Chapter 3 – Open relationship

It was a quiet afternoon. The babies were sleeping. Nirmala had finished having lunch with Meera and returned to her bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked out through the balcony door. She admired her colourful flowers for a few minutes before her mobile started to ring. She picked it up and saw Deepika’s name on the screen. She swiped the screen and said, “Hello Deepika.”

“Hello Nirmala. How are you?” Deepika asked.

“I am fine Deepika. How are you?” Nirmala asked wondering if Deepika wanted a food recipe as usual.

“I am Okay, Nirmala. My cousin has organized a party on Saturday. I want to buy a dress for the party. I thought you would be the best person to help me pick a dress,” Deepika said.

“Okay. I can help you, Deepika. Do you want to buy it from one of my shops?” Nirmala asked, feeling happy about Deepika’s decision to call her.

“Yes Nirmala,” Deepika said.

“Okay, I recommend buying from my shop at JP Street. It is a big shop and I have more dress collection there,” Nirmala said and stood up.

“Can you come with me and help me pick a dress?” Deepika asked.

“Hmm…when do you want to do it?” Nirmala asked as she slowly walked towards the bedroom door.

“Today?” Deepika said.

“What time?” Nirmala asked, stepping out of the bedroom.

“How about 2 O’Clock?” Deepika suggested.

“Hmm…Deepika I have to talk to my mother-in-law. If she can take care of the babies, I can come with you. I’ll talk to her and call you after five minutes,” Nirmala said.

“Okay Nirmala. I’ll wait for your call,” Deepika said.

“Okay. Bye,” Nirmala said and hung up.

Nirmala went downstairs. She saw Meera sitting on the sofa in the living room and said, “Ma, I want to go to the JP Street Stores with Deepika at 2 O’ Clock. Can you take care of the babies?”

“Sure Beti. When will you come back?” Meera asked.

“5 O’ Clock or 6 O’ Clock,” Nirmala said.

“That’s fine Beti. You go and come back safely,” Meera said.

“Thanks Ma, I’ll try to come back as soon as possible,” Nirmala said, glad about her mother-in-law’s willingness to take care of the babies always.

Nirmala called Deepika as she climbed the stairs.

Deepika answered the call, “Hello Nirmala.”

“Deepika, Ma has agreed to take care of the babies,” Nirmala said.

“Good. I can pick you up at 2:00,” Deepika said.

“Actually, it will be easy for me to pick you up. Your house is on the way to the stores,” Nirmala said.

“Hmm…Okay, Nirmala. I’ll be ready at 2:00,” Deepika said.

“Okay, see you later,” Nirmala said.

“See you later. Bye.” Deepika said and hung up.

Nirmala hung up and checked the time on her mobile. It was 1:15. She went to her bedroom and quickly extracted milk from her breasts and filled up two feeding bottles. Then she went to her wardrobe and selected a light blue Georgette Saree. She undressed and draped the Saree around her voluptuous body. She combed her hair and put on light make up.

Nirmala checked the babies who were still sleeping. She took the feeding bottles, her handbag and left the room. She went to the kitchen and kept the feeding bottles in the fridge. Then, she went to the living room and told Meera she had kept the feeding bottles in the fridge. She took the car keys, said Goodbye to Meera and left her home.

Nirmala drove the car patiently in the chaotic traffic. She reached Deepika’s house at 1:50. She parked the car on the street and called Deepika’s mobile. Deepika answered. Nirmala told her she was waiting outside her house in her car. Deepika came out of her house and got into Nirmala’s car.

Nirmala drove to her Stores. They reached the shopping mall in 20 minutes. Nirmala parked the car and they got off. They took the lift to the third floor. They got out of the lift and spotted the brightly lit name-board that read, “NIRMALA”.

As the ladies entered the staff greeted Nirmala. A well-built young man in his twenties approached them and said, “Good afternoon, Ma’am.”

“Hi Karthik. How are you?” Nirmala asked.

“I am fine Ma’am,” Karthik said.

“Is everything fine in the Stores?” Nirmala asked looking around.

“Yes Ma’am. Everything is fine,” Karthik said.

“Good,” Nirmala nodded. She turned to Deepika and said, “Karthik is my Store manager.” She turned to Karthik and said, “Deepika is my friend.”

“Hello,” Deepika said checking out Karthik.

“Nice to meet you Ma’am,” Karthik said

“Deepika wants to buy a good party dress from our Store. Let’s show her our latest collection,” Nirmala said.

“Okay Ma’am. Please follow me” Karthik said and turned around.

“Wow. He is so handsome!” Deepika said in a hushed voice.

“Shh….” Nirmala shushed Deepika.

Deepika giggled.

They went to the center of the large Clothing Stores where the latest collection was displayed on ten mannequins.

“These dresses are Nirmala Ma’am’s spring collection,” Karthik said.

“Wow! Nirmala! They are so beautiful!” Deepika exclaimed.

“Thanks Deepika,” Nirmala said feeling proud of her collection.

“Oh, I love this one. It’s so beautiful.” Deepika said looking at a dress on a mannequin.

Nirmala smiled and said, “This dress is a fusion of Indian and Western styles. I designed the blouse to look like our Indian Choli. The Lengha is a western style mini skirt, embroidered with Zari designed to blend with the Choli. The dress is also accompanied with a contrasting Beige Dupatta.”

“Wow! I love this. Can I try it?” Deepika asked.

“Of course. Are you size 10?” Nirmala asked.

“Yes. How did you know?” Deepika was surprised.

Nirmala laughed. She said, “I am a Fashion designer Deepika. I can guess by looking at a person’s body”

“Wow!” Deepika exclaimed.

“Come. The changing rooms are that way. Karthik will bring the dress,” Nirmala said.

They went to the changing rooms. Karthik brought the dress to them.

Deepika wore the dress and came out of the changing room to get Nirmala’s opinion.

“It looks beautiful on you. The fit is perfect,” Nirmala said.

“Great! I’ll buy this one,” Deepika said happily.

“It’s not for sale!” Nirmala joked.

Deepika looked confused.

“It’s my gift for you.” Nirmala laughed.

“No Nirmala. I can’t take it for free. I’ll pay for it.” Deepika insisted.

“It’s a gift Deepika. Nobody pays for gifts.” Nirmala laughed.

Deepika understood that Nirmala meant it, so she said, “Okay…Okay. Thanks Nirmala.”

Karthik packed the dress and gave it to Deepika.

Deepika took the package and said, “Thank you handsome.”

Karthik laughed and said, “You are welcome, Ma’am.”

Nirmala shrugged and shook her head feeling embarrassed.

Nirmala and Deepika left the store.

As Nirmala drove back home, Deepika asked, “So did you like the key party?”

“Hmm…I don’t know. It was my first-time having sex with someone outside the marriage,” Nirmala said.

“Really? You are missing out on so much fun! Me and Akshay have a open relationship and we have so much fun!” Deepika said and laughed.

“Really?” Nirmala was surprised.

“Yeah, We love each other and we are secure in the relationship. So, I don’t worry about who Akshay has sex with.” Deepika said.

“Wow! You both look like you are so much in love, every time I see you.” Nirmala laughed.

Deepika shrugged and said, “Love is for the heart, sex is for the body.”

“Interesting!” Nirmala said and wondered if Deepika was right.

A few minutes later, Deepika said, “You and Naveen should try to have an open relationship.”

Nirmala laughed.

“I am serious Nirmala. You both are good looking. Lot of people will be very happy to have sex with you both. You should have more fun,” Deepika said.

“I don’t know Deepika. At the moment I am happy with my life. I am not sure if I need more fun,” Nirmala said and focused on driving.

Deepika shrugged. “It’s your choice. But talk to Naveen about it. You’ll at least know his opinion”

Nirmala laughed and said, “Okay.” She wondered what Naveen might think about open relationships.

Nirmala dropped Deepika at her house and drove to her house. She reached home within twenty minutes. The babies were awake. She breastfed the babies and made them sleep. She changed her clothes and took a short nap.

That evening Naveen came home at his usual time. He quickly changed and went to the living room on the first floor. He sat down on the sofa and watched TV. Nirmala served him Whiskey and snacks. She sat next to him. She told him about her shopping experience with Deepika, and about Deepika and Akshay’s open relationship.

Naveen reacted by saying, “Wow! That’s a great idea!”

“Really?” Nirmala was surprised.

“Yes. I agree with Deepika. If we love each other and feel secure in our relationship, having various sexual partners is a good idea.”

“Do you really think so Naveen?” Nirmala asked wondering if he was joking.

“Yes Nirmala. In case you haven’t realized it, we are not a monogamous couple anymore. We liked the Key party. We also helped Karan. Remember?” Naveen reminded her.

“But we did that with mutual consent, Naveen,” Nirmala said.

Naveen sipped whiskey. Then he looked at Nirmala and said, “It’s alright, if we mutually consent to have sex with other people and if we are honest with each other about who we have sex with.”

Nirmala took Naveen’s glass and sipped whiskey. Then she asked “Is it okay if I have sex with someone you don’t like?”

Naveen laughed. “Good question,” he said. “Hmm…I guess it’s not okay. I think we should agree to not have sex with someone who one of us doesn’t like or someone who both of us don’t like.”

“Do you want to have sex with anybody other than me?” Nirmala asked and kept the glass on the table.

Naveen laughed. “Is it a trick question?”

“No Naveen. I want you to be happy. I love you and I know you love me. If you want to have sex with someone, you should do it. I think I agree with Deepika. Love is for the heart and sex is for the body.”

Naveen nodded. “Actually, Shweta has been hitting on me for a long time. Guys in the office have had sex with her. I didn’t have sex with her because I thought I’ll be cheating on you if I had sex with her.”

“Oh, poor darling.” Nirmala said. She puckered her lips and grabbed his penis, teasing him. “You should definitely have sex with her.” She gave him a naughty smile.

Naveen laughed. “So, are we in an open relationship now?” he asked.

“Yes. I agree with you. It should be okay, if we are honest with each other,” Nirmala smiled reassuringly.

“Do you want to have sex with someone?” Naveen asked.

“Maybe I’ll have sex with a Bra salesman like Savita in Savita Bhabhi comics,” Nirmala said and laughed.

Naveen laughed. After they stopped laughing, Naveen said, “But you should be careful about inviting strangers inside the house. They can steal or even harm you.”

“Is it okay to have sex with strangers?” Nirmala asked curiously.

“It’s okay if you are 100% sure they won’t harm you or secretly record you and put the videos on porn websites,” Naveen said, concerned.

“Oh yes. It is very risky. But don’t worry, I’ll be careful,” Nirmala said and laughed, as if she was joking.

“Are you planning to have sex with strangers?” Naveen asked.

“Maybe,” Nirmala said and laughed.

They heard the baby crying. Nirmala said, “I’ll be back.” She stood up and rushed to the bedroom.

That night the mood was more relaxed between Naveen and Nirmala. They had dinner peacefully and went to bed.

Before going to sleep Naveen asked, “Are you sure about having an open relationship?”

“Yes Naveen. I am sure. Please have sex with Shweta tomorrow,” Nirmala said and smiled reassuringly.

“Okay,” Naveen said and smiled.

“Goodnight,” Nirmala said.

“Goodnight,” Naveen said and closed his eyes.

The next day was a typical day at home. Nirmala cooked, cleaned, bathed and breastfed but she couldn’t stop thinking about open relationships. She wasn’t sure if Naveen was serious about it. She wanted to know if Naveen had sex with Shweta, just to be sure they were in an open relationship. So, she waited patiently for Naveen to get back home.

Naveen came home at his usual time. He changed and went to the living room on the first floor. He sat down on the sofa and watched TV. Nirmala served him Whiskey and sat next to him.

“So did you have sex with Shweta?” Nirmala asked.

Naveen nodded and smiled at Nirmala.

“Where did you do it?” Nirmala asked.

“In my office. I told her to bend down on the desk. I had anal sex with her,” Naveen said.

Nirmala kept a palm on Naveen’s thigh. “Did you like it?” She asked.

“Yes. She was very cooperative,” Naveen said looking relieved.

“I am happy for you Naveen,” Nirmala said.

“I want you also to be happy. Just have sex with someone you like. You’ll like it,” Naveen said.

Nirmala laughed and said, “Okay.”

They drank Whiskey together, chatted about random topics and watched TV for one hour. They had dinner at 9:30 and went to bed at 11:00.

The next day Nirmala felt much better knowing that Naveen had sex with Shweta the previous day. It confirmed to her that Naveen was serious about their open relationship. After Naveen left home, Nirmala went to the bedroom. She breastfed the babies, watered the plants on her balcony garden, cleaned the room and finally, she selected a Saree to wear for a visit to her Store.

At 8:30 am, Nirmala extracted her breast in four feeding bottles. She went downstairs and kept the bottles in the fridge. She went to the living room and found Meera sitting in the living room as usual. She said, “Good morning, Ma!”

Meera said, “Good morning Beti!”

Nirmala told Meera she had to go to her Stores at 10:00am, to check the Ledgers. Meera had no problem taking care of the babies. Nirmala told her she had kept four feeding bottles for the babies in the fridge and left the living room.

She went to her upstairs bedroom. She bathed in the attached bathroom. After a good long shower, she dried her long, black hair. She stepped out of the bathroom, fully naked. She went to the balcony and put the towel on the cloth’s liner, knowing the neighbors couldn’t see her because the balcony was not easily visible.

Nirmala went inside her bedroom. She combed her hair and put on her Mangalsutra. She wore a pink Lace nursing bra and a matching Lace panty. She slipped her feet into a pair of, mid-heel sandals. She wore the Saree’s blouse and a matching petticoat. And finally, she draped the Saree around her curvy body. She adjusted the Saree’s pleats and the Pallu till it was perfectly draped around her. Then, she looked at her reflection from different angles. The transparent Saree was light pink on the top, near her waist, and it gradually darkened to a darker shade of pink. The lower half of the Saree and Pallu were dark pink, and had white roses and blue leaves were embroidered on it. Her belly button was visible through the Saree. The Saree was clinging to her wide hip, butt and her long legs, highlighting her figure and the perfect shape of her large, peer shaped butt. She looked irresistibly sexy and she knew it. She smiled with satisfaction. She put light makeup and kept a red Bindi on her forehead. She was ready.

Nirmala left home at 10:15am. The traffic was not too busy. It was sunny, spring day. She liked the weather. She was excited as she drove the car to the same shop, she had visited the previous day.

After a 20-minute drive she reached the shopping mall. She parked the car at her reserved parking spot and got out of the car.

As Nirmala walked to her Stores, people looked at her with admiration. She liked the attention she got from handsome men but she ignored most of them because too many people were looking at her. After she finally reached her Store, she felt more comfortable. The security guard and staff greeted her. Karthik came down quickly and said, “Good Morning Ma’am!”

“Good morning, Karthik. How are you?” Nirmala said.

“I am fine Ma’am. How about you?” Karthik asked why Nirmala was visiting the Stores for a second time in the month, because she only visited once in a month.

“Karthik, I want to check the Ledgers. Let’s go to your office,” Nirmala said.

“Sure Ma’am,” Karthik said looking confused, because Nirmala always checked the Ledger on the company’s online secure website.

Nirmala and Karthik climbed the stairs to the first floor. They went to Karthik’s office. Nirmala walked inside first and said, “Please lock the door”.

Karthik locked the door and turned to look at Nirmala.

Nirmala sat down on his chair, as she usually did every time, they had a meeting in his office. She looked at Karthik. She saw fear on his face.

“Please sit down on Karthik,” Nirmala said and gave him a half smile.

Karthik sat down on the guest chairs opposite her.

Nirmala picked up her mobile phone and turned OFF the CCTV camera in the office with an APP. She turned to look at Karthik. Her eyes bore into him till he looked down.

Karthik looked back at Nirmala who was still giving him a hard look. “Is something wrong Ma’am?” Karthik asked, worried.

Nirmala nodded. “Hmm…Karthik,” she said. “I heard rumours about your sexually inappropriate behavior with our lady staff. Are the rumours true?”

“Ma’am it was consensual,” Karthik said, visibly nervous.

“Karthik. I want you to be careful at the shop. Even if it is consensual, the result may not be favourable for you or my brand. If one of the ladies turns against you, you will be in trouble. They can claim it was not consensual. I could get sued and the reputation of my brand can be damaged forever.”

“I understand Ma’am. I am very sorry. It won’t happen again,” Karthik said.

“I am not telling you to stop having relationship with the ladies who work in the shop. You are a handsome man. I don’t blame them for coming on to you. Just keep it outside the shop, Okay?” Nirmala said.

Karthik’s was happy to hear Nirmala’s compliment and it showed on his face even though he tried to conceal it.  “Okay Ma’am,” he said.

Nirmala gazed at him for a moment. And as Karthik looked away, she gave him a half smile. “Karthik,” she said. “My friend Deepika told you yesterday that you are handsome man.” She smiled and looked at his reaction. He looked confused. She continued, “You are muscular and you have a good-looking face. I agree with Deepika. You are handsome.”

“Thanks Ma’am,” Karthik said still looking confused and flattered.

Nirmala was quiet for a moment. Then, she looked into his eyes and said, “Karthik…do you want to have sex with me?”

“Ma’am?” Karthik looked shocked.

“You heard me right,” Nirmala said, continuing to gaze at him.

“Are… you serious Ma’am?” Karthik asked wondering if it was a trick question.

“I am serious Karthik.” Nirmala looked at his face, studying him. “Do you think I am testing you?” She asked.

“I don’t know Ma’am. I don’t want to lose my job,” Karthik said looking worried but also feeling excited.

“Okay. I’ll put it in a different way. Can I touch you?” Nirmala asked and smiled at him.

Karthik grinned, realising she was serious.

“Come here,” Nirmala said.

Karthik stood up and reluctantly went closer to Nirmala.

Nirmala turned the chair and saw his crotch. “Please come closer,” she said.

Nirmala lifted her hands to his waist. She unbuckled Karthik’s belt and unbuttoned his pants. She pulled his pants down. She grabbed the elastic band of his underwear and pulled it down. His cock sprang free and pointed at her. She let out a sigh, relieved to see what she had expected to see. His cock was long and thick. She grabbed the shaft firmly. The heat of his cock burned into her palm. Her heart thumped. She took a sharp breath. She moved closer and enjoyed the smell of his cock.”

She looked up at his expectant face and smiled. She said, “You smell so good.”

“Thanks Ma’am,” Karthik said and smiled.

Nirmala looked down at his cock. The masculine smell filled her nostrils and made her mouth water. She firmly gripped his cock and touched the tip with her tongue. The familiar taste of semen tantalized her taste buds. Getting more excited, she licked up and down the slit, cleaning it. She swabbed his cock-head with her tongue until it glistened.

“Ooohhh, Ma’am… Oooohhhh!” Karthik moaned.

Nirmala wanted to suck him more but her vagina was very wet. She wanted his cock inside her. She pulled back and stood up. She looked at Karthik and said, “Sit on the Sofa.”

Nirmala removed her blouse and bra. She lifted her Saree and stripped down her panty. She held her Saree above her hip she and went to the Sofa which was at the side of the office room.

Karthik was already sitting on the sofa stroking his rock-hard penis. He was completely mesmerized by the large size of Nirmala’s breasts, hips and buttocks. At that moment he wanted to fuck her cunt, asshole and mouth but he felt forced to let his Boss lead.

Nirmala knelt down on the Sofa with her legs spread across his legs, straddling over him. Her breasts dangled over his face. He didn’t resist the temptation. He kneaded her breasts and kissed all over her breasts.

Nirmala reached under her crotch. She grasped his cock and held it in position. She lowered her hip little bit and felt his cock-head on the slit of her vagina. She lowered more and the swollen cock-head slid inside her vagina. She closed her eyes and lowered her hip steadily. The thick cock expanded her pussy and her pussy juice helped his cock glide inside her with ease. His prick sank steadily deeper until it stopped balls-deep inside her. After it was fully inside her cunt, she enjoyed the fulfilling moment. She knew Karthik’s cock was same size as Naveen’s cock but it felt so different, and she loved it.

Karthik sucked Nirmala’s breasts and drank her milk, giving equal attention to both her breasts. Nirmala rapidly moved her loins in a stroking motion that caused her tight vagina to glide sensuously over the length of his shaft. She worked it up and down his cock. Karthik slid his hands under her Saree and around her hip. He grabbed her plump ass cheeks. He kneaded the soft flesh as he continued sucking on her breasts.

Nirmala moved forward and backward grinding her clit on him. Her vaginal muscles squeezed his cock as it moved up and down inside her hot pussy. She fucked him faster and harder as her sexual pleasure soared higher and higher. The tips of her fingers and toes tingled. Her entire body began to vibrate and hum with electricity, as the sensation enveloped her core and pulsed through her stomach and thighs. Simultaneously, she felt a intense tension in her brain, limbs and her body, then she felt a full release of tension, stress and pain. She laughed and leaned forward on Karthik. She kissed his lips and silently thanked him.

Karthik shot is cum inside Nirmala’s hot cunt and moaned with pleasure. “Thank you, Ma’am,” he said as his cock jerked and shot thick semen inside her hot pussy.

“My pleasure,” Nirmala said and smiled.

After they were done, Nirmala tidied her Saree and requested Karthik not to disclose their experience to anyone. Karthik assured her that he would not disclose their experience. She advised him to be careful with lady staff.

Nirmala left the shop after 15 minutes.

That evening Nirmala told Naveen about her sexual experience with Karthik. Naveen was happy for her.