Chapter 1 – Who’s that girl?

The party was in full swing. Music filled the room. The fun-loving ones danced and others watched them. Among the dancers, one person stood out, attracting the attention of the crowd. She had a pretty face and a beautiful smile. Her black, wavy, hair matched her radiant brown complexion. Her large breasts looked prominent on her slender upper body. Her butt was plump and wide. As she danced gracefully, her breasts and butt jiggled sensually, causing tremors in the hearts of men who watched her.

“Who’s that girl?” Abhishek asked.

“Dancing queen!” Reshma said sarcastically and laughed.

“She is Alfreda. She is Andrea’s cousin,” Ritika said.

“What? Alfeda?,” Reshma asked, confused.

“Alfreda,” Ritika said stressing on the ‘R’.

” I have never heard that name before,” Reshma said smirking.

“It’s a western name. It might be a common name among Goans and Anglo-Indians,” Abhishek said, admiring Alfreda, as she danced.

“Andrea’s family are Portuguese-Indian. They are from Goa. Her second name is Menezis,” Ritika said.

“Ah! ok. That’s why she looks different. She is beautiful…pretty, tall, full-figure’,” Reshma said.

“She doesn’t have a full-figure. I think she has hourglass figure,” Ritika corrected Reshma.

“Why is she wearing a saree? I haven’t met any Goans who like to wear saree.” Reshma asked, confused.

“Andrea wears saree sometimes,” Ritika reminded Reshma.

“I don’t care. She looks beautiful in a saree,” Abhishek said. He took his mobile and quickly shot pictures of Alfreda.

“You are not going to spare her, are you?” Ritika asked, mocking him.

Abhishek laughed. “She is too beautiful to be spared.”

Abhishek spotted Andrea and went to her.

“Hey Andrea!”

“Abhishek! Are you having fun?” Andrea asked.

“Nope,” Abhishek said, making a sad face.

“Why? Is something wrong?” Andrea asked curiously.

“You didn’t introduce your cousin to me!” Abishek said.

“What’s the hurry? Are you targeting her now? Aren’t we enough for you?” Andrea said, grimacing.

“You know me, Andrea!” Abishek said, shrugging his shoulder.

Andrea laughed. “Of course, I know you. Womaniser!”

“Don’t be rude! C’mon let’s talk to her,” Abhishek urged her.

Abhishek and Andrea moved into the group of people who were dancing.

Alfreda saw them coming to her and stopped dancing.

“Are you having fun?” Andrea asked, looking at Alfreda.

“Lots of fun,” Alfreda said and laughed.

“Meet my friend, Abhishek.” Andrea said and turned towards Abhishek and said, “My cousin, Alfreda.”

Abhishek lifted his hand to shake hands. “Nice to meet you,” he said.

“Nice to meet you too,” Alfreda said shaking his hand.

Andrea waved at one of her friends. “I’ll join you both later,” she said and moved away.

Abhishek liked Alfreda’s soft palm and her long feminine fingers. He gave her palm a gentle squeeze and said, “Alfreda? Beautiful name.”

“Thanks,” Alfreda said trying to pull her hand away from his tight grip.

“So… Alfreda, Andrea didn’t tell me she had a very beautiful cousin,” Abhishek said still holding her hand.

“She told me so much about you,” Alfreda said gently pulling her hand back, with little bit more effort.

He reluctantly let go of her hand and asked, “Did you hear good things or bad things about me?”

“Both.” Alfreda laughed.

Abhishek laughed. “Can I dance with you?” he asked.


“We need a better song…I’ll change it,” He turned around and went to the music system.

The music stopped and everybody looked towards the music system.

“Time for a classic romance song!” Abhishek yelled.

As the Hindi song ‘Pehla nasha’ began to play the crowd cheered. Someone dimmed the lights. Couples paired up and started dancing.

Abhishek quickly returned to Alfreda. He looked into her eyes and asked, “Ready?”

Alfreda smiled shyly and nodded.

Abhishek opened his arm. He placed his right hand behind her left shoulder blade. Alfreda warped her left arm around his lifted arm and placed her hand around his biceps. They clasped their hands together and started dancing.

As they danced, the chemistry between them built up. They looked into each other’s eyes and felt sparks fly between them. Abhishek moved his right hand down, from her shoulder to her bare waist. He grabbed the soft flesh on her waist line and gave it a gentle squeeze. She blushed and smiled shyly. Abhishek felt bolder and moved his hands over her body, gently groping her breasts and buttocks. Alfreda loved the romantic moment but she knew she had to stop him.

The song ended. Alfreda said, “I am tired. I need some fresh air.”

“Come, let’s go to the balcony. The cool wind will make you feel better,” Abhishek said checking out her cleavage through her saree.

Alfreda caught him looking at her breasts and blushed. “Which balcony? Left, or right?” she asked shyly.

“Left. It has a great view.”

Alfreda grabbed a glass of wine from the kitchen and went to the balcony. Abhishek followed her. Luckily, there was no one else on the balcony. He latched the door and turned around to look at her.

Alfreda lifted her eyebrow, questioning why he latched the door.

‘It’ll be easy to kiss her right now,’ Abhishek thought, standing before her. She was just an inch shorter than him. He just had to move little closer and kiss her. But instead, he lifted his hands and grabbed her slender waist. His left hand was on her saree. His right hand was on her bare waist. Her skin felt smooth and soft.

Alfreda looked frozen but as he was about to kiss her, she turned away. “No!” She said.

“Sorry. I couldn’t control myself.” Abhishek apologized.

“I know what you want. I know you’ve been sleeping with Andrea and her friends. Unfortunately, I can’t give you what you want.”

Abhishek shrugged his shoulder. “I feel something more for you. I think, I have fallen in love with you.”

Their eyes locked in a steady gaze for a few seconds before Alfreda spoke. “Abhishek, I am a trans-woman.”

Abhishek laughed. “Good one. I like that,” he said.

Alfreda shrugged her shoulder. “It is the truth.”

“Ok. I believe you,” Abhishek said, sarcastically.

“No! you don’t believe me. I look like a woman because I have been trying experimental hormone therapy for five years.”

Abhishek laughed. “Experimental hormone therapy? Impossible! You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You have a sweet voice. You don’t have an Adam’s apple, you have big breasts, big hips and butt. You don’t look like a trans-woman.”

“The experimental hormone therapy gave me breasts. I had a big hips and butt before my transformation…genetic! I toned down my body in the right places by working out. Butt and thigh workouts helped me shape my body. My Adam’s apple was surgically shaved. Please believe me. I am telling you the truth.”

“No side effects?” Abhishek asked sarcastically and laughed.

Alfreda waited for Abhishek to stop laughing and said, “Yes, there are side effects. My sperm count became very, very less. I can’t make a woman pregnant. My breasts started to lactate as if I delivered a baby. I have to extract milk and dispose it. I suffer from depression and mood swings.”

“I am not convinced,” Abhishek said.

Alfreda stared him with frustration for a moment and said, “I still have a penis. I am a non-op trans-woman.”

“You are just saying that to avoid me. You don’t like me because I had sex with the other girls,” Abhishek said, upset with her, believing that she was lying to him.

“Give me your hand,” Alfreda said.

Abhishek reluctantly lifted his hand.

Alfreda held his wrist and pulled his hand down to her crotch. She moved his wrist on her saree. “Do you feel it?”

Abhishek could feel her hard penis on his palm through her saree and panties. He nodded with disbelief.

“Do you believe me now?” Alfreda asked.

“Unbelievable! You are so beautiful!” Abhishek said, shocked and confused.

“Sorry…I have to go,” Alfreda said expecting him to give way.

Abhishek didn’t budge. “Do you have a hard-on?” he asked confused

“I am a trans-woman. What did you expect?” Alfreda blushed.

Abhishek lifted his hands and grabbed her slender, bare waist. He caressed the smooth, soft flesh and moved his hands up, over her breast. Squeezing her breast, he moved closer, to kiss her. This time, Alfreda didn’t stop him. His arms were around her. He pulled her closer. Their lips touched, their mouths opened and their tongues played together, exploring the warm wetness of their mouths. The smell of her perfume and her body pressing on him sparked flames of desire in him. He moved his hands down and grabbed her soft butt cheeks. He squeezed them as he sucked on her lower lips.

Alfreda could feel his hard penis on her own, through their cloths. She pulled her head back and said, “It’s your choice. I won’t stop you.”

Abhishek smiled. “Great! Turn around and bend down.”

“Now? Here?” Alfreda looked around, surprised by his request.

They were on the fifth-floor balcony, which overlooked the big garden of a posh hotel. The balcony was completely dark. Alfreda realised; visibility would be very less for anybody who tried to see the balcony from below. She could hear music and voices of people from inside, but the door was securely latched. Besides, the warm summer night and mild breeze was perfect for outdoor love makers.

“Ready?” Abhishek smiled, hopefully.

Alfreda nodded. She was ready. She lifted her saree above her hip, and stripped down her panties.

Abhishek got a glimpse of her hard penis before her saree covered it quickly, making it hard for him to get a good look at it. He guessed her penis was as big as his penis, but that didn’t bother him. He unbuttoned his jeans. He pulled down his jeans and underwear. His hard cock pointed at Alfreda. She looked down at it and looked back at his face. She smiled and turned around holding her saree above her hip. She bent forward holding the edge of the balcony wall. She was in a perfect position. She sighed and looked at the beautiful view of the city lights and dark star lit night. Her butt was fully exposed to him. He was amazed by the beauty and size of her ass. He reached down and soothingly roved over her butt cheeks. He was gentle. His hands slowly massaged her plump ass for a few seconds, trying to feel silicon, but the softness convinced him it was a natural wonder. She trembled as his hands reached down and grabbed her balls. He gently squeezed, then moved his fingers up, tracing the gap between her butt cheeks. His finger wiggled into her anus. She whimpered with the unexpected invasion of her body, but did not protest, as his finger swirled around, and withdrew. “It’s moist, in there,” he said.

“I lubricated it before coming for the party,” Alfreda said.

“Smart girl.” Abhishek said and laughed.

His hands gripped, each of the cushions of her buttocks, and spread them apart. She felt the smooth glans of his cock on her anus. ‘Relax!’ she told herself as her anus opened up and his hard cock slid inside her anus. He pushed and his hard shaft glided into her rectum. She whimpered with discomfort and pain, but she didn’t resist. She relished the long hardness of his cock that embedded deep inside her asshole. His presence filled her body. He let his cock rest in her bowel and moaned deeply as his cock jerked and throbbed inside her. After getting maximum pleasure from the first penetration, he pulled his cock outward. The walls of her ass tunnel strained out and over his glans. He pulled till, only the plump crown of his cock was inside the tiny, squeezing mouth of her asshole. She wiggled a little and he groaned. He pushed in, drilling back into her asshole slowly. Inch by inch, she accommodated him, as his cock stretched and strained her tight, smooth asshole. Her body came alive again, trembling with hungry delight as he penetrated her. Deeper and deeper his cock penetrated, rooting itself into the recesses of her rectum. His groin pressed into her ass cheeks and his hips jerked forward a little, spearing his cock even deeper. She moaned, clutching his cock in her asshole. Her asshole clasped lovingly around the pulsing cock that was plugged inside her asshole. He could feel the heat of her bowels around his cock.

His hands gripped on her slender waist, his fingers digging roughly into soft flesh of her waist. He clung to her, using her waist for support. He pulled out and plunged inside her quickly. Then, he slowly did it again and again, loving every penetration.

Groaning with delight, she accepted him again and again. Her body quaked every time he slammed his groin on her buttocks, causing her breasts to juggle back and forth. Harder and harder, he speared into the sweet tightness of her anal sheath. His cock drove its full length into the glove-like tightness of her asshole. And she accepted the burning rod of pleasure with delight.

She loved it and wanted more. Her hands gripped on the hard balcony wall. Her ass pushed back on his groin, swallowing up and sucking on his cock that filled her. She began to feel his penis rubbing on her prostate, every time he penetrated her. Tension slowly built up in her pelvis. Her penis felt numb. Her skin felt super-receptive. She felt every hair follicle on her scalp, and felt a pressure building. Pleasure unleashed within her rectum. She cried out her satisfaction, as waves of pleasure smashed into her groin; wave after wave smashed over the rest of her body, finally reaching her head. Her ass contracted and trembled, sucking greedily on his cock that was still repeatedly penetrating her rectum.

From behind, she heard him groan and his hips suddenly lurched forward, driving his cock deep inside her asshole. The fat crown of his shaft jumped and jerked. Then there was the wet warmness, as he spilled cum in her bowels. Spurt after spurt of thick cream blasted inside her asshole, as he clung to her ass. She could feel every little throb of his ejaculating cock. She loved every tiny quiver of his shaft in her asshole as she ejaculated.