Chapter 4 – A guiding sister

It was Friday night. Sameera washed the vessels and reflected on the past two weeks that had changed her life. She remembered the wonderful time she had with her sons on her wedding day. She remembered the wonderful time she had auditioning with Daisy and Saeed. But when she remembered how Rafique had forced her to have sex and stolen her money, she felt helpless again. She reminded herself that Saeed had promised to give her the job if she passed the medical test and felt better. She wanted to finish her medical test soon and start making money asap, but the doctor recommended by Daisy was not available for a week. She had saved money in the bank without Rafique’s knowledge, but she worried that she would run out of money.

Sameera finished washing the vessels. She went to the living room and started tidying up the room. A minute later her mobile buzzed. Sameera picked it up and saw the lit up screen. She swiped the screen and said, “Hello Salim bhai!”

“Hello Baji. Ammi is sick,” Salim sounded worried.

“What happened?” Sameera asked concerned for her mother.

“She was complaining of giddiness yesterday. I took her to the doctor. Doctor told me her sugar level has gone up,” Salim said.

“Has she been taking her medicine regularly?” Sameera asked.

“I don’t know. I have been telling her to take medicines. She doesn’t listen,” Salim said with a hint of frustration in his voice.

“How is baby?” Sameera asked worried for her brother’s child.

“The milk you left in the fridge is almost over. Ammi is struggling to take care of baby. I have lot of work at the office. Can you please come and take care of Ammi and baby,” Salim said, sounding worried.

“Hmmm…” Sameera hesitated and said, “Ok, I’ll come tomorrow morning.”

“Ok, thanks Baji,” Salim said.

“Don’t thank me Salim. It’s my responsibility to take care of family,” Sameera said.

“See you tomorrow, Baji,” Salim said.

“See you Salim,” Sameera said and hung up.

The next morning, Sameera told her sons she had to go to her brother’s house to take care of her mother and baby Aisha. She gave them money and told them to take care of themselves for two days. The boys didn’t want her to go. She consoled them and sent them off.

After the boys left, Sameera had a shower, wore a salwar-suit and packed her bags. She booked an auto-rickshaw with an app on her mobile and waited. When the rickshaw came, she locked the house and left home.

After a 20-minute ride the rickshaw stopped at Prestige apartments. Sameera paid the driver and got down. She went to the security office, next to the main gate. The guard recognized her and greeted her. Sameera greeted him and signed the register. She exited the guard’s office and entered the apartments premises. After a short walk, she reached the apartment block and took the lift to the fifth floor.

Sameera pressed the doorbell switch. Her brother opened the door and welcomed her. Sameera asked her brother to keep her bags in the guest bedroom and went to her mother’s bedroom. Her mother was lying down on the bed and reading a book. Sameera greeted her mother. She sat down on the edge of the bed next to her mother and chatted with her about her health.

Five minutes later, Salim walked into the bedroom and said, “Baji I have to go the office 10. I have taken permission to go late.”

“Ok. Is baby in your bedroom?” Sameera asked and stood up.

“Yes Baji, she is sleeping in the cradle,” Salim said.

“Ok. I’ll take care of baby and Ammi. You don’t worry. Go to the office without worrying, ok?” Sameera said trying to make her brother feel better.

“Thanks Baji,” Salim said, looking relieved.

Sameera went out of the room with Salim. Salim took his laptop bag and went to the main door. Sameera followed him. They said good bye and she closed the door. She went to Salim’s bedroom to check on baby. Baby was fast asleep, so she went back to her mother’s room and asked her if she wants something to eat or drink. Her mother asked her to make tea. Sameera went to the kitchen and started boiling milk.

Tea was read after fifteen minutes. She went to her mother’s room. She drank tea with her mother and chatted with her about family. Then she went to the kitchen and began cooking food. Half the way through cooking she heard baby crying. She went to the bedroom and breastfed baby, calming her down. After baby slept, she kept baby in the cradle. She went back to the kitchen and continued cooking. After she finished cooking, she had lunch with her mother. After lunch her mother went for an afternoon nap. Sameera breastfed baby on the bed. As baby nibbled on her nipples she went to sleep.

She woke up at 5pm. She had shower and got dressed in clean Saree. She had tea with her mother. They chatted and watched TV. She heard baby crying. She breastfed baby and put her to sleep. Then she called her son. They told her they missed her but they didn’t have any other problems.

That evening, Sameera cooked food, cleaned the house, breastfed baby, chatted with her mother and called up her son’s. Salim called her at 7pm and told her he will be coming home late. He told her not to wait for him to have dinner to together.

Sameera had dinner with her mother at 8:30 pm. She chatted with her mother for fifteen minutes before her mother went to her bedroom. Sameera washed the vessels and cleaned the kitchen before going to her bedroom. She lay down on the bed and closed her eyes.

Sameera was woken up by the sound of door slamming. She realized she had fallen asleep. She looked at the clock. It was 11:00 pm. Worried about baby she quickly got down from the bed and looked inside the cradle. Baby was still sleeping peacefully. So, she quickly went out of the room. She saw Salim struggling to walk. “Salim! What happened to you?!” she yelled and quickly rushed towards him. She grabbed his arm and asked, “Salim! What happened?!”

“Za…rina….take…it…easy. I…am…fine…” Salim said slurring his speech.

Sameera smelled alcohol and got angry with him. “What have you done?!” she asked and said, “Drinking alcohol is haram!”

“Zar…ina! I am haram!!” Salim yelled.

“Salim! I am not Zarina. I am Sameera. Your Baji!” she said taking his laptop bag from his shoulder.

Baji is fine! with…me…Za…rina!” Salim muttered.

Sameera realized he was too drunk. She kept the laptop bag on the sofa next to her. She tightly grabbed his arm and helped him walk to his bedroom. She made him sit on the bed. He lay down on his back and closed his eyes. Sameera removed his shoes and socks. She slowly pulled his arms and made him lie down straight. She lifted his legs and kept them on the bed. She laid his head on the pillow and put a bedsheet on him.

Sameera sighed, feeling little tired after helping her brother. She looked at his face and thought he looked handsome like their father. He was tall, well built and had a pleasant look with his beard. She felt sorry for him. She knew he had loved Zarina very much and he was struggling to forget her. It had only been five months since she had passed away. She left his room hoping he would recover soon.

She went to her room and looked into the cradle. She saw baby was wide awake and she was moving her hands and legs. She took baby from the cradle and went to the bed. She breastfed baby and fell asleep.

Sameera felt something on her bare belly and woke up scared. “Salim!” she said loudly. He was sitting next to her on the edge of the bed, with his hand on her belly.

Salim smiled. “Zarina? Why are you sleeping in the guest bedroom? Are you still angry with me?” He asked caressing her soft, smooth skin.

She was about to tell him she was not Zarina, but she stopped, remembering her mother telling her that Salim was sleepwalking again. Sameera looked into his glazed eyes. She didn’t want to wake him up. “I am not angry Salim,” she said.

“Good. Come to our bedroom,” Salim said.

“Ok Salim. Let’s go,” she said hoping to quickly put him to sleep and return back to her bedroom.

Salim stood up. Sameera turned towards baby and put the hooks of her blouse. She got down from the bed and said, “Come Salim.”

Salim turned around and took a few steps forward. Sameera took a step to follow him, when he turned around and said, “Get baby. You can’t leave her alone in the room.”

Sameera was surprised by his awareness. She quickly recollected he had always seemed very aware even as a child, when he sleepwalked. She turned around and took baby from the bed. She carried baby and followed Salim to his bedroom. She went to the cradle and kept baby inside. She turned around and to her surprise she saw Salim removing his pant. She stood in one place confused. She watched Salim strip off all his cloths and stand naked before her.

“Zarina, Hurry up darling. Get on top of the bed and spread your legs. I have to work tomorrow!” he said looking surprised.

Sameera wanted to tell him she was not Zarina but she looked down at his penis hardening into a cock and thought, ‘Why not? If a selfish, abusive man like my husband can get all of me, why shouldn’t my depressed brother get my love?’

Sameera removed her blouse and bra. Then she lifted her Saree and stripped down her pantie. She looked at her brother who looked lust-struck and in trance. She felt excited wondering what he wanted to do to her. She lifted her Saree and petticoat above her knees. She climbed on top of the bed and laid down on her back. She bent her knee and spread her legs apart.

Salim stood next to the bed and looked down at Sameera. He grinned and asked, “Zarina, have I told you you’re very beautiful?”

“No Salim,” Sameera said watching him stroking his hard cock.

“You are very beautiful,” Salim said and got on top of the bed. He knelt down between Sameera’s legs and looked down at her clean-shaven vagina. “Wow! Thank you, Allah, for creating such a beautiful woman for me!”

Sameera wasn’t sure if he was seeing her or imagining Zarina, but she still liked Salim’s compliment. She looked at his face. His eyes still looked glazed but he was looking at her breasts.

“Beautiful,” he said.

Sameera was pleased as she smiled and looked into Salem’s glazed eyes. As he leaned forward, she closed her eyes expecting to feel his cock on her vagina, but instead she felt his tongue on her vagina. She opened her eyes and saw his head between her inner thighs. She felt his tongue penetrate her vaginal channel. His lips sucked on her labia and his teeth bit into the soft flesh. Sameera loved it. She closed her eyes and hoped he wouldn’t suddenly wake up from sleep. A few minutes later she felt his head pull back from her inner thighs and she opened her eyes.  She saw him move on top of her, his lips were on hers in a light, brushing kiss. Waves of gooseflesh rippled over her as his chest was on hers with a warm gentle pressure. The stiff tips of her nipples tingled hard and stabbed into Salim’s chest. She felt like she was his wife. She touched his back and roved her hands over his back, loving the smoothness of his skin and his strong muscles below.

His hands were at the sides of her face, tenderly brushing her cheeks. “I love you Zarina,” Salim said.

“I love you too Salim,” Sameera said, putting her arms around him and trying to sound like Zarina.

His lips were on her lips again. His tongue parted and entered the humid warmth of her mouth. Pressing his weight on her, his tongued probed the sweetness of her mouth. His teeth lightly clamped down her tongue and sucked on its softness until she moaned with pleasure. He freed her tongue and moved down to her chest. He cupped her breasts and sized up the full circumference. He bent down over her left breast and captured the stiff nipple in his mouth. He sucked, pulling at the rubbery tip. Sweet milk filled his mouth. He swallowed and sucked harder, swallowing more and more milk. Then his teeth bit on the haloed, soft mound of flesh surrounding her nipple. Fire flamed through her aching nipple. He retreated from her left breast and moved to her right breast. He took her nipple and a mouth full of the flesh of her breast. He greedily sucked on the sexually burning bud of her breast and swallowed her milk. She groaned and quivered as her cunt ached to be penetrated. She moaned and squirmed under him, one of her hands slid below him and grabbed his cock. Her fingers jerked his pulsing cock couple of times. Then, she guided it to her cunt and felt the swollen crown of his cock between the outer lips of her labia. “Now Salim!” she pleaded.

As Salim sucked on her breasts, he jerked his pelvis and slid his cock into Sameera’s well-lubricated channel of her cunt. She grunted and quivered as he plunged deep inside, filling her to the brim. Her hands moved on his back. His hips pulled back, dragging his thick rod from her clinging, smooth channel of her cunt. Then he slammed forward, drilling full length into her. He sucked her nipple harder as he pulled out his cock again and plunged inside her cunt again. The sudden invasion made her moan with delight. The tight, muscles of her cunt contracted, surrounding his cock. His hips jerked backward, then lunged down again, burying the hard rod of flesh deeper into her cunt.

Sameera’s whole body jolted, as her little brother pumped and poled his cock into her vagina. She loved the dual sensations of his mouth sucking her breasts and his cock vigorously fucking her. It sent waves of pleasure throughout her body.

After a few more minutes of sucking and fucking his beautiful big sister, Salim pulled his lips away from her nipple, and his mouth was once more on her mouth. His tongue slithered inside her mouth.

Her legs spread even wider, opening it for him as he pounded his cock into her recklessly.

Suddenly, he dropped his full weight on her body, his chest smashing into her tits, pancaking them beneath him. “Oh Sameera Baji!” he moaned plunging his dick fully inside his sister’s cunt.

Samira’s heart missed a few beats. “Oh no! He is awake!” she thought and closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep.

Sameera expected Salim to be shocked but she felt his hands slide under her, grasping her bottom and jerking them upward. She felt his cock glide in and out of her vagina again and again. She felt very good but she wondered how Salim had said her name if he was still supposed to be sleeping. Ignoring the thought, she kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the tingling sensations building up in her pussy.

She heard Salim saying, “Oh Sameera, you are so beautiful…you are so beautiful.”

“That’s it,” Sameera thought. Curiosity got the best of her. “I am not Sameera. I am Zarina!” she said.

“Yes…Yes… Zarina,” Salim said and increased the pace of his repeated penetration.

Instinctively, Sameera slapped Salim and yelled “Liar!”

Salim stopped fucking. He stared at Sameera with his cock fully inside her pussy.

She stared back at him and said, “Stop pretending as if you are sleeping, ok?”

“Sorry Baji,” Salim apologized realizing he was busted.

Sameera gave him an angry look, wondering what to do next but it became clear when Salim pulled his cock outward. She wanted to cry out, “No, don’t take it out.” Fortunately, he plunged his cock deep inside her again.

Salim closed his eyes, ignoring his sister’s stare and started to slowly move his cock in and out of her cunt.

Sameera laughed. “Open your eyes and look me!” she said.

Salim didn’t look at her. He continued fucking her harder and faster, fearing she would stop him anytime.

Sameera sensed his fear and asked, “Salim, don’t be afraid. Open your eyes and look at me.”

The sweet tone in his sister’s voice made him stop fucking her. He opened his eyes and looked at her face.

Samira smiled. Then she said, “Don’t be afraid. I am your, Baji. I will take care of you.”

“I love you, Baji,” Salim said.

“I love you too, my little Bhai. You can have sex with your Baji any time you want. But let’s keep it a secret. If Ammi comes to know she will be disappointed,” Samira said.

“Thank you so much, Baji,” Salim said and began pounding his cock into his Baji’s cunt.

She closed her eyes and relaxed. She was no longer confused. She focused on the wonderful sexual feeling that was building up inside her as her little brother rapidly penetrated her again and again.

Salim could feel his semen build up in his balls. He fucked her and focused on ejaculating inside her, hoping she would let him fuck her forever.

Salim bent down and kissed her lips. They kissed as he slowly increased the speed and fucking inside her pussy. They moaned together as they experienced intense sexual pleasure simultaneously. The loving sister and brother, strived to reach the ultimate state of ecstasy. Sameera was overwhelmed with sexual pleasure as the sensations soared higher and higher. She felt hard to breath and she began sweating. Her thighs throbbed and the feeling began to spread throughout her body. Aching, groaning and writhing, she lost herself in wonderful state of absolute sexual joy – a joy that consumed her. She convulsed and laughed with happiness and satisfaction. She felt Salim kiss her lips and opened her eyes. She smiled at him as he shot his cum inside her, spewing his thick semen inside her belly.

Sameera held her little brother as he emptied himself inside her and asked, “Are you feeling better now?”

Salim nodded his head and asked, “When can I make love to you next time, Baji?”

“You can make love to me whenever you want,” Sameera said and smiled. “You don’t have to pretend like you are sleepwalking.”

“Thanks Baji,” Salim said, gratefully.

Their mouths met and they kissed, reaffirming their love for each other.