Molly's stories

Chapter 1 – Breaking point

It was a warm Saturday evening. The church was filled…Read more.

Chapter 2 – A brother’s love

After leaving Alex, Molly moved to her family home. Their…Read more.

Chapter 3 – Favourite uncle

It was Saturday, 4:30 PM. Molly heard her mobile ringing.…Read more.

Chapter 4 – Lucky escape

Stephen was sitting on the sofa, recollecting the wonderful time…Read more.

Chapter 5 – Blessed teacher

Two weeks after moving to Richard’s house, Molly decided to…Read more.

Chapter 6 – Remedy for hangover

Molly liked her job as a part-time teacher. She worked…Read more.

Chapter 7 – Helpful friend

It was a sunny day. The street market was busy.…Read more.

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