with Hussain.

Fifteen minutes later she heard the doorbell. She went to the living room and opened the door.

“Wow Ammi! You look beautiful!” Hussain said looking at her from top to bottom.

“Hmm…let me guess,” Shahid said tapping his fingers on his forehead. “Is Abba coming home?” he asked.

“Yes. It is our wedding anniversary,” Sameera said as the boys entered the house.

“Wedding anniversary?” Hussain said sarcastically and laughed.

Sameera closed the door. She turned to Hussain and said, “He is still your Abba.”

“Ammi, get over him. He left you five years ago. He has a new wife and kids,” Hussain reminded her.

“He pays the bills Hussain! He takes care of us! Without him we would have been on the streets,” Sameera said trying to make him realize.

“But Ammi!” Hussain said.

“Both of you, go freshen up and get ready to meet your Abba. We’ll be having dinner with him,” Sameera said.

“I don’t want to have dinner with him,” Hussain said as he walked away.

Hussain went to his room and sat on the bed remembering the times his Abba had beaten him. He didn’t understand why his Ammi still liked his Abba. The thought of his mother gave him an exciting idea. He got up from the bed and went to the kitchen. He stood near the door and watched her cooking. Her back faced him. He took his mobile phone from his pocket and started recording as he admired her beautiful figure. Her slender waist, curvy wide hip and large butt was mesmerizing. He wished he could dig his face between her butt cheeks and eat her. His penis was hard as a rock. He wanted to hug her and make love to her. He saw her turning and quickly moved away from the door. Expecting her to come out, he stood in the passage pretending like he was looking for something on the floor. A few seconds later when she didn’t come out, he peeped into the kitchen again. His mother’s back was facing him again. He couldn’t control himself anymore. He entered the kitchen quietly and went closer to his mother. He quickly put his arms around her slender waist and hugged her.

“Hey!!” Sameera yelled in shock and tried to turn.

“Ammi. It’s just me,” Hussain said hugging her tightly, making it difficult for her to turn.

“Hussain!” Sameera said looking over her shoulder, “You scared me!”

“Sorry Ammi,” Hussain said.

Sameera shook her head and relaxed. She looked down at the food she was stirring in the pan. “I told you to go and freshen up. What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Ammi I am sorry for saying bad things about Abba,” Hussain apologized.

“Hussain, you will break my back if you hug me so tightly,” Sameera said stirring the food.

Hussain loosened his grip and gently pressed his crotch on her butt. He felt his hard cock on her soft butt through their cloths. “Please tell me you’ll forgive me Ammi,” he said moving his left hand down over the soft, smooth skin of her belly.

“I forgive you. Now go and get ready,” Sameera said.

Hussain moved his head over her right shoulder and pecked a kiss on her cheeks, “You are the best Ammi!” he said hugging her tightly again and pressing his crotch on her butt one more time before releasing her from his arms. He quickly left the kitchen.

Sameera stood in the kitchen, confused and shaking. She had brought up Hussain with lots of hugs and kisses but the hug and kiss he had given her felt different. She had felt him seductively caress her belly. She had felt his hard penis on her bottom. “This has to stop. I have to talk to him,” she told herself.

Sameera finished cooking and went to the living room. She sat down on the sofa and watched TV. A few minutes later Shahid walked into the living room and sat next to her.

Sameera put her right hand on his shoulder and asked, “How is my baby?”

“Ammi I am not a baby.  I am taller than you,” Shahid said.

“You’ll always be my baby!” Sameera said affectionately.

“Is Abba really coming home Ammi?” Shahid asked.

“He told me he will definitely come,” Sameera assured him.

Shahid was quiet for a moment, then he asked, “Ammi why did Abba marry another woman?”

Sameera looked at her son’s curious face and smiled. “Hmm…he liked her more than me.”

“Why Ammi?” Shahid asked.

“Hmm…she is beautiful,” Sameera said.

“You are beautiful. I have not seen anybody more beautiful than you,” Shahid said.

Sameera smiled. “She is slim and fair,” she said.

“But Ammi you are the most beautiful woman I have seen,” Shahid said.

Sameera took her mobile. She browsed the pictures and showed it to Shahid. “Isn’t she more beautiful than me?” she asked.

Shahid took her mobile and looked at the picture of the woman. He laughed and said, “She is not even beautiful.”

Sameera knew he was telling the truth. She shrugged her shoulder and said, “Your Abba thinks she is beautiful. That’s why he married her.”

“He is an idiot Ammi!” Shahid said.

“Shahid! You shouldn’t talk about your Abba like that!” Sameera corrected Shahid.

“Sorry Ammi,” Shahid said making a sad face.

Sameera laughed looking at his face. She moved her hand over her shoulder and stroked his hair. “Don’t worry about Abba. I’ll always be there for you.”

Sameera looked at the clock. It was 7:15 PM. She wondered why her husband had not come home yet. She watched TV for another 15 minutes and decided to give him a call.

Sameera called Rafique’s mobile number. After six rings Rafique answered, “What do you want? I don’t have any more money!”

Sameera’s heart broke immediately. “Rafique? What money?”

“All you need is money! I don’t have money!” Rafique’s voice exploded in her mobile’s speaker.

Sameera suspected Shahid would be able to hear Rafique’s voice from her phone and looked at him. Shahid looked worried. She got up from the sofa and asked, “Rafique. Today is our wedding anniversary. I am waiting for you with the boys. Please come home.”

“Home? My home is with Zarina!” Rafique yelled.

“You are drunk, aren’t you?!” Sameera yelled.

“Yes, I am drunk! I am drunk because I don’t have money to buy a good car for Zarina. You take all my money. I don’t have money to buy anything for my wife!!” Rafique exploded.

“I am your wife. You married me first Rafique!” Sameera burst out crying.

“You are just a fat, useless buffalo! Look at Zarina! She is a model! She makes her own money!” Rafique yelled in drunken rage.

Sameera sobbed and asked, “If she makes her own money, why does she want you to buy a car for her?” she asked.

“Because she loves me,” Rafique answered.

“I love you too, Rafique,” Sameera said sobbing.

“I don’t need your love. Zarina loves me. Fuck off! I don’t have money for you and your kids!” Rafique yelled.

“Rafique what is wrong with you? They are our kids,” Sameera managed to say the words through her tears.

“Don’t call me again!” Rafique yelled and hung up.

Sameera sobbed. She couldn’t understand what she had done to deserve that kind of treatment from her husband. Her family had got her married to him when she was 16. She had given birth to Hussain at 17 and Shahid at 19. She had always been a good wife. She had tried her best to satisfy Rafique’s sexual desires but two years ago he had found a new woman and left her and her boys. Now he was accusing her of taking all his money.

Shahid got up from the sofa and went to his mother. “Ammi please don’t cry,” he said.

Sameera stood in one place, shocked after hearing her husband’s abusive words. Shahid took her in his arms and gave her a gentle hug. He gently pulled her head to his left shoulder. Sameera rested her head on her younger son’s shoulder and sobbed.

Hussain had come to the living room hearing his mother cry. He saw his younger brother hugging his mother and consoling her.

“Your Abba is not coming home….” Sameera sobbed. “He doesn’t want us. He thinks I am taking all his money.”

Hussain went behind his mother and said, “Don’t worry Ammi. We love you.” He grabbed her slender waist and pressed his crotch on her soft buttocks. He moved her silky hair from her shoulder. Then he pecked kisses on her bare shoulder and neck.

“What are you doing Hussain?” Shahid asked his elder brother.

Hussain looked at Shahid’s innocent face and said, “Kiss Ammi’s lips. She’ll feel better.”

“Ok Bhaiya,” Shahid said.

Sameera pulled her head away from Shahid’s shoulder and wiped her tears. Shahid moved his head forward and pecked a kiss on his mother’s lips, following his elder brother’s instructions.

“Kiss her again,” Hussain said encouraging his younger brother.

Shahid kissed his mother’s soft lips again. His mother kissed him back.

Seeing his mother kissing Shahid, Hussain smiled and pecked kisses on his mother’s shoulder, neck, ear and cheeks. He gently squeezed the soft flesh on his mother’s bare waist. He pressed his crotch on his mother’s big, soft buttocks, making her feel his rock-hard cock.

Sameera felt better as her son’s consoled her with loving kisses. Hussain and Shahid were such strong, handsome boys, who could satisfy her needs. At that moment she realized she didn’t need her husband’s love anymore. Her sons loved her and that’s all she needed.

Sameera looked at Shahid’s innocent face. She liked his pecking kisses but she wanted more. She moved forward and kissed him passionately.

“Let’s go the bedroom Ammi,” Hussain said feeling jealous of his younger brother.

Sameera stopped kissing and pulled her head back. She turned around and looked up at Hussain. “I watched the video; you wanted me to watch.”

“Sorry Ammi,” Hussain apologized.

“You don’t have to apologize anymore,” Sameera said looking up at her tall, handsome boy. She opened her arms wide and said, “Come”.

Hussain smiled and moved into his mother’s arms and hugged her.

Sameera looked up at Hussain and said, “Kiss me.”

Hussain bent down and their lips touched. As he kissed her, she could feel tiny butterfly-like sensations through her stomach. As Hussain was two years older than Shahid, he was taller and more well-built than Shahid and his father. She felt comfortable and secure in his arms as he kissed her lips passionately.

Shahid hugged her from behind. He kissed the back of his mother’s neck. He moved his hand up and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them.

Sameera was sandwiched between her handsome sons, and their male scent was like an aphrodisiac. Her vagina was wet and ready. She pulled back from Hussain and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

The boys released her from their arms and laughed with excitement. Sameera also felt excited as she walked into her bedroom. Her heart was beating fast. Her son’s followed their hot-assed mother feeling like the luckiest boys in the world.

Sameera stood near the bed and turned to face her sons. “Are you feeling bad because Abba is not coming today?” She asked them.

“No Ammi,” Shahid said.

Hussain shrugged his shoulder.

“He doesn’t care about us anymore,” Sameera said and began undressing.

As Sameera removed her blouse and bra, the boys were awe-struck seeing their mother’s huge tits shaking and wobbling like jelly. They were so excited by the sight of their mother’s enormous jiggling tits that they couldn’t think straight.

As Sameera bent down to lift her saree and petticoat, her breasts swung out and down. Her pendulous, swaying breasts pointed their large brownish-red nipples at the floor.

Sameera slid her panty off from her legs and threw it on the bed. She looked at her sons’ faces and smiled. “Don’t just stand there. Remove your clothes.”

Sameera’s face felt hot, and she was having trouble breathing because of the excitement, but she managed to hold her saree above her waist and walk to the bed.

Hussain and Shahid watched their mother’s large ass bounce as she walked to the bed. They quickly removed their clothes and went to bed.

Sameera sat down on the edge of the bed and saw the rock-hard cocks of her sons. Her heart missed a few beats. She had not expected their cocks to be bigger than their father’s cock. Wondering if she could take both of them at the same time, she looked up at them and said, “Sit down. I want to talk to you.”

Hussain sat on the right side of this mother and grabbed her breast. He squeezed her breast gently as Shahid sat down next to her on the left side.

Sameera looked at Shahid first and said, “I love you both.” Then She looked at Hussain and said, “I know you both love me.” She looked at Shahid again and said, “I don’t want you both to go and tell people that you had sex with your Ammi. It’s between us, Ok?”

“Ok Ammi,” the boys said.

Just as Sameera turned to look at Hussain, he said, “Oh! Ammi! Is it milk?!” Hussain asked looking down at white liquid oozing from her nipple.

“Yes Hussain. It’s milk. You know I went through the relactation process to feed Salim Mamu’s baby after Mumaani passed away.

“I forgot Ammi. It is so nice. Can I taste it Ammi?” Hussain asked.

Sameera laughed. “Of course, you can taste it. I breastfed both of you for long time.”

Hussain leaned down. His mouth quickly took a large chunk of flesh from the mound of Sameera’s breast that was adorned with her swollen nipple.

As Hussain sucked on her breast Sameera looked at Shahid, “You don’t want milk baby?”

Shahid didn’t like to be called a baby but at that moment when his mother called him a baby, he wanted to be her baby again. “I want your milk Ammi,” he said and bent down. He took the nipple and mouth full of his mother’s left breast in his mouth, and sucked her.

Sameera watched her sons suck her breasts and remembered the times when she used to breast feed them. They seemed to be enjoying her milk like they used to when they were little. She looked down at their erect cocks and felt happy that they were big and strong.

After a few minutes, Hussain sucked hard on his mother’s rubbery nipple one more time and let go of it. He looked at Sameera and said, “Ami. I want to make love to you.”

“Ok. Let Shahid lie down on the bed. I’ll get on top of him. You can do it from behind…just like the boy in the video, ok?” She said and laughed.

“In your anus, Ammi?” Hussain asked excitedly.

Sameera smiled and said, “Yes”. She saw him smile at her and asked, “Are you happy?”

“Yes Ammi,” Hussain said standing up and grinning.

Sameera looked down at her younger son who was sucking on her breast like he couldn’t get enough of her nourishment. “Shahid, enough beta. I’ll feed you later,” she said.

Shahid greedily sucked on his mother’s breast for a few more seconds and released her nipple from his mouth.

Sameera took the rose oil from the dressing table and gave it to Hussain. Then she instructed Shahid to lie down 0n his back. She lifted her saree and got on top of the bed. She placed her legs on the left and right side, next to him, straddling above him. Then she bent her knees and lowered her hip down to his crotch. As she lowered her hips, she felt the crown of his cock on her labia. She adjusted a bit and felt the crown on the slit of her pussy. She lowered more and his cock slid inside her. She lowered more and his thick, hard cock glided inside her wet pussy. Sameera and Shahid moaned with intense pleasure. She could tell his cock was an inch bigger than his dad’s cock. She sat on him with his cock fully inside her and rocked back and forth. She laughed with joy and looked down at her handsome young son. She leaned forward and covered his mouth with hers, kissing him passionately.

Hussain oiled his cock with rose oil and stroked it as he watched his mother’s large sexy butt. The thought of shoving his cock in her asshole made his heart beat faster. When his mother leaned forward, he found the perfect opportunity. He got on top of the bed and knelt down behind her. He roved his hands over the sleek smoothness of her bottom. His fingers eagerly crept to the jutting roundness of her buttocks and squeezed into the flesh cheeks of her large, motherly bottom, arousing moans from the depths of her throat. She wiggled with anticipation, as her asshole itched to be penetrated. Hussain grasped each of her large, ass cheeks and spread them apart. He saw the taut ring of her anus open up and revel her pink anal hole. He leaned forward and dug his face between his mother’s soft butt cheeks and kissed her anus. His tongue wiggled into her asshole, licking the smooth walls of her anal tunnel. Sameera moaned and quaked with growing arousal as she kissed her younger son even more passionately and rocked her hip on him like a jockey. Her plump butt pushed into Hussain’s face, pressing the warmth of her butt around his face. She groaned as his mouth flattened on her anus and his tongue dug deeper inside her asshole. Hussain moved his tongue in and out of her anus, in a cock-imitating fashion, the soft wetness of his tongue reamed its way into his mother’s asshole. He licked, slickening the narrow hole, preparing it to accept his swollen cock.

Hussain pulled back and spread apart his mother’s fat butt cheeks. As her anus opened up, he leaned down and let his saliva drool down into her ass hole. Then he took the rose oil bottle and poured the oil inside her asshole.

Sameera stopped kissing anticipating Hussain’s cock to invade her ass hole. Shahid grasped her left breast and began sucking it. Then she felt the smooth glans of Hussain’s cock on her anus. She sighed with a longing to feel him inside. And then it happened. The thick crown of his cock slid inside. Sameera closed her eyes and relaxed her anal muscles. Then abruptly, she felt his thick cock glide deep inside her asshole and stuffing her. She moaned with discomfort and shivered feeling his cock fully impaled in her ass hole. It felt so much bigger than his father’s cock. She loved it.

Hussain groaned with pleasure as his mother’s tight ass hole lovingly gripped around his cock. The heat of his mother’s bowel seared over his sensitive, swollen glans. He let his cock rest inside for a moment loving the warmth and comfort in his mother’s ass hole. Shahid used the opportunity and jerked his hip pulling his cock outward in his mother’s pussy and shoved back inside causing her to moan with pleasure. She looked down at Shahid and said, “Don’t stop baby.”

Shahid looked at his mother’s milk filled breasts and felt glad to be her baby. He pulled his cock outward and shoved it back inside her juicy, tight pussy. He pulled out and pushed back inside her pussy again. It felt so good he did it again and again.

As Shahid pounded his mother’s cunt, Hussain pulled his cock outward and shoved it sharply between her sexy butt cheeks, spearing deep into his mother’s ass hole, stuffing her with his hard cock. She could feel every small throb of his prick in her ass hole even though she could feel Shahid’s throbbing cock in her pussy at the same time. He grabbed Sameera’s slender bare waist and repeatedly moved his cock in and out of her asshole, banging his crotch on her heavy bottom, every time he penetrated her. The impact caused her bottom to jiggle like jelly and produced a cushioned thudding sound.

Hussain and Shahid pistoned their cock inside their mother’s love holes. Shahid grabbed her breast and sucked her nipple. He drank her milk and continued pounding her pussy. Sameera moaned and groaned reaching a new height of pleasure. She cried with joy as new waves of sensations lashed through her loins. Over and over, her son’s penetrated her vagina and anus, and she loved it. Her whole body was alive. In and out, they speared into her, as their need to release grew. She felt a rush of mounting pleasure. The wonderful sensations throbbed through the nerve endings of her body. Her senses hit an overload of pleasure and she cried out with urgent passion. Her body tensed as pleasure lashed throughout her body. She spasmed and began sweating. She laughed and climaxed. Her pussy and asshole tightened around her sons cocks as they unloaded their hot, boiling semen inside her. Their groans of pleasure and satisfaction made her feel loved. They clung to her body and emptied themselves into her, filling her up with loads and loads of semen.

Sameera lay between her sons, smiling happily, experiencing the best moment of her life.