Chapter 6 – Issues at a birthday party

Earlier that day, Nirmala had visited the doctor for another prenatal check-up. The doctor had said the baby in her womb will be starting to hear her voice in the 16th week of pregnancy. She had advised Nirmala to feel free to talk to the baby whenever possible.

Five hours after meeting the doctor, Nirmala stood before the mirror rubbing her hands on her baby bump. “Hello Sweetie. Are you awake?” Nirmala asked the baby in her womb.

As if responding to the mother’s voice, the baby kicked for the first time.

Nirmala burst out laughing with joy. “Oh Sweetie. Can you hear mama?” She asked.

The baby kicked again.

Nirmala couldn’t believe it. She laughed with happiness and gently rubbed her belly, comforting her baby.

“Are you ready?” Naveen asked, entering the bedroom.

Nirmala turned to look at him and said, “Baby kicked!”

“Nirmala! We are late for the party and you are standing there completely naked,” Naveen sounded angry.

“Okay calm down. It will just take me five minutes to get ready!” Nirmala said calmly.

She put on a beige lace pantie and a matching lace bra. She slipped into a beige colour petticoat. She knotted the petticoat’s thread below her baby bump and wore a beige colour blouse.

“Damn, you turned me on and we are late!” Naveen said, frustrated.

Nirmala laughed and started draping a beige colour saree. The Saree had light and dark blue flowers, and light green leaves printed on it. The gold-coloured shiny border of the saree blended well with the beige Saree.

“Okay, Let’s just do it,” Naveen said, completely turned on by his wife’s appearance.

“Naveen! No! I just got ready. I don’t won’t to get dirty!” Nirmala gave him a stern look.

“Okay,” Naveen said feeling disappointed.

“Naveen. Don’t be so disappointed. We can do it after we come back home, okay?” Nirmala said.

“Okay.” Naveen nodded.

After five minutes, Nirmala and Naveen carried the babies and went downstairs. They put the babies in the cradles in Meera’s room.

Nirmala told Meera she had filled feeding bottles with her breast milk and kept them in the fridge.

Meera advised Naveen to drink less and come back home safely.

Nirmala took a gift-wrapped box. They told Meera they would come back soon and left home.

After a 35-minute drive, they reached their destination. Naveen parked the car on the street. They got out of the car and walked towards Vishal and Poonam’s house.

As they approached, the security guard greeted them and opened the gate. They greeted him and entered the front yard of the big house.

There were a few men standing before the house. Naveen and Nirmala didn’t recognize them. They assumed they would be Vishal and Poonam’s family or friends. They smiled at the men and the men smiled at them.

Naveen and Nirmala went to the main door of the house. The door was open. A young woman saw them. She smiled at them and walked towards them. “Namaste Bhaiya! namaste Bhabhi!” she said as she approached them.

“Ah Ritu! Namaste!” Naveen said, recognising her.

“Namaste Ritu! You have grown taller. I couldn’t recognise you,” Nirmala said and laughed.

Ritu smiled and said, “Welcome!”

Ritu led them to the large living room where people were sitting on the chairs which had been kept temporarily for the party.

They recognised their friends and a few of Vishal and Poonam’s family members. They waved and smiled at familiar people.

Vishal and Poonam’s son, Aarush was standing before the crowd. He looked ready to cut the cake.

Naveen and Nirmala found two vacant chairs and sat down.

A few minutes later, Vishal and Poonam came forward and stood next to their son. They greeted everybody and thanked them for coming. Then, they started to sing the happy birthday song and people sang along with them.

Aarush cut the cake and shared a piece of cake with his parents.

After the cake was cut and served, Nirmala and Naveen went to meet Aarush. They greeted his parents, wished Aarush and gave a birthday gift.

A relative of Vishal took pictures of them with Vishal, Poonam and Aarush.

They were returning to their chairs when they saw a few people had stood up and grouped together. Their friends were also standing together.

Naveen and Nirmala went to their friends. They greeted each other and began chatting.

A few minutes later soft drinks, alcohol and finger food was served.

The party had started. Music was playing, kids and grownups were dancing, people were talking loudly and there were sounds of happy people in every corner of the room.

Nirmala, Deepika and Kajal stood together and gossiped. Nirmala felt a little high. She had drunk two standard glasses of wine and she was finishing her third glass. She looked around for Naveen. She couldn’t see him.

After a few minutes, she told the women she had to go to the bathroom. Kajal told her to go to the ensuite bathroom in the guest bedroom if the two common bathrooms were occupied.

Nirmala had visited Vishal and Poonam many times. She knew the locations of the common bathrooms. She went to one of the bathrooms and saw it was occupied. So, she went to the other common bathroom. That too was occupied. So, she climbed the stairs and went to the guest bedroom. That too was occupied. Frustrated she decided to wait in the room.

A few minutes later the bedroom door opened. Nirmala looked towards the door and saw Varun.

Bhabhi!” Varun said and came to her.

“Hi Varun. How are you?” Nirmala asked.

“I am fine Bhabhi. How are you?” Varun asked, standing before her.

“I am fine Varun. I just came to the bathroom. The other bathrooms were occupied,” Nirmala said and laughed.

“Me too Bhabhi. Kids occupy the bathrooms for a long time,” he said.

The bathroom door opened and Ayesha stepped out. She looked surprised to see Varun and Nirmala. “Hi,” she said uncomfortably and walked away.

Then Naveen stepped out of the bathroom. Nirmala was confused and surprised. She looked at Naveen and lifted her eyebrow.

Naveen shrugged. He pointed at Ayesha and said, “It was her idea.”

“Okay. See you later,” Nirmala said, not wanting to go through details with Naveen before Varun.

After Naveen left the guest bedroom, Nirmala looked at Varun. He looked a little embarrassed.

Nirmala shrugged.

“Can I come with you to the bathroom Bhabhi?” Varun asked and gave her a naughty smile.

Nirmala laughed and asked, “Do you want to watch me pee?”

“My pleasure Bhabhi,” Varun said and gave her a naughty smile again.

“You had sex with me in the key party and you are still not satisfied?” Nirmala asked, teasing him.

Bhabhi, you are so sexy I would love to have sex with you every day,” Varun confessed.

Nirmala shrugged. “I don’t know Varun. You go to the bathroom first. I’ll go after you finish,” she said.

“So, Bhabhi…can I? I’ll be quick.” Varun tried to persuade her.

“Sorry Varun. You have to wait for the next key party,” Nirmala said.

“But Bhabhi, you may not take my key next time,” Varun said, disappointed.

“It will happen if it has to happen,” Nirmala said and smiled, comfortingly.

Varun made a sad face.

“Hurry up Varun. Go now!” Nirmala said, sternly.

Keeping a sad face, Varun went to the bathroom.

When Varun came out of the bathroom, he still looked disappointed.

Nirmala didn’t want to disappoint him, so she had a quick change of heart. “Close the bedroom door and latch it.”

Varun looked confused for a second. Then he understood and smiled.

Nirmala smiled at him and went to the bathroom.

Varun quickly went to the bedroom door. He closed the door and latched it. He looked at the bathroom. The door had been left open. So, he rushed to the bathroom and looked towards the toilet. His heart skipped a beat when he saw Nirmala sitting on toilet seat. Her eyes were closed. Her Saree and petticoat were lifted above her hip. Her plump thighs were spread apart, revealing her clean shaved pussy. Urine was streaming out of her pee-hole with high pressure.

Varun unzipped his pant and pulled out his hard cock.

Nirmala opened her eyes and saw Varun’s cock.

Varun moved closer to Nirmala and pointed his cock at her mouth.

Nirmala looked up at him.

“Please Bhabhi.” Varun requested.

Nirmala opened her mouth and let Varun’s hard cock enter her mouth. She sucked it, tasting his semen and urine. She sucked passionately for a moment. Then as the flow of urine from her pee-hole slowed down, she pulled her head back, letting his cock glide out of her mouth.

She looked up at Varun and said, “People will be looking for us.”

“I’ll be quick Bhabhi,” Varun said, hoping she won’t change her mind.

Nirmala stood up, holding her Saree and petticoat above her hip. She went to the vanity table and leaned forward. She placed her elbows on the countertop for support and exposed her bare bottom to Varun. She spread her legs apart and asked, “Ready?”

“Yes Bhabhi,” Varun said, admiring her large bottom.

“Don’t be too hard. My baby might feel the pressure,” Nirmala said, concerned for her baby in her womb.

“How many weeks pregnant are you Bhabhi?” Varun asked, curiously.

“16 weeks,” Nirmala said.

“That’s good news Bhabhi. I’ll be careful,” Varun said.

Varun pointed his cock at Nirmala’s vagina and moved closer. The head of his cock touched her soft pussy lips. He began rubbing the smooth, wet flesh of his cock between the tightly compressed lips of her cunt. Nirmala’s hip jerked as his cock-tip brushed on her clitoris again and again.

“Hurry up Varun. We don’t have time,” she said, as her desire to feel him inside her became more intense.

Varun’s cock-head slid inside her pussy, stretching the hole. Then he shoved his hard cock deep inside Nirmala’s tight and wet pussy hole.

“Hmm…yes,” Nirmala moaned, feeling his throbbing hard cock inside her pussy hole.

Varun had pushed his cock balls deep into Nirmala’s cunt. He pulled his cock out and pushed it back into her creamy pussy-hole again.

Varun fucked Nirmala slowly and deeply then he started gradually increasing his speed. He rammed his hard cock in and out of her pussy with short, fast, powerful surges.

Every time Varun thrust his cock inside her cunt, his crotch banged on Nirmala’s large, plump ass-cheeks, making soft cushioned thuds. The powerful impact of their bodies sent shock waves through out Nirmala’s body.

Nirmala felt a buzz starting somewhere between her vagina and her ass. The buzz spread like wild fire until her entire body was consumed in her orgasm.

Varun gasped as his cock blasted cum into Nirmala’s orgasming pussy.

Nirmala’s cunt squeezed his cock and let go as she began to feel a release of the pressure that had built up. She smiled with satisfaction as she relaxed.

Varun shot the last load of his cum inside Nirmala’s cunt and pulled out, feeling happy and satisfied. Nirmala also felt happy and satisfied. She was glad she had met Varun at the party.

Nirmala stood straight. She took her panty from the vanity table and put it on. She let her Saree and petticoat down and tidied her Saree.

“Are you happy now?” Nirmala asked.

“Very happy. Thank you, Bhabhi,” Varun said.

“Next time just call me. You don’t have to wait to meet me at a party, okay?” Nirmala smiled.

“Really Bhabhi?” Varun asked, wondering if Nirmala was joking.

“Yes, really Varun,” Nirmala assured him.

“Thank you so much Bhabhi!” Varun was very happy.

“Okay, I’ll go out first. You can come later, okay?” Nirmala said.

“Okay Bhabhi,” Nirmala said and left the bathroom.

She opened the bedroom door. She was relieved to see no one near the door. She went downstairs and looked for Naveen. She couldn’t find him, so she looked for Deepika and Kajal. She couldn’t find them either. She spotted Alia sitting on a chair alone and went to her.

“Hi Alia! How are you?” she asked

“Hi Bhabhi. I am fine. How are you?” Alia asked.

Nirmala sat down on a chair next to Alia and said, “I am fine, Alia. Are you enjoying the party?”

“Yes Bhabhi!” Alia said, remembering getting fucked by Amir in the bathroom just before five minutes.

The two-woman chatted for about ten minutes before Naveen and Varun joined their wives.

Later, Naveen and Nirmala met more friends, drank more, ate dinner and danced with friends.

After the party was over, they said their goodbyes to their friends and left the party.

As they drove back home, Nirmala asked Naveen. “Did you have sex with Ayesha?”

“Yes sweetie,” Naveen said. “I was talking to her and Amir. Amir said he wanted to go to the bathroom and left us alone together. He didn’t turn up for a long time. Ayesha wanted to go to the bathroom. I too wanted to pee, so we went together. The bathroom in the guest bedroom was vacant. She asked me to come inside with her. I couldn’t reject the invitation. I went with her and the rest is history.”

“Sounds like a good romantic story,” Nirmala said.

Naveen laughed and said, “No way. It’s just sex. You understand, right?”

“I understand Naveen,” Nirmala said.

“So did you have sex with Varun?” Naveen asked.

Nirmala laughed. “Yes. I did,” Nirmala said, impressed by Naveen’s ability to guess.

“I am not surprised. Varun was looking at you like a starving animal,” Naveen said.

Nirmala laughed, shyly.

“As long as you had a good time, it’s all good,” Naveen said.

Nirmala laughed. “Did you have a good time?”

“Not bad,” Naveen said.

“Did you have anal sex with Ayesha?” Nirmala asked.

“Yes.” Naveen nodded.

“So, do you still want to have sex with me tonight?” Nirmala asked.

“Having sex with Ayesha is not the same as having sex with you. Let’s make love at home,” Naveen said.

That night, after they reached home, Naveen fucked Nirmala. He took time to cum because he had already cum inside Ayesha’s asshole. He fucked Nirmala’s cunt and asshole for long time before finally shooting his cum inside her mouth.

Nirmala was happy to swallow her husband’s cum. She was also happy Naveen had vaginal intercourse with her after having only anal intercourse with her for two months.

That night, they slept naked together in peace, without doubting their love for each other.