Chapter 2 – Good stepmom

It was Saturday evening. Alisha opened the sliding balcony glass door and stepped out onto the balcony. She walked into the darkness and stopped at the edge of the balcony holding the railing. She looked down at the moonlit garden behind her house. She liked the colorful flowers. The smell of the flowers, cool breeze and the tranquility calmed her mind. She thought about the experience she had with Sanjay and felt guilty for having sex with him. It didn’t help because she had already been feeling guilty for having sex with her stepdaughter after Raj had an accident, one and half years ago.

Alisha had been happy with Sonam’s ability to satisfy her, but she had still missed having sex with a man for a long time until she had sex with Sanjay. She felt trapped in a strange situation. She had married Raj when she was 26 years old and when he was 60 years old. She had become a stepmom for a 15-year-old Sonam, 17-year-old Anish, 19-year-old Isha and 21-year-old Akshay. Sonam and Anish had accepted her as their mom but Isha and Akshay had been very slow to accept her as their mom because they were just a few years younger than her. Isha and Akshay had also behaved as if she had married their father only for his money. Alisha had managed to convince them that she had married their father only because he had promised to help her younger siblings to get good jobs and he had kept his promise before she had agreed to marry him.

Five years after getting married to Raj, Alisha’s two younger brothers and a younger sister had very good jobs. They had also married and settled well but Alisha was stuck with an old and handicapped husband, two year old child and four adult stepchildren.

Alisha had tried to be a good stepmom for Raj’s children since she had married him. She had taken care of them very well and she had also given birth to one child in five years. But things had not gone as Alisha had expected. After Raj had the accident, Akshay and Neetu had informed her that they had been having incestuous relationship and they wanted to live independently like partners. Alisha had wished them well and they had left home to live together. Adithya had come out as a transwoman. Alisha had supported Adithya and encouraged him to transition to a female. Adithya had changed his name to Adithi and left home to live as a independent transwoman. Sonam had confided with Alisha about her lesbian sexual orientation one year ago. Sonam had told Alisha she was attracted to her. Alisha had tried to convince Sonam to find a partner, but Sonam had wanted Alisha to be her partner. Alisha had refused to be her partner but Sonam had become depressed. Worried for Sonam, Alisha had agreed to be Sonam’s partner hoping Sonam was just going through a temporary phase.

Standing on the balcony, Alisha felt a cold breeze on her bare belly and shivered. She covered her belly with her Saree’s Pallu. She turned around and walked back to her bedroom. She stepped into her bedroom and closed the sliding glass door.

She liked the warmth in the room. The cold breeze had chilled her body. She wanted to pee urgently. She went to the attached bathroom. She lifted her Saree and Petticoat, and pulled her panties down. Holding her Saree and Petticoat above her hip she sat down on the toilet seat. She relaxed as warm urine sprayed out of her pee hole. After she was done, she washed her vagina with bidet spray and dried with tissue paper.

Alisha stepped out of the bathroom and went to the wardrobe. She looked at her appearance in the full-length mirror on the wardrobe door. She adjusted her Saree’s pleats and Pallu when the bedroom door opened and she heard Sonam saying, “Mom?”

Alisha turned around and saw Sonam. She smiled and said, “Come inside Sonam.”

Sonam entered the room and closed the door. She turned around and went to Alisha. “Is baby sleeping?” she asked.

“Yes. I just fed him before half an hour,” Alisha said and smiled.

Sonam hugged Alisha. Her breasts pressed on her mom’s big, cushion-like breasts. She pecked a kiss on Alisha’s lips and said, “I missed you, mom.”

“What?” Alisha asked. “You were just gone for one week.” Alisha laughed.

“Yeah, but I didn’t make love to you for two weeks,” Sonam said and kissed Alisha’s lips again. This time the kiss was more passionate.

Alisha and Sonam’s breath smelled fresh. Sonam’s tongue swirled inside Alisha mouth. She took Alisha’s tongue in her mouth and sucked lightly. Her hands moved all over her mom’s curvy waist, belly, hips and bottom.

After a few minutes of kissing, Sonam stopped kissing and asked, “Mom, are you free? Can I make love to you now?”

“Hmmm…” Alisha pretended to think and said, “I am free.”

“Awesome!” Sonam was excited. She pecked kisses on Alisha’s lips, cheeks, nose, forehead and lips. “I love you mom,” she said.

“I love you too baby,” Alisha said and she meant it.

Alisha loved everything about Sonam. Being the youngest of her stepchildren and 10 years younger than her, Sonam had accepted Alisha as her mom easily. Even though they were not biologically related, they had similar features that made them look like mother and daughter. Sonam was the same height as Alisha. She had the same face type as Alisha and she had a pear body shape like Alisha. Her breasts and bottom were smaller than Alisha’s but she was curvy enough to turn-on most heterosexual men. She had fair skin colour like Alisha and she even had waist length, black hair like Alisha. Sonam looked like a younger version of Alisha. Although, Alisha was not sexually attracted to women as much as Sonam was attracted to women, she liked the way Sonam made love to her.

Sonam removed her Salwar and Panties. Alisha removed her blouse, bra and panties.

“69 mom?” Sonam asked knowing that was their favourite position.

Alisha nodded and laughed, exited to have sex with Sonam.

Sonam lifted her Kameez and got on top of the bed. She laid down on her back and waited for her mom.

Alisha held her Saree and Petticoat above her hip and got on top of the bed.  Her back faced Sonam. She knelt down on the bed with her knees placed next to either side of Sonam’s hip. She positioned her bottom above Sonam’s face and leaned forward, straddling on Sonam’s face.

Sonam saw her mom’s bottom, just a few inches above her face. She admired the large mounds of fleshy ass cheeks. Her mom’s pussy was clean shaved and oozed fresh juices. It smelled delicious. Her puckered little anus looked cute. Sonam touched Alisha’s soft ass cheeks and spread them apart. She lifted her head and dug her face between Alisha’s ass cheeks. Her lips kissed her mom’s anus. She put her tongue out and pushed it inside her mom’s asshole as deep as it could go. She licked the insides of Alisha’s asshole and moistened it with her saliva. The smell of her mom’s pussy juice was too good to resist anymore. She pulled her tongue out of her mom’s asshole and looked at her mom’s juicy pussy. The sharp aroma of her mom’s pussy burned into her nostrils and lust filled her brain once again. She grabbed Alisha’s waist and pulled her bottom down, closer to her face. Her fingers touched the soft outer lips of Alisha’s pussy and spread it open. She got a good view inside Alisha’s tender pussy. The soft pink inner flesh was swollen and cream glistened, thick and white inside the pussy hole. Sonam moved her head closer and licked the soft, smooth, wet outer lips of Alisha’s pussy. She hungrily kissed between Alisha’s pussy lips. She inhaled the smell of pussy, deeply and the smell filled her head. Her mouth opened and covered Alisha’s pussy. She sucked Alisha’s fresh pussy juice. “Mmmmmmm … mmmmm … ohhh, M-om … mmmppphhh … m-mom … s-sweet, mommy …mmmppphhh!” Sonam slurped.

“Mmmmmmm…. mmmmm.” Alisha responded. She loved what Sonam was doing to her and felt guilty for not returning the favour. She looked at Sonam’s pussy and thought Sonam pussy looked perfect. She had kissed it many times but licking another woman’s pussy was not something that came naturally for Alisha. She touched her daughter’s clit and rubbed it gently.

Sonam knew her Mom preferred to suck cock rather than eat pussy, but she didn’t let that bother her. She loved her mom and she wanted her mom to know it. She licked her mom’s pussy back and forth. Alisha’s hot, wet cunt oozed out more juice on Sonam’s tongue. The taste of fresh juice washed into Sonam’s mouth.

Alisha’s fingers rubbed on Sonam’s pussy and her hips gyrated reflexively.

Sonam fastened her mouth on her mom’s creamy cunt and began cleaning up the juicy hole with her mouth. Sucking while she licked up and down, she was rewarded with constant flow of fresh juice. The delicious cum flowed on her tongue and slid down her throat. She sucked eagerly massaging her mom’s soft, firm ass cheeks. She sucked and licked attempting to suck out every drop of the delicious juice.

Alisha rubbed Sonam’s clit harder and faster hoping to make her daughter feel good. And, it was working. Sonam loved her mom’s slender, soft fingers rubbing hard on her clit. She licked and sucked madly as her own cunt tingled with pleasure.

“Ohhh…ooohhh…yes, Sonam, yessss…ohhh, baby Sonam!” Alisha moaned as her cunt tingled with intense pleasure. She rubbed Sonam’s clit faster. Her fingers were wet with Sonam’s pussy juicy but unable to fully break free from her heterosexual mindset, she resisted the urge to taste her daughter’s pussy juice.

Sonam’s fingers spread her mom’s ass cheeks as she hungrily sucked and licked her cunt. Spreading them apart, she pressed one finger against Alisha’s asshole. She felt the asshole twitch once and then loosen as Alisha sensed what Sonam was going to do. Sonam touched the puckered flesh of her mom’s anus with one finger. She centred her finger and pushed. The soft anal flesh gave way and with a long, slow motion, Sonam firmly pushed her finger up inside Alisha’s ass-hole.

“Uuuhhh!”Alisha choked.

Alisha jerked and tightened her asshole. Then she loosened it, loving the pleasure. Her hips moved from side to side. Her head moved back in joy as Sonam kept sucking her clit and pumping a finger in and out her asshole. Alisha felt Goosebumps on her skin.

Sonam’s finger moved in and out, and side to side inside Alisha’s asshole, while her mouth sucked on Alisha’s clit.

“Uuuuhhh…uuuhhh! Ohhh … Sonam…” Alisha moaned as orgasm soared. Her muscles tensed and then released. She felt tremors throughout her body from head to foot as her clit expanded and sexual pleasure exploded in her head. She lowered her bottom, mashing her cunt on Sonam’s mouth.

Sonam did her best to keep licking. She struggled to keep her nose free to breath as her mom went crazy. Repeatedly, she finger-fucked her mom’s asshole.

Alisha’s fingers rubbed on Sonam’s clit harder. Her puckered asshole twitched again and again as Sonam continued to finger-fuck it. She moaned and spasmed loving the feeling. Wet, sticky pussy cream gushed out of Alisha’s pussy hole and into Sonam’s mouth. Sonam loved the smell of the delicious cream as it filled her mouth. Excited by the taste and smell, Sonam sucked and licked until Alisha climaxed and sat on Sonam’s face, making it harder for her to suck and breathe. Alisha quickly realised Sonam was struggling to breath and got up. She collapsed on the bed next to Sonam. She lay there, breathing heavily, recovering with her eyes closed.

Sonam turned over to her side to look at her mom. “Did you like it, mom?” she asked.

Alisha opened her eyes and saw Sonam’s pretty face glistening with her cum and said, “I liked it, Sonam.”

“I love you so much mom,” Sonam said. She moved closer to Alisha and kissed her lips.

Alisha could taste her own pussy juice on Sonam’s lips. She liked the familiar taste. “Did you like it, Sonam?” Alisha asked.

“I loved it, mom. You taste so yummy!” Sonam said and smiled.

Alisha smiled affectionately at Sonam and stroked Sonam’s hair. She was happy for Sonam.