Chapter 5 – Dirty old man

Farida felt relived and exited to leave the office. She had finished her last day at the office before going on a four week holiday to her home town.

Farida reached home at 6:30 am. She had a quick shower and wore a Churidar. She took the bags and left home. She had booked the cab online, so the cab was already there at the pick up spot.

Farida was dropped off at the airport in time. She checked in and boarded the plane without any issue. She put her hand luggage in the overhead compartment and sat down on her window seat.

Farida was looking outside the window when she felt movement next to her and turned. She saw a older couple. The man was placing luggage in the compartment and the woman was waiting to sit down.

The old man sat next to Farida and the woman sat next to him. Farida liked them because they looked very similar to her own parents. They looked like they were in their fifties. The woman was a bit shorter and thinner than her mom but the man was very similar to her Dad. He was tall, well built and handsome like her Dad. They were having a casual conversation. Farida didn’t think they would cause her inconvenience but she was a bit worried that they would have to get up and give way if she wanted to use the bathroom. And she was starting to feel like she had to pee.

A few minutes later the old man turned to Farida and said, “Hello.”

“Hello,” Farida replied and smiled.

“Are you going on a holiday?”

“No. I am going home to meet my family.”

“Does you family live Goa?”

“Yes,” Farida said remembering not to give too much information to strangers but she told herself,” he looks harmless.”

“Are you a native of Goa?”

“Yes,” Farida said, hoping he would stop asking her more questions.

“What is your name?”

“Farida Mascarenhas,” Farida said reluctantly.

“Are you Portuguese-Indian?” The man looked more interested.

“Yes,” Farida said. And before he could reply, she said, “I have to go to the bathroom. Can you please excuse me.”

“Oh sure…sure.” The man turned to the woman and said, “The young lady wants to go to the bathroom.”

The woman looked at Farida without any expression on the face. Farida smiled but the woman didn’t smile. She just stood up, then the man stood up.

Farida went to the bathroom and came back. The woman saw her and shook her head. They got up and gave way for her to get to her window seat.

Farida sat down feeling a bit irritated. She took her headphone from her hand bag and put it on. She closed her eyes and listened to music.

After ten minutes the plane took off. Farida closed her eyes and dozed off. She woke up realizing someone was shaking her shoulder. She saw the man saying something and took off her headphone.

“Do you want to buy food?” The old man asked.

Farida saw the air hostess who was standing near their seats with a catering trolley. “Please give me orange juice,” she requested.

The air hostess gave her orange juice. Farida paid her and leaned back on her seat. She looked out of the window at the moon lit clouds, then she looked into the plane and took her glass. She took a sip of the juice and savored the taste. She took her headphones. Before she could put it on, she saw from the corner of her eyes, the old man was moving closer to her. He whispered, “You have a beautiful bottom.”

Farida was a taken aback but she just smiled. Farida controlled her urge to laugh. She looked at the woman. The woman looked like she was sleeping.

The man moved closer again and whispered, “Your bottom is big and beautiful. I love it.”

Farida was not angry at him. She smiled and looked at him, not knowing how to react. She wanted to thank him for the compliment and put on her headphones, but he moved closer and said in a hushed tone, “I wish I can kiss your asshole and penetrate your anus.”

Farida laughed trying not to be loud. She shook her head and looked at the man. He looked confused, embarrassed and a bit scared.

“Please don’t talk to me like that,” Farida said trying to sound serious.

The old man nodded. He took a card from his shirt pocket. He handed it to Farida and said, “Call me if you change your mind.”

Farida took the card and kept it in her handbag. She put on her headphone and closed her eyes.


Farida’s point of view

I was confused and shocked. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before. I tried not to think about the man sitting next to me. I put on my headphones, closed my eyes and listened to a romantic song. After that song ended, another romantic song started. I was drifting into a state of trance when I felt fingers on my left breast. I kept my eyes closed realizing it must be the man sitting next to me. I felt like he had slipped his hand under my Dupatta. I felt his fingers squeeze my breasts. Even though I was wearing a Churidar and a bra, I could feel the heat of his palms on my breast. I didn’t know how to react. I definitely didn’t want to start a scene in the plane. In a way I pitied the old man. I kept my eyes closed and focused on the melodious music as he kneaded my breast. He must have become more confident as I didn’t react, because I felt his arm move forward and his fingers grab my right breast. I patiently kept my eyes closed and let him feel my breasts. He didn’t stop. At times, he squeezed little hard but I didn’t stop because he was reminded me of my Dad.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up hearing the pilot announcing that we were about to land. The old man’s hand was on my left thigh. I turned and looked at him. He didn’t look afraid. He smiled at me and gently squeezed my thigh. I looked at his wife who was still sleeping. I turned away from him and looked outside the window. I liked the view of the city lights and vehicles. I turned to look into the plane when the man moved closer to me said, “Call me. You won’t regret it.”

I calmly told him, “Please take your hands off my legs.”

He suddenly looked scared. He took his hand off from my thighs and moved away from me.

I adjusted my Churidar and Dupatta.


Narrator’s point of view

The flight landed at 8:50 pm. Farida got off the plane and exited the airport quickly. She spotted her Dad in the crowd. He was waving his hand. She waved at him thinking he looked very similar to the dirty old man she had met in the plane.

William looked proudly at his beautiful daughter as she walked towards him. He gave her warm hug and welcomed her. He led her to the car park, chatting with her. They got into the car and drove away. An hour later they reached home at 10 pm.

Farida was happy to meet her Dad, mom, brothers, sister and sister-in-law. They chatted with her about her health, work and life in a big city. Everybody told her she looked more beautiful and grown up.

Her mom realized Farida may not have eaten and asked her if she had eaten in the plane. Farida told her she had not eaten so her mother asked her to come to the dining room.

Farida ate as she chatted with her younger brother and sister who were very eager to know about her new life in a different city. After supper she chatted with everybody for a few minutes before they all decided it was time to go to bed.

Farida went to her room. She undressed and went to the attached bathroom. She went to the toilet, showered, and wore a pink, satin, gown. She turned the bed lamp ON and put OFF the room light. She happily got on top of  the bed and lay down. She took her mobile. It was 11:30 pm. She had received lot of messages from friends. Five minutes later the door opened. Her Dad stepped inside and latched the door.

Farida sat up on the bed and smiled. Her Dad walked close the bed and said, “I know you will be tired but I missed you.”

Farida laughed and said, “I left the door open for you Dad. I missed you too. ” She untied the lace of her gown and removed it. She was completely naked. She lay back on the bed. She saw her Dad remove his cloths and get on top of the bed. She looked at his long, thick penis and wanted to suck it.

William got on top of his daughter and looked down at Farida’s beautiful face. He kissed her on her forehead, nose and lips. Then, he moved down to her breasts. He grabbed both her breasts and said, “They have become bigger than your mothers breasts.”

“Do you like them Daddy?”

“Hmm…baby they are big, beautiful and soft,” her Dad said and bent down. His mouth captured the stiff nipple of her right side breast. He sucked and pulled at the rubbery tip causing her to moan. His teeth bit lightly into the soft flesh.

Her Dad’s mouth let go of her right side breast. He took her nipple and a mouth full of her left breast in his mouth. He sucked hard causing her nipples to ache. Farida loved it. She wanted him inside her. She looked at her Dad’s handsome face as he sucked her breast and thought of the man she had met in the plane. She wondered if he had a big penis like her Dad.

Her Dad pressed the sides of her breast, till the nipples of her breasts were close together. He took both her nipples in his mouth and sucked them together. Then, he sucked her nipple one after the other.

Farida’s whole body jolted as one of his hands slid down over her stomach and grasped the mound of her pussy between her spread thighs. Her pelvis twitched and pushed into his palm. Her Dad continued sucking her breasts as he slid a finger into her wet, warm cunt. He drilled his finger deep inside her, caressing the hole of her vagina. His finger pumped in and out of the wet channel, while his thumb finger rubbed the tiny bud of her clitoris. She groaned and her hips hunched into his hands, caught in the rhythm of his fingers. Her Dad had complete control of her. She wanted him to open her with his thick, swollen shaft. She slid her hand down and grabbed her Dad’s dick.

“I want you Dad!” she moaned, tugging at the throbbing hard cock.

Her Dad pulled away his lips from her breasts with a wet “pop,” his mouth was on her mouth and his tongue slithered into her throat. Her legs spread even wider, opening for her Dad as he between her legs. Each of his hands found her breasts and squeezed the large, soft breasts. She moaned and squirmed. She clutched his pulsing cock between his thighs and guided it between the outer lips of her labia. The bulbous crown of his cock throbbed and jerked in the soft confines of her vagina’s slit. He pushed gently and slid his cock into the wet channel of her pussy. He sunk in deep and glided into the moist, clutchy folds of her vagina. The stiff nipples of her breasts poked into his chest.

Her Dad’s cock filled her pussy to the brim. “I missed you Daddy!” Farida moaned.

He raised himself on his elbows, smiling down with pleasure at his beautiful daughter who lay beneath him. His hip moved back, pulling the thick column of his cock from the clinging channel of her pussy. Then he slammed forward, drilling full length into her wet pussy.

He pulled out again and she moaned as the crown of his prick strained the walls of her pussy in the exit. He plunged in once again. The sudden penetration made her cry with delight. The tight, young muscles of her cunt contracted in a sheath, surrounding and squeezing on his hard cock. His hips jerked upward, then lunged down again, burying the hard rod of flesh deeper in her pussy.

As her Dad’s cock glided inward and outward, inside her vagina, she groaned with pleasure. She wiggled and quivered under him, her soft breasts rolled against his chest and her erect, firm nipples poked into his chest. Her body was jolted time and again, as her Dad fucked her.

After a minute of pounding Farida, he dropped his full weight on her body, his chest smashed into her breasts, pancaking them beneath him. His hands slid under her, grasping the curves of her plump buttocks and jerked them upward to better the angle of penetration. Then he fucked her with urgency get more pleasure.

Together, Dad and daughter found a new level of bonding with ecstasy. Farida’s thighs throbbed, with a growing need to release. Lust consumed her in tidal wave after tidal wave of of intense sexual pleasure.

“Do you want me to pull out and ejaculate on your belly?” Her Dad asked as he felt the semen flow through his throbbing cock.

“Cum inside me Daddy. I took birth control tablet today,” Farida assured him.

Her Dad erupted, spewing his thick semen inside Farida’s pussy. Hunching deep into her cunt, he emptied himself until it overflowed.

They clutched each other in loving caresses. Their bodies trembled with passion. He kissed her and said, “I missed you baby.”

“I missed you too Daddy.” Farida said and smiled.

Their mouths met and they kissed.