Chapter 7 – Helpful friend

It was a sunny day. The street market was busy. Molly selected fresh vegetables from her favourite vendor’s shop while feeling conscious of lusting eyes all around her. She pretended like she was not aware of men checking her out and continued to shop. There were other women in the market who were dressed in a Saree but Molly’s hour glass figure and graceful movements made her look more beautiful. Besides, the light pink, transparent, chiffon Saree she was wearing revealed her waist and belly, making her look very sexy.

Half an hour later, Molly finished shopping and started to walk back home. After walking for five minutes, Molly took her mobile and checked the time. It was only 10:30am. She continued to walk expecting to reach home in another ten minutes. But after a few minutes she heard a woman’s voice calling her, “Molly! Molly!”

Molly heard the familiar woman’s voice and turned around. She saw a car pulling up near the foot path. She looked inside the car and recognized the familiar face. “Jessica!!” she said excitedly.

“Molly! Get inside! I’ll drop you home!” Jessica yelled.

Molly opened the door and got inside the car. She sat down on the passenger seat and closed the door. “Jessica! What are you doing here,” she asked.

“We came here to meet a client,” Jessica said and started the car. “We’ll be going back tomorrow evening,” she added.

“Who did you come with?” Molly asked.

“Jerry. We manage the new real estate agency together,” Jessica said focusing on the traffic ahead.

“Really? Do you like working with your husband?” Molly asked and laughed.

“Jerry is OK. He is not controlling like other men,” Jessica said.

“You are lucky,” Molly said remembering her husband, Alex.

“I heard about you and Alex. I am sorry about it,” Jessica said.

“I had enough of him. I came here to make a new start,” Molly said.

“What happened between the two of you?” Jessica asked.

“He is very abusive Jessica,” Molly said.

“I understand. He is a bully. That’s why we can’t get along with him,” Jessica said as she drove the car into entrance of a hotel.

“Why are you going here Jessica?” Molly asked confused.

“We are staying in this hotel. I thought we can spend more time together before I drop you home,” Jessica said.

“Ok,” Molly said wondering if Jerry was there in the hotel room.

After Jessica parked the car. They got out of the car and went into the Hotel. They took the lift to the third floor and went to the room were Jessica and Jerry were staying.

As Jessica opened the door Molly asked, “Is Jerry there?”

“No. He has gone to meet a friend,” Jessica said entering the room and holding the door open for Molly.

Molly entered the room and said, “Wow!” She was impressed by the large room, king bed, sofa and interior decorations.

“It’s an executive deluxe room. We wanted to stay in a good room. You know the cheap hotel rooms are very dirty,” Jessica said.

“Yeah. I know,” Molly said, looking around.

“Do you want a drink?” Jessica asked.

“Just water,” Molly said.

“Cold?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah,” Molly said.

“Sit down. I’ll get it,” Jessica said and went to the fridge.

Molly sat down on the three-seater sofa and saw Jessica opening the fridge. She felt proud of her beautiful cousin. Jessica was wearing a beautiful floral frock that blended with her light skin color. Jessica was 5 feet, 3 inches. She was two inches shorter than Molly but she looked like a model. She had a pretty face, long waist length black hair and classy personality. Suddenly Molly felt like she was overweight and inferior to Jessica. Molly wished she had looked like Jessica. She saw Jessica walking back with a water bottle and smiled at her.

Jessica gave the bottle of water to Molly and said, “You’ve changed so much. You look more beautiful than ever!”

Molly smiled and said, “I wish I looked beautiful like you.”

Jessica gave her a confused look and said, “You can’t be serious.” Jessica sat down next to Molly.

“I am serious,” Molly said and opened the bottle. She drank water and kept the bottle on the table.

Jessica touched Molly’s thigh and said, “You look very beautiful. You have a cute face. You look sexy. Men love voluptuous women like you.”

Molly laughed and said, “Please don’t joke.”

“I am not joking,” Jessica said. She studied Molly’s face for a moment and said, “You’ve developed an inferiority complex. It must be because of something Alex did to you. Tell me what happened on the day you left him.”

“I don’t know where to start,” Molly said and smiled. “Hmm…actually it happened on Paul’s wedding day because I was chatting with Jerry in the wedding party.” Molly shrugged.

“What? Because of Jerry?” Jessica was surprised.

“Yes. Alex saw me chatting with Jerry and accused me of flirting with Jerry. He forced me to leave the party early with him. After we reached home, he beat me and forced me to have sex with him. So, on the same night after he went to sleep, I left with Mom and baby,” Molly said.

“Alex has a big ego problem,” Jessica said shaking her head.

Molly’s eyes teared. She wiped her tears and said, “I was not flirting with Jerry.”

“Molly. I wouldn’t have cared even if you had flirted with Jerry. We are only married for the sake of our families. We actually have an open relationship,” Jessica said.

Molly looked surprised, “Really?” She asked.

“Yes. Jerry likes to have sex with beautiful women like you and I like to have sex with handsome men…and women,” Jessica said and quickly kissed Molly’s cheeks.

Surprised, Molly pulled her head back and asked, “What are you doing?” She blushed and smiled.

Jessica shrugged. “It was just a kiss on your cheek. I am just getting started,” she said.

Molly shrugged her shoulder and asked, “What do mean?”

Jessica leaned forward and tried to kiss Molly’s lips. Molly turned away and Jessica’s kiss landed on her cheek. “Look at me,” Jessica said.

Molly turned slowly and looked into her cousin’s eyes. Jessica lifted her hand and touched the left side of Molly’s neck. She caught a glimpse of surprise in Molly’s eyes before she covered Molly’s mouth with her own mouth, breathing softly into Molly’s mouth and parting her own lips wide to thrust her tongue in between Molly’s teeth. Molly stiffened in shock as Jessica’s fingers squeezed her breasts. Jessica sucked on Molly’s tongue. Molly felt electric excitement. Jessica felt Molly’s body trembling and removed her lips from Molly’s tongue. She snuggled her face against Molly’s cheek and whispered, “I want to eat your pussy and ass.”

Surprised, Molly pulled her head back and looked into Jessica’s eyes.

“Remove your panties,” Jessica said.

“Jessica?! Are you serious?” Molly asked remembering the time when she had let her best friend eat her pussy. Molly had let her friend give her a good time for a year until her family had relocated to a different city. Since then, Molly had a secret craving to feel a woman’s mouth between her bottom and legs.

“I am very serious Molly,” Jessica said and stood up. She lifted her frock and stripped off her laced pink panty.

Encouraged by the casual way Jessica had stripped off her panty, Molly stood up reluctantly and lifted her Saree. She tugged on her laced pink panty and stripped it off her legs.

“Turn around,” Jessica said.

Molly turned around as her heart started beating faster with the excitement.

Jessica lifted Molly’s Saree above her hip and said, “Hold your Saree up, stand still and enjoy it ok?”

“Ok,” Molly said and laughed holding her Saree above hip.

Jessica knelt down on the carpet behind Molly and said, “Wow you have a beautiful butt.”

Jessica caressed Molly’s buttocks lightly with her fingertips and then worked her finger closer to the crack. She pulled her ass cheeks apart, not stopping until the skin in the crack pulled firmly. She saw Molly’s pink puckered anus and thought it looked very cute. She parted her lips and stuck out her tongue. She placed the tip of her tongue on top of Molly’s ass crack. Molly shuddered and moaned as Jessica licked her asshole, tracing a circle around her anus with her tongue tip. Then, Jessica used the flat part of her upper tongue to lick Molly’s anus until all the anal flavour was gone.

Molly moaned feeling Jessica’s tongue pushing inside her anal tube. Her cunt was wet and ready for penetration. She slid her hand under her Saree and rubbed her fingers on her swollen clit.

Jessica got her tongue as deep as she could, up inside Molly’s ass hole and wiggled the tip around playfully. Then she worked her tongue in and out of her ass hole couple of times before pulling out.

Jessica got the tip of her tongue between Molly’s anus and her pussy, where the pussy juice had gathered thickly. She licked it and tasted it. It made her taste buds tingle the same way it did when she tasted semen. Her fingers stretched the slit of Molly’s cunt lips apart. She dug her face between Molly’s inner thighs and licked the clean shaved labia. She savored the taste of Molly’s cunt juice and kissed her labia.

“Wow! Can I join you girls?” A man voice seemed to come out of nowhere.

Molly was shocked to hear the voice. She quickly stepped forward and let her Saree down. She turned around and saw Jerry standing near the door. Embarrassed, she looked away.

Jessica stood up and looked at Jerry. “You should have knocked Jerry!” she yelled.

“Why should I knock when I have my own key card?” Jerry asked walking into the room.

“You shocked Molly,” Jessica said.

Jerry moved closer to Molly and stood before her. Molly into his eyes.

“Sorry Molly,” Jerry said.

“It’s okay Jerry,” Molly said and smiled shyly.

Everybody was quiet for a moment then Jerry said, “Can I join you girls?”

“Haven’t you caused enough problems for Molly?” Jessica asked.

Jerry turned and looked at his wife. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“Alex saw you flirting with Molly in Paul’s wedding and accused Molly of flirting with you. He beat her up and forced her to have sex with him. They are separated because of you Jerry!” Jessica said.

Jerry was confused. He looked at Jessica, who was looking at him like he was the one to be blamed. He looked at Molly. She was looking at him curiously. He shrugged and said, “I am sorry I was just attracted to Molly. I didn’t expect Alex to ill-treat her just because I was flirting with her.”

“So, you admit that you were flirting with her?” Jessica asked.

“Of course. Why would I not flirt with her? Look at her she is hot. You were eating her pussy just a few minutes ago,” Jerry said justifying his actions.

“Ok stop crying and remove your cloths. We can use a dick,” Jessica said casually.

“Jessica!” Molly said surprised because Jessica was inviting him to have sex with them without her consent.

“What happened? Are you worried about getting pregnant?” Jessica asked.

“No. I take birth control pills regularly,” Molly said, confused. She felt uncomfortable because she had never had sex with Jerry.

“So, we don’t have any problems,” Jessica said. She looked at Jerry. “It’s your lucky day!” She teased him.

Jerry turned and faced Molly. He moved closer to her and asked, “Is it my luck day?”

Molly looked up at his face and smiled shyly.

Jerry gazed into Molly’s beautiful eyes. He lifted his hands and grabbed Molly’s bare waist.

Jessica went behind Molly. She lifted Molly’s Saree above her hip and knelt down on the carpet.

Jerry moved closer admiring Molly’s face. He kissed her, lightly brushing his lips on her lips.

Molly felt Jessica’s tongue licking her ass hole and shivered.

Jerry squeezed the soft flesh on the sides of Molly’s waist. He opened his mouth and took Molly’s lower lips between his lips. Then, he lightly swept the tip of his tongue over Molly’s lower lips in one swift motion. Molly responded by putting out her tongue and kissing Jerry’s upper lip. Jerry licked Molly’s tongue and gently pushed Molly’s tongue back into her mouth, sliding his tongue into Molly’s mouth. Soon their tongues danced inside Molly’s mouth. Jerry French kissed her passionately.

As Jerry kissed Molly, his wife kissed, sucked and licked Molly’s anus.

After a few minutes Jerry pulled back. He pushed Molly’s Saree from her breast. He removed the first hook of Molly’s blouse and asked, “I want to eat your boobies.”

Molly wanted to laugh but instead she moaned as Jessica kissed her ass hole. Then she said, “I am still lactating. You’ll end up with a mouth full of milk.”

“I would love that,” Jerry said and laughed.

Molly removed the other hooks quickly. She removed her blouse and threw it on the sofa. She removed her bra and threw it on the sofa.

“Wow! They are so big and beautiful,” Jerry said looking down at Molly’s breasts that were still partially covered by her Saree. He lifted her hand and pulled down the Saree that was covering her breasts. He grabbed both her breasts and gently squeezed them. Molly’s hard nipples quivered in his palm. He looked into Molly’s eyes and said, “They are beautiful.”

Molly smiled warmly at Jerry.

Jerry bent down. He opened his mouth and took Molly’s swollen nipple between his lips. He sucked her nipple and Molly’s sweet milk began to fill his mouth. After his mouth was full of her milk, she released her nipple and stood straight. He looked at Molly’s smiling face and swallowed her milk.

“Wow. It tastes so good!” Jerry said.

Molly laughed. “I am glad you like it Jerry,” she said, blushing.

“Please kneel down on the bed,” Jerry said.

“Not so soon Mister male-supremacist,” Jessica said and stood up. “You don’t get to tell us what to do. You lie down on your back and we’ll fuck you.”

“Okay boss,” Jerry said.

Molly laughed.

Jerry removed his cloths as the women watched him. He made sure Molly saw his big hard cock.

Molly liked Jerry’s cock. It was about seven inches long and had a good girth.

Jessica turned to Molly and said, “I’ll sit on his face. You sit on his cock and ride him. Make the best use of him. You deserve it,” Jessica said.

Molly was touched by Jessica’s concern for her. She smiled warmly at Jessica and said, “Thank you Jessica.”

“Don’t even mention it. Anytime you want to fuck him just call me. I’ll make sure he is available,” Jessica said.

Molly laughed, “Ok boss.”

Jessica laughed. “Now get on top and have fun,” Jessica said.

Molly lifted her petticoat and Saree above her hip. She got on top of the bed and placed her legs next to both sides of body. She knelt down on the bed, straddling over his hips.

Jessica lifted her frock above her hip and got on top of the bed. She faced Molly and placed her legs on next to both side of her husband. She knelt down on the bed and straddled over his face. She slowly lowered her buttocks on his face.

Molly lowered her butt and felt the tip of Jerry’s cock on her labia. She adjusted her hip quickly and felt the tip of his cock between her moist cunt lips. She held her breath and lowered her hip. Her body trembled as the huge blood-filled cock-head slid inside her. She lowered her hip slowly and the pulsating cock-head inched slowly deeper into her throbbing cuntal softness. She felt the shaft of his cock stretching her cuntal muscles opening her up and gliding inside her. She knew she had taken in his entire cock when her butt rested on his thighs. She gasped and opened her eyes.

Jessica smiled at Molly, “Do you like it?” She asked.

Molly smiled and nodded feeling complete.

Jessica leaned forward and kissed Molly’s lips. Molly tasted her own pussy juice on Jessica’s lips and flicked out her tongue wanting to taste more of it. Her tongue pushed into Jessica’s mouth. She licked Jessica’s tongue and inner cheeks. The sweet taste of her own pussy juice hit her senses. She took a deep breath and kissed Jessica passionately, as she swiveled her hip like a dancer with Jerry’s cock buried in her cunt.

Jessica moaned with pleasure as her husband nibbled on her pussy and her cousin kissed her passionately. She was a bit surprised that Molly had so much passion for a woman but felt happy for her beautiful cousin. She knew it was just the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

As the sexual pleasure soared Molly pulled back from Jessica. She rocked back and forth on Jerry’s thighs, rubbing her clit on his crotch and sucking his hard cock with her cunt.

Jessica saw Molly’s breasts jiggle like jelly as Molly rode on her husband’s cock. She grabbed Molly’s right breast. She leaned forward and sucked the swollen nipple. Sweet milk filled Jessica’s mouth. She swallowed it and continued to suck out more milk.

Jerry lay beneath the beautiful women trying not to cum too soon. He licked Jessica’s asshole as Molly’s cunt seemed to milk his cock.
Molly moved her hip back and forth rapidly as her sexual pleasure rapidly increased. Her thighs throbbed. She shook spasmodically. Her body was an uncontrollable mass of joy. She shook and whimpered. Her mind was reeling with ecstasy. She came crying out with full strength of her climax. Pussy juice gushed out of her and the sweet scent filled the air.
Simultaneously, Jerry’s jerked his hip upward, ramming his cock deep in her tight pussy and blasted out his thick hot semen into her already flooding pussy. The quivering contractions of her vaginal channel milked his cock, drawing out each steaming drop of his semen.
Jessica realized Molly was not moving much and stopped sucking her breast. She straightened her upper body and looked a Molly. “Are you done?” She asked.
Molly nodded and smiled with satisfaction. “Thanks for your help,” she said.
Jessica shrugged. “Did you like it?” She asked.
“I loved it,” Molly said gently squeezing Jerry’s cock inside her vagina, expressing her gratitude.
“That’s all matters, Molly. Stop worrying about Alex and have a good time, okay?” Jessica said,
“Okay”, Molly said. She leaned forward and kissed Jessica’s lips with a newfound passion.