Chapter 2 – Best friend’s advise

It was a sunny morning. Nisha stood under a tree where she usually waited for Ajay. She looked good in the stretch-denim midi skirt and light pink short-sleeved cotton T-shirt. Her sun glasses concealed her eyes as she casually looked at men who checked her out. She liked the attention she got but she pretended like she didn’t care. She thought about the good time she had had with Harish the previous day and hoped he would start coming home early.

A white SUV stopped before her on the side of the road. Nisha looked inside the car and saw Ajay’s smiling face. She opened the front door on the passenger side and smiled at Ajay.

“Good morning!” Ajay said.

“Good morning,” Nisha said and got inside the car.

She sat down and turned to look at Ajay.

Ajay smiled at her and asked, “Coffee?”

“Okay,” Nisha said.

Ajay drove the car to a Café nearby and parked the car.

They placed their order first. Then while they waited, Ajay asked, “So, what is worrying you?”

“I don’t know where to start. It is so strange. I don’t know if I am imagining it or if something paranormal is happening. I keep hearing Nithya’s voice in the house.”

Ajay lifted his eyebrow. “Really?” he asked.

Nisha nodded and said, “Do you remember I told you I had promised my sister I will take care of her children and her husband.”

“Yes, I remember,” Ajay said.

“I keep hearing Nithya’s voice telling me, ‘Take care of my husband like I took care of him.’

“Really?” Ajay asked and got goosebumps.

The waiter interrupted their conversation. He placed the coffee cups and snacks on the table.

Nisha waited for the waiter to go away and said, “I am scared Ajay. Day before yesterday Harish came home drunk. He thought I was Nithya. He pulled out his penis and told me to suck it.”

Ajay looked amused and asked, “Did you suck it?”

“No! He was so drunk!” Nisha said, knowing that Ajay was only joking by asking the question.

“So, you would have sucked, if he had not been drunk?” Ajay asked and laughed.

“Ajay! Stop it and let me finish,” Nisha said and smirked.

Ajay stopped laughing and said, “Okay, okay, Sorry.”

“Okay. So, I was telling you he called me Nithya. I didn’t do what he asked me to do. That night, I dreamt of Nithya. She told me she wouldn’t have left him lying there, longing for sexual satisfaction. I told her I can’t have sex with him. But she told me, ‘You promised to take care of my husband like I took care of him.’

“That’s so creepy!” Ajay said. He took his coffee cup and sipped, wondering if Nisha’s story could be true or if she was having hallucinations because of stress.

“I know, but there’s more. In the dream, she was in the living room. She went to the sofa. She knelt down on the sofa. Harish went behind her and had sex with her. And when he was having sex with her, she looked at me and said, ”Take care of my husband like I took care of him.

Ajay made a frightened expression and said, “Weird and scary!”

“I know. I was so scared,” Nisha said, placing her hands on her chest.

Ajay sipped coffee and thought about Nisha’s experience.

Nisha took her cup and sipped hot coffee. She liked the refreshing taste.

Ajay kept the cup on the table and said, “Nisha. You have been stressed after your sister died. Do you think the stress might be causing you to hallucinate?”

Nisha shrugged her shoulders and said, “I am sure, I heard her voice. And, the dream was very clear Ajay.”

Ajay thought about it while Nisha sipped more coffee. Then he said, “Maybe the house is haunted.”

Nisha nodded. “Could be. I don’t know if Harish and the kids have also been hearing Nithya’s voice.”

Ajay thought about it for a moment and said, “I am very curious now. Can I come to the house?”

Nisha nodded. “Sure.”

“Great. Let’s see if something spooky happens,” Ajay said with his eyes wide open.

They quickly finished drinking coffee and left the Café.

Nisha gave directions to the house and Ajay drove the car. They reached the house twenty minutes later.

“Wow! It’s a big house!” Ajay said.

“Yeah. Harish has a good job,” Nisha said.

Nisha unlocked the door and they entered the house. She took Ajay around the house and showed him all the rooms. Ajay looked around carefully.

They came back to the living room. Ajay said, “I don’t know Nisha. Looks like a normal house.”

“Maybe, it’s just me,” Nisha said.

“I think you should investigate more. Ask Harish if he has been hearing voices,” Ajay said.

“Okay,” Nisha said.

“Okay. I have a lunch meeting with a client at 1:30. Do you have time for…” Ajay hesitated.

Nisha laughed. “I am free Ajay,” she said and asked. “How is Priyanka? Is she still suspicious?”

“Not anymore. After you stopped coming home, she became less suspicious. She doesn’t understand that we are just good friends.”

“We are not just good friends, Ajay. We are friends with benefits. I don’t blame her,” Nisha said and laughed.

“Yeah, Yeah,” Ajay said and smirked.

Nisha laughed. “What do you want me to do?” Nisha asked.

“A blowjob will be great,” Ajay said and looked at his wrist watch. “But I don’t have time. Just lift up your skirt and kneel down on the sofa.”

Nisha laughed. She lifted her denim skirt and removed her white lace panties. Holding her skirt above her hip she knelt down on the sofa and leaned forward on the backrest of the sofa. She spread her legs apart and jutted her bottom backward.

Ajay stood behind Nisha and said, “Beautiful. You have a very sexy ass. It’s big and it has a great shape.”

“If you like it that much, why didn’t you meet me for two months?” Nisha asked.

“I was very busy Nisha. I really missed you,” Ajay said.

“I thought your wife had put a spell on you,” Nisha said, joking.

Ajay touched her ass cheeks. He gently massaged her soft flesh and asked, “I wish I had married you.”

Nisha chuckled and said, “Ajay, I don’t want to marry anyone.”

Ajay grabbed both her ass cheeks and parted them. Her anus opened, invitingly.

Nisha felt her anus open. She giggled and said, “You don’t have to penetrate my anus. Vagina is fine.”

Ajay stood straight and asked, “Still taking birth control pills?”

“No. I just got an IUD inserted,” she said.

“Copper IUD?” Ajay asked.

“Yes,” Nisha said.

“No side effects?” Ajay asked, grabbing his cock and stroking it.

“No side effects. Works well for me,” Nisha said, feeling glad that she had got it inserted.

Ajay pressed the tip on her vagina and felt the slit on his cock-head. He pushed through between her cunt-lips. The cock-head was hot against her closed inner slit. She rocked her ass slightly, making her cunt-lips part. His cock head pushed her pussy open little by little and moved deeper until it was fully inside her. Her pussy felt tight and wet around his cock.

“Oh Ajay…” Nisha moaned.

“Like it?” Ajay asked.

“It’s good. Do you like it?” Nisha asked.

“It always feels good inside you,” Ajay said.

Nisha also liked Ajay’s cock inside her every time he penetrated her. It had good length and girth. She closed her eyes and thought about Harish. His cock had felt almost like Ajay’s cock, stretching her vagina and filling it fully.

Ajay looked down and pulled his cock out of her gripping cunt until only his cock head was inside. Then he slowly fucked into her, sliding his cock deep inside her. He repeated the in-and-out movement rhythmically. He fucked her slowly. His hand slid under her T-shirt and held her bare waist. He pushed and pulled his cock gliding in and out of her juicy pussy, loving every stroke. He increased the speed and began to fuck harder as sexual pleasure soared. Tingling waves of warmth built in her cunt. Ajay grunted and lunged against her, thrusting his cock deep inside her. She felt waves of pleasure throughout her body and a surge of pleasure exploded in her head. “Oh Ajay!” she moaned after blacking out for a second. Her stomach began to drop. As she began releasing smoothly, his cum spurted inside her cunt over and over, each time a little less than the time before. Finally, it stopped altogether. He drew his limp cock out of her pussy and said, “Wow! That was good.”

A woman’s voice whispered, “Take care of my husband like I took care of him.

“Did you say something?” Ajay asked and quickly pulled up his pants.

Nisha got down from the sofa and asked, “It wasn’t me. I also heard the voice.”

“What did you hear?” Nisha asked, looking frightened.

“Something like, ‘take care of my…’” Ajay said, trying to remember what he had heard.

Nisha said, “I heard it clearly. The voice said, ‘Take care of my husband like I took care of him.'”

“Yeah. That’s how it sounded,” Ajay said, looking around.

“It’s Nithya’s voice,” Nisha said, looking around.

Ajay looked at Nisha with fear showing on his face and said, “The house is haunted!”

“Yeah,” Nisha said.

“I am getting out of here! Do you want to come with me?” Ajay asked, afraid.

“No Ajay. It’s okay. My sister won’t harm me,” Nisha said.

“Okay. Your choice. But I advise you to leave this house,” Ajay said.

“I don’t know Ajay. I don’t think she will harm me,” Nisha said, feeling sure her sister’s ghost won’t harm her.

Nisha walked with Ajay to the door. Ajay pecked a kiss on Nisha’s lips and said, “Take care. Call me if it gets worst. Bye.”

“Bye Ajay,” Nisha said.

Nisha closed the door and went to the living room. She sat on the sofa and took the remote to turn the TV on, when Nithya’s ghostly voice said, “Take care of my husband like I took care of him.

“I will, Nithya,” Nisha said, calmly.

That evening Harish came home early. He drank at home instead of drinking in a pub. After getting drunk, he started calling Nisha by her sister’s name, Nithya. And he fondled Nisha. Nisha let him have sex with her and took care of him.