Chapter 5 – Supportive friend

Just one week had passed after Sharath had gone abroad but Nisha still missed him. She hoped he would return after divorcing his wife and marry her as he had promised. She thought about Harish and the children. She wondered what would happen to them if she got married to Sharath and stopped taking care of them. Immediately, she heard her sister’s ghostly voice saying, “Take care of my husband and my children the way I took care of them.”

Nisha shuddered after hearing her sister’s voice. She stood up feeling scared and said, “I am taking care of them.”

Nisha looked around the living room expecting to hear a reply from her sister’s ghost. But it was quiet. Suddenly her mobile rang. She took the mobile and saw her friend’s picture on the screen. She swiped the screen and said, “Hello Sandhya.”

“Hello Nisha. How are you?” Sandhya asked.

Nisha was happy to hear Sandhya’s voice. Still scared and shaking, she said, “I am okay, Sandhya.”

“Just, okay? Why? Is something wrong?” Sandhya asked.

Nisha hesitated for a moment. Then she said, “I don’t know Sandhya. I feel like everything is wrong.”

“Why? What happened?” Sandhya asked, concerned for Nisha.

“Sandhya, I don’t want to talk about it on the phone. Can I meet you?” Nisha asked, hoping to get guidance and support from one of her best friends.

“Of Course Nisha. Come home. Hubby has gone to the office and children have gone to school. We can have a good chat,” Sandhya said.

“Ok. I’ll be there by 11:00,” Nisha said.

“Great. See you soon,” Sandhya said.

“See you. Bye!” Nisha said and hung up.

Nisha had woken up early as usual. She had made breakfast for everybody and had breakfast with Harish and the children. After breakfast, she had helped the children get ready for school. And after Harish had left home, she had walked with the children to the school. Nisha had returned home at 9:30 and she had been relaxing in the living room when she had heard her sister’s voice.

Nisha wanted to get out of the haunted house. She looked at the time in her mobile. It was 9:50am. She got up from the sofa and went to her bedroom. She removed her clothes and went to the attached bathroom. She had a quick shower and came out of the bathroom feeling fresh.

Nisha stood before the full-length mirror and started getting dressed. She wore a pantie and a petticoat. She put on a bra and blouse. Then she got dressed in a light blue Saree which had blue and white flower prints. She adjusted the pleats and Pallu of the saree. Then she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She had draped the saree perfectly.

Nisha touched up make up on her face and kept a Bindi on her forehead. She was happy with the way she looked. She took her handbag and left her bedroom.

Nisha booked a taxi with her mobile app. The taxi came at the right time. She slipped her feet into a pair of mid-heal sandals and exited the front door. She locked the door and got into the taxi.

After a 15-minute drive, the taxi stopped before Sandhya’s house. Nisha thanked the driver and got down from taxi.

Sandhya’s house was an independent two floor house. Sandhya lived in the ground floor and tenants lived on the first-floor house.

Nisha opened the gate and entered inside. She closed the gate and went to the front door. She pressed the doorbell switch. The door opened and Sandhya said, “Nisha! Come in!”

Nisha entered the house with a smile on her face. Sandhya closed the door and turned to look at Nisha.

Nisha looked at Sandhya and said “Wow! The Saree looks very beautiful on you.”

Sandhya laughed and said, “Yeah. It’s a beautiful Saree. Ammar gifted it to me on my birthday.”

“Ammar? Your ex-boyfriend?” Nisha asked.

“Yes,” Sandhya said and laughed, walking towards the sofa.

“Are you still in touch with him?” Nisha asked and followed Sandhya to the sofa.

Sandhya smiled and said, “Yes. I’ll tell you about him later. Sit down. Did you have breakfast?”

“I had breakfast,” Nisha said and sat down on the sofa.

“Do you want a drink or snacks?” Sandhya asked.

Nisha realised she was thirsty and asked, “What drinks do you have?”

“Coke, grape juice, orange juice and mango juice,” Sandhya said.

“Hmm…I’ll have orange juice,” Nisha said.

“Ok. I’ll be back,” Sandhya said and turned around.

Nisha saw Sandhya’s back and admired her. Sandhya looked beautiful. The honey-yellow colour Saree she was wearing hugged to the curves of her hips and buttocks. Her plump buttocks bounced as she walked gracefully. She had gained weight in the right places. Though she was six years older than Nisha and a mother of two kids, she had a good figure.

Nisha smiled feeling happy to have a friend like Sandhya. They had mutual respect and admiration for their personality and beauty.

Sandhya came back with two glasses of juice. She gave one glass to Nisha and sat down next to her, on her left side. Then she said, “I brought orange juice for you. This is mango juice. Do you want to taste it? It’s good.”

“I’ll taste it later,” Nisha said and sipped the orange juice.

“Okay. So, about Ammar. I had forgotten about him. He called me on my birthday and surprised me. He had got my number from Visha. He was desperate to meet me. I felt bad for him. So, I met him. We had lunch and he took me for shopping. He bought this Saree and a gold chain for me.”

“Does Prakash know?” Nisha asked.

“No! He has an open mind but he is still jealous,” Sandhya said and laughed.

“Did you have sex with him?” Nisha asked and looked suspiciously at Sandhya.

Sandhya laughed.

“Please be careful,” Nisha said.

“I’ll be careful. Don’t worry. Let’s talk about you. What is wrong?” Sandhya asked.

“Lot of things are wrong. I don’t know where to start,” Nisha said and shook her head.

“Take it easy and tell me what is bothering you,” Sandhya said and sipped mango juice from her glass.

Nisha looked at Sandhya for a moment before saying, “Nithya’s ghost is bothering me.”

Surprised, Sandhya raised her eyebrows and asked, “What?!”

Nisha pursed her lips and nodded. Then she said, “I know it is difficult to believe but it is true. Remember I told you I made a promise to my sister?”

“I remember…something about taking care of her family?” Sandhya asked.

Nisha nodded and said, “I promised her that I will take care of her children and her husband.”

“Yes. That’s why you moved to her house. Did you meet her ghost there?” Sandhya asked and laughed.

Nisha didn’t laugh. She waited for Sandhya to stop laughing and said, “I am serious Sandhya. I saw her ghost and I’ve been hearing her voice. I heard her voice even today morning.”

“Ok. Sorry. Tell me what happened exactly,” Sandhya said, realising Nisha was not the type of person to make up stories.

Nisha said, “It started three months ago. One night Harish came home very drunk. I had to help him walk to his bedroom. When I was helping him walk, he squeezed my breasts and buttocks. I ignored it but later he told me to suck his…penis.”

Sandhya smiled teasingly and said, “Sounds exciting. Did you suck?”

Nisha laughed and said, “I didn’t. I just went away to my bedroom and slept. That night I dreamt of Nithya. She told me she wouldn’t have left her husband alone when he wanted to have sex. She reminded me about the promise I had made to her. She wanted me to have sex with her husband and take care of him.”

“Scary!” Sandhya said.

“It was very scary!” Nisha said.

“It is not safe for you. You should move back to your parents’ house,” Sandhya said, feeling concerned about Nisha’s safety. She lifted her hand and brushed Nisha’s cheek with the back of her knuckles, pushing back stray hair that had slipped down.

“It’s okay. I got used to it. She has not harmed me,” Nisha said.

“Did you have sex with her husband?” Sandhya asked and smiled teasing Nisha.

Nisha smiled shyly and said, “Yes. I had sex with him next day.”

“Really? Did you do it because you were scared of your sister’s ghost?” Sandhya asked and kept her right hand on Nisha’s left arm.

Nisha nodded and said, “I did it to keep the promise and I wanted to help Harish. He was getting drunk every day and calling me by my sister’s name.”

“Do you like having sex with him?” Sandhya asked.

Nisha nodded.

“So, what is the problem? Just enjoy life!” Sandhya said and laughed.

Nisha waited for Sandhya to stop laughing and said, “The problem is, I met my first ex-boyfriend last week. He wants to marry me and take me abroad. But I am feeling stuck with my sister’s family and her ghost.”

“First ex-boyfriend?” Sandhya asked trying to remember his name.

“Sharath,” Nisha said.

“Isn’t he the one who promised to marry you, took your virginity and married another woman?” Sandhya asked.

“Yeah. He is the one,” Nisha confirmed.

“Don’t trust him. He might break your heart again,” Sandhya said.

“I agree. But what should I do about my sister’s family? I don’t want to marry Harish and take care of them forever,” Nisha said, worried about her future.

“If you don’t want to marry him, stop having sex with him. If you don’t stop, he will become dependent on you and he won’t make an effort to marry someone else,” Sandhya advised.

“And what should I do about my sister’s ghost?” Nisha asked.

“Did you tell your parents about it?” Sandhya asked.

“No. I didn’t want to bother them,” Nisha said and sipped orange juice from the glass.

“Tell them. Maybe they should arrange for a pooja to help her sprit to move on,” Sandhya advised.

“Good idea. I never thought about it. It’s always helpful to talk with you. You have a solution for everything,” Nisha said and laughed.

“I have one more solution to stop you from worrying too much,” Sandhya said and smiled

“What is that?” Nisha asked even though she knew what was on Sandhya’s mind.

Sandhya moved closer to Nisha and her soft lips were on Nisha’s soft lips. Sandhya’s hands cupped Nisha’s cheeks, and brushed her tongue against Nisha’s lips in gentle swipes. Nisha’s mouth opened and Sandhya’s tongue delved into the warm depth of Nisha’s mouth. Their mouths tasted of orange juice and mango juice. Nisha’s right hand moved down to Sandhya’s belly and her palm caressed the smooth skin and her belly button. A spike of pleasure shot down Sandhya’s spine. She broke the kiss and said, “Remove your panties.”

Nisha and Sandhya laughed. The thought of having sex after four months excited them.

Sandhya stood up first and lifted her Saree and Petticoat. She pulled her panties down to her ankles and pulled it off her feet. Seeing Sandhya, Nisha lifted her Saree and petticoat. She removed her panties and kept it on the tea table. She looked at Sandhya and smiled.

Sandhya smiled at Nisha and said, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” Nisha said and meant it because she not had sex with Sandhya after moving to her sister’s house.

Sandhya and Nisha held their Sarees and petticoats above their hips and sat down on the sofa, on their bare bottoms. Nisha moved closer to Sandhya and kissed her lips. Her tongue parted Sandhya’s lips and slid inside her mouth. Sandhya was pleasantly surprised by Nisha’s passion. She let Nisha’s tongue explore her mouth and slowly swirled her tongue around Nisha’s tongue. Nisha kissed Sandhya passionately and Sandhya kissed her with the same passion. The kiss they shared fired their blood, making their vaginas clench in excited anticipation.

Nisha moved her right hand between Sandhya’s thighs and touched Sandhya’s vagina. Her pubic hair was trimmed and her labia felt soft. Nisha’s fingers swirled around the slit of Sandhya’s vagina, feeling the soft flesh. Sandhya’s stomach tightened and her breathing quickened. Nisha slipped her middle finger inside Sandhya’s wet vagina. Sandhya’s vagina clenched around Nisha’s finger and she let out a soft cry. Nisha swallowed Sandhya’s breath and continued kissing her. She slipped her index finger inside Sandhya’s vagina and moved both her fingers in and out of Sandhya’s wet vagina while her thumb finger rubbed on the moist skin around her clit.

Sandhya stopped kissing and moaned with delight. But Nisha knew three fingers were not enough to satisfy her friend. So, she asked, “Do you have any kind of lube?”

Sandhya thought about it quickly and said, “Baby oil. I kept it on the TV table.”

Sandhya looked at the TV table and saw the bottle. She got up and went to the TV table. She took the bottle and returned to the sofa. She sat down on her bare bottom, holding her Saree and Petticoat above her hips.

Sandhya watched Nisha remove her bangles from her right hand and pour oil on the same hand, getting it nice and ready.

After Nisha oiled her hand, she touched Sandhya’s pussy. She rubbed oil around and into Sandhya pussy.

Sandhya moaned and ran her fingers along Nisha’s cheeks. Nisha looked at her as she oiled Sandhya’s pussy. Sandhya kissed Nisha’s lips softly and said, “You are so beautiful.”

Nisha smiled affectionately at Sandhya and said, “You are beautiful and hot.” Then she arranged the fingers of her oiled right hand in a tapered formation. She kept the tips of her fingers in the slit of Sandhya’s pussy and pressed, gently, spreading Sandhya’s pussy hole. She watched the lips fold open like a flower. Her hand began a light thrust, slipping deeper into Sandhya’s pussy with every small thrust. Sandhya arched and groaned with pleasure. Nisha watched her hand disappear into Sandhya’s oily, juicy pussy. Sandhya looked down at her vagina and saw Nisha’s hand gone wrist deep inside her vagina. She felt Nisha’s knuckles, long feminine fingers and the tips of Nisha’s fingers pressing against her cervix. Her inner vaginal muscles tightened around Nisha’s hand, affectionately embracing Nisha’s hand inside her vagina.

Nisha moved her hand slowly in and out of Sandhya’s pussy and Sandhya rubbed her own clit with her fingers. Nisha fucked her friend’s pussy with her hand and kissed her face and neck. Sandhya moaned, aroused by the intense sexual stimulation.

The smell of baby oil and Sandhya’s unique scent mixed together smelled so strong, Nisha could almost taste it. Her pussy had become wet and ready for some attention but at that moment she just wanted to give maximum pleasure to her beautiful friend. Nisha’s hand moved in and out of Sandhya’s pussy at a quicker pace. Sandhya rubbed her clit frantically and lifted her ass off the sofa to fuck Nisha’s hand. Her inner vaginal muscles rippled and tightened, pulsing against Nisha’s hand. Pleasure soared to the peak throughout Sandhya’s body. Nisha could feel tiny tremors around her hand which was inside Sandhya’s wet pussy. Finally, Sandhya’s body began to relax and she slowly lowered her hips back to the sofa. Nisha gently withdrew her shaking hand from Sandhya’s tight pussy hole.

Sandhya caught Nisha’s wrist and tugged it to her face. She kissed Nisha’s palm and licked her juices. Nisha moved her head closer to Sandhya and they kissed.

Sandhya pulled away from the kiss and said, “It’s my turn.”

Nisha laughed. Her pussy ached for Sandhya’s touch.

Sandhya got down from the sofa. She stood before Nisha and said, “Spread your legs”

Nisha kept her feet on the sofa and spread her legs apart, exposing her beautiful, glowing inner thighs and clean shaved pussy. Her pussy juices had spread on her labia and glistened, making her pussy look more succulent.

Sandhya lifted her Saree and Petticoat above her knees and knelt down on the carpeted floor. She bent forward and dug her face between Nisha’s soft inner thighs. Her tongue swiped at Nisha’s clit. Sharp pleasure shot through Nisha’s body and her vaginal muscles tightened. Sandhya licked and sucked driving Nisha insane with pleasure. Sandhya’s tongue-fucked Nisha’s pussy with rapid flicks. Her tongue was incredible, but Nisha needed more. Nisha slipped her hands down to her pussy and spread her pussy open.

“Thank you,” Sandhya said, her words brushed against Nisha’s vagina.

Sandhya thrust two fingers deep into Nisha’s pussy. Her tongue lapped and flicked on Nisha’s tingling clit as her fingers fucked Nisha’s pussy. Pleasure built at the base of Nisha’s spine waiting for the right combination of pressure and stimulation.

Nisha moaned with pleasure as Sandhya passionately ate her pussy. Fifteen minutes passed like seconds. Pleasure soared throughout Nisha’s body and finally reached its peak. Her pussy squirted cream and Sandhya got her reward. Her mouth covered Nisha’s pussy and her tongue penetrated the pussy hole. Cream flowed from Nisha’s pussy to Sandhya’s mouth. Sandhya licked and swallowed Nisha’s pussy juices realising it was naturally good like orange juice and mango juice.

Sandhya felt refreshed after drinking Nisha’s pussy juice but she couldn’t get enough of it. She licked it clean till Nisha’s pussy stopped juicing. Then, she stood up and sat down on the sofa next to Nisha.

Nisha kissed Sandhya’s lips and tasted the familiar taste of her own pussy juice from Sandhya’s mouth. Her tongue parted Sandhya’s lips and swirled around licking her savoury juice from inside Sandhya’s mouth.

Nisha licked the insides of Sandhya’s mouth till she couldn’t taste her pussy juice anymore and stopped kissing. She pulled back and said, “Oh. That was so good.”

“We should meet more frequently,” Sandhya said.

“I agree,” Nisha said and stretched her hand forward to take the glass which still had orange juice.

“Try the mango juice,” Sandhya said.

So, Nisha took the other glass. She sipped mango juice and said, “It’s very good. Very natural.”

“Very natural like your juice,” Sandhya said and laughed.

“Did you like it?” Nisha asked.

“Of Course, I liked it. You taste as good as you smell,” Sandhya said.

Nisha laughed flattered by the compliment.

“Have lunch before you go. I already ordered food online. It will be delivered in fifteen minutes,” Sandhya said.

Nisha said, “Okay. I’ll book a taxi online. I have to pick up the children from school at 3:30.”

“I am going to have bath. Do you want to have bath?” Sandhya asked.

“I’ll just wash. I’ll go home and have bath,” Nisha said.

“Okay. I’ll have bath quickly,” Sandhya said. She got up from the sofa and walked away.

Nisha booked a taxi online and put the TV on. She watched TV thinking about Sandhya’s advice. She agreed with Sandhya and decided to tell her parents about her sister’s ghost and gradually stop having sex with Harish.

Nisha and Sandhya had lunch at 1:30. Thirty minutes after lunch, the taxi came at the right time. Nisha reached the school in time to pick up the children.

In the evening, Nisha cooked food for snacks and dinner. Harish came home at 6:30. The children had dinner at 7pm and went to bed at 8pm. Harish and Nisha had drinks till 9:30. Then Harish wanted to have sex before having dinner. Nisha was also in the mood to have sex even though she felt little high on alcohol. So, she sucked his cock first. Then she sat on his lap and took his cock inside her vagina. She fucked him in cowgirl position and he ejaculated inside her. She fucked him for some more time and climaxed before his cock became limp. After sex, they drank more and had dinner at 10:15.

Nisha went to her bedroom at 11pm. She sat down on the edge of the bed and checked her mobile. She had a new message from Sandhya. The message read, “Don’t worry and take it easy. Good night.”

Nisha felt lucky to have a caring and supportive friend. She went to bed without any worries, feeling sexually satisfied.